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Star Wars: The Old Republic Forum » Guild Recruitment » Guild Recruitment Thread ----Look for a TOR guild here

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7/16/09 3:51:37 AM#21

 KDS (Keepers of the DarkSide)

Always a Keeper of The Dark Side [KDS]
Visit us at


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7/26/09 4:04:47 AM#22

4C order is actively recruiting, all republicains are welcome!!


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8/08/09 10:14:22 AM#23

The Jedi Order is currently recruiting.


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8/18/09 8:29:43 PM#24

The Brotherhood of the Sith are looking for members willing to dedicate themselves to teachings of the Sith. The Brotherhood will have a Master/Apprentice system and a military ranking system. The guild’s organization will be simple but structured. Please click on the link below and take a look at the site and contact me if you are interested.


The Brotherhood of the Sith or Sith Brotherhood was a group of Jedi Knights led by Exar Kun who broke away from the Jedi Order to study Sith techniques. During the Great Sith War, they received the allegiance of the Krath and the Mandalorian Crusaders.

To learn more from our Sith archives visit our site.


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Only jackasses label their PC specs in their sig.

8/18/09 8:38:53 PM#25

Originally posted by miagisan
PURgE (Purgatory)
We were once one of the largest rebel guilds on Valcyn during the golden age of Star Wars Galaxies, and had one of the 2 largest, and most pvp centric player built cities on the server. Based off of casual gameplay and close tight knit friendships, our core group is roughly 5 years old, spanning multiple games, and are looking towards the Old Republic to make our new home in. We will be hitting this game in full force, with a very large playerbase waiting to jump in.
So if you are just looking for a good time, with great people, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PLAY STYLE IS, come check us out on our website, or just drop by them to chat. We are more of a community website with alot of old SWG Valcyn guilds who frequent it.
No preference as to Sith or Republic as of yet, since we are waiting for more information regarding the gameplay and factions.
** information thread here **

Don't forget about MVA! If I remember right you guys weren't too far away from us. I'll check you guys out at a later, would be good to catch up with old school Valcyn players.

Originally posted by imbant

Did we say we were trying to do good for the game? the game is in the hands of aventurine, no one else...


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Your tears make my gun work better.

9/01/09 9:11:12 PM#26

Kajidic Is recruiting for our Swoop gang!  Sith only please for the guild,  all are welcome to stop by our cantina for a sweetie bomb!

Tillamook  can you link this:

KAJIDIC   Sith/PvP/Rp supported not mandatory 

If you want a new idea, go read an old book.


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9/08/09 12:12:33 PM#27

wtf, this game don't even have a release date and you guys are making guilds >.>

  User Deleted
9/08/09 7:20:50 PM#28

I'm thinking a smugglers guild is a no brainer? Anyone know of one? I'd be interested.


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Your tears make my gun work better.

9/09/09 12:15:13 AM#29
Originally posted by Swiftpain

wtf, this game don't even have a release date and you guys are making guilds >.>


Yeah it's a pretty popular thing to do.   People have been making pre-game guilds for years now.  You been in prison or something?

If you want a new idea, go read an old book.


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Revolution through Destruction!

9/21/09 10:57:48 AM#30

Impervium - a RPPVP Sith Guild- is now recruiting gamers for all aspects (PVP, PVE, and solo). We are a semi-large guild, holding a total to-date of 152 members, but looking to increase those numbers.

Our system was designed to house the various aspects of MMO gaming so that all members can truly enjoy their specific playstyles; with or without their guild mates around. If you're into PVP, travel around with your own pack and wreak havoc across the known universe! If you're a PVE groupie, prepare for war with a tight-nit group of MMO veterans who are prepared to train you in the ways of the Dark Side as we speak. Many of us have been around since 2002 or 2003 (we can't remember exactly what year), playing games from Shadowbane and EQ to AO. Our MMO experience is virtually limitless, and we yearn to pass the knowledge on to you!

Also, while some of us don't technically partake in the RP aspect, we encourage those who wish to do so to join as well. We have a special group for you too:) There are rewards to be had by joining the Impervium dynasty now, so don't delay. Just click already.

THE Rooster Nash


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10/23/09 5:04:55 PM#31

The New Jedi Order

"The Light Will Always Outshine the Darkness"

.:Come Join Us Today:.


The Jedi are the Guardians of Peace and Justice within the Republic. We use our power to protect every life form and serve others rather than serving themselves. Jedi are truthful and honest and the most important attribute of all..... we are not afraid to die for a worthy cause. That is a true Jedi.

The Guild's Leadership

The Guild's leadership mainly consists of 12 Highly experienced Jedi Master's of the Order, including the Grand and Supreme Master. The High Council discuss issues as a whole, and rely on one another for support and wisdom if needed. The main leader of the guild is the Grandmaster, which has a second in command called the Supreme Master. The Supreme Master leads the guild in the absences of the Grandmaster. Though, The main leading "Body" is the High Council.

