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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: E3 2009 Interview (3:23)

Executive Producer Tom Nichols talks about the Bioware MMO.

Executive Producer Tom Nichols talks about the Bioware MMO.
Duration: 3:23
Views: 12,133  40 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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selobthegod writes: some new info finally , nais keep up the good work Fri Jun 12 2009 6:20PM Report
Khalathwyr writes: I wonder what you do if you don't want to re-roll or just keep progressing down the story path. Meh, I guess that's what TOR is about. Narrow, focused, refined. Fri Jun 12 2009 6:22PM Report
purewitz writes: Can't wait for this game to come out. I have never been this excited for a MMO before. This sounds like the MMO I have always wanted and always wished Star wars Galaxies was. Fri Jun 12 2009 7:06PM Report
Metza writes: Looking and sounding very good so far, I like how he is not making alot of claims early on that they may not be able to own up to at release, so far only promises a unique story for each class you play which is great imo, I like when devs and publishers are upfront with thier games lets hope they keep doing so. Fri Jun 12 2009 7:18PM Report
Metza writes: To khala, I also kind of wondered if you have your "own" unique story for each class, where will the group play with other classes come in? I am guessing that there will be storyline quests and then regular quests that maybe you can participate with others outside of your class with, just a guess though Fri Jun 12 2009 7:21PM Report
NecroHelium writes: Metza, the devs have said that other classes can join you with your story quests, and sometimes unlock a different way of doing the quest on top of what your class could have done on its own. Fri Jun 12 2009 7:53PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Alot of talk but need to see more gameplay. Hopefully they will show more action soon. Fri Jun 12 2009 8:16PM Report
segyn writes: omg people yes there is a long story line for your char. Now imagine playing Wow and have that kind of gameplay and lore but you also have the personal story. There is not only a personal story. But that is what makes the game different therefore what they talk about the most. Fri Jun 12 2009 8:43PM Report
Saerain writes: What is it with executives and really poor enunciation and snorting through their 'h' sounds? 'Wer gonna qhqave qhqole noo werls fer you texplore an qhqole noo stories tetell.' /jackass off Fri Jun 12 2009 8:52PM Report
namelessbob writes: I love the whole idea of "Heroic" battles. Being able to take on multiple enemies at the same time will just draw peoples minds into the power of each character early. Kind of reminds me of D2 in a sense of feeling like the hero. Fri Jun 12 2009 8:52PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Thanks guys for the video and info. Liked the new mmorpg intro VFX :) Fri Jun 12 2009 9:19PM Report
Haradeas writes: Story telling , story telling and more story :p For now I am still not very impressed, lets hope they dont only have story telling :p Cause I didnt hear anything refreshing for an mmorpg. :) Sat Jun 13 2009 3:15AM Report
l{iller writes: lets hope it lives up to the hype as sooo many never do Sat Jun 13 2009 4:11AM Report
Warsong writes: While I love Star Wars stories, I listen to them once or twice (or read them) and then set them down. This Lucas guy acts like stories have never been told in games and this will be the first (not a good sign of someone who has the pulse of the MMORPG community). When I go into a new game the story can be cool but in the end (or end game if you will) I want to be a part of making the new story...the story of the community that's there playing. I dunno but I'm left with an impression that this game is being done just to make money and not as a service to the MMORPG community. Sat Jun 13 2009 5:11AM Report
Warsong writes: What the interview told me was that I will be entertained as long as I roll and re roll all 8 classes and then I'm game. Sat Jun 13 2009 5:13AM Report
hubertgrove writes: Tom Nicholls, eh? So he's the new Julio Torres? Sat Jun 13 2009 6:05AM Report
fansede writes: Is 8 epic storyline going to be enough to keep subscribers for years to come? How will this game keep up content wise? Sat Jun 13 2009 6:40AM Report
fansede writes: ON Heroic Battles - many games have the one against many situations. usually means you go against lots of low hit point monsters. Maybe fun for a little while, but my worry is that you could "run" through a scenario, ignoring the trash monsters and get to the "end part". This could be disturbing... Sat Jun 13 2009 6:44AM Report
krityc writes: Story is cool, but I'm most excited about the comment saying that battles will your "hero" will involve multiple opponents, not the same old 1 vs 1 grind to max level. Sat Jun 13 2009 9:23AM Report
