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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/02/10)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Star Trek Online Videos: Season 2: Ancient Enemies Trailer (1:26)

Atari and Cryptic Studios have released a new trailer for Star Trek Online. The trailer depicts Season 2: Ancient Enemies, the second major update to be released for Star Trek Online.

Atari and Cryptic Studios have released a new trailer for Star Trek Online. The trailer depicts Season 2: Ancient Enemies, the second major update to be released for Star Trek Online.
Duration: 1:26
Views: 8,102  40 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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lzanon writes:


Fri Jul 23 2010 3:51PM Report
Bob_Blawblaw writes:

The new Atari logo is pretty cool. Goes downhill from there.

Fri Jul 23 2010 3:58PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

Absolutely horrible... whats with the giant spectres floating in space? I think Earth and Beyond 2 just got released.

Fri Jul 23 2010 4:17PM Report
loyaltrekie writes:

"Error: you do not have enough C store credit to view this video."



Fri Jul 23 2010 5:06PM Report
yumpinyimini writes:

Jeez...what the hell was that?!  Who are the retards designing their game content?  Klingons vs Fat Predators, ghosts in space, star ships that look like old boats. 

Cryptic..please...just're embarassing yourselves.

Fri Jul 23 2010 5:14PM Report
jiveturkey12 writes:

I like how in an entire episode of TNG, there would maybe be a minute and a half of combat and action.

And the trailer itself was just all combat for a minute and a half.


Wheres the diplomacy? The Puzzles? The Questions? The Exploration?


I hope one day we get a real trek game, and not some linear space shooter with a tacked on ground mode.

Fri Jul 23 2010 5:49PM Report
GPittman writes:

And STILL space has become one GIANT nebula. 


Did focus groups show them that's what players want, because I've yet to play this game, and one of the top reasons is becuase it appears that you have no other choice but to spend 99% of your time inside of one nebula or another.

Fri Jul 23 2010 10:04PM Report
FleshMask writes:

Cryptic asks us what we want, we ask for the game to be more "Trekish"...

...and then they give us this crap.

I lost faith that Star Trek will recover, and I am sure this game helped stuff the pillow over the franchises head.

Sat Jul 24 2010 12:43AM Report
Vosper writes:

Anyone else think Vorlon, when seeing the first bunch of ships?

Sat Jul 24 2010 9:35AM Report
guiken writes:

Wow that's just a shame, has this game gone F2P yet? it MIGHT be worth reinstalling at that point... but I doubt even that. If I were a dev on this game I'd be ashamed for it to be on my resume. I'd lie and say I worked at mcdonalds during that time or something equally prestigious instead.

Sat Jul 24 2010 12:53PM Report
OSF8759 writes:

The Star Trek video game curse strikes again! Star Trek is all about the QQ, not the PewPew. That's why it's so difficult to capture properly in a video game.

Sat Jul 24 2010 3:19PM Report
celee2222 writes:

Cryptic a word of advise if I may

Concentrate on improving the following

Ground combat

Ground Content

Planet exploration

Add Player Housing via crew quarters maybe?

Add crafting and a proper econemy

Add resource mining and harvesting

Add pretty much everything that most MMOs have out there

Sat Jul 24 2010 5:13PM Report
wootin writes:


>> Absolutely horrible... whats with the giant spectres floating in space? I think Earth and Beyond 2 just got released. <<

I'd play EnB 2. I won't play this.

Sat Jul 24 2010 7:54PM Report
Dionnal2 writes:

Very disappointing.  I am so happy to have suscribed to EVE Online rather than this. It was looking so promessing until cryptic got involved and completly ignored what we were asking for. Serriously how hard is to make a good video game out of a franchise that had so much sucess?

Sat Jul 24 2010 8:45PM Report
Styij writes:

What a pitiful pill of crap. Ghost giants in space?!?!? OH my god. Cryptic please please just stick a fork in it...for christ sakes you got 6.4 rating it is already circling the drain. Any other product catagory would be looking at a class action suit. Way to kill a francise Craptic.

Sat Jul 24 2010 11:34PM Report
blackemperor writes:

What is wrong with these people?? They don't get it? I mean do they even try to see what people like, or they just make this ton of crap to waste money for fun..

Sun Jul 25 2010 4:05AM Report
Torgrim writes:

STO goes fantasy woot...

Those Cryptic clowns lost thier marbles for real this time

Sun Jul 25 2010 3:34PM Report
Mari2k writes:

What the hell are you all talking about ?

