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BioWare | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Dev Dispatch: Designing the Dark Side (5:19)

Star Wars: The Old Republic Writer Neil Pollner, Art Director Jeff Dobson, and Associate Lead Designer Emmanuel Lusinchi break down what went into designing the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor classes in this latest Developer Dispatch video.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Writer Neil Pollner, Art Director Jeff Dobson, and Associate Lead Designer Emmanuel Lusinchi break down what went into designing the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor classes in this latest Developer Dispatch video.
Duration: 5:19
Views: 8,918  33 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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gortic writes: cool Mon Dec 28 2009 4:51PM Report
Branko2307 writes: All i wish is for enginee/server that can suport loads of ppl fighting at same place without fps/internet lag like in WoW. If they manage that the game will be epic. Mon Dec 28 2009 5:44PM Report
Coldrain_13 writes: the chicks playing near the end are hot.....they can pvp me any time. Mon Dec 28 2009 5:52PM Report
fansede writes: i just can't imagine how they will be able to keep up with content. What if i don't want to play any other class? Or at least i don't want to play another class for awhile. If I get bored after one month because my Sith Lord has nothing to do after the storyline was clicked through, will I be inclined to reroll? I can see if they really made the story arcs have a real impact on character development. for example. suppose I want my sith warrior to specialize in melee dps skills versus tanking, maybe have the storyline give a player a choice. one road leads to more dps skills unlocked, the other more tanking skills. Now the replay becomes more interesting. Mon Dec 28 2009 7:58PM Report
Vagrant_Zero writes: Fan, that's actually exactly how it's being done. Somewhere in the story you'll make a permanent choice to specialize further down 1 of 2 paths. Mon Dec 28 2009 8:40PM Report
Amorien writes: im wondering is this gonna be like a bioware game with people running around or am i going to get my mmorpg out of it with Raids and alot of endgame content like city takes and or Mass amounts of armor to collect? because i kinda get attached to my chracters and i wanna play the same guy for years. Daoc had the Pvp Ranks that made me wanna play more and more.WoW has the Dungeon aspects to it. EQ has the Massive Zone with player Factions. Or am i just gonna play through my characters story and hit a wall like in warhammer? Tue Dec 29 2009 12:49AM Report
Binko writes: Only good thing in this video was the chicks playing the game. The rest look like WoW in Sci-Fi world. Even the Sith armor look WoW! What a clone... Tue Dec 29 2009 12:55AM Report
wnnw98 writes: I love it when people can only compare something to WoW because that's the only game they've ever experienced. Tue Dec 29 2009 1:46AM Report
SweetZoid writes: The girls are hot! Tue Dec 29 2009 4:26AM Report
maniacfox writes: This game looks better all the time, as a regular altoholic I love the focus on replayability with each class. The only concern I have is end game, I've not seen anything solid... but I guess we'll see. And of course, there's no better way to catch the stragglers/kids than some footage of chicks playing the game! lol Tue Dec 29 2009 5:31AM Report
SweetZoid writes: If you played vanguard: Saga of heroes you must been an altoholic..19 races and 15 classes. I an altholic myself. Tue Dec 29 2009 6:23AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: Goofy looking cartoon presentation. Tue Dec 29 2009 6:29AM Report
Comnitus writes: Lol @ the Inquisitor shooting someone with lightning and spinning him around in a mini-tornado (2:02). Tue Dec 29 2009 12:17PM Report
Falcomith writes: The game does sound fun. I'll probably be the only one playing the bounty hunter while every one else plays a Sith type class. I do think they need to add more texture to drown out the cartoon look, but it looks like the game play and content might help me overlook that. Tue Dec 29 2009 2:21PM Report
manix12 writes: n00b guy using his mouse instead of hot keys! girls can't be impressed :) Tue Dec 29 2009 4:41PM Report
Reaver450 writes: Awesome :) Tue Dec 29 2009 5:48PM Report
Rizzit writes: fan its bioware man this mmo is not about powerleveling its not about rushing trought boring content, the main event is the way to the end in this game. You play this game with emotion every one who likes starwars picked a choice on what side he personally stays, and the moment you enter swtor that moment you play your personality and you share them with other people Tue Dec 29 2009 6:38PM Report
Karnage69 writes: Future Sith Inquisitor here, nothing like frying brains, AMIRITE?! EH!? EH!? Yea, I knew you would agree. Wed Dec 30 2009 2:28AM Report
