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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: E3 2010: "Hope" Cinematic Trailer (5:42)

Bioware reveled the second full-length cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic at the EA Press Conference at this year's E3.

Bioware reveled the second full-length cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic at the EA Press Conference at this year's E3.
Duration: 5:42
Views: 11,501  70 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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spookydom writes:

I know it's not representative of in-game graphics or gameplay or anything. But  holly crispy crap thats an awsome trailer! I was very impresed, and i'm not the kind of guy who is easily impresed........OH look...a blue car! :) seriously though, Loved it.

Mon Jun 14 2010 7:19PM Report
Dizsen writes:

I liked it. So jedis can hadouken? ^^

Mon Jun 14 2010 7:41PM Report
jotull writes:

In fucking credible If I was Blizzard  I would be very very worried right now.

Mon Jun 14 2010 7:48PM Report
Comnitus writes:

One from the Empire's perspective, (an even better one) from the Republic's. I think we know who BioWare likes more.

Just kidding, let's leave those crazy conspiracy theories in WoW (Blizzard likes Horde more! No, they like Alliance more, they made the Horde ugly! Waaaaaaah!).

Awesome trailer, psyched up to play the Trooper even more now.

Mon Jun 14 2010 7:53PM Report
jpadi69 writes:

Ok cool movie but I am at a loss to figure out when this takes place in the Star Wars Unverse?

Mon Jun 14 2010 7:59PM Report
MikeB writes:

This takes place I belive 3,653 or so BBY (before Battle of Yavin). So almost 4,000 years before the prequels. More specifically, this particular trailer takes place before the events of the "Deceived" trailer shown at last year's E3.

Hope that helps.

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:11PM Report
MmoWarlord writes:

Awesome trailer,wouldnt be surprised to see that in a movie its so good.

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:19PM Report
illyana writes:

so this is where they spent all their money

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:21PM Report
Shamorau writes:

Sweet trailer. cant wait for this.

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:29PM Report
Yilelien writes:

Looks great and as a Jedi soon to be. Its nice to see then kicken some tail for a change!

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:45PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

Screw their  MMO game, these guys should just make a CGI feature length movie!

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:46PM Report
caedusc writes:

Was thinking the same thing Balkin :P

Nevertheless, this MMO is going to rock socks off a ton of people.

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:48PM Report
punkrock writes:

very cool. for the empire!!

Mon Jun 14 2010 8:48PM Report
Roin writes:

I liked it

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:02PM Report
nishikaze writes:

Very nice trailer.

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:20PM Report
Swindle00 writes:

The trailer was cool, but Its kinda sad really that if Bioware had made Kotor 3 using the ME2 quality graphics we could have had a Star Wars game that looks like this in game. Instead we get cartoony graphics

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:23PM Report
Cpt_Picard writes:

I need a pair of towels

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:46PM Report
Andraxx writes:

I'm left wondering if the jedi is a decendant of Bastila Shan. Sort of the same features, and she likes the dual-bladed sabre.


Mon Jun 14 2010 9:58PM Report
Evile writes:

If only the game was going to even remotely resemble these trailers. Bioware instead is making a game (not even designing their own game engine) to look like it is made by Disney. It more resembles Star Wows then anything that has to do with this trailer.

I hate the cartoony kiddie graphics. I hate that Bioware chose the quick easy way of just using the premade heroes Journey engine instead of designing their own.

Shame on you Bioware.

Mon Jun 14 2010 10:20PM Report
kkoff200 writes:

Some knowledge for you guys.  Bioware does not make these game trailers.  They are outsourced to companies that do these type of trailers for games, movies, etc...  Bioware lets them know what they want and how they want the trailer done, but is in no way included in the actual creation.  So please stop ranting about how bioware should make the games more like this or that bioware should make a CG movie.

Mon Jun 14 2010 10:31PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

That was a pretty epic trailer.

Mon Jun 14 2010 10:34PM Report
Magter writes:

If i was Blizzard i would lol at them :D

Could have been a better Cinematic like when all the force was directed at the Sith guy, his skin didn't even move :/

Oh well, I still love Cinematics, kinda makes me wish games had those kind of graphics.

