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Star Wars: The Old Republic Forum » Spoilers » Favorite story so far?

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12/19/11 7:57:00 PM#21

i actually like my sith inquistor story. I dont think it looses that sith feeling at all. Ive managed to romance a darth a cultist, Kill an intelligence officer for incompetiance on nar shadda, Ive killed alot of people lol in my play through. I love being the bad inquistor

The story for the inquistor is amazing so far. I dont think it got boring at all, Im a 23 . My inquistor quests on balmaroa werent bad at all. I sorta liked kiling the majors son who9 was an  incompetant sith, then killing him. 

So i didnt find it got boring at all. Thats me though

I liked the smuggelr best as far as levelign to 10 though

ive played a counselor to 9, a trooper to 7 as well as my inquistor in ea, in beta i got  a warrior to 16, a bh to 5 a ia to 6 and a jedi knight to 7 and smuggler was best startign world story .


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Most of my posts get deleted.

12/19/11 7:59:07 PM#22

So far I've been entertained with every class I've played. But I would have to say the Bounty Hunter would take my award.

Originally posted by salsa41
are you have problem ?

  User Deleted
12/19/11 8:01:58 PM#23
Originally posted by C1d0s

All I have to say:

Late-level Sith Warrior storyline gets pretty badass. 

I was loving Sith Warrior in beta before I quit. I wanted to save the story for launch, but all of my lame friends want to play Republic so..


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12/27/11 5:42:22 AM#24

Imperial Agent have the best storyline by far


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12/27/11 5:46:29 AM#25
Originally posted by peebee929

I played all the classes throughout  beta EXCEPT Agent/Inquisitor and finally at the end (last few days) I read a few posts about the SI story and decided to give it a try.

Fell in love with the Inquisitor story instantly, hell I played him from 1-17 in one day I was so engrossed in it.

The Agent I liked too, but no where near the BH story IMO.


Imperial Agent lvl 28-30 thats where all change that is all xd


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12/27/11 5:49:22 AM#26
Originally posted by Hopscotch73

Agent, agent agent. I'm finishing up Nar Shadda on one now, and I've gettne past where I'd played to before (multiple times) in testing. I love the story, and the feel of the class (operative FTW).

Love the story so much I'll play it again as sniper with no worries.  Kaliyo is by FAR my favourite companion in the game.

scorpio best companion xd


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12/27/11 5:50:34 AM#27

Im still in act one whit all my characters:P (all near the end 30+)  so cant realy comment but agent and counsilor are kinda nice, seen some smugler stuff also (tho not the overal plot) its kinda funny as you expect from a smuglers class story. flirt youre way to youre goal :P


Hope for a stronger plot in act 2 ( each act is a story on its own)  for my counsilor ,for now it serves as a nice story to lead me from a-z

  User Deleted
12/27/11 6:31:52 AM#28

Bounty Hunter is great. Also love Inquisitor, up to level 45 now and the story just keeps getting more epic.


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12/27/11 6:43:35 AM#29

i am leveling a smuggler gunslinger!and i love it lot of cc,bleed (prevent stealth)etc if i can learn to play it right i ll be set!story wise some moment were so sad (depending on your choice)also the mood (music m,environement etc)WOW, i tried to see wow 2 second to have an imidiate reaction from my self and i was like?what the eck did i like for so many years in wow ,certainly no the look.i dont understand why swtor is optimised for 1080i30 tho .i tried all computer setting and it always looked off ,i set everything in my gpu to tv screen recomandation (like pixel,res,disentracalation (movement)and voila,also i defaulted aa to the game ,this aspect alone will prevent a lot of lag from happening!in the end i ll retest today cause maybe it was in my head yesterday!


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12/27/11 6:49:58 AM#30

Loved the Sith Warrior story though the ending at 50 were a bit loose. I guess that's because they want to be able to add content easily later though, so it's alright. All in all, I loved it. It takes a bit of a pause during Act 2, but picks up again a bit in Act 3. The culmination of Act 1 and 3 where awesome. Especially Act 1. Loved it. Probably one of my favourite gaming/story moments ever.

Playing Agent now, haven't gotten far, but the story is really really interesting so far and a very nice change from Sith Warrior. Played the Sith Inquisitor story in beta, and loved it as well (as far as I got anyway, Nar  Shaddaa or somesuch) and played only a little of the Bounty Hunter story, which seems neat as well.


On republic side I haven't played much tbh. The Counselor story picked up slightly after Coruscant, but far from being my favourite. Trooper seemed alright, didn't get far though, smuggler was really interesting as well and knight seemed quite good though I only watched my gf play that.


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12/27/11 6:51:13 AM#31

The only character I got near end-game with is Bounty Hunter, and the story for it is good and engaging. It's something you'd expect, as much of Star Wars storytelling is, but it always feels fitting and seems to have plenty of fun with the tropes it's reaching for. This is also one of the few classes where I definitely prefer the male voice acting - it's thoroughly in character and borders delightfully on the cartoonish.

The other characters, I only got to ~ level 20 with:

Sith Warrior felt quite good to me - but here I'm talking about the female version, I hugely prefer the female voice acting for this class. They really milk the arrogant ambitious dark sider angle with this class and the female voice acting captures that beautifully. If you're going "overly-confident destruction-machine dark sider", I'd say give this a try. :)

Imperial Agent is solid. You really get to see the underbelly of the Empire with this; so to anybody that's really into Star Wars lore, I think this class is a must-play on these grounds alone. Interestingly, I decided to make my IA a light sider who really cares about the people, hates being puppets to the Sith and doesn't mind coming to odds with his superiors once in a while... And it's played really well (until 22 or so, where that character is). With this class, I like both male and female voice acting.

I also had a lot of fun with the Smuggler, and here also both male and female voice acting worked for me. The storyline was a bit more cut-off from the overall galactic conflict (until level 20, the point I played), and more maverick-ish (or trying to be, a bit like Han), but that's just as well. :)


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12/27/11 11:47:26 AM#32
Originally posted by C1d0s

All I have to say:

Late-level Sith Warrior storyline gets pretty badass. 

its actually for me at least the best story in the game

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