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Star Wars: The Old Republic Forum » General Discussion » "What if Disney gave YOU the decision to choose the developer of the next Star Wars MMORP...who would you choose?

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11/19/12 7:54:37 PM#121
Originally posted by Vunak23
Originally posted by Anthara
Originally posted by jayheld90
Originally posted by apocoluster
Id give it back  to Bioware.  Id also give them unlimited budget, unlimited time and stay out of their way.

i have to agree with this. the only reason both of them bombed so badly is because Lucas Arts wouldnt keep thier fingers out of it. If Bioware had gotten to do whatever it wanted, it would have been a much greater success. (as well as SWG)

Did you guys ever had a job? Worked with people with great responsabilitys and proud of their work? I think not.

Bioware signed a contract with them, they were aware of their crap. Can't really excuse anyone who signed a contract with a company that said "I want to put my fingers on it".

If your talking about them being taken over by EA. No Bioware had no say in that deal. It wasn't a hostile take over per say, but it was a very very clever take over. 

In worse case, Bioware bosses aren't proud of their jobs so they let anyone put their fingers on their crap.

Considering the games we got out of Bioware pre EA take over, I would say that the now ex-bioware executives were very proud of what they created. It was destroyed out of sheer badluck. 

No one responsible would let their work to be changed, spited on... etc by anyone else. Best they could do was to leave their seats.

They did leave. Unfortunately they were under contract the minute they were taken over by EA and had no say in the direction of the game. Why do you think it took them so long to release the game, even though it had been in development prior to the EA takeover... Redevelopment into the EA model.

I'm not beeing dramatic, I'm beeing completly realistic. That's what SERIOUS people do.

Yet you are illiterate and filled to the brim with false information, if thats what serious people do... I think I would rather be a clown. 

If you guys think the game ended the crap it did cause of EA, you guys are the biggest Bioware fanboys I ever saw.

Or your just blind to the fact that Bioware and Post EA Bioware are two entirely different entities. 

Bioware pre EA was soley Bioware. 

Bioware Post EA was Bioware/Mythic... and we all know Mythics track record after the DAoC team left. 

You sell your soul to the devil and then blame the devil for it.

Once again do some research on how Bioware was taken over and you wouldn't spout nonsense like this. 

Not to mention that EA gave them shitloads of money, wich they wouldn't be able to make the game without it.

EA gave them "shitloads" of money to make the game EA wanted, not the game Bioware wanted. 


Silly, uninformed people are silly. 


As for the ontopic: 


I would give it to XLGames, CCP or TRION. All three are great development studios in my mind, with quality products. 

I tend to disagree, read below:



Originally posted by Deewe

For the record it was part of the deal when EA bought BioWare. The latter requested to have free reign over the development of TOR.

At a point EA was worried the game development wasn't going as fast as needed.  BioWare sold to EA they needed more time. They also had EA agree into having money spend into the Voiced Over Players Characters.

EA signed the check and at some point when they realised BioWare was nowhere close to have finished the game and would take eons to finish it they set a hard date. Btw, initially the game was scheduled to launch more than 1 year before it did.

The below articles will give you a glimpse of what actually happened. Even the producers acknowledged they where clueless at managing such a big project.




You can blame EA for having set a hard date, but you can't for having hindered its development nor its design choices nor even build such a poor engine.



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11/19/12 7:56:04 PM#122
I would give it to Trion.

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11/20/12 5:10:37 PM#123

Wow GW2 is either so bad that people don't even want to give ANet a mention or it's so great that players see no value coming into other games sections. 

Personally I'd give it to Blizzard and tell them to create WoW 2.0 in a Star Wars mould. While I generally dislike Activision, if they had the Star Wars license, I think they'd invest the right sort of money required to make it succeed. They have the two biggest gaming IPs going at the moment imho, they understand success and how to sustaint it.  Blizzard not only have the talent, but the experience especially in creating a faction vs faction game, take everything they've learned with WoW, understand that this time they need to push the genre forward, steal a few ideas from games like GW2 and boom, you got yourself a cash cow big enough hopefully to give Bobby Kotick a heartattack. 

Also it goes without saying that there should be a proper space section to the game and that CCP or whoever the eve online developers are should be the ones to make it. 


For the ground stuff though, other than Blizzard, I'd want


Arena Net - GW2 beta was a lot of fun and they know how to make a great pvp experience which would be extremely important to a SW's game. I think they'd have to ditch the 8 abilities thing they have. 


Bethesda - a slight gamble but one which would pay off providing they got the right people in to help them craft their fantastic team into MMO designers.  This would also probably go down very well with the SWG faithful who will probably be quite vocal and would get behind a developer with a proven record in sandbox experiences. 


Rocksteady - Thought I'd add a ridiculous one but one which has a lot of potential. The Arkham games are AMAZING and hands down the best combat I've ever exprienced in a game. If any developer could potentially create the next generation of MMO games, it's Rocksteady, if they could somehow merge the combat from Arkham games into something that fits an MMO game without sacrificing too much, that could be huge. This would also allow for a console release which I think Disney will want. Not only this, they've also shown that they know how to nurture and respect established IPs and create great experiences around that. 

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11/20/12 5:44:44 PM#124
Cryptic Studios

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11/20/12 5:52:05 PM#125
CCP hands down

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11/20/12 6:07:01 PM#126





I'd give developers who've known to make great games but have never make a MMO a try:



or even Irrational games




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11/21/12 7:13:20 AM#127
Originally posted by lizardbones

If they dropped it in my lap, I'd say, "These things don't make money, don't make an MMORPG out of it."

This. Make a nice single player game with the option of multiplayer. Don't waste time or money on an MMO. 