Mon Jun 14 2010 10:38PM Report
Pakeha writes: seems to be working again now. It was spazzing out before due to being overloaded. No doubt people rushing to watch this video.

Mon Jun 14 2010 11:09PM Report
dustpanboy writes:

im pretty sure that was bastilla just like it was revan and malak she was fighting...but maybe im wrong

Mon Jun 14 2010 11:20PM Report
bf90rono writes:

Awesome trailer except...did i just see that jedi do a Hadouken

Mon Jun 14 2010 11:47PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Nothing like the game will be.


Nothing like Star Wars (the originals) were.


Nothing but spoon-fed "badassity", like a Fast & Furious movie.

Tue Jun 15 2010 12:10AM Report
celee2222 writes:

Deffinatly trying this one i think

Tue Jun 15 2010 1:55AM Report
expresso writes:

At last a company who comes close the blizzard quality CGI (not not quite).  Still want to see some ingame combat though.  Nice video.

Tue Jun 15 2010 2:00AM Report
AzurePrower writes:

"these guys should just make a CGI feature length movie!"



Still want to play TOR though.

Tue Jun 15 2010 2:14AM Report
Sasami writes:

Nice trailer but is there such a thing as "evil" woman, hell not in Star Wars universe I guess? :) For once I would like to see female character as "bad" and male as "good", is it too much asked?

Tue Jun 15 2010 2:45AM Report
PapaB34R writes:

Im more into these little cinematics of theirs almost then the game itself. I hope they have made equal effort on the game itself, if so then the former mmo giant shall fall to its knees

Tue Jun 15 2010 2:47AM Report
rexlord writes:

Nice trailer but is there such a thing as "evil" man, hell not in Star Wars universe I guess? :) For once I would like to see female character as "good" and male as "bad", is it too much asked?

Tue Jun 15 2010 4:09AM Report
Krky7 writes:


AMAZING trailer.

Tue Jun 15 2010 4:34AM Report
describable writes:

should totally make a CGI movie, that trailer would make Square impressed.... did like the little bits like the jedi with the "good" version of darth mauls saber...

Blizzard meh they don't care, more than likely they'll self destruct themselves. Their subscribers are more than happy, less than half of the 11+ million are european or NA. And the chinese don't even have Wotlk.

To be honest, cata will decide how blizzard measure up in the NA and EU terroitories. It looks "okay" nothing special. Bringing back the old PvP titles will piss some people off and excite others. But to me shows the unoriginality in Blizz.

Whatever Bioware does right, Blizzard WILL copy and they WILL do it better... it's what Blizz does, it's all they've ever done. Rip and take for themselves.

Tue Jun 15 2010 5:10AM Report
Skratch1320 writes:

Looks like Star Wars: Street Fighter.

Awesome trailer (for story purposes)

But if BioWare told the creators of the trailer what to put in it, does that mean the force powers are going to be grossly OP (like Force Unleashed)?

Tue Jun 15 2010 5:37AM Report
Silverwatch writes:


Tue Jun 15 2010 6:23AM Report
fansede writes:

Nice to show us that non force users like a trooper make some headway against force users.  Very well done. Indeed, EA should venture into the CGI movie realm.

Tue Jun 15 2010 6:31AM Report
Jonsus writes:


Tue Jun 15 2010 7:13AM Report
meleemadness writes:

That was some serious badassery (yes, a new term)!!  I do have a soft spot for troopers now and wish they were on the right side, the Sith side.  If I ever make a character from the pansy faction it will be a trooper.

Incredible trailer, infkingcredible!!!

You are absolutely correct, they need to make a full length CGI movie like that....they would makes millions!

Tue Jun 15 2010 7:19AM Report
Nuesha writes:

I think they should put less time making this and more time making the actual game o_O.

Tue Jun 15 2010 7:46AM Report
cosy writes:

where is goku ?

Tue Jun 15 2010 8:37AM Report
Seffren writes:

I was looking for Gohan myself :)

Tue Jun 15 2010 9:01AM Report
Gremrod writes:

That trailer gave me the chills. Awesome very Awesome!

Tue Jun 15 2010 10:43AM Report
Player_420 writes:

wow hell yes

Tue Jun 15 2010 10:44AM Report
Keltik writes: 2 of my daughters now want to play this thing too :P Tue Jun 15 2010 11:03AM Report
Richijefe writes:

Omg this is so good, simply astounding, amazing, incredible, awesome!

