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Ryzom (RYZ)
Winch Gate Property Limited | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/20/04)  | Pub:Winch Gate Property Limited
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$10.95
System Req: PC Mac Linux | Out of date info? Let us know!

Ryzom Videos: Ryzom - 1st Impressions Overview (7:40)

RipperX checks out Ryzom, a Science-Fantasy MMORPG that gives characters the ability to specialize in any and all skill types. The game has a ton of features including PvP, Crafting, an open game world and more.

RipperX checks out Ryzom, a Science-Fantasy MMORPG that gives characters the ability to specialize in any and all skill types. The game has a ton of features including PvP, Crafting, an open game world and more.
Duration: 7:40
Views: 8,011  28 comments
Game: Ryzom
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Rintintin writes:

Good review, loved the game when i played it, had lots of great friends, AI is best of any game i've seen, it was like real life animals chasing each other etc, complex skill system, and crafting not too bad. Kind of miss it.


Wed Sep 28 2011 12:27AM Report
Dvalon writes:

video was fine but something about the voice forced me to turn it off, it sounded to me like he was actually putting ON! an accent rather than him talking normally.


Dunno might be wrong but it bugged me enough to not watch it all.

Wed Sep 28 2011 4:51AM Report
WSIMike writes:

By the way: The starting quest NPC was directly in front of you when you first log in, and they ultimately lead you to the different NPCs which will give you the quest you ended up getting.

There are NPCs dedicated to crafting, combat and harvesting.

Wed Sep 28 2011 6:50AM Report
Chuckanar writes:

IF they updated the graphics I would go back.

Wed Sep 28 2011 12:29PM Report
Akulas writes:

Might give it a try

Wed Sep 28 2011 1:46PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

Fundimentally its a good and solid skill based game but I agree the graphics engine is aging.

Wed Sep 28 2011 5:16PM Report
Raptre writes:

This reviewers voice is absolutely obnoxious.  I'm sorry, but I can't listen to the audio of any of his reviews without quickly muting it.  The game looks pretty good, but the graphics are a bit too old for me.

Wed Sep 28 2011 7:00PM Report
aleiana writes:

@Raptre totally disagree, Ripper's voice is downright sexy, granted I doubt I will ever play this game, still Ripper always makes it fun to watch. ;-)

Wed Sep 28 2011 8:14PM Report
james_mks writes:

RipperX is hilarious, he always picks female characters and talks dirty about them haha, entertaining as always! Ripper if you read this, are you still doing videos for Machinima and G4TV?

Wed Sep 28 2011 8:20PM Report
Fusion writes:

First of all, they're not classes, they're RACES :)

Thu Sep 29 2011 8:04AM Report
Lydon writes:

I had to watch the video after reading the comments just to hear his voice and woah...definitely forced.

Thu Sep 29 2011 1:17PM Report
nonperson writes:

That was the most insubstantial and piss poor "review" I've seen here to date.  The reviewer obviously wasn't taking anything seriously and sounded down right forced.  His lack of research going in coupled with all his other superfical observations just flat out irritated me.

Do yourself a favor and if your interested in this game at all just read up on it elsewere because your not going to get any relivant information from this video.

Thu Sep 29 2011 1:37PM Report
ssjdagas writes:

This was the first MMO I played where you could change the bust size. That's what I remember about the game.

Thu Sep 29 2011 3:17PM Report
angus858 writes:

Great game.   Some of what the "reviewer" said is factually incorrect :-/  There are no classes, not at start, not ever. 

It seems as if he spent 1 hour reading and 5 minutes of playing before making this video.

My first impression of Ripper X is not favorable.


Thu Sep 29 2011 4:19PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Good as usual.

Thu Sep 29 2011 7:31PM Report
QSatu writes:

I really can't stand his accent. It annoys me incredibly. It sounds forced and unnatural. And there was a lot of wrong information. But those are first impressions so some things are understandable.