Video looks good, I will give it a try and get the demo now...

Hope its not as boring as eve.

Sun Jul 25 2010 4:13PM Report
Grifin writes:

Had a bit of babylon 5 going for it ,and then it just got ugly.

Mon Jul 26 2010 9:28AM Report
Books writes:

It was missing a cameo appearance from the real Space Ghost. Since Cryptic is just pulling ideas from the superhero game anyway might as well port over an actual one.


Coming Soon:


Mon Jul 26 2010 12:02PM Report
eycel writes:

hmm, everything looks ok in the video.  Kinda makes me wana try it almost but I still know what kinda game it is and hows its been since launch.  Whats gona change that?  Well ill tell you not a damn thing lol.  Still the animations look like a cryptic fasion and all look nice.  The combat where the player is hiting what ever with that triwling target auto target thing is kinda lame.  I find it hard some times to criticize a company but cryptic is one exception.  Back when cryptic got ahold of star treks  online mmo, I was very glad to see it happen.  The game does disapoint me as my expectations were probubly a bit high but it seems the general sences is that the game isnt liked and is ragged on quite a bit. 

Mon Jul 26 2010 9:11PM Report
darlantan writes:

Some people seem to post crap before about a game without even knowing what the game is really like...

It may not be perfect but the game was out only for 6 month. Not only that but if the info is correct they only had 2 years to make it since before that it was not Cryptic who was making it.

The game is not in TNG era and thank god about that. The game is set a few decade later where Romulus is no more and a few race that we saw in Voyager are there like Specie 8472 and the Hirogen.

In STO time line, the era of peace is no more. Old ennemie are coming back and new one are also showing.

Yes lots of fighting and less exploration and diplomacy but who would really pay 15$ a month for that... Yeah i am paying 15$ to explore a virtual world and try talking diplomacy with an npc... what fun it was...

ps: It's not a point and click game like some crap i should not name and even if some one was paying me to play that other crap, i would not play it...

Mon Jul 26 2010 10:40PM Report
Katt31m writes:

After trying this game I agree this game just isnt Star Trek.  I got the impression of a poor mans attempt at Eve.  This trailer just does nothing for me nor does it make me want to try it again.  Also I could swear one of those ship designs i've seen in the old PnP SpellJammer game.  However I can't seem to find my old books to verify this.

Sorry Cryptic your not getting me back with a trailer like this. 

Tue Jul 27 2010 7:28AM Report
capt.quack writes:

i think that with dan stahl as taking over sto it has more promise then it did. at least he seems to listen and communicate with the public. i think he should have been in charge from the beginning and sto wouldnt have as much of a bad rep as it does already. i think that people should in about 6 months go back and retry the game because they are adding content and are trying to fix things.

Tue Jul 27 2010 10:22AM Report
tree2me writes:

Seriously?...Those are the animations people are being paid to make? Since when does anyone, anywhere, stand perfectly motionless and upright in the midst of heavy combat.

I'm sorry guys, but thats horrid. Fire the freaking animation team and get some people who have half a clue in there. While you're at it, fire the directors that decided to take an IP like star trek, crap all over it, and turn it into a half assed 3d version of what amounts to asteroids with some of the most unimaginably dull combat I've seen in a long time.

I hope whoever gets the next shot at making a star trek mmo does it right.

Tue Jul 27 2010 5:13PM Report
preset writes:

definitely not one of the better trailers.... ugh, trailers don't do the game justice. but B+ for effort. :-)

Tue Jul 27 2010 6:22PM Report
ASpartan writes:

Cover you eyes childern!! It gets really scary from here on out!!!

Wed Jul 28 2010 7:47AM Report
Zapha writes:

lmao, truely pathetic.  Love seeing the few people trying to defend this game; makes me laugh. Anyone with half a brain can see what a pile of crap this game is.

   Oh well, to each their own.  

Wed Jul 28 2010 3:15PM Report
Krelian writes:

Season 2 is Great!

Except that now after the patch i randomly crash to desktop during character creation, and some of the shaders are messed up now ......and there is hella more lag,,,,,,, and rubberbanding!

Wed Jul 28 2010 3:15PM Report
winter writes:

  When the heck are they gonna add things people really want like a Romulan Faction instead of some off the wall space ghosts. Looks like Cryptic's just trying to steal ideas from Babylon 5 and doing a bad job of that.

Thu Jul 29 2010 9:24AM Report
fcazares writes:

I have a lifetime sub to STO, I feel like i wasted my money. In the past two months I havent been able to stand more than a scant couple of hours of gameplay. I check ina fter each oatch and expansion only to be once again dissapointed. *sigh* It's sad because I love the ST IP.

