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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Bounty Hunter Armor Progression Video (1:51)

Bioware gave us a look at the armor progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic at this year's E3. Check out this latest video to see the Bounty Hunter's armor progression for yourself.

Bioware gave us a look at the armor progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic at this year's E3. Check out this latest video to see the Bounty Hunter's armor progression for yourself.
Duration: 1:51
Views: 13,769  68 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Teala writes:

So is there only one version per progression or multiple sets at the various levels of progression that look different so we don't look like the every other Bounty Hunter at the same level?

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:19PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

bioware has stated this game will be the biggest they have ever done, bigger then all their others combined.


I doubt theyw ould only have one armor version per progression.

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:25PM Report
DeserttFoxx writes:

bioware has stated this game will be the biggest they have ever done, bigger then all their others combined.


I doubt theyw ould only have one armor version per progression.

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:25PM Report
mindspat writes:

Very uninspiring.  This is looking more and more like a total let down. 

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:39PM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

fugleh armor.

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:41PM Report
chriswsm writes:

I hope they tidy that up a bit

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:43PM Report
godeda24 writes:

Personally I love the high level look. I expect the lower level armor to not look great otherwise there is no distinction between levels.

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:46PM Report
JonathJCen writes:

Looks interesting to me, however I thaught incasing a human in carbonite was a relatively new idea during the original trilogy, "never been tried before," or was that just a new idea to the people of cloud city?

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:48PM Report
AmbassadorDvinn writes:

I liked the video.  Aside from the overall disappointment from the info released at E3 atleast this video showed some gameplay.  The armor looked good and very bounty hunter-ish.  I approve.  They'll have more styles - that's for sure.  It was just a sample.

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:55PM Report
Unshra writes:

@Teala During the G4 interview (you can find the video on the swtor site) it was stated that there would be several customization options for gear as they know players want to look unique (they also stated there would be PvP gear etc etc for those that want to focus on roles.)

So the video is just showing some of the options as you progress.

Wed Jun 16 2010 5:58PM Report
jiveturkey12 writes:

God I cant believe this game has so many people defending it. I played Fallen earth even with its bad animations because of the fact it was a different idea for an MMO.


This is a total waste of a good IP, and not only that a talented team. I dont blame all of BIoware either, using the hero engine was there first mistake, although the engine has good ideas, it appears the practical uses for it are questionable at best. Way to go guys!

Wed Jun 16 2010 6:52PM Report
velivul writes:

What's with the hate on the armor? Looks pretty f*ing kick-ass to me.  /shrug

Wed Jun 16 2010 7:04PM Report
Valentina writes:

All these videos are showing is the progression from basic to high end, there are going to be many ways to customize your gear's appearance, and many different sets that look different as well.

Wed Jun 16 2010 7:04PM Report
DexterGrif writes:

To answer Teala's question. From what I've seen in a few of the BIoware trailers, such as the Developer Dispatch for the Trooper and I think designing the Dark side. They seems to have a fair bit of concept art on armor, although just concept art, its fair to assume that quite a few of them will be implemented, such as the Cold Weather and Jungle armor for the Trooper.

Wed Jun 16 2010 7:08PM Report
jiveturkey12 writes:



Im sorry but this is what im talking about, people keep spouting off about how "O guys, the games not finished yet, dont jump to conclusions." But thats only when its something negative.


Then there are statements like these, and like everyone elses, where all of a sudden, everyone knows whats going to be in the game, simply because its something positive.


Sorry guys but you have no proof, none, no way of showing us that bounty hunters have different customization options beyond what they show. If were going to start writing off everyone else for their opinions when they are negative the same should be applied to positive ones.

Wed Jun 16 2010 7:10PM Report
Rockgod99 writes:

Holy shit! That was bad ass. Anyway I can choose to stay in the white armor? heh.

Wed Jun 16 2010 7:27PM Report
artemisentr4 writes:

This could be the armor progression for the main story arc. I am sure crafting and instance drops will be different. As well as customization as far as color. I guess we will find out in a 'year'.

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:05PM Report
Sidereus writes:

These armor looked awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee

I can't wait to see what the troopers will look like

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:05PM Report
Schnizit writes:

Looks like ass... seriously, they need to do something about that.