Guild Structure

Our guild is made up of a Governing Body, and then four parts that make up the whole Guild Structure. The High Council leads the guild. The War Council deals with planning on the upcoming war etc. The Diplomacy Council handles relations with other guilds. The Council of Foreign trade deals with trade with other Republic Guilds. The Investigative Council deals with problems that are going on within the Community. Pretty much all of the Council's are intertwined with each other, but looking towards the High Council to be the main leading body of the Order.

How To Apply To The Order

If you would like to Apply to The New Jedi Order, please post a message saying that you would like to join, or you can send a private message to my profile. Remember, we accept all ages who are willing to act mature.

Member's Expectations:

- To obey the rules of the Order.
- To obey and respect the leadership of the Order.
- To act in a polite and respectful manner to all guild members.
- To behave in a mature and respectful way towards other players.
- To be active in the Order.
- Just have fun. : )

Reason's To Join:

-Republic Only Guild.
-We have many allies.
-We Accept All Time Zones
-Any Race is allowed to join.
-We have our own personal forums.
-We are a World Wide guild System.
-We are based off of the Jedi Order.
-We focus on every type of game play.
-We fight for the free People of the Republic.
-You will make life long friends in this guild.
-We have many positions that you can apply for.
-Our Ranks are based off of the Jedi Order's Ranks.
-Doesn't matter about the age, just have to act mature.
-Our Leaders are very compassionate and caring with other members.
-We have a Diplomacy, War, Foreign Trade, and Investigative Council's.
-People who are qualified will eventually get a chance to have a seat on the High Council.
-We have a very strong guild structure and strong leaders to lead the guild through this War.
-We have many interesting discussions on our Forums, or in other words you will never be bored.
-The Leaders listen to everyone's opinions and input on how we can make our guild the best it can be.

If you are interested put in an application at




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11/19/09 6:46:44 PM#32

Add this one to your list please. 

Guild Name: Prophecy

Guild Type: PvE

Guild Website:


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4/30/10 1:44:43 PM#33

Please add the Galactic Empire to your list. Fresh new guild -->

Please Note: Leadership comes from Kettemoor server of PRENGE SWG.

Guild Alliance on SWG was:

Eternal Empire







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5/02/10 1:21:27 PM#34
thriolith Xfire Miniprofile

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"For the Greater Good of the Republic"

6/18/10 8:49:25 AM#35

"You have the power to rid the universe of the Sith,
but the price for this is that you must kill a single innocent child.
Could you kill that child?
How far would you go for the Greater Good of the Republic?"

RP-PvP for the Greater Good
All Republic Classes Accepted
North American Based
English Speaking
PvP Focus
Light RP

28 BTC, the Sith Empire attacks the Galactic Republic from out of the Unknown Regions, beginning the Great Galactic War.
Countless systems are attacked by the merciless Sith armada and the Republic is totally caught off guard.
Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic accepts to sign this document, ending the Great Galactic War and 
declaring the Sith Empire as the victor. A Cold War begins, tensions running high in both factions.
The Sith Empire uses this Cold War to strengthen their Empire and disrupt peace in the galaxy.
During this time, the Republic is powerless, politics forcing no course of action to be taken.
A small squadron of elite Republic commandos, code named Gundarks, started to rebel 
against the ridiculous cowardliness of their government and separated from the army. 
Together, they started an underground military black cell focused on doing whatever 
it takes to stop the Sith Empire, fighting fire with fire and deaths with deaths.
The Gundarks quickly grew in numbers, becoming an army of there own, 
fighting the fight no else will, for the Greater Good of the Republic.

Strategical warfare, guerrilla assaults, assassinations, reconnaissance and counter-terrorism are just some of the 
specialized operations conducted by the Gundarks. Operatives are assigned to one of our squadrons, specific 
divisions created to organize members of the same class together. Closely, they work on being the bests at 
what they do and they do an amazing job on the field. Even more amazing is our special elite division, 
the Gundarks Underground Tactical Squadron(GUTS), which is specialized in extremely tactical 
warfare. GUTS members are the best of the Gundarks and a force to be reckoned with.

Gundarks is structured as a military cell with the following ranks.
The Commandant is the leader of the Gundarks and is in charge of administration duties.
Mig Sebes is the Gundarks Commandant.

Generals are the general officers of the Gundarks and are in charge of policing duties.
Promotion earned through outstanding service in the Gundarks.

Colonels are the task officers of the Gundarks and are in charge of specific duties.
Promotion earned through successful completion of the Gundarks Leadership Program(GLP).

Captains are the field officers of the Gundarks and are in charge of field duties.
Promotion earned through successful completion of the Gundarks Warfare Program(GWP).

Sergeants are the dedicated full-fledged members of the Gundarks.
Promotion earned through successful completion of the Gundarks Boot Camp(GBC).

Privates are the recruits of the Gundarks Boot Camp(GBC).
They earned their place through successful application to join the Gundarks.

As part of our constant efforts to help our members better themselves, the Gundarks Greater Academy(GGA) was formed as a host to our 
training programs 
such as the Gundarks Warfare Program(GWP) and the Gundarks Leadership Program(GLP). On top of being 
incredible resources for our members, these programs also help them to move up in rank by showing there dedication and 
skills. Learning everything you can to help you become the best of the best, this is what the GGA is all about.

Recruitment is currently OPEN for all Classes.
Requirements to Join the Gundarks are very simple. You must read the Gundarks Charter in whole and agree to abide it.
You must also be 18 years of age or older. If you meet those requirements, you can apply to Join directly on our website.
If your application is approved, you will be granted membership into the Gundarks Boot Camp(GBC). There you will 
have to prove yourself worthy of becoming part of the Gundarks. To get promoted to the rank of Sergeant, which 
means becoming a full-fledged member of the Gundarks, you will have to successfully complete the GBC.

GUNDARKS - RP-PvP for the Greater Good of the Republic


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9/22/10 11:04:33 AM#36

War is comming soon! I call upon all smugglers to set their personal pride aside and join the cause of the Republic! Join Champions of the Force now before it's too late!

Champions of the Force


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10/04/10 7:10:05 PM#37

Sins of Dread

About Sins of Dread

We are a guild currently recruiting for SWTOR. We are accepting all classes at the moment that are within the Sith Empire. We like to keep the game light and fun but still very goal oriented guild. We understand that real life always comes first but we are still goal oriented within the game and want to progress through raid content and any other challenging aspects of the game. We will focus on all aspects of the game but more emphasis on endgame content whether its raiding and some pvp too. We are not a RP guild either.  We want players who are willing to learn their classes to the maximum and be the best players they can be while staying humble at the same time. If this sounds like your playstyle then come join Sins of Dread.

What kind of members are we looking for?

We are looking for members willing to advance through tough content and willing to learn their classes to the max so we can grow and progress as a guild. Members willing to help other guild members when they need help with something important. Members who want to work as a guild and grow as a guild community. Members wanting to be progressive when they play but this does not mean you have to play 24/7 but when you do play to have a progressive mentality which alllows the guild to advance. We are trying to find members with a similar playstyle and like to do similar things within the game.

Activities we enjoy:

- Raiding
- Crafting
- Dungeons at endgame and leveling up


- This is a Sith Only guild
- 18+ age
- Ventrilo will be a must for all raids and group events
- Enjoys endgame content
- Please be Mature


You are able to apply by visiting our website listed below.

Guild Leader: Vordral


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10/17/10 10:30:37 AM#38
Midichlorian Chapter
Galactic Republic Guild

Midichlorian Chapter prides itself on being a fun and active guild in the swtor community. We are dedicated to a friendly, team focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster. It is important to remember the ideals of mercy, tolerance, manners, and peace in our dealings with others. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships.

Server Status: PVE/PVP --- (Implemented RP in the forums)
Region: EST timezone - International
Guild Founder: Sharaylil
Activity: 2009-current
Play style: Casual-Hardcore (all play styles)
Recruitment: OPEN!
Classes: ALL

Basic Requirements to Join

-Must be Mature (18+)
-Complete the application and screening process
-Be active on the forums
-Have some knowledge of MMO's or experience playing them

Q. When was Midichlorian Chapter established?

A. Midichlorian Chapter was established in late 2009, from MMO gamers and developers alike. We have an experienced guild leader of 6 years, who is dedicated to her community as a player but also houses loads of knowledge to hold a fun , peaceful and successful guild.

Q. What is your primary focus?

A. PVE is roughly our primary focus but PVP holds a strong second. We have Implemented RP in our forums and join in on it daily (not a member requirement, just for fun!). We plan to level, explore and have fun in game come the release all the while knowing we are growing as a guild and have a better chance of conquering any late game content. As far as PVP there will be scheduled events and such as far as any world PVP is concerned, but we can't release loads of information due to not knowing Biowares' direction on PVP yet.

Q. What type of player are you trying to recruit?

A. Although we do have an 18+ age requirement, we still ask that you be a mature player. We have a variety of people who are stay at home parents, college students, international players, etc. We are not biased of your RL situations and respect that it comes FIRST. In retrospect, If you are someone who misses how the community USED to be in all the current MMO's and enjoy playing because of the people just as much as the game... then this is the guild to join.

Q. What makes you different from other guilds?

A. As you know, most guilds have the same things to offer. I can't say that we are "different" than the other guilds out there. We have a good comradeship, something that is tough to find in guilds. Most guilds accept you as a player, but not as a person. Here we accept you as both. We also strive on having a strong community and taking an active part in being involved and getting things done.

Q. Is this going to be a hard-core raiding guild? Or casual? Or...

A. We plan to become a top end guild when the time arises. We don't make plans to be number 1, but if it happens than so be it We strive mainly to be a well respected guild within swtor. We are not necessarily JUST a raiding guild. In the beginning we will all be exploring the lore that SWTOR has to offer, along with familiarizing ourselves with the game structure. When the majority of the guild reach the level where we can raid, that's just what we plan to do. We will also be incorporating, as I said above, PVP in game and RP in the forums as well.


Come check us out!


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4/22/11 10:14:31 AM#39

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6/11/11 10:23:31 AM#40

EU-based True North is currently reqruiting.

Slacker extraordinaire!

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