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Star Wars: The Old Republic Forum » General Discussion » SWTOR rating as a single player RPG?

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2/01/13 3:38:25 AM#21
Originally posted by Draron

Both SWTOR and TSW are great games to play solo through the story for different reasons. 

IMO SWTOR has some storylines that are up there with KOTOR 1 & 2, though some aren't as good as the others. 

Yep, TSW and SWTOR are the two MMO's I'm currently playing.


TSW has the more fun combat and skills system in my opinion.

SWTOR has the edge when it comes to dialogues - your character in TSW never talks, you have no companions with their own story in TSW. Though aside from the lack of interactivity when it comes to dialogues, TSW generally does a better job of pulling you into the story with its missions.

Compared to actual SRPGs it loses to KOTOR and its likes of course, some of the reasons being;

- Dialogues are spread out across all the classes and their unique companions, which leaves most of the companions very underdeveloped - and even the "main" (romanceable) ones pale compared to their single player counterparts (Don't expect a Bastilla, Carth, Leliana, Alistaire, etc...)

- Due to its MMO nature some content is plain padding as already mentioned above, to achieve the timesink that all MMO's strive for, some of that padding is decent, like some "filler" episodes of a good anime series.


Every class has their unique class story and companions, so you could view it as a SRPG whose main story changes depending on the class you pick, while all the generic/side quests remain the same.

A bit like DA where you had your origin story and it impacted the whole thing, except on a much larger scale - where the main story and the "ending" changes based on your class, and you don't all go after the Arch-demon/dragon/darkspawn - instead each class faces their own nemesis in the end.

TL;DR : Give it a try if you enjoy stories, especially if you're a fan of Bioware's games.

My SWTOR referral link for those wanting to give the game a try. (Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few account upgrades to help with their preferred status.)


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2/01/13 3:46:27 AM#22



I didn't realise SWTOR had multiplayer...


Oh wait, is that what those other models walking around my screen were when I was playing it when it released? I thought they were just annoying bots who kept tagging my quest mobs...

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2/01/13 3:48:36 AM#23

SWTOR is really bad as an MMO.

It should have been made as a single player RPG and then it would have been a success.

The vast majority of people here that have played it also say it sucks and there are the very few minority die hard fans (or fan) that can see no wrong in their game (that went from sub to F2P in record breaking time) that will tell you it is the best game out there.

I always tend to listen to the majority. If you ask the audience in 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', you are not going to side with the only person in the audience that tells you Paris is the capitol of America.


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2/01/13 3:50:22 AM#24

First time through with a character probably a 8.5 to 9 of 10.

Second time through 7 to 8.

Third time through...4 or 5

Fourth time through, sorry couldn't make it.


But seriously I think the game was quite fun to play through a few times.  I'd tell anyone to go ahead and play it, why not since it went f2p.

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2/01/13 4:22:23 AM#25

I'm not sure how broken, bugged and shallow features start to get good just because one does ignore players around him.

- The space game doesn't get better just because you have no guild or other players in the space station.

- The limited weapon choices shoehorsed into classes, the lack of romance arcs for certain class / sex combinations, don't get better because you ignore other players around you.

- The generic kill 10 imps (rats) quests don't get more interesting because you ignore the 2 other players in your area which you might didn't even see anyway.

- The lack of consequences for your Light / Dark choices don't suddently start to matter because you ignore the 100 people on the space station.

I'm not saying SWTOR is unplayable or rightout that bad that you can't enjoy it for 20$ (quality of live upgrades for F2P account), i'm just saying "acting like it's a SRPG" is not going to make all the negative points and design issues of features go away.

Actually i would say, playing it like a SRPG is making it worse because some design moronities can be redeemed with other players, and some flashpoint stories aren't that bad if you want to see the story to be concluded (Illum).

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2/01/13 7:23:28 AM#26
Originally posted by olepi
Originally posted by Darth-Batman
In my opinion the ONLY reason mmo's are fun is because you can play with others, if you take that out then you just have a really boring and redundant experience not worth experiencing.

I'm assuming that SWTOR is not a regular mmo, based on all the posts about it. Instead, I was thinking of just playing it like a SRPG, for the story. Would SWTOR be considered a good SRPG?

I found SWTOR to be a good SRPG with co-op game play. I played through, had no interest in the end game content (or lack there of) and moved on. As an mmorpg, it is just too shallow  - - it lacks too many features that I expect in an AAA mmorpg.


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2/01/13 7:27:49 AM#27
Originally posted by olepi

What would you rate SWTOR if it was billed as a single player game with some co-op type features?

I got into closed beta, played a few hours, and quit. I could tell it wasn't going to be the MMO for me, but I was thinking I'd come back to play it as a SRPG, and I didn't want to ruin the story.

If you appraoched SWTOR as a single player RPG, what would you say? As good as Skyrim? Better? Worse? Not worth playing?

And, can you play it as a single player game with F2P and still have fun?

 Not even in the same ballpark as Skyrim


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2/01/13 10:16:10 AM#28
Originally posted by Draron

Both SWTOR and TSW are great games to play solo through the story for different reasons. 

IMO SWTOR has some storylines that are up there with KOTOR 1 & 2, though some aren't as good as the others. 

QFT! The Imperial Agent storyline has been extremely good so far. I also was a fan of the Sith Warrior storyline. The Jedi storylines were caught in the "goody two shoes" trap imho. 

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