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Wizard101 (W101)
KingsIsle Entertainment | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/02/08)  | Pub:KingsIsle Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:$09.95
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:E10+Out of date info? Let us know!

Wizard101 Videos: First Impressions with Ripper X!  (26:00)

Ripper jumps into the magical MMO Wizard101 for some First Impressions gameplay! Wizard101 is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from KingsIsle Entertainment that allows players to take the role of students at a school for wizards. Players create a character and then enter one of seven magical schools, learning the ropes and some new skills, then plunging into the magical, sometimes humorous storyline. The game's story quests follow the players journey to stop the evil wizard Malistaire Drake

Ripper jumps into the magical MMO Wizard101 for some First Impressions gameplay! Wizard101 is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from KingsIsle Entertainment that allows players to take the role of students at a school for wizards. Players create a character and then enter one of seven magical schools, learning the ropes and some new skills, then plunging into the magical, sometimes humorous storyline. The game's story quests follow the players journey to stop the evil wizard Malistaire Drake
Duration: 26:00
Views: 35,123  64 comments
Game: Wizard101
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KingsIsle writes: Welcome to the Spiral, Ripper X and enjoy your magical adventures! Merle Ambrose? has great plans for you, young Wizard. Wed Feb 27 2013 8:56AM Report
sandycattzz writes:


I absolutely loved your review! 

Wed Feb 27 2013 9:32AM Report
grambehe writes: I think it was a good way of showing people what it was about  . A start anyways . Great review ! Wed Feb 27 2013 9:43AM Report
smasher3355 writes: Ripper X. Can I meet you in wizard101? please. I am level 80 :D Wed Feb 27 2013 9:54AM Report
lividxen writes: That was hilarious! It brings back fond memories of being a confused novice. There's alot to learn in this game and it is best to learn them early. This game is so much fun. Enjoy your time in the Spiral! Wed Feb 27 2013 11:54AM Report
Goosecake writes: I'm glad you liked the game! There is so much more you can do once you level up. Keep playing the game and enjoy your endless fun! Wed Feb 27 2013 12:15PM Report
redrip writes:

Thanks KingsIsle!

@Sandy Thanks for ther kind words!

Smasher your LEVEL 80!? EPIC! What kind of damage do you do? :)

Wiz 101 is awesome, end of story. 


Ripper X

Wed Feb 27 2013 12:28PM Report
lobomajk writes: Ripper X welcome to the spiral.  This game is awesome, I've been playing it for several years.  Hope to meet you in game sometime. Wed Feb 27 2013 12:40PM Report
articuno191 writes: Wizard101 is by far the best game i've ever played. I'm level 88. Wed Feb 27 2013 12:43PM Report
lovefire writes: LOL  I was entertained by your monologue while you enrolled in school at the Wizard Academy! My first experience was awesomely confusing. I checked out the game while looking for a something online my grandson and I could play together. Yes... I said grandson.  Not only do we enjoy playing this game together, but I have met many other adults who play regularly as well. The game is simple enough and SAFE for quite young but complicated and engrossing for adults as well.  There is a myrad of opportunities to involve yourself in the play. I am pleased that you reviewed it and hope to catch you on the spiral having a great time! BTW my oldest character (you can have up to six under one username) is a level 88! Wed Feb 27 2013 12:43PM Report
PrincessRosella writes:

interesting dialog. on first note lets get a negative out of the way. in the beginning you mentioned wizard101 as an adventure game yet wizard101 does not meet the requirements for an adventure game. there are several differences such as adventure games are about solving puzzles in which you play a premade character. wizard101 is none of these hence it is an rpg game which is similar in some aspects to adventure with 1: usually a character is made by player although can be premade 2: involves questing instead of puzzle solving

for an opinion other then my own:

ad·ven·ture game


  1. puzzle-solving computer game: a puzzle-solving computer game in which players take on the role of characters in the game world but that generally lacks the numerical characteristics of role-play games

so please everyone stop refering wizard101 as an adventure game as it is an insult to true adventure games to call a mmorpg as such. for an example of an adventure game view the king's quest series.


Now that the negative is out of the way i found the review to be quite funny with the voice-over. it brought some enjoyment to this old gamer's heart :) Glad you like the game as much as i do [this is now almost the longest i have played a mmorpg (roughly equal now to how long i played runescape)] hope to see you in game.