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SWG pre cu > all

11/21/12 7:50:05 AM#128
Originally posted by defector1968
Originally posted by Grunch
Electronic Arts. Mainly because they have a really great track record with mmorpgs. :D

1st reply 1st troll

this thread starts very bad

It's called sarcasm.

People are way too troll-triggerhappy and I suspect they don't even know what a troll is.



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11/21/12 8:42:29 AM#129

Dream on, guys.

Disney already said they are aiming at casual/mobile market as far as Star Wars games go.

So my choice is... more SW games from Rovio


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11/21/12 12:44:36 PM#130
I'd say Bethesda they haven't made any bad games previously it would be interesting to see what their sandbox type style could bring to the starwars universe.

J. B.


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I keep duct tape on me at all times to repair my Hel when the time comes.

11/21/12 12:45:23 PM#131
Originally posted by wickymagee
CCP hands down

CCP would also be interesting but they would never ever do it as it would compete with EVE.

J. B.


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11/21/12 12:47:45 PM#132
Originally posted by DeaconX

So... What if.. Disney gave YOU the decision to choose the developer of the next Star Wars MMORP...who would you choose?

Consider your options and post what studio your choice would be... or even what key talents in the gaming industry :)


It's fun to dream...

 I would tell them to save their money and not build another game at least until the player base as a whole has a major change in their sense of entitlement.


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11/21/12 1:14:53 PM#133

Have to say Bioware but give them a lot more resources / time.

For 8 months SWTOR totally consumed my time and I had a blasts going through the class stories.

It was exactly what my dream game would be, KOTOR3 with MMO elements.

More of that would be awesome!

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11/21/12 1:29:28 PM#134

I would assemble a few MMO Avengers

1) Black Desert - Pearl Abyss dev for sandbox gameplay

2) Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations - Cyberconnect2 dev for combat gameplay 

3) Akihiko Yoshida the main Artist

4) Christopher Nolan and David S.Goyer as writers

Company would be based in Korea to save cost.

Pardon my English as it is not my 1st language :)


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11/21/12 6:22:16 PM#135

I would buyout these companies and IPs first:

X-Universe Team, Wing Commander and Privateer team, For Space world planet infrastructure creation, space stations, fleets.

Everquest I+II original team, for Republic planets world creation, character progression, alternate advancement,housing 

The Freespace II Team, For Space Combat missions creation, wormholes, fleet battles.

CCP and EvE, For System Economy, integrating a less complex EvE inside, and Trade federation and Borderline worlds and unexplored world system for expansions, through the raiding system to unlock as a progression goal.

Bethesda, for Empire controlled world creation and overseeing polishing all content made from all the previous ones,

Blizzard and all the people that made vanilla WoW, for setting all previous companies into their respective fields and playtest everything as Blizzard knows best.

Commanding figure answering only to Disney for everyone and everything concerning the new SW MMO, Donald Duck!

Really now, Disney can oversee everything, but a SW MMO needs the best of the best of the best of the industry to really work and please and appease everyone.

The more complex a SW MMO is, the more diverse crowd will play it's different aspects, thus  separate development teams/companies must be assembled into a common framework, which thankfully is Disney.


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11/21/12 6:31:00 PM#136
Originally posted by Zekiah

Start from the ground up by cherry-picking competent devs who have a clue and create a new company from there. Bringing in the programmers from pre-cu SWG would be a great start.


And bring in Raph Koster it would be a major start, let them finish the dynamic content system, and place caps on how many Jedi exist in the game, and other much-needed mechanics. :)


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11/22/12 1:14:48 AM#137
Originally posted by Lanfea
i would give it trion worlds inc (rift, defiance, eon) but only if i can do the game concept ....


Trion would do an excellent job no doubt.



Another interesting choice would be Icarus Studios;  Ideally using the Icarus Platform engine. That engine is grand in its ability to get alot of peeps optimized on a single screen.


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11/23/12 4:55:43 AM#138
Originally posted by MindTrigger
I don't know if you guys are keeping up with all the Star Wars industry talk, but Disney is planning to go nuts with Star Wars, and even talking about doing multiple movies per year that focus on characters, similar to all the super hero movies. 

I don't know if you are keeping with all the Star Wars industry talk, but Disney already said they are going to target casual/mobile market as far as games go. And Bob Iger is right when he says that. Why would Disney get tangled up in a multi-million dollar product with 5 or more years of development time that has - let's say - a 10% chance of being successful and a 90% chance of tarnishing the brand name? It's pointless. Rovio's mobile game will probably make Lucasfilm more money than SWG and TOR combined.

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11/23/12 6:19:34 AM#139

- Who would possibly select: Among the big players, ArenaNET (as independent studio) or Blizzard. My top choice would be the old team of Origin Systems before EA ruined it (Garriot and friends), but only if they use UO as a model for the SW MMO (no classes at all). There's also CCP, they for sure have experience with space battles, and I'm sure they could create an awesome SW MMO.

- Who I would definitely NOT select: Anything related to SoE or EA. Turbine. Bioware. Funcom. Trion (Rift in space? That would be as linear and even more boring than SW:TOR).

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11/23/12 6:28:20 AM#140
Originally posted by Vyeth
Originally posted by TeknoBug

To be honest, I don't want to see anymore MMO SW games, it'll just end up the with the same fate as SWG and SWTOR, I wouldn't mind see more Jedi Knight type games again so give it to Raven.

A new Jedi Knight would be awesome! Actually let EA apply their Frostbite engine to Jedi Knight!

How epic would that be!

The "Force Unleashed" games are basically new Jedi Knight games, you should try them if you haven't, they are quite good.

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