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:07PM Report
Unshra writes:


Note sure if you were referring to my reply to Teala but if you were let me clear this up. I was in no way defending SW:TOR; I personally have a wait an see attitude towards the game. However Teala posed a question if what was show reflects that there will be only one option. I answered that it was stated there would be multiple options in a video interview that could be found on the sw:tor even mentioning that there would be PvP sets.

There was no prediction or assumption on my part just pointing out what was said on the video which made it clear that what we see here does not reflect what our options will be in game.

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:13PM Report
Auzy writes:

The more i see of this game, the more I want to buy Guild Wars 2

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:25PM Report
Cpt_Picard writes:

As long is more than one set of leather armor (I'm looking at you dragon age) for my Smuggler I will be happy

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:33PM Report
GodHatesFigs writes:

I wonder if you will get the armor in pieces or will it come as one piece. Showing us the different armor is cool but we should know how the armor was obtained.

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:37PM Report
Techleo writes:

I wish I wasnt at work. Suffice it to say I've identified about 7 sets of advanced armor so far. Go through the BH videos and look for yourself. What Im curious about is, do the unique sets with there unique piece match color or not. It would be interesting from a artistic standpoint.

Wed Jun 16 2010 8:52PM Report
Tyranix writes:

That last suit looks better than the armor on all my maxed out level 80s in WOW. From what I understand that armor in the video is just the basic character progression armor. I can't wait to see what PVE/PVP rewards look like

Wed Jun 16 2010 9:29PM Report
Alberel writes:

The animations still look extremely jerky and there's still no blending between them. Bioware really need to sort that out before they show any more vids because it is really putting me off the game...

Wed Jun 16 2010 10:10PM Report
Database82 writes:

Maybe Mandolorian armor later? Maybe just maybe?

Wed Jun 16 2010 11:18PM Report
severius writes:

In the first showing at e3 on g4 Dallas Dickinson I think it was stated that there were millions of item combinations lol.  Your question was asked and has been answered....

Wed Jun 16 2010 11:27PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

You  know whats good armor? The armor that you design yourself. The armor that you get to keep that is YOU. YOUR ARMOR.

"Armor Progression" is stupid. Plain and simple.

Its a bad idea, way to go Bioware. You're doing a bang-up job.

Wed Jun 16 2010 11:50PM Report
tawess writes:

I think this just was to show that you start uot in fairly simple armors and then work your way up to the most elaborate ones. Notheing more nothing less.

Thu Jun 17 2010 12:26AM Report
zaylin writes:

I dont mind the other classes looking very similar,but the one thing i remember about SW was the fact that a lot of the bounty hunters were very distinct. Lets hope this is just a taste,and that Armour/gear is more customizable. Honestly I think lotro had a good idea with the costume thing. Able to wear a class SET but still look totally different because of the costume mechanic they had. enywho . still looks good ,and TY its not another fantasy MMO. I swear if i see another fantasy mmo come out im going  to buy a  copy just so i can use it for target practice ....>.0....

Thu Jun 17 2010 12:40AM Report
mcmalon writes:

A 15 min interview with some game play regarding PVP and PVE questing.(starts at 00:51:00)

Thu Jun 17 2010 12:47AM Report
yumpinyimini writes:

Looks great to me...and its only the tip of the iceberg.

Thu Jun 17 2010 1:01AM Report
celee2222 writes:

What happened to mando armour?

Thu Jun 17 2010 1:43AM Report
OSF8759 writes:

Excited about the game but those are some ugly armors. The first two bodysuits weren't bad at all, but starting with the white armor the fugly factor kicks into overtime.

Thu Jun 17 2010 1:46AM Report
expresso writes:

did you see the fat guy he was fighting? i wanna play a fat guy.

Thu Jun 17 2010 2:18AM Report
Olgark writes:

I cant see any type of personalisation to any armour in this game. Like all devs state what will be in a mmo, and yet time again we see them cut it so they can get an early release.


This is what the each and every bountyhunter will look like period. Shame cause it looks like a nice game.

Thu Jun 17 2010 2:28AM Report
OhMyGoth writes:

The bald bounty hunter reminded me of stone cold Steve Austin lol. May of been just a few different armors but they looked sweet, can't wait for this game.

