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Mortal Online Forum » General Discussion » SV Developer complains about bad reviews and asks fans to go counter them...

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12/30/12 1:59:31 AM#81
Originally posted by Slapshot1188

Guy is allowed to his own opinion.  Even though the vast majority of people who try the game do not stay some small percentage stay.  He is obviously one of those, at least for his first 2 days of playing.  Whether he makes it 2 months remains to be seen.


Do you use the same name on the MO forums?  I'd be interested in seeing these examples of you being the harshest critic of MO.


Its Hertix in official MO forums and he actually had some points mostly in the past regarding few of MO's countless issues but dressed them with flowers.


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1/28/13 5:14:24 PM#82
Originally posted by Heretix
Originally posted by ShortyBible
Originally posted by Heretix
Originally posted by ShortyBible
Originally posted by Lahuzer

Gwahlur, just give up on em. They won´t change. They´ve made it to a living doing everything in their power to make SV look bad. It IS sad to see how some people here want a small company like SV to fall over. The world need more companies like SV that at least are TRYING to do something unique. OK, they aren´t always successfull, and it don´t goes as fast as it does with AAA-titles. But still I love them for what they are trying to do. And no, we don´t always get along, and they make mistakes like we all do.

[mod edit] I´m enjoying both games right now, even if AV made SV look good there with their awfull communication before launch etc. Thank god they have step up now, and communicate more. But I think both these games have a place on the market, and I hope both succeeds cause the MMO-world needs them to. We don´t want more crappy themepark games. Or, I sure as hell don´t at least. People need to stop the hating, and play games they enjoy, and leave those they don´t like. Sure, express how much you hate em when you leave. But to stalk their forums for years is anything but healthy.

Star Vault is exactly the type of company the world does not need. They have stoled, lied and committed fraud. As a consumer I am appalled that players even continue to support them.

I promise to stop in from time to time and warn other consumers about this unethical company.

Sorry, but this is bullshit.  Starvault has provided myself and others a better gaming experience than any other company to date.  A small company has gone outside of the comfort zone most companies are afraid to leave to make a truly unique sandbox experience.  This is exactly what type of company that gamers like myself need: one that will actually make an enjoyable game rather than shallow copies of previous games.  Everyone has the information available to them what kind of company this is (small, indie), what type of game they are making (sandbox) and what type of client base they are selling it to (niche).  If you as a paying customer don't enjoy that sort of thing don't then don't support them with your money.  But when you come on here purposely spreading rotten propoganda and lies in an effort to make the game or company fail you are not only depriving prospective gamers of an experience that they might actually enjoy (running instances and battlegrounds stopped being fun long ago) but you are damaging the genre.

Last time I checked Starvault wasn't rolling in money, dumping sewage in rivers, selling weapons to terrorists, or punching kittens.  They actually have a product that people enjoy, moreso than most other products on the market.  Last time I checked Starvault has kept almost entirely to their vision and hasn't folded on their principles to appeal to a larger market even if their financials have been terrible.  A small company working for peanuts from zero knowledge is trying to create a game that many people want to see happen, and in its current state is far more enjoyable than 99% of games on the market.  This is far more ethical, and perhaps noble, then making recycled garbage like other companies.  The incompetance in the past has nothing to do with "ethics" and everything to do with inexperience.  Since the game is now FTP, let people make up their own minds.

First of all I would like to thank you for your response.

I am an avid gamer, but I am a consumer first and foremost. Now for the facts:

Star Vault Stole, Lied and Commited Fraud.

I purchased the Limited Edition for $75.00 USD. What I paid for was Client on media, all expansions and updates on media for the entire life span of Mortal Online.  As of today I  have received  a beta client on a disk.   (Please don't tell me no other company does this. This is what they advertised, and that is what I bought.)

Heck earlier this year they were still advertising this in the store.

EUR 35.96

(incl. VAT EUR 0.00)

  • Embossed Metal Box
  • All pre-launch updates freely shipped on DVD
  • Digital Download
  • Free future digital updates and expansions
  • Includes one month's game time
  • Includes shipping fee

The day that Star Vault launched Mortal Online they activated all accounts and auto subscribed us without mailing out the client. We received the beta client months after the game went live. This means many customers never got to use the 30 days that they paid for when purchasing the client.

