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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: E3 2010: Sith Inquisitor & Sith Warrior Group Play Video (1:20)

A Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior team up to do battle in this latest Star Wars: The Old Republic video.

A Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior team up to do battle in this latest Star Wars: The Old Republic video.
Duration: 1:20
Views: 13,781  35 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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LoboMau writes:

Amazing! More than 10 years since the first MMO and we are still with the same: " Go Kill X Rats..."!!!!

Fri Jun 18 2010 6:27PM Report
Soldier101 writes:

This game is worth getting if i don't say so for my self.

Fri Jun 18 2010 6:33PM Report
Lork writes:

Zzzzzz.. ... ..

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:09PM Report
Sidereus writes:

that girl is a traitress ! kill her !

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:27PM Report
Vexe writes:

I'm pretty sure this was a mini boos quest and not a kill x amount one. That giant one at the end was the brain they needed. They had things like this in KOTOR as well.

Fine by me.

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:31PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

Wait this is gameplay? It was mostly cutscenes? Are they hinting at something here?

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:42PM Report
zyphirr writes:

That last move is called Force Rape, amazing stuff.

Fri Jun 18 2010 9:46PM Report
bestiacorpus writes:

Of course there's Go To X and Kill Y and Get Z...

Do you geniuses know of better stuff to put in games?

Fri Jun 18 2010 10:16PM Report
Grailchaser writes:


Actually, there's stacks of stuff you can do to spice up the standard quests.  Just add in a few decision branches to the quest where your choices change the end result. 

Do you betray the scheming woman? Do you betray the Darkside Researcher? Do you play them off against each other for your own benefit through blackmail?  Do you give them both an inferior animal brain and sell the real one to a third party?

Sat Jun 19 2010 4:16AM Report
chriswsm writes:

Can anyone think of a MMORPG that does not have the go kill x amount of [creature] quests?

I have been playing that questline since the go and get several orc bits in UO (SW of Trinsic was the best place for that).

Just accept that it is part and parcel of an MMO and lots of other types of RPG games too.   Fallout 3 had it,  Dragon Age had it.



Sat Jun 19 2010 6:02AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I did not see kill 10 rats, lol i saw go kill mutan x and bring it back to me.  Oh well there are always going to be quests to do.

I actuall love in in eq2 they put in a quest and it was called go kill 10 rats, i found that quite funny.

Sat Jun 19 2010 8:46AM Report
Dragelir writes:

At last, a MMO which puts great emphasis on a player .And i do not think the SW universe but that the character speaks, the NPC can be discussed and should not appear that this is a mission to kill 10 rats.......will be a masterpiece !

Sat Jun 19 2010 9:36AM Report
Falcomith writes:


"Just add in a few decision branches to the quest where your choices change the end result. Do you betray the scheming woman? Do you betray the Darkside Researcher?"


It looks like that was what is attended. He made a choice to tell the Sith Lord she was scheming. Before that when the lady asked them to get the brain, there was two other options, "There is no honor in it". The other one I dont remember what it said, but I would imagine there would be some kind of consequence. Maybe losing respect as being minor, or maybe she would just flat out try to kill you. I am just guess there. There has been other interviews with the developers that state there will be some consequences to the actions you make through dialogue and other game play options. I guess we will just have to wait until we can get our hands on the game before we can see the way things unfold. I personally cant wait for this game. Looks allot of fun, even if they trampled over the lore with allowing so many to become Jedi's as they were always meant to be a rarity. But I am going to be a Bounty Hunter. 


Sat Jun 19 2010 9:47AM Report
Aryas writes:

"LoboMau writes:

Amazing! More than 10 years since the first MMO and we are still with the same: " Go Kill X Rats..."!!!!"


Bit like every game ever made.


You don't hear Gary Kasparov complaining that he's still stuck with 16 pieces in either black or white, or Tiger Woods moaning ;) that he can't approach the holes in any order ;)


I personally like PvP and the few games that allow me to progress by engaging in it. PvEer's probably just need to accept that MMOs and games in general are what they are as creating anything more involved just simply isn't feasible in terms of man hours/pay-off yet.


Sorry, but you're porbably gonna be stuck with th

Sat Jun 19 2010 10:35AM Report
RoboHood writes:

We as consumers have the power to not let ourselves be "stuck". We can choose not to buy these games until they figure out that they can not just shove out the same gameplay with a different face. Games can be changed. They can be rearranged. It is not a matter of sitting down and letting them make us feel "stuck". Everyone wants that exciting MMO that does what they want and when they want it. Quite frankly we have that power to make them do that as long as there is unity. Unity to stand up and say we no longer want to pay for the same game. It may take awhile but if we have sat for hours grinding the same mob 500 times; we can find the patience to sit out until they give us pure quality.

Sat Jun 19 2010 12:15PM Report
LoboMau writes:

Well then I prefer not to be "stuck" with it, so Im not gonna buy this!

Sat Jun 19 2010 1:25PM Report
Saerain writes:

All right. Are you looking for someone to convince you otherwise or something?

Sat Jun 19 2010 1:38PM Report
zaylin writes:

Quite B****ing about it like your married to it. lol. OMG this OMg that omg omg omg.....omg sounds like people either need to P L A Y the game or go find something else to do. so critical are gamers these days....