Thu Jun 17 2010 5:30AM Report
Little writes:

Quote: artemisentr4 writes:

This could be the armor progression for the main story arc. I am sure crafting and instance drops will be different.

I hope you are right. If crafting is useless in the game I definitly will NOT paly the game.!

Thu Jun 17 2010 7:00AM Report
nefermor writes:

This actually looked better than some of the other videos.  The animations are less choppy so I hope that means they are working on it.    

Needs more dynamic lighting but typically thats one of the last things worked on.

Thu Jun 17 2010 7:01AM Report
Krelian writes:

IMO armor looks very good but animations leave alooooot to be desired, good thing the game is still in development. No rush, Bioware! (Speaking for myself)

Thu Jun 17 2010 8:08AM Report
Tarka writes:

Personally I think the progression looks good.  I hope we do get to choose different armour sets of the same "tier" and maybe even customise them to suit our tastes.  But I'm keeping my expectations in check.  So far, the game is shaping up to be exactly what it's supposed to be a Kotor MMO, not SWG v2.0, and certainly not "WoW in space" as some morons on here like to call it.

Thu Jun 17 2010 8:16AM Report
red_cruiser writes:

I like games where I spend weeks conforming my lifestyle to an online  schedule, logging in hours and boss kills for points, all for the honor of looking just like everyone else... well, everyone else who is a member of an elite guild at any rate, quite obviously the only people that matter.  I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to demonstrate my superiority via SW:TOR, but it looks like my misgivings are misplaced.  Bioware is definitely giving me exactly what I want... more of the same MMORPG crap I'm used to, just repackaged differently so it doesn't feel like I'm doing the exact same thing all over again.

Or, I should say, this game just looks more and more like garbage everytime they release something "new".  

Thu Jun 17 2010 9:52AM Report
Liddokun writes:

That is a madalorian armor classic design... not the Boba Fett design. The old classic design is heavy.. very heavy full set armor (kinda like full mail which covers most of the body). By the time of the galactic civil war era (Luke skywalker's time) mandalorian armor design has changed to become more lightweight partial armor that only covers major vital parts of the body.

Thu Jun 17 2010 9:56AM Report
Liddokun writes:

Also note that the traditional mandalorian armor uses mandalorian ore (beskar) which is incredibly expensive and rare by the time of the galactic civil war so Jango/Boba Fett had to use cheaper materials to make his mandalorian armor such as duraplast or durasteel. That's why true mandalorian armor by that time is too rare and probably only few still exist. True mandalorian armor can protect the wearer from almost all blaster shots and even light sabers.

Thu Jun 17 2010 10:03AM Report
ECSit writes:


Thu Jun 17 2010 11:01AM Report
alextodo writes:

@ Olgark

No it isn`t. In the latest interview with James Ohlen , he said that there are 10x as many Armors seen in this Video. One of their main focuses was to make sure that each Person looks different. There are also Armors/Outfits that can be worn by all Classes.

Thu Jun 17 2010 11:34AM Report
Darkerxx writes:

this looks like champions or dc online, =(

they could have done a gw2 or something like that with top graphics and it would have rock, are kids the solid market for SW only now ?_?

Thu Jun 17 2010 1:02PM Report
Zeletor writes:

Hahahahaa...ok is it just me, or does it look like the first time he fires a rocket (look around 1:17 in), it looks like he flies up and fires off a piece of his central anatomy at the monster bug thing?


Otherwise it's an interesting vid. I don't plan to play this game but I wish BioWare all the best (and please keep making Mass Effect stuff! If you made a Mass Effect MMO I'd play it forever).

Thu Jun 17 2010 1:59PM Report
Waltandrian writes:

You know... In my own personal opinion I wouldn't play a bounty hunter to look like a rip off of a mandolorian, I would play that class to look like a character i myself thought of. Yes I know there will be more types of armor but honestly, those big clanky pieces of armor while look cool is an example of what the highest sets of armor are going to look like. And if that does end up being the case then I hope they include some sort of outfit system like Lotro has. Because I only ever saw about five or so bounty hunters that actually wore such big hunks of armor that sneaking up on anybody to take them out would be impossible, and blending in to follow your target would be just as impossible. Or so says the nerd in me who wants to play a game that is Star Wars and not 'The people all shooting eachother in huge sets of armor.' Oh well, if this is what they give me I suppose I'll have to try it at the very least...