Many customers for example our veterans who were in Iraq had their Credit Cards billed for months without their knowledge. This was not only unethical but criminal. If I use my Credit Card to purchace a copy of a magazine, they cannot use that information to subscribe me to that magazine.

Star Vault has double and tripple billed many of their customers Credit Cards, this seems to occur just prior to their finincial reporting due date.
The lies are too numerous to list in this post, 2 quick examples Tindrem was ready before they launched, but needed some tweaks, took over 2 years to tweak it.
Lore was ready before launch, it only needed to be translated to (Advanced English) 
You Sir do more damage to the genre that you say you love, by calling me a lier and accusing me of  "But when you come on here purposely spreading rotten propoganda and lies in an effort to make the game or company fail" propaganda.
We have seen this before. A new account with a few posts berating us customers.  You speak from the heart but without any facts or knowledge to back up your rhetoric.
This allows concerned consumers like myself to use you as a target to inform potential customers about the type of company Star Vault is . Our readers will decide who is "spreading rotten propaganda" when they compare our posts.
Below I have linked the video of an irate customer who bought the Collectors Edition which cost much more than the Limited Edition which I paid $75.00 USD for. I have also included a screen shot of the FTC rules. 
(Screen shot is not mine. Someone posted it in the WarZ forum. I think it applies to Star Vault also.)
Happy Holidays.


Happy holidays to you as well.  First, they were initially unable to fulfill the commitment of a "working" dvd as in case you didn't know the game was hardly playable at release, and since has had a new engine installed, most of the game rewritten, the installer/patcher rewritten a couple of times.  Regardless of all of that, all it takes is an email to mortal support and they will send you an up-to-date dvd and refund/fix your billing issues.  When I first bought the xbox 360 on release I waited 10 hours outside wal-mart to get one, brought it home just to turn it on and have a red ring of death.  I didn't sit at home and blame the company (microsoft) for two years for being frauds, I took it back and given a new one (I had to wait 2 weeks, yea, so I was pissed).  It is pretty standard as a consumer to not get what you expected or wanted, and as a consumer you should know the protocol in such situations is contacting the company and having them help you resolve those issues.  I bring up the billing issues because WoW did exactly what Mortal did, they automatically subbed me even though I had only bought the game and not  a sub: I find it strange that you would have such high expectations for an indie game company on something a gaming giant such as Blizzard can't get right either.


In regards to Tindrem/Lore : name one game company, much less an amateur game company, that delivers content when they say they will.  SV has stated many times why they were unable to get certain things in at certain dates, if companies were prosecuted for failing to meet exact expectations and release dates you wouldn't have any game companies at all.  In regards to the video: the guy bought a Collector's Edition.  You aren't getting Marvel action figures, or a Watchmen graphic novel, you are getting crappy toys and art to commemorate a release.  Again, the consumer has to partake in the equation to a degree, I looked at lootbag and and "bonuses" and didn't think it was worth the money.  I also bought a white-chocolate bar once, and immediately regretted it.  The refund policies are on a case basis, but if you didn't get the coolest stuff from a company that has never made anything before you have to know what you are getting.


Sorry, but I berated noone; I simply spoke from the point of view of a customer who lives in the world of personal resposibility and realistic expectations.  The things you mentioned not only occured 2.5+ years ago, but are the lowest form of petty gripes that litter the entire world of software.  Starvault has done nothing that no other companies (big and small) that I have been involved with haven't done over the years.  It's funny how you take pride in being a consumer, considering every living thing in the universe consumes things.  Being a consumer doesn't mean anything, you mind as well said you are alive and breathing: it doesn't make you any more entitled to anything.  You purchased a product from a company that you know has never made a game before (or anything for that matter) with no history to show that you will be satisfied with the product.  You were dissappointed that you didn't get a AAA game or AAA support, havn't since taken the standard steps to attempt to rectify the issues in your purchase, and are still complaining about it 2.5+ years later.  And then you go on to say the company is a bunch of thieves and fraudulent.  Its absurd.


And as to that FTC rules: that are rules they have to apply to everything to have some legal backing for people who are actually swindled by a fraudulent company.  Starvault would not be anywhere close to qualifying for this, but there will always be an entitled customer somewhere waving that thing around so they can cast aside all responsibilty for their purchases.

