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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: HoloRecord: Onslaught of the Sith Empire (3:53)

Lance Henriksen, famed for his role as Bishop in the Alien film franchise, reprises his role once more as Master Gnost-Dural, this time detailing the events leading up to the Sith Empire's surprise attack at the beginning of the Great War, 28 years prior to the sacking of Coruscant.

Lance Henriksen, famed for his role as Bishop in the Alien film franchise, reprises his role once more as Master Gnost-Dural, this time detailing the events leading up to the Sith Empire's surprise attack at the beginning of the Great War, 28 years prior to the sacking of Coruscant.
Duration: 3:53
Views: 9,125  35 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Grifin writes: And we all died,cool. Fri Jan 22 2010 11:15AM Report
mindmeld writes: nice story but i didnt feel it Fri Jan 22 2010 11:27AM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Getting tired of these types of updates. Lets see and hear about combat progression, you know like things that actually matter to players. Story is good but other things are more important. Fri Jan 22 2010 11:49AM Report
Methos12 writes: It's called bulding up setting and expanding Lore. Fri Jan 22 2010 12:29PM Report
Ripclaw writes: Cool vid. After the crap stories of the prequels, it's nice to see that BioWare is trying hard to make the story of this game worth while and epic. A true part of the SW saga. I love the Sith and I love how in-genius they can be with their plans. BioWare is trying to make it a true Star Wars game AND story, and not just another basic run of the mil MMO. Fri Jan 22 2010 12:31PM Report
MMOrUS writes: Absolutely hooked on these series of lore updates, and I always look forward to more being revealed. Fri Jan 22 2010 12:43PM Report
Kakkarot21 writes: That was really cool. I hope they release more of them. Fri Jan 22 2010 1:44PM Report
tehikk writes: Awesome update. Fri Jan 22 2010 1:49PM Report
DarthMurdock writes: Incredible.. I am so enjoying these HoloRecords and this is one of the best.. :) I really hope they make more (and maybe give them quicker to us) Fri Jan 22 2010 1:52PM Report
rygar218 writes: I hope they keep making these even after release. Maybe to list events that are going in game. These are diffently exciting to listen to and hear. Fri Jan 22 2010 2:06PM Report
Pedrob writes: I love the way they are piecing together how Kotor ended and everything that happened all the way to the start of TOR. Fri Jan 22 2010 3:09PM Report
Nirwyl writes: Kind of sucky that they can't design they're own ships/armor. Does it really make sense to see Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, and squarish Stormtroopers centuries before they were invented? If they are so all-fire about using Star Wars known designs as a base, they should just make the game during that timeline. Instead of this less well known one. Fri Jan 22 2010 3:10PM Report
wgc01 writes: Very nice story, I like the lore they are setting up for this time period, and great voice work by Lance.. but I am doing my best to keep my expectations low... :) Fri Jan 22 2010 4:25PM Report
daarco writes: Great lore. But what about the game itself? Dont think anyone today are impressed by nothing then real ingame footage. Fri Jan 22 2010 4:33PM Report
Swanea writes: Kewl beans! I like hearing about this sort of stuff. Fri Jan 22 2010 5:01PM Report
demonic87 writes: Im absolutely tired of every update hyping up and glorifying the sith. How about something about REPUBLIC doing awesome shit for once. This is just like Warhammer online, where the devs only hyped the Destruction side. Fri Jan 22 2010 5:04PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: Nirwyl - The KOTOR era is so shallow and so devoid of any real content that Bioware is doing everything they can to add content and lore to the era... except they know that if they add 100% original stuff, then its barely Star Wars at all. (Which to me it already barely is.) All KOTOR really is, is a "free playground" era that doesn't get in the way of George Lucas' visions... which he lays all sorts of rules down upon writers when they write in HIS timeline of the SW lore. KOTOR allows a much greater freedom to do "whatever writers want to do." So KOTOR is this giant MESS of Star Wars (Originals) and Star Wars (NEW TOYS!!!!!1111!). Thats why KOTOR era sucks, its also why its the most popular era for people who don't give a damn about Star Wars, but whom just love its toys. Fri Jan 22 2010 5:30PM Report