Fri Sep 30 2011 7:33AM Report
rebelpy writes:

do some research first, make a review later.

Fri Sep 30 2011 10:09AM Report
Uhwop writes:

Ryzom is a good game if you're willing to take your time and learn it. 

It's also F2P with a subscription option.  If you play for free you can advance your skills to 125, if you pay a sub you can get to 250.


Fri Sep 30 2011 10:40AM Report
Jenadara writes:

I really enjoyed this game.  I think about going back sometimes.

This game has the BEST CRAFTING.  I remember constantly keeping notes and what combinations created what, including the color of the equipment even.  There are A LOT of ingredients.

And, of course, repeating what others have said, the AI was really cool.  It was neat seeing the non-agro type mobs coming up to you and sniffin at you to see what's up. hehe

I also enjoyed the lore and the environment.  It seems like fantasy, but it's really more alien-like similar to the world of Avatar.

Fri Sep 30 2011 1:36PM Report
olepi writes:

Hmm, he starts by saying there are four classes, and the different classes will have different abilities, like strength, agility, etc.

I had to stop there, since this is completely and totally wrong.

It would be way more beneficial to download and try the free trial (can get to level 125 in all skills, could take months easily) and see for yourself. "RipperX" is obviously over his head here.

Sat Oct 01 2011 9:17AM Report
EliminatR writes:

I'm seriously thinking about playing this game. The graphics dont bother me they are tollerable.

Sat Oct 01 2011 12:08PM Report
piehole writes:

rebelby:"do some research first, make a review later."

As RipperX stated over and over before, its a first impression. Doing research will change the first impression.


Sat Oct 01 2011 12:53PM Report
Shreddi writes:

The Game was one of the very best.  The community was the very best group of people I have ever played with.  Seems like much more mature crowd.  I should reinstall it but like some above mention the graphics are some what outdated.  Non the less, back when I played the people playing were so nice and helpful, it was great.  The game play and world was really cool too.  Going to revisit it this weekend.

Sat Oct 01 2011 1:28PM Report
djvapid writes:

Dude, use your own voice because the fake "Casey Casum" impression is dreadfully annoying and put me off completely from the video.

Sat Oct 01 2011 3:27PM Report
DreamSpawn writes:

There's a difference between a review and a 1st impressions video. Aparently some people need to be told that.

Sun Oct 02 2011 12:50PM Report
Akulas writes:

Gave it a decent go. Melee, magic, crafting, harvesting. It's good but the graphics are the only reason why I didn't stay plus I'm playing another game right now too.

Only played for afew days but from what I seen I liked how you can cut up creatures and get different quality ingrediants and not only that but they have a quality rating and where they come from, what type of creature etc all effects the quality of what you can craft. Colour, different protection ratings etc it's pretty good and deep. You buy the bluebrints and there are 4 different kinds of componants you have to worry about which effect the final product.

The skill system is good with stanza you can build your own skills where you can add options with a penalty to get more out of your skills and ultimately you can build your own skills which is a really huge plus.

Also you can't stuff up where if you put skill pionts into something you don't want you can just keep training and add what you want so it doesn't matter what you do, you can't stuff up your character.

Harvesting is good you can prospect to get better quality materials and if you are not carefull you can die or permanately destroy the source of the material if you just farm the same spot for too long. Lots of different options for harvesting not just click it and gather it like other games.

If you want to give it a go and don't mind old graphics then you won't be disapointed as it is a good game.

Mon Oct 03 2011 3:21AM Report
Glokycze writes:

Your rewievs suck. Save us the horror of it and rather go do something usefull. Those so called rewievs dont give me no info just you muttering like a idiot about: "Wow shes hot, thats cool and look at that player. Srsly, stop it.

Mon Oct 03 2011 7:37AM Report
Cynic7 writes:

Yes, your're all correct Rippers voice and comments are annoying to the point I also did not finish the game review. Get someone else to do it for god sake.....

Wed Oct 05 2011 8:39AM Report