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Ryzom (RYZ)
Winch Gate Property Limited | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/20/04)  | Pub:Winch Gate Property Limited
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$10.95
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Ryzom Forum » General Discussion » A New Beginning[Ryzom]

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9/09/12 5:51:59 PM#21
Originally posted by QSatu

There was a big problem with Ryzom. the community was too friendly and it killed any kind of achievement in game. You joined and in a matter fo days you got best armour/weapon/cats etc. from players. Sure you could say "no" but the rest of the world would move on without you. Without vets with years of mats to craft anything in the game, community as a whole will have some kind of goal. Who knows maybe there will be even some kind of economy. =P

I hope it will work for Ryzom in the end. I will give it a try.

From what they wrote it is  a matter of: we wipe and try to sruvive of close down ryzom right now. So I understand bitterness of loosing your char it seems they have no choice.

This is so true and well stated.

I think the biggest problem was exactly what you said- As a noob you  can see the potential (hell, even extracting is complex and interesting) but quickly realie there is no economy. Those who continue grinding also see that gear is just given away to everyone which rivals what you could make after hundreds of hours- Hence no sense of achievment.

I think this (a new server) will be a good thing for the game. I have also stated that I do NOT think wiping characters is good idea AT ALL. I do not understand why they cant just merge the existing servers (a good idea) and let everyone keep their Toons- Then start a fresh server where everyone is on an even playing field.

This way, Vets arent pissed about losing TONS of work (game takes alot of work as anyone who has played knows- This is probably the most hardcore game around IMHO) and many (most) will roll an alt on the new server anyhow. Even most Vets (other than the top 10-15%) probably would like to experience the game from scratch (new Wars, alliences, history etc.) since the World is currently stale and stagnent.

I do NOT understand the wipe- But I do understand (and agree with) the merger and a new Fresh server.

As stated the community may have been TOO friendly and free with items/cats/etc... This broke the economy for anyone trying to get into the game and it has been the #1 complaint I have seen as to why people dont play- Many feel like I do and although we may not be current subscibers it is not because we didnt love the game- It was like entering a game of RISK (the boardgame) where the game was almost over and 1 player held 95% of the board.

Again, I feel this will be a good thing. Will I like the game enough to be a "long term" subsciber? I dont know. I liked what I saw for the couple months I played and liked the potential I saw. I THINK I will be-  I never was able to see hoew "accomplishing" anything felt like, if that makes sense. So I never saw what the game COULD be. Now I can. =)


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9/09/12 5:56:25 PM#22

My guess is they are running into the same issues that Funcom has with Anarchy. None of the original staff is still around and they can't figure out all the little hacks the original staff had to write into the code to make it work. So they don't know how to fix the problems.


(BTW, this is only a possible theory for FC's inability to produce an engine update and in no way has any factual merit)


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9/09/12 5:59:34 PM#23
I would like to come back* Played ryzom since it first came out and closed like two times with two other componys haha* but a whole wipe is crazy. I have been threw two wipes and know i have to get into a 3rd. Man i wish in the new version they would add cloaks and jumping lol. 

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9/09/12 6:03:50 PM#24
Originally posted by punkrock2
I would like to come back* Played ryzom since it first came out and closed like two times with two other componys haha* but a whole wipe is crazy. I have been threw two wipes and know i have to get into a 3rd. Man i wish in the new version they would add cloaks and jumping lol. 

OMG I forgot about the no jumping =/



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9/09/12 6:49:28 PM#25
Originally posted by maplestone
Originally posted by Calerxes

Its asys that in the EULA of most MMO's you pay to access the server thats it.

People do not base their emotions and attitudes on legal fine print.  The entire nature of MMOs is dependant on players developing a sense of ownership over the database entries associated with an account which is at odds with a literal reading of the EULA.

So yes, publishers can usually *legally* do anything they want to the game, but they can't expect there won't be consequences in consumer hivemind.


I agree and thats why good companies usually compensate the playerbase when legally they don't have to do it. But people should get to know their legal rights before emotionally investing themselves in a product only to later be dissapointed/upset.

This doom and gloom thread was brought to you by Chin Up™ the new ultra high caffeine soft drink for gamers who just need that boost of happiness after a long forum session.


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9/09/12 11:24:49 PM#26

 I'm a vet and one of the few to max all skills.

And I'm starting to get excited about this myself.

The game was stale in many of the ways you guys are saying.

And Winchgate does have a small staff to support Ryzom and if they can do more with just supporting 1 server, maybe it'll be worth it and they will be able to improve the game more.

I do feel sorry for all those players that don't have the time to put into new characters. But not so much for those that just won't.

They are giving "starter packs" to characters that do some of the events before the server merge ( including F2P ). Also get to keep your character name and appearence with these starter packs. Also all subscribed accounts as of Sept 22 get a starter pack -- not sure but guess without a character name save.

There are a lot more vets that are gonna at least give it a try after the merge/wipe than one gets an impression of from reading the forum posts. And I really think a lot of them that say they are unsubbing for good will be back.

I wouldn't worry too much about vets getting back to where they were real fast. At best its gonna take power guilds 2 years to get skills up and hunt boss's and dig supreme mats enough-- to get anything close to the stockpile of goodies they had. And there is gonna be competetition from different groups from 3 different servers.

Some think they are just gonna be able to do it just like before, lol. Who's gonna make them their weapon, their amp, their armor, their jewels? Think you can level real quick with merchant bought equipment? It takes time to level digging and crafting skills.

It will be a lot quicker to level as subscribed accounts will get 2X experience -- but that's just the same as if one used Cats all the time. And there will be no Cats from OPs now.

Ryzom is a very unique game and i sure haven't found anything else that can take its place. Sure i take breaks for a week or 2 or even maybe 3 months but as long as there is a server to play on, I'll be there.

Glaz -- all skills mastered, all occupations mastered, master Catalyst Artificer, master Alchemist

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MMORPGs are no longer about the mass multi-user

9/09/12 11:28:01 PM#27

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9/10/12 12:47:04 AM#28

Yeah, the other thread was here first.  Lets use it instead.


Locking this thread.

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