Thu Jul 29 2010 7:05PM Report
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Thu Jul 29 2010 8:21PM Report
Beanpuie writes:

^----  since when a video so violatile that it starts attracting sales bots?????


Mon Aug 02 2010 6:28AM Report
erikk3189 writes:

Some things never change. Had the first person who responded said the video was amazing, just about everyone else who posted behind him would have agreed. But since he said he didn't like it, well, then you know what happened with the rest of the posters.

There's no way you can know what's going to happen when this content is released or what else they're adding. So to say it's no good is to show how little you really know about these type of games.

No. I don't play this game so it's not that I'm defending it since I don't. It's just you can't help but see the same thing each time. Whatever the first few posters say is what the rest will copy off them.

Think for yourselves,  then decide after you have all the facts. But  seeing a minute or two of a trailer doesn't show you everything you need to know to be able to come to a rightful conclusion of the subject at hand.

Sat Aug 07 2010 10:02AM Report
Krelian writes:

I think the video was rather cool!

My PERSONAL gripe with the game is NOT the video, the ground combat or the lack of diplomacy or stuff,

BUT the fact that C-store plays such an important role for the developers of the game.

Its like they are more interested in developing their cash shop than their core game, WHICH IS VERY WIERD CONSIDERING THAT THIS IS A PAY TO PLAY GAME,

But otherwise i like the video and some of the new ships&features being added, and i think that the game is generally going in the right direction and getting better with every patch,, YET the game has to grow so much more before i can even recommend it to others. :)

Sat Aug 07 2010 12:27PM Report
CrimsonFalkon writes:

What I find hilarious is that everyone wants a MMO comapny to hurry up and make a game and release it. All you hear is Hurry Up and release it already! Why is it taking so long??

Then it gets released and all you hear is complaining and whinning about how it got released to soon and it wasn't ready.

Sure STO needs work I won't argue that, but so has every game that has come out recently. Most companies push to release because the MMO community is so fickle and unforgiving these days that it seems taking time on a game means it's Vaporware or something is worng, or I even have heard that they just don't have a clue and can't figure out how to make it.

I played STO when it hit the shelves, even pre-ordered to get into beta, and stopped after my 30 days was up. It wasn't ready for relesae, but I also saw the crowds gathering wondering why it was taking so long.

I rencently have resubbed to see if anything had changed, and some things have. It take time make a good game and it take even more time when that game is live, I say be patient and see what happens instead of bashing and whinning.

Sat Aug 07 2010 1:06PM Report
Erolis writes:

It's so sad to see an IP I so love being murdered right in front of me, and there is nothing I can do. NOTHING. The one thing I did do is to vow to never give cryptic a cent of my money. I played the beta and saw what a train wreck this was going to be. Well it was. This only gets worse. It looks like the design team was up late one night watching season 3 of Babylon 5 and some drunk designer said, "Hey lets make the vorlons in Star Trek, YEAH that will work! Warners does not give a care about B5 anymore, they won't care if we rip off the designs for ourselves. Awesome I'll send an email right now!" Yeah bad idea. And what was that floating fire monster looking thing?!? Is this Everquest now? By the power of kayless please shut down cryptic.

Sun Aug 08 2010 9:08PM Report
skyray-us writes:

I'm very upset with what Cryptic has done and I haven't even played the game yet. It seems amazing that such a loyal fanbase with inclinations to be forgiving was delivered such.....a mess. That's what I'm hearing STO is.  The reason I don't want to give up is because many people who wanted to do a GENUINE Star Trek MMO knew how difficult it would be and were afraid to try. If we give up and just bash this and Cryptic without trying to force them to deliver what they promised,  we will most likely NEVER see a good Trek MMO.

If we pull together as fans and gamers and continue to drive home to their staff what we do and don't want to see, we might get the game we want. If Cryptic becomes unresponsive, then we need to take this IP away from them and give it to a company that will REALLY give us a Trek game we can immerse in and enjoy.  The fans are what made Trek a phenomenon. We can do this with a game that we all want to see to.

Mon Sep 20 2010 11:13AM Report
Quesa writes:

I feel sorry for the people who bought this title.  They simply butchered the game to no end.


This will do alot of damage to the IP and I feel the only people who will keep this game alive are the hard core Trek fans, which I thought I was - however, I couldn't stand this shit.

Mon Sep 27 2010 9:05PM Report