Sat Jun 19 2010 2:36PM Report
AnteNacht writes:

so light sabres don't cut through things anymore? :o

Sat Jun 19 2010 3:32PM Report
Bane writes:



Many people seem to be missing the point that in the time period of The Old Republic, if any class other than force users had the majority of the population THAT would be "trampling all over the lore." This game is set long before Darth Bane came along and changed the path of the Sith forever. In a time where the Jedi and Sith had entire armies made up completely of full on lightsabre weilders.

Sat Jun 19 2010 5:03PM Report
Hokie writes:

Ummm, kinda under-whelmed.


So yeah the dialog was kinda..yeah kinda cool. But that whole, "I'll release you from my service ...eventually!!" to the ""No master, NO!"

OMFG, what was that suposed to make me feel sorry for betraying her. Thats the same ole rehashed load of boring crap I've been getting from (RPG's) for years.

Give me some real choices. I chose a Sith because I wanted to be evil (wait is that a bad word...) and not just pretend to be evil.

Now I will take it all back if as I get deeper into the story line my actions become *ahm* darker. That would be cool. But I dont want to play the "grey-side" of the force.

I want to be as bad ass as Vader was for episodes IV, V, VI. People shit themselves when he walked into a room, and if they didnt he choked the F'rs out.


Dont give me any of this I'm just pretending to be bad game play.

Sat Jun 19 2010 5:45PM Report
NoEndInLife writes:

...Did that sith inquisitor girl crap in her pants or something?

Sun Jun 20 2010 7:31AM Report
jotull writes:

Notice how Lork and Robohood basically say the same thing in every  thread?

Anyway I'm glad we are getting to see a basic mission.

Sun Jun 20 2010 10:51AM Report
brostyn writes:

So, this is how Sith Lords are trained? By going out, and doing menial task for their masters. I would have never thought that...

Sun Jun 20 2010 8:39PM Report
Hordedog writes:

RoboHood said: "Everyone wants that exciting MMO that does what they want and when they want it. Quite frankly we have that power to make them do that as long as there is unity."

Except that everyone has a different idea of what they want from an MMO. No two players are going to want or like every aspect of any game. Even the most like-minded of players will differ on certain aspects of a particular game.

So if you propose that we, the people, make our stand and hold out on ever buying another game until developers come out with the perfect game that makes everyone happy... well I guess we'd all best find new hobbies because it isn't going to happen. 

You can please some of the people, some of the time. But you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Personally, it amazes me how people can can make sweeping assumptions/statements regarding a game that isn't even past in-house testing. Based on the trivial/minimal amount released/revealed on this game, it's quite safe to say that 90% or more of what the haters, and the lovers, are spouting about this game is speculation and their words hold about as much weight as the pixels representing them on our screens.

Sun Jun 20 2010 10:50PM Report
Gruug writes:

What people are not aware of is these vids are on the "rough" editions of combat. There is still polishing of many things. Also, be aware that things like background music have not been added which will add a lot to atmosphere of those sequences.

Sun Jun 20 2010 10:51PM Report
Evile writes:

Looks kinda terrible imo. Disney presents Star Wows!

Sun Jun 20 2010 11:43PM Report
Seffren writes:

Yep, I sure as hell gonna buy this when it comes out .... and give it to my 5 year old son to play.



Tue Jun 22 2010 3:16AM Report
znerd writes:

can you say me why they must look so ugly? they need to re-design the characters. what a shame.

Mon Jul 12 2010 8:10AM Report
Mujina writes:

It is rather interesting to see how many people think that being evil means stabbing things and destroying stuff is how evil is. While that can be part of it is not what the truely evil do. They tororment and torture people in many different ways to get what they want. They manipulate people for their own means. It is the fall guy that goes out and destroys things and kills people. Very rarely is a "Mob Boss" going to go out and shoot someone in the face, that is why they have hired guns, ie the stupid fall person. They can clam they did nothing wrong have all the people around them speak up from him/her and every evil act he or she wants done gets done.

Also no one every start out owning an empire they all need to build up to it. If it means go cleaning someone sewer for a while they do it. People need time to grown and learn from their master they don't just start out at the time. Even the Emporer in the movies had to start out small and be a padawan, so it is with you.

Mon Jul 12 2010 11:43AM Report
chrisel writes:

I soooo wanna kill big rats. Not.

Tue Jul 13 2010 11:27PM Report
aleos writes:

who took a cookie from the cookie jar? Was it you? couldnt be... Then who?..."Yes it was i saw her SHE FUCKEN DID IT!"

Thu Aug 05 2010 5:24AM Report
Xero_Chance writes:

I don't see how I'm going to play a Bioware game without a Pause button though...

Mon Sep 06 2010 6:20PM Report
Styij writes:

The last part was the best...I wonder if I could open my own Sith barber shop and give people the closest shave ever complete with a food crafter downstairs.

Tue Sep 07 2010 6:09PM Report
Karnage69 writes:

This is in response to what this guy said, what that guy said and what that guy over there said...


Don't care

Don't care

Don't care


I'm still gonna play it.

Wed Sep 15 2010 4:18AM Report