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Star Wars: The Old Republic Forum » General Discussion » "What if Disney gave YOU the decision to choose the developer of the next Star Wars MMORP...who would you choose?

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NGE, LOTRO, STO, KOTOR, Lego Star Wars > NGE 2 (SWTOR). SWG>ALL. Above hopefully subject to change.

11/23/12 6:37:03 AM#141
Originally posted by RexNebular
Originally posted by MindTrigger
I don't know if you guys are keeping up with all the Star Wars industry talk, but Disney is planning to go nuts with Star Wars, and even talking about doing multiple movies per year that focus on characters, similar to all the super hero movies. 

I don't know if you are keeping with all the Star Wars industry talk, but Disney already said they are going to target casual/mobile market as far as games go. And Bob Iger is right when he says that. Why would Disney get tangled up in a multi-million dollar product with 5 or more years of development time that has - let's say - a 10% chance of being successful and a 90% chance of tarnishing the brand name? It's pointless. Rovio's mobile game will probably make Lucasfilm more money than SWG and TOR combined.

I have only read what peple have been posting, and not seen anything official on the matter, but have they specifically stated that they will be targetting the casual/mobile market with Star Wars  specifically, or just their games in general?

Considering they have only recently acquired all that is Star Wars/Lucas then I doubt they would have had time to make any solid decisions with the Star Wars franchise. As SWTOR is still up and running, I doubt making another MMO at this stage is top priority, but once it is heading to be shut down, they may end up looking at doing another one.

Star Wars just as casual/mobile is just boring. No games like Battlefront or any multiplayer at all? That will be lame. Their current franchises / pre-Star Wars stuff may not survive outside the casual/mobile market but Star Wars will.



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11/23/12 6:54:19 AM#142

In answer to the OP.

Obsidian/Bethesda and CCP/ Chris Robertss & co (Star Citizen, they seem to have changed the company name)


That should be an interesting mix of developer talent.



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11/23/12 7:33:51 AM#143

I'd go with CCP as my first choice.  If not them, I'd go with SOE, then Blizzard..  Trion, Cryptic Studios and others have proven to only product small linear game worlds.. I want a huge galaxy.. If you can't give me a galaxy of atleast 30 planets, no need to apply.. LOL


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11/23/12 7:34:56 AM#144

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11/23/12 7:44:56 AM#145
CCP, mostly because they create the tools, and let the players create the worlds

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11/23/12 9:09:27 PM#146
Valve/CCP/Trion/Funcom only game companies I enjoy anymore.

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2/08/13 6:26:56 PM#147

since i think ccp is way overrated  because  just having 1 single game published and that being a 10 year old vessel

i d give ny  trust to

1. Bethesda (Bethesda itself the ones creating TES_

2 Valve

3 Funcom


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2/08/13 6:29:58 PM#148

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"Reality is but a figment of our collective imaginations." -N.E.S.

2/08/13 6:35:20 PM#149
Personally I'd go with a no name indy company who actually cares about the game and their community instead of all the corporate asshats who only care about the $$. Companies like Red5 and Grinding Gear Games FTW!
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2/08/13 7:57:50 PM#150
Originally posted by Pumuckl71
Originally posted by Psychow

[mod edit]


[mod edit] The OP ask who would "I" pick and I'd pick Blizzard. I want the company that made the best MMO that I enjoy to handle making the best Star Wars MMO that I'd enjoy. And that doesn't necessarily mean it's be woW 2.0 in space either. It just means it would be made well and be ready when it's ready and not rushed.


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2/08/13 8:05:06 PM#151
In Gearbox I trust


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2/08/13 8:09:30 PM#152

With a large budget... I'd say CCP.  I haven't read through all of the thread, but has anyone said them yet?


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2/08/13 8:11:27 PM#153
Originally posted by injenu

With a large budget... I'd say CCP.  I haven't read through all of the thread, but has anyone said them yet?

Nevermind, it's been said many times lol.  CCP combined with the dude that got fired from Blizzard who made Diablo II, then I'd somehow try to convince John Carmack (ID Software) to make an MMORPG. 



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2/08/13 8:45:40 PM#154

Arena Net or Cryptic.  I like their games and worlds.  Their style would lend well to Star Wars.

The old Trion might have been able to pull off a fun version but I don't think so anymore.

There are other studios like Funcom that makes great immersive worlds, but I don't think they're Star Wars.  BlueHole has a great combat system in Tera that would lend itself excellently to Star Wars action, but again, they aren't Star Wars.

The stuff Carbine is doing with Wildstar looks really interesting too.  I think they could do Star Wars stylistically, but who knows how their game plays. 

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2/08/13 9:37:37 PM#155

I would give it back to SOE with the stipulation that it must be SWG v1.0, the game's release version.

Further a binding agreement with strict parameters:

-they could patch bugs, and create content

-they are not to adjust nor balance the game professions in any way further. no matter what.

-Leave the Jedi system in it's original form, no adjustements.


just my 2cp

I believe leaving this system in place would have made for a better release of the launch of space travel, as well as everything else going forward.


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Beer and Weed!

2/08/13 9:44:44 PM#156

Bioware!  I would give them a second chance, from scratch.

But for real, CCP.


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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

2/08/13 10:32:54 PM#157
We need to get SOE to hire the original swg devs back and put them back to work. 

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2/09/13 4:14:51 AM#158
CCP, Valve, Funcom, Trion and of course SOE couldn't possibly do a worse job than BW, so choose one and do it, Disney

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2/09/13 4:20:47 AM#159



Dream is the right word, bc there will never be another SW mmo

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2/09/13 4:39:44 AM#160

nobody,,no matter what they do now,,the next SW mmo will have an even larger group of haters,

than this one had

from now on there are the pre CU group, post CU, and the new swtor group

all of them going" why dont they do it like in game XXX? that was the best"

i cant see any big developer touching this IP, after the previous results

small company, and a small game maybe

but i think they have learned the lesson by now

they can only persuade the suits, by promising a cash cow a la wow,,like they did with swtor

and where that way of thinking leads us,,we all know that by now

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