Tue Jun 15 2010 12:19PM Report
Laruhtrapas writes:

Not as impressive as Warhammer 40k online.

But everyone has different tastes. :D

Tue Jun 15 2010 12:20PM Report
Richijefe writes:

Malgus is freaking amazing!

Tue Jun 15 2010 12:22PM Report
zinkerz writes:

malgus is sick

Tue Jun 15 2010 1:04PM Report
kingtommyboy writes:

Wow :o this trailer just blew me away!

Why don't they make a movie like that instead of a game? :p

Tue Jun 15 2010 1:44PM Report
Darkerxx writes:

if only the gameplay would look like that. T_T

Tue Jun 15 2010 1:45PM Report
Locklain writes:

@ Andraxx

I am going to take a leap out there and guess that the Woman in question is Satele Shan.  Satele would be a great decendant to Bastila and would fit the 300 years after KOTOR timeline.  Then again, I am just guessing. :)

Tue Jun 15 2010 3:20PM Report
Styij writes:

Yep, prolly one of the best non game footage trailers I've seen. At least they are making an effort in the marketing department...lets hope the game follows suit.

Tue Jun 15 2010 3:34PM Report
RaveGodX writes:

wow I love these movies they are doing....Why dont they just make a movie like this lol I will be more than happy haha

Tue Jun 15 2010 6:05PM Report
berserks writes:

Holy crap! That was awsome!

Tue Jun 15 2010 7:50PM Report
Jeowan writes:

Oh my god.. That video just made me cry, pee, and nut in my pants all at the same time..

screw swtor, when is THIS movie coming out>?!>!?!

Tue Jun 15 2010 7:55PM Report
andredoc writes:




Tue Jun 15 2010 8:06PM Report
DrSpanky writes:

Damn it! that makes me wanna watch the original 3 movies again! there goes a good chunk of the weekend.

As some have stated, I hope Bioware can make a game as good as they could possibly make a movie!

Tue Jun 15 2010 8:37PM Report
Brif writes:

I hope the game looks like that

Wed Jun 16 2010 9:00AM Report
Hordedog writes:

mmmm... juicy!

Wed Jun 16 2010 11:34AM Report
Rakuji writes:

yay bioware

Wed Jun 16 2010 11:45AM Report
gomiller43 writes:

cool lookin trailer and storyline is great but if the gmaeplay is anything like SW Galaxes Im out. (SWG is pretty good, but they tried to make it too much like an RPG and theres too much stupidity, like jedi combat and how the abilities are used. Come on, the only ones who even need abilities are jedis, and there should be a select few force moves that maybe have a questline to get. the other classes only need their gear and thats it)

Wed Jun 16 2010 1:42PM Report
illyana writes:

Blur behind the scenes clip:

Thu Jun 17 2010 6:43PM Report
Hokie writes:

illyana, I thought that looked very much like Blur's animation style.

I guess Sze Jones finally got to make her asian influenced character. :)


This is a very close 2nd to my favorite (intro) trainer. Which just happens to be Blur's Warhammer trailer.

It was all kinds of awesome.

Mon Jun 21 2010 2:42AM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Damn, I dunno why these companies are so into making MMOs. Just make a movie already. :D

If they made a movie like these trailers it would be epic, just look at Avatar.

Fri Jun 25 2010 9:08AM Report
znerd writes:

reminds me to power rangers vs. son goku! its a bit overdone, there is no real star wars feeling in it.

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:35PM Report
Micro_angel writes:

good cinematic trailer, unrelated with the ingame playing of course.

Mon Jul 05 2010 12:58AM Report
Vesavius writes:

Nice little movie, better then lucas throws out mostly.

Sod all to do with the game ofc.

Mon Aug 02 2010 7:13PM Report
mattadams007 writes:

For once just once I'd like to See the People that make Trailers for Video Games *Like this one* make a full length Movie.... just how Awesome would that be?

Sun Aug 15 2010 10:31PM Report
aleos writes:

try and watch this and don't smile.

Tue Aug 17 2010 6:30AM Report