Wizard101 player

Abigail Dragonfist

Lvl(s) 90 fire, 90 life, 80 death, 90 storm, 80 ice, 90 balance

Wed Feb 27 2013 12:55PM Report
PrincessRosella writes: oh almost forgot XD since i on wiz at time almost forgot to mention, i love how you used old gaming terms such as AOE maybe young gamers seeing this will understand now when i use it online. Wed Feb 27 2013 1:00PM Report
blakeredshard27 writes:

OMG!!! That was funny i liked i.


Wed Feb 27 2013 1:28PM Report
fadingaway669 writes:

welcome to the game ripper x  hope you enjoy your time playing w101. This is my second year playing and hope you enjoyed it like i did back in the day,  i look forward to seeing you at some point in the game.

                              chase frogbreaker

lvl 90 fire                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Wed Feb 27 2013 1:31PM Report
Numbly1980 writes: if you still play wizard 101 my name in the game is mitchell anglewhisper level 90 myth wizardi will be online soon see ya around and you should be a memberships its worth it. Wed Feb 27 2013 1:35PM Report
boyceman10 writes:

ripper add me :D name is chris nightblood level 85 fire


Wed Feb 27 2013 1:54PM Report
Ardu writes:

He would have a way better experience if the graphics were similar to Avalon and Azteca. Is too bad KingsIsle don't really update the older content of the game to a better quality.

Wed Feb 27 2013 2:12PM Report
davidthenecromancer writes:

nice done ripper :-)

watching you in this game makes me remember how big a difference there are of first world wizard city and the last worlds avalon and azteca it has been a fun half hour watching you. i have been playing this nearly one and a half year and so far got four lvl 90. you should try buy a membership or crowns, it makes this a lot more fun.

hope to see you around in the tougher worlds:)

by the way if you see me around i would be happy to help you further in the game. just look out for:

David Wraith lvl 90 death

Christopher hunderheart lvl 90 storm

 Blaze Icesword lvl 90 ice

and Adrian firefist lvl 90 fire

Wed Feb 27 2013 2:33PM Report
triplefires123 writes:

hahah most fasionable wizard nice

very funny ripper


Wed Feb 27 2013 2:46PM Report
redrip writes: Wow thanks so much guys! You can tell by the comments that Wizard 101 has a very good community, and that means a lot in a game! Wed Feb 27 2013 2:51PM Report
Emily.Silverhaven writes:

hi! i wanted to tell you i loved the video! and if ya want i will friend you on wizard101 and help you get a mount!

my name is Emily Silverhaven and i am a level 34 ice wizard!

message me back and i will meet you in wizard101


Wed Feb 27 2013 3:37PM Report
redrose14441 writes: I'm Natalie ShadowCaller lvl 30 and cool video it reminds me of when i was lvl 1 xD Wed Feb 27 2013 4:12PM Report
toigol writes: try to add me i'm lvl 46 myth. I'm  Wed Feb 27 2013 4:21PM Report
toigol writes:

Cody Goldcoin.


Wed Feb 27 2013 4:22PM Report
oscar135y writes:

plz can we be friends i know i am not that high witch is 78 plz


Wed Feb 27 2013 4:27PM Report
35wizardfan writes:

Can you plese add me? My name is Timothy TItanThistle. I hang out in the Commons A LOT! Try to find me plz.

Wed Feb 27 2013 4:28PM Report
oscar135y writes:

if you do then say yes and i will give you a friend code


Wed Feb 27 2013 4:29PM Report
35wizardfan writes: I also hang out on the server Vampire. And I am a level 30 Life Wizard. Wed Feb 27 2013 4:42PM Report
SuriFireFlame writes: Ha :) this video made my day, Wizard101 rocks<3 Wed Feb 27 2013 4:48PM Report
hammburger46 writes: funny video.                                                                                                       i am morgrim dragoncaster level 86 storm add me Wed Feb 27 2013 4:51PM Report
kirakatt writes:

Lawl, That was great. c: 

Like, you could tell you're such a newbie to this game. It made me laugh. 