Thu Jun 17 2010 2:50PM Report
theguru22 writes:

So... how come they can just take laser hits like they're nothing?

And why does every bounty hunter have to be styled after Jengo/Boba Fett? Should have an EXTREMELY diverse array of appearances (as they're sort of renegades). I'm already pretty convinced that this game will be a big, giant hallway of linear progression (like WoW...), this didn't help.

Thu Jun 17 2010 5:59PM Report
TookyG writes:


Boba is the only BH don't you know?  There's no one named Dengar or Bossk, nope, no one...

Thu Jun 17 2010 7:08PM Report
Hypodermica writes:

Wow!  This looks great!  Reminds me of showing Tier sets.  Nobody looks the same because different people have different pieces of tier or some pieces of non-tier.  I'm assuming they plan on using the same concept but given the fact that the game isn't even in Beta yet... all of this is eyecandy without really knowing anything.  It's like concept cars at a car show... 2 years later the car looks different... and hell.. looking at cars and driving them.. that's a whole different leve.

Thu Jun 17 2010 9:07PM Report
echo117499 writes:

Why do all the men in this game look like there on steroids?

Thu Jun 17 2010 10:21PM Report
jf1ve writes:

All this is doing, is fueling the standard for MMO progression that has stood for so long. We are fed some idea that your armor looks give you an idea of how "awesomely high level" some guy is. This is no better than buying a more expensive car, or bigger diamond.

While I understand you obviously need better armor tied into progression, I wholeheartedly beleive that players should be able to change their looks as they level up. HOWEVER, it is completely incorrect for every level 30 character to have the same gear, and every level 50 char to have the same gear again. At least allow for customization( BEYOND COLOR) for the looks of said armor.

This is my guarantee to the people who plan on playing this game: The you wear WILL look like every other character of the same class.

Thu Jun 17 2010 10:38PM Report
Evile writes:

I hate the cartoony graphics.

Shame on Bioware for not designing their own game engine and just taking the easy way to use some no-name Heroes Journey engine.

Thu Jun 17 2010 10:47PM Report
HALO13 writes:

Graphics look way out dated.  Sticking with AION!

Fri Jun 18 2010 2:04AM Report
Korithian writes:

Not very impressed. It smacks far too much of WAR and even then at least some of the armour made me think that looks cool. I don't really feel anything for that armour demo.


I have to agree with people that are disappointed, the cartoonish graphics and the feel that dispite may comments otherwise there wont be that much possibility for unique look. Your look will be determined by leveled gear with possibility a small difference if you PvP.

Fri Jun 18 2010 3:10AM Report
alakram writes:

So.... my armor design is predetermined by my class?


Fri Jun 18 2010 3:22AM Report
Zeletor writes:

Best bounty hunter line ever:

"Am I the only one polite enough to remove my shoes?"

"Manners are their own reward, gentlemen!!"


5 points to whomever can name the source.

Fri Jun 18 2010 1:35PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

Whoa. That looked very awkward. 

Wed Jun 23 2010 4:26PM Report
shantideva writes:

Go Go Power rangers!!

Thu Jun 24 2010 7:07AM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Armor looks silly. I prefer the early looks myself. How many ways can you rip off Boba Fett's armor before it just looks dumb? Give us something new and cool please.

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:49AM Report
znerd writes:

it would suck when we get only every 10 level a new set of (class)armor. i think there should be the ability to combine every kind of armor type to a new and more unique personal armor.

if not, all classes will look like clones of each other and the only difference between em is the eye color lol.

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:19PM Report
Micro_angel writes:

The more i see of this game, the more I want to ignore it. Its sad to see what has become.

Mon Jul 05 2010 1:04AM Report
ArzhAngel writes:

Where are the range sniper weapon for instent kill, and the the trackers ?

Wed Jul 14 2010 6:51AM Report
Vesavius writes:


Are you all sure this isnt made by Cryptic??

Fri Aug 13 2010 7:00AM Report