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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/02/10)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
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Star Trek Online Videos: Exploration Trailer (1:06