sfc1971 writes: To Rizzit: Sorry mate, but you probably didn't see the number of people grinding through Dragon Age Origins to reach the end game... what end game you ask? Indeed. A lot of players approach all their games with the same style as Doom, "story? What is a story?" And sadly these players can't conceive of the idea that there might be companies out there who are NOT aiming for them as an audience. It will be very interesting to see if SWTOR can survive them. Will Bioware continue adding story content when its forums are flooded by people demanding more gear griding, more XP griding? Turbine caved, Funcom caved. Wed Dec 30 2009 4:51AM Report
Comnitus writes: Karnage - no, nothing like shooting people and making them spin around in a mini-cyclone for about 5 seconds. Wed Dec 30 2009 9:18AM Report
Votan writes: As for the comments about story for the most part the majority of MMO gamers are not interested in stories, sorry but with the vast, vast quantities of quest lines these games have in them kill that, after 30 days of reading them most glaze over and just look for what is needed. Of the 1000's of people I have played with over the years not one of them cares much about any story line by the time they get half way to the magic level cap and those are the hard core RP'ers who enjoy stories most others lose interest far sooner having already been beat to death with already competing 100's of "story" quest that are just end up vaguely hidden grinding anyway. Trust me by the first week most gamers are going to be skipping all the video dialog just to get the quest and get it done. This game will be no different. I guess developers have no gotten the memo that 1000's of quest to hide grinding with mostly sub par story lines are not what people play MMO's for. For every 1 well written quest and story you have 50 sub par often badly written ones. With a MMO and the demand for constant content it is virtually impossible to do with the amount of quest now required. Story line games are best for the single player realm where you can develop a single themed deep story line like they did with Dragon Age. Dragon Age would not make a good MMO with how it is constructed nor would WoW make a good single player game. Wed Dec 30 2009 10:26AM Report
karat76 writes: I'm looking forward to game with more story maybe it will thin the herd more from all of the power gamers. Wed Dec 30 2009 4:01PM Report
junzo316 writes: Their hands looked HUGE.... Wed Dec 30 2009 10:19PM Report
ozy1 writes: This game is starting to sound like WoW in space but single player >< Thu Dec 31 2009 10:31AM Report
Ripclaw writes: Good stuff. I really want full on immersion with this game, I mean I want to feel like I am a Sith or Jedi, or what ever when I play and it definitely looks like they're on the right track. Full on character immersion that's more so then ANY other MMO before it. The only thing that bothers me is the over sized cartoony hands and feet of the characters, It's still well beyond me why they chose such a stupid art design, for a fairly serious Star Wars MMO aimed at teen to older audiences. Other then that, can't wait for late 2010 to play this awesome game. Thu Dec 31 2009 1:30PM Report
stamps79 writes: Bioware/LucasArts: I cannot wait to enjoy this epic MMO when it releases, I am impressed more an more every time news is released for this game. I await it's release and can't wait to experience something exciting and new in the MMO world. Thu Dec 31 2009 10:30PM Report
McAvoy writes: Is that a Sith Inquisitor or a Druid? CC Cyclone FTW. (lol) Fri Jan 01 2010 6:11AM Report
rolandhadley writes: The more I read about this game the more I'm both frustrated and impressed. I'm impressed by what are bound to be extraordinary production values. I'm frustrated by what looks to be cookie cutter gameplay. Why can't a game have both great graphics and gameplay, and have sandbox elements - why does every high production value game have to herd you through a bunch of essential quests or or level defined zones. Attention Jedi! Now entering the level 22 planet! Attention Jedi! Now entering the level 24 planet! Why can't we have both high production values along with a game that treats you like an adult? Sat Jan 02 2010 12:15PM Report
factx writes: Great video. I am looking forward to more videos mean while I await the arrival of this awesome game. Sun Jan 03 2010 12:17PM Report
Darkz0r writes: Hm, nice blonde! :D Sun Jan 03 2010 5:57PM Report
eCake writes: its a mmo galge ? :p Tue Jan 05 2010 2:27PM Report
BattlesA writes: I've seen better looking girls. This game is my last home in MMO's. So far the others have disappointed me. BioWare looks like they are doing this right. I can't wait. Mon Feb 22 2010 11:14AM Report
carbine34 writes: Nickelodeon called they want there cartoon back Mon Mar 08 2010 7:09AM Report