Methos12 writes: @CujoSWAoA : ... what? If you mean, KotOR is best because it's not limited by a shitfuck of already pre-existing Lore (thanks Lucas), then yes, it is one of it's best qualities. I'm immensely glad that forming of KotOR era has almost exclusively fallen on BioWare (at least in video games segment), even though it has to go through LA first, because it gives them great creative freedom... not to mention that era itself is probably the closest one when you can have epic clashes of Sith vs. Jedi, without including some freaky element X into the mix. Fri Jan 22 2010 5:51PM Report
zartan5000 writes: to Nerwyl: as for technology looking similar to the current SW timeline, consider this. how much different to cars nowadays look compared the the first ones? sure, better technology, but same basic look. no apply that model to a galactic scale. the spread and design of technology will be alot slower. so 1000 years till now isnt that different at all. to SaintViktor: dude, its ALL about story. the more they flesh out this game the better. otherwise its going to be a plot-less, meaningless mmo grind. better off playing a piece of **** korean game. Fri Jan 22 2010 7:44PM Report
Cik_Asalin writes: About time a mmorpg pulls me in with a well delivered story which sets the stage for more, and leading up to what the purpose of my character might be in this world. Fri Jan 22 2010 8:35PM Report
Game-Wolf writes: very cool it looks like the sith rule the old republic. Fri Jan 22 2010 9:25PM Report
soponyai writes: Very nice, I could listen to these all day. Sat Jan 23 2010 4:57AM Report
celee2222 writes: I like these reports, they set the scene for why everything is as it is in the game and if you take the time to listen instead of sighing you will learn a thing or too about the history of the starwars universe and why things turned out how they did. Im sure the game will present a whole host of content pertaining to the overall lore of the galaxy, that is why you should take note of whats going on in the reports. they would be showing them for no reason would they. Sat Jan 23 2010 7:49AM Report
Finbar writes: Sure would be good to see some gameplay videos. Anyone can make a silly little flash movie... Sat Jan 23 2010 9:13AM Report
CyanSword writes: can a star wars fanboy please fill me in on the inconsistency. If the prequels are canon then the republic became the empire through Palpatine, and in those movies it was the republic who used the Star Destroyer type ships and the 'would be stormtroopers' yet now, way back in the past, the bad guys are using star destroyers again when the in the prequels the good guys became the bad guys? I am confused, these old factions seem to go back to the original trilogy empire versus the rebellion...but the empire was born from the republic? What gives? Sat Jan 23 2010 1:02PM Report
daemon writes: bah bring the game already. nothing nice to play atm :( Sun Jan 24 2010 10:51AM Report
acidosmosis writes: Shut it SaintViktor. Sun Jan 24 2010 2:14PM Report
yigael writes: @demonic87 this time frame is FOR THE SITH to shine, the republic had its glory during the KOTOR time frame when Revan did his part Mon Jan 25 2010 9:44AM Report
wardog250 writes: Unlike other failed gaming companies Bioware takes great effort into developing a rich lore filled environment to play in. So I give them props for taking the time to develop these holo vids. The game is a year away and still in development, so, I could give a rats ass about how the different classes play and all that. Will worry about it all when the game is in Open Beta. Mon Jan 25 2010 11:11AM Report
wardog250 writes: CyanSword, this takes place thousands of years before the movies. The republic has fallen and been rebuilt numerous times since then. The reasons the ships look similar well, if you look at the designs of the Sith ships from KOTOR you will notice they have a striking resemblance. It was no surprise that the Emperor Palpatine thousands of years later incorporated his fleet with similar designs. Mon Jan 25 2010 11:14AM Report
Elnight writes: This is just the kind of thing that I am excited to see. I hope they keep these going. Mon Jan 25 2010 8:06PM Report
shadow417 writes: looking good (story wise) Tue Jan 26 2010 12:19AM Report
Muridan writes: SWG 2.0 Wed Jan 27 2010 5:20AM Report
miceinblack writes: So far Star Wars has held my interest although I haven't seen anything much on alien species as players. Would be disappointing if all the players were human. The classes seem somewhat limiting for aliens also. I don't think we would see a Wookie jedi but I could be wrong. Wed Jan 27 2010 5:13PM Report
Fraxture writes: SWEET! I can't wait to cleave sith in half. :-P Tue Mar 09 2010 9:46AM Report