I was reading through the thread, perfectly content with ignoring your feeble attempts at making SV look good, when you posted this one. At this point you transitioned from mis-informed / disillusioned player to full blown paid poster for SV. There really isnt any other excuse for your blatant glossing over of facts.


Stop using the WoW subscription as your out, it only makes you look like an idiot. It plainly states while creating your WoW account that a SUBSCRIPTION PLAN is required to play. Period. Star Vault had no such disclaimer at release when creating your account.


As far as tindrem or any of that is concerned (AI anyone?), nobody was putting undue expectations on them. How long can they go around promising the sun, the moon and the stars without delivering though? You seem to have very low expectations but perhaps the rest of us expect 4 tires on the car when we buy it, is that now asking too much? Just because they are an indie company does not give them a get out jail free card either. You either deliver or you dont. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. I am pretty sure we all knew going into that they were a small dev team of limited resources and some of us have played since alpha / beta or very early on. I think it's safe to say none of us expected AAA service, but that doesnt mean we should settle for D either.


I will take your qualified legal opinion as to whether or not SV has done anything wrong with a grain of salt, since you so eloquently stated earlier that "Everyone on the internet is a rocket scientist." Apparently were all now lawyers as well.


All that being said, you are really a douchebag for pushing this viewpoint that its "ok" with companies to give us heaping piles of broken code, label it a "Sandbox MMO" and cram it down your fucking throat as something playable and enjoyable, when it is ANYTHING but. Go piss up a rope because all you are doing is hurting the industry and making them continue to roll out half assed game after half assed game.


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Stupidity can't be taught

1/29/13 12:55:11 AM#83

Originally posted by Anubisan

This site used to be about promoting MMOs, yes. These days it is full of nothing but hate if you ask me...

Many of the haters haven't even played the game for years, and yet they continue to do nothing but complain about it on this forum. I honestly have to wonder if some of these people have nothing better to do with their time.


 Don't be stupid, what you say is completely false. The site used to be alot worse, FACT. Since increased moderation things have picked up considerably. Good games have positive posts, bad games have negatives posts like MO does. Very simple, don't try and construe it to fit the tired MO fanboi narrative. The "MMORPG guys are just trollz and badz peoplez" really makes the MO community look worse than it already does. As far as "the haters haven't played in years", speculating on something you know nothing about makes you look even dumber. The blind fanbois are the ones who don't play, see below...



Originally posted by Gwahlur

My goal is to one day play the game they're trying to make. No, I don't play now, no i have nothing to do with SV, and no, I've never played except during open beta and once more on a trial account.


You should really stop commenting then because you have no clue what you're talking about. I still play and corrupt GM's are still very much present, as are dupers, exploiters and caught cheats allowed to play again because their close with GM's. All posted on MO forums, all deleted and never addressed.

The worst devs I've ever seen by far and I've played Sony mmo's for years.




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1/29/13 12:58:04 AM#84


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Stupidity can't be taught

1/29/13 1:01:23 AM#85
Originally posted by Heretix

The part about KoTO was addressing the OP, where the site in question "Desura" was littered with 1-star reviews by KoTO members who were recently sieged out of the game.  You can question my taste in games all you want, but you know what they say about ASSuming anything about what other people want in games.  Almost every single new player I see hopping to try the FTP absolutely loves the game; I've helped one group of 10 or so players start their own guild, and given many others help from the start.   I have first-hand experience that people who are actually trying the game for the first time very much enjoy the product they are jumping into.  The 10's of thousands like you say almost all tried the game at release : the game was barely even playable at release, it was atrocious.  To say any of those people know what the game is like now would be the understatement of the century.

In regards to the comment that SV developers are just "milking money" from people in an elaborate scam so they can eat cheetos and play CoD with the rent covered is ridiculous.  They are an amateur company of game enthusiasts who are building a great game.  The process has been clumsy and unprofessional at times and this has been too much for many people to stick around with, but they have severely improved the product since release and have shown great promise that the game will be a solid, marketable product in the coming months.  Thinking that this company doesn't want their game to succeed is absurd.  I have played since beta as well: the game is 10x better, the support is 10x better, GM tools, the installer launcher, the website, pretty much every aspect of the game and company has improved minus a bunch of incompetant programmers and "launch hype" population.  Its a good game whether you like it or not, and there is nothing wrong with the devs asking their community to make honest reviews of the game.