ssnautilus writes: Heck yes. SW:TOR brings a giddy gleeful tear to my eye. ;) I do hope that they have Jade Empire style combat as well for TK-type class. :) :) One of the best H2H combat I've seen in a longest time. Sat Jun 13 2009 10:11AM Report
mynameisben writes: if it takes the casual mmo player a few months to get through one storyline, i think bioware could have a good game. also, don't forget all the non story stuff that could be in there, that could be generated by users. economies, entertainment, etc.. Sat Jun 13 2009 10:24AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I miss Han Solo. Sat Jun 13 2009 10:40AM Report
Dragelir writes: It is a pay2play game? Sat Jun 13 2009 12:57PM Report
KoDoMoAsobi writes: Looking great Sat Jun 13 2009 3:44PM Report
etlar writes: wow..# 1 new info..dunno if i was on the moon, but no news here..some links in the forums have better IW´s..othr than that, i still look forward to it, Bioware cant make a bad story, lets hope that goes for mmo as well Sat Jun 13 2009 7:48PM Report
Domiago writes: AoC started off with class unique questing but it eventually merged into a stale pile of camel droppings that everyone and their grandma was doing. I truly hope that the class quest driven storylines stay unique through to the endgame content. I have great expectations for SW:OR but only 50% have to do with the flashy graphics, combat and questing. The other 50% is reserved for SERVER POWER and HARDWARE PROWESS. Let's hear about the machines being used to deliver a stable client connection and what the devs are looking to provide. Sat Jun 13 2009 8:47PM Report
biohazardxbw writes: SO More or less its KOTOR with Conan Combat and a more linear path just like KOTOR but with others with you? AWESOME! Sun Jun 14 2009 2:15PM Report
Finbar writes: These guys are out of touch with what MMORPG's are. Obviously they don't/havn't played them. Sun Jun 14 2009 2:57PM Report
grndzro writes: Wo I need to revise my Hype rating for SWtoR. Imagine playing a Bounty Hunter but needing a Jedi for your quest, but he also needs a bounty hunter for his story interaction....and you find within his storyline an epic side quest ^^ for Bounty hunters only.....the possibilities are endless.....that is if Bioware does it right. This could be awesome for Casual and long term gamers based on replay value from rerolling to see a whole new side to their universe. Sun Jun 14 2009 9:21PM Report
firebug writes: This game is going to be great. Sun Jun 14 2009 11:36PM Report
Talmien writes: It all sounds fantasic. My only concern is how is story going to allow the game to be a MMO. That is playing along with other players. If your a smuggler working on your own storyline and quests, will you ever get to group with a jedi doing theres? How would that play into your personal story? Are there just side quests you do to play with others? So yeah my big question that I'd like to get answered is how do I play alongside my buddies? and do I have to give up the story element to do so? Mon Jun 15 2009 10:44AM Report
xkin writes: the lack of multiplayer talk is concerning. i'll buy the game no matter what im sure it'll be a great experience. might not last long if the multiplayer/pvp isnt great Mon Jun 15 2009 1:06PM Report
Zeplini writes: cant wait, its great they are not following so many others and making a wow clone Mon Jun 15 2009 2:28PM Report
Inqr writes: I want EVIL, if the Sith and other Empire Classes are Dark enough I'll play. All the story telling in the world will not make me happy unless it is deep enough on both sides of the force. Games notoriously skimp on Evil side content. Mon Jun 15 2009 4:09PM Report
Darksunrise writes: I would realy like to hear more about the pvp, what role it will play in the game. How big are they planning the battles to be. Will we see controlled bases that are attackable. Player build cities ? Tue Jun 16 2009 12:40AM Report
GungaDin writes: This is not an MMO, its a single player RPG that u pay monthly for. Tue Jun 16 2009 11:52AM Report
Eneldin writes: Sounds awesome! I wish he wouldn't lie about being the first MMO to have a storyline tho. (ffxi to name one) Thu Jun 18 2009 12:05AM Report
piquet writes: I hope gameplay and storytelling will make up for the crappy graphics. Thu Jun 18 2009 5:37PM Report
zaylin writes: I really hope they allow more than one character per account. The idea of getting a class to max level with gear and putting in all that hard work,to have to "re-roll" it so you can try out another class/have an alt or 2 is discouraging TO ME at least,but who knows..maybe not,still looks like it will be a great game thus far. Thu Jun 25 2009 1:12AM Report
shakaama writes: "the art is very unique" so i went and took a look, it looks like the cartoon batman on cartoon network. complete trash in my book. the character doesn't even look like it belongs in the game. wow cartoony looking character look like they belong, these characters do not. how could they drop the ball on that? they have these great panoramic views and artistry for the game world and then make anime characters? wtf Wed Aug 19 2009 3:06AM Report