If anyone wants to add me; Jasmine Moondreamer-49 storm wizard. I'll be in the headmaster's tower in unicorn realm area 1 c:

Wed Feb 27 2013 5:19PM Report
teetoehome writes:

You rock as a new wizard. I never laughed so much.  Look me up Christina LifeMender Level 84. I will be on the look out for you. :)


Wed Feb 27 2013 6:03PM Report
teetoehome writes: Oh I forgot to mention, you said the game is for kids and adults, well during the day when the kids are in school all the adults are on Wizards playing!!! Join us for some fun. Wed Feb 27 2013 6:15PM Report
Wolfdragonstone writes: Hey ripper can we be friends idont go on too often but meet me in the commons whatever realm you want my name is Wolf dragonstone level 72 or 73 haventchecked in a while please respond and im glad you like the game so far Wed Feb 27 2013 6:19PM Report
funkybubbah35 writes: Hey Ripper can you add me? i'm a sorcerer level 32. Pretty cool that you like this game. Do you know abour realms yet? BTW my wizard character's name is just David Wed Feb 27 2013 6:22PM Report
funkybubbah35 writes: Also if you do wanna be my friend i could give you a ride on my mount. you can find me in the commons at the realm unicorn Wed Feb 27 2013 6:24PM Report
CodyShadow12 writes: Who's RipperX? Wed Feb 27 2013 7:22PM Report
yvdebbie2008 writes: thanks for the entertainment. the game gets alot better as you go. Wed Feb 27 2013 8:18PM Report
yvdebbie2008 writes: thanks for the entertainment. the game gets alot better as you go. Wed Feb 27 2013 8:18PM Report
jazzdreams writes: This truely is a great game!  There is so much to it you would be surprised.  I am a grandmother and have been playing this game since not to long after it came out (I play daily).  I believe this game was geared toward the younger generation when it was being created.  But quickly found its way to the "young at heart" generation.  I have met more wizards closer to my age then youngsters.  I hope you continue to play so you can see how intricate it can get,  from deck set up,  pvp stradegy, and pet leveling.  Wed Feb 27 2013 11:46PM Report
cooldodo2002 writes: hey dude i am austin stormrider that you added, your video was cool and i wish you good luck in completing the game Thu Feb 28 2013 4:35AM Report
ChristianRufh writes: Good Luck At The Game :) Thu Feb 28 2013 7:57AM Report
ShinigamiWolfz writes: OMG CHAOTIC MONKI! XD Thu Feb 28 2013 8:13AM Report
kasey156 writes:

You were a blast to listen to, Ripper X :)  I've been playing a couple years - this was my first MMPORG game, and after playing Wizard101, I can't imagine ever going back to playing Zuma ;-)  You have a great voice, expressive, clear enunciation ... I would follow you anywhere ... well, anywhere in Wizard101, that is ;-)

Hope you stay with us.


Thu Feb 28 2013 11:05AM Report
Sinestra333 writes:

Hey Ripper X! Loved the review! I remember how confused I was the first time I logged on. I'm a mom, my daughter got me hooked on this, and I craft and garden (you gets lots of goodies both ways!).  I LOVE THIS GAME! It's truly multi-generational; I've got friends of all ages and from around the world! So much fun; if you want to, look for one of my wizards; Suri Moontalon, lvl 77 balance; Alura Ironthorn, lvl 65 death (try it! it's great!); and Iridian Hawkwraith, lvl 52 myth.  I'll friend you, there's no such thing as too many friends! :D

Thu Feb 28 2013 11:19AM Report
Sinestra333 writes: P.S.--keep playing! There's so much fun (and great BAD puns!) to come! Thu Feb 28 2013 11:21AM Report
serpent123613 writes: this game is really really fun  myth is what i am part of Thu Feb 28 2013 4:20PM Report
KesDragonHeart writes: Nice review Ripper X! Like Sinestra I'm a Mom who started playing when my daughter wanted to play. I had never played a MMORPG before and was nervous for her to be in an online environment. I got hooked pretty quickly and our whole family plays now...for going on three years! It is definitely multi-generational and my husband and I enjoy playing with our kids. My first school was also Balance (she's lvl 90 now!), now I have two accounts and wizards from all the schools. Come join us at Wizard101's a GREAT fansite community. And the realm to play in is Scarecrow! I hope you keep playing....enjoy! Thu Feb 28 2013 4:30PM Report
wizardsrules writes: Lol plague -give players runny noses- haha Thu Feb 28 2013 4:32PM Report
DiverGirl writes:

Just watched your video review - nice to see Wizard101 getting more attention.  It is a great game for families, kids, and adults.  Your video pointed out some of the challenges facing new players well.  The game is great because as it progresses the intensity of play can vary with the person playing the game.  There are places to obsess if you like - pets, PvP, crafting, and more.  The writing is humorous and enjoyable.  Be sure to also notice the names of NPCs throughout the game; someone at KI is definitely a Sting fan!  

Picky note: there are no AOEs in Wizard101.  There are "attack all" spells available but AOEs don't happen.  This may seem a small note but when you have to fight numerous spiders or other baddies you will wish there were AOEs.

Thumbs up to you for "Stay classy San Diego!"  

Thu Feb 28 2013 4:41PM Report
oliviamoonbright writes:


i love it when he screams XD lol

just makes me laugh :)

Thu Feb 28 2013 5:04PM Report
advtech23 writes: LOL I am a level 90 Fire wizard and I would love to teach to you all the tips and tricks to the game. Just let me know when to meet! I have exactly nothing to do. Thu Feb 28 2013 6:10PM Report
advtech23 writes: LOL I am a level 90 Fire wizard and I would love to teach to you all the tips and tricks to the game. Just let me know when to meet! I have exactly nothing to do. Thu Feb 28 2013 6:10PM Report
bimbin55 writes: ripper x your a noob Thu Feb 28 2013 7:19PM Report
bimbin55 writes: i am lvl 90 Thu Feb 28 2013 7:20PM Report
jacobifigher writes: I am level 42 ice and i can do up to 4,500 damage. wanna meet in game? Thu Feb 28 2013 7:43PM Report
Rainbow_Dash writes:

I would like to complement your opening.


Thu Feb 28 2013 7:47PM Report
IceWiza83 writes:

Ripper X!!!!!!

  I am IceWiza83 I play Wizard101 it is one of the most wonderful game i have ever played and it is so addicting,  I love it and I make friends all around the world from it I am IceWiza83 I am an Ice Wizard lvl 83 Named Hunter NightHeart  I am most pleased with yoiur review and I have to admit you are pretty funny also I would love to be friends with you on Wizard101 meet me in Gammas Place realm wraith I'll be there also I am open chat so yeah lol.... see ya on the game!
Thu Feb 28 2013 8:28PM Report
17Keller024 writes: I think that this video is cool.  I am now a level 75 ice wizard. I remember when I was a lvl 1 and still battling in unicorn way. It reminds me when I just had those basic cards and did not do much damage over 200. The video was sweet. Fri Mar 01 2013 7:48PM Report
knight2706 writes: RIPPER X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

 i am a lvl 17 myth wizard and can you be my friend?

this is a friend code BXFT3RYP.

Fri Mar 01 2013 7:58PM Report
clydemlou writes: I'm an adult who loves to play Wizard101!  I actually have 12  characters and have been playing for almost 3 years.  Great game and lots to do in it!! Sat Mar 02 2013 9:40PM Report
pwnerdude1 writes: My wizard's name is Charles Firesword and he is a level 50 "pyromancer".  We should meet up somewhere in the game, maybe get me into some vids? :D Sun Mar 03 2013 2:07PM Report
mentalbender456 writes: You should add me. My wizard's name is Adam Firespear, level 19 pyromancer Mon Mar 04 2013 3:57PM Report
Strangenight writes:

I'm a 4+ year adult player as well.  Level 50 or higher in every school of magic.  It is a great game for kids, which is where I got started, while 'auditioning' games to find something I fel was appropriate for my son's 1st foray into online gaming.  Only, well, I got hooked as well.  There is a lot of depth to the game with gardening, pets, crafting, and even decorating the player housing, to keep players of all ages entertained and enthralled for hours.  The free portion of the game only allows you do explore a few areas of Wizard City, and none of the other worlds, but it is big enough to give you a good feel for the game and decide if a subscription or a pay-by-area option work for you.  Annual subscription sales run a few times a year giving a rate that is less than $5 a month, making this one of the most affordable subscription games out there. 

I advise any gamers to give it a try and don't dismiss it out of hand as a kids only game.  There are many adult players in the worlds of the Spiral that enjoy a challenging game that does not involve cursing, shooting, blood splatters, or decapitations, and this game fills that niche above and beyond expectations.


Sun Mar 24 2013 7:24PM Report