Bolded the part that proves you're full of shit and are just making things up to fit the MO fanboi narrative. It's stupidly ironic because the very next sentence you call someone on 'assuming' things. You kinda owned yourself within 2 sentences of starting.


Heretix you're one of the GM's I listed in my post when I provided proof of GM corruption. Yep I know all about the GM scouting and friends being let off bans for duping. Your ex GM's gave us all the info we needed, which was also sent to Steam and probably one of the reasons they'll be 'investigating GM's practices' if MO is ever greenlit.... Valves words not mine.


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1/29/13 1:03:43 AM#86
Originally posted by Slapshot1188



PS: The best part is that apparently 44% of the people rated it a 10...  almost ALL with brand new accounts (including Heke who I believe is Henrick's brother and the SV "business manager" but doesn't disclose that info).  So I guess that's OK in his eyes... LOL


They just haven't learned that they need to fix their PRODUCT first and then the reputation will get a lift.   Tricking people into trying a F2P game by rating it a 10 just hurts the company.  They need to UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER.  For some reason, they just never learn this and thus all of their PR initiatives fail...


Also, read that whole thread for a good perspective on the community.  One of their hardcore supporters posts a preview of a "review" he wants to publish so that the other hardcore fans and even the developers and tweak it and make it a  "Really fine and objective review"


Again, it's not the reviews that hurt the game.  It's the product itself.  They sold 10s of thousands of copies of the game.  Their pitiful retention rate has nothing to do with reviews and everything to do with a poor product that people actually TRIED and dumped.


Unless he edited his post, nowhere does he say to specifically uprate/downrate the game. He's just calling for people who actually vote, whether they vote one way or another.

Granted, I don't think a developer should ever encourage players of their game to vote/review for it as a matter of professionalism. It would be kinda like an author asking her friends or diehard fans to post reviews of her book on Amazon. It's not likely they'll be bad reviews, after all. 


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Stupidity can't be taught

1/29/13 1:06:02 AM#87
Originally posted by umcorian


Granted, I don't think a developer should ever encourage players of their game to vote/review for it as a matter of professionalism. It would be kinda like an author asking her friends or diehard fans to post reviews of her book on Amazon. It's not likely they'll be bad reviews, after all. 

 You should jump in their IRC sometime, you'll see how often this happens.


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1/29/13 2:15:19 PM#88

This thread was dead for 4 weeks and someone had to dig it up.


good job.

So much crap, so little quality.


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1/29/13 2:20:49 PM#89

Man all this to hate on one game that's been out for years? 


Reality check.


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2/14/13 3:10:55 PM#90
Originally posted by Drolkin

Man all this to hate on one game that's been out for years? 


Reality check.

Give the names a check. It's usually the same dudes over and over lol. 


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I'll kick your a**e so hard, you could build a swimming pool in the footprint!

2/14/13 3:25:29 PM#91
Originally posted by Anubisan
Originally posted by Gwahlur
Originally posted by GrayGhost79

It's a bad company through and through. No talent and horrid leadership. 

You take all the ameturish moves and behavoir on top of all the shady moves and behavoir and you get what you have today, A game that had a lot of promise in its conceptual stage but simply didn't have a group behind it that could deliver. 

They would not have lied, cheated, and stole from their players.

I thought this site was about promoting mmorpgs, but this kind of slander and sabotage of mmorpgs and the people making them is okey somehow?

This site used to be about promoting MMOs, yes. These days it is full of nothing but hate if you ask me...

Many of the haters haven't even played the game for years, and yet they continue to do nothing but complain about it on this forum. I honestly have to wonder if some of these people have nothing better to do with their time.

Since when has this site been about promoting MMO's? The advertising/articles,(ha!), on here does that fine.  The boards are for discussions about MMOs, some of that will be negative, some of it positive. All arguments are that way.

MO is just a very bad game, it always has been, and the amount of crap they've pulled over the years means really you'd need your head checking to give them the, 'benefit of the doubt'.

This looks like a job for....The Riviera Kid!


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2/14/13 4:04:01 PM#92
Originally posted by Hodo

This thread was dead for 4 weeks and someone had to dig it up.


good job.

 I hope someone keep digging these (and threads about WWIIOL) up lol


The "eternal flaming" of these 2 bad games has been the highlight of this forum and makes fun read during downtime :P

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