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Darkness Assassin PvP Guide

A Guide to SWTOR's Darkness Assassin PvP. If you want to be a Tank DPS class with a bunch of utility who dominates every match, this is the guide for you.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.


Overwhelming Darkness
A Darkness PvP Guide
By: Arasis

Darkness Assassin's are one of the strongest duelist's in the game due to strong single target dmg, high armor, and self heals, while also offering very strong utility, with access to abillitys such as an enemy pull, stealth, AoE knockback, interrupt, two stuns, stealth detection, sprint, taunt, and guard.

For PvP their are a few paths you can take in terms of talents, mainly: Dps/Utility/AoE

Primary/Secondary Stats:
For all Assassin's their are certain stat priorities, and limits on secondary stats, such as:

Surge Rating: You want around 200 surge, due to diminishing returns past 200, this increases crit dmg by around 21%
Crit Rating: You want around 300-400 crit rating
Power: Once you have capped your surge and gained a good amount of crit, this is the stat you want to stack
Accuracy: Weaker stat in terms of dmg output, however still very useful, should be gained in tandem with power.

Willpower > Power due to the fact that Willpower also gives additional crit chance, and higher willpower mods have the added benefit of having more endurance as well.

Endurance: A very important stat for two reasons:
1. Increases Survivability in PvP
2. Increases Self Heal amount from Harnessed Darkness.

I always aim to have at least 18k Health Buffed, meaning most enhancements have a full 40 Endurance on them.

NOTE: Due to having Surge/Crit Cap, the crit/surge relic becomes nearly useless, making the Matrix Cube a much better choice.

Their are many hybrid Darkness spec's for PvP, here are the 3 I primarily use:
32/1/8: Withering Darkness - Self Heal/AoE/Utility Spec. (Team Play Spec) (Great Assist Train Spec)
23/1/17: Whirlwind Darkness - Single Target/Ranged AoE Burst/CC Spec.
27/1/13: Selfish Darkness -Single Target/Self Heal Spec (Maximum Single Target Dmg)

(For every Spec made, be sure to always rock 1/3 duplicity, it gives you access to a low cost, high dmg ability than penetrates armor, with 10% proc rate being all you need.)
(I break 500k damage with all of these specs, and in some cases even 600k, while CC'ing, Guarding, and running around with 41% dmg reduction, and self heals.)

The Spec gives nearly EVERYTHING, Stealth Detection, Crowd Control, Burst Damage, Utility, Mobility, Survivability, Burst AoE, Gap Closers, Snare Breakers, and On Demand Heals.

The Process of gearing your Assassin to the best of its ability is a painful one.

Currently the best set in terms of set bonus's would be the Survivor Set, however it comes with some of the worst mods/enhancements in the game.

Therefore I highly recommend buying the Stalker Set initially for its decent mod/enhancement loadout, and begin the slow and painful process of converting those mods/enhancements over to a separate Survivor Set

Stalker/Forcemaster Pieces should be used as the offset pieces due to the desire for dmg dealing stats, and yes this includes a power generator, shield gen's are pretty bad for PvP.

NOTE: Due to the close release of 1.2 I would not recommend re-modding at this time, due to item changes that are going to occur once the patch hits live servers.

Best Mods/Enhancements:

61 Will / 37 Endurance / 11 Power
61 Will/ 37 Endurance / 11 Crit

24 Endurance / 51 Surge Rating / 37 Power (Operations Drop Only)
40 Endurance / 51 Surge Rating / 20 Crit (Operations Drop Only)
24 Endurance / 51 Accuracy Rating / 37 Power
40 Endurance / 51 Accuracy Rating / 20 Power

Use your taunts to reduce the dmg the enemy team dishes out, use guard to protect your squishy carries/healers, Be careful with your harnessed darkness stack's by either using them with a full resolve bar, or with shroud up, Use your Deflect/Shroud against enemys it is effective against, use your interrupt on the right ability's and use your arsenal of CC/Pulls to its fullest against your enemy.

High Dmg Combos:

Their are many combo's you can pull with this kind of spec, some being completely devastating against the right enemys, and with the right CD's up.

Engergized Shock + Recklessness + Power Relic + Expertise Adrenal = 4k+ Crit that can proc an additional 2k+ Chain Shock for an insane 6k Hit on enemy Sorc's/Sage's In my current gear, This is the hardest hitting instant ability you have outside of your Execute.

Three Stack Harnessed Darkness, Force Lightning + Recklessness + Power Relic + Expertise Adrenal = 2k crits a tick force lightning's that also heal you significantly.

Combine these two with a Duplicity Maul and/or and Execute and you can 4 shot an enemy sage/sorc.


Being an Energy Based class, you want to be as efficient with what little resources you can have at a time, by mainly using the hardest hitting abilitys for the lowest cost possible.

That being so you generally want to work with a priority like this for single target:

1. Assassinate (Melee Execute) it hits like a truck and only costs 25 energy, being very efficient.
2. Harnessed Darkness Forcelightning, due to the duration of the cast it pays for itself.
3. Duplicity Maul (Backstab) Hits hard as well due to being able to penetrate 50% of an enemys armor, costs 25. (ONLY use with dupl;icty Proc)
4. Energized Shock (10 Meter Range Attack) Hits hard and has a 100% crit rate, however it costs 39 force to use, which is alot.

Too use 3/4 of the above mentioned ability's effectively however, you need either a proc or a stacking buff, which is built by using your bread and butter attack, Thrash, your cheapest energy attack, costing 23.

For AoE situations, Deathfield (If Spec'd Into) is Top Priority, While Wither is for full 31 spec'd sins.

If you are low on energy or trying to build up your energy for a high burst combo against a healer, be sure to use your saber strike, as it offers some dmg and 3 chances to proc your duplicity maul.

In Terms of who you should target:
It goes by armor and role, killing enemy healers and high dps being the most important, aim for the low armor targets first due to the spec lacking much armor pen.
This means Sorc's are almost always going to be your first priority.

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I am done with this game so do not expect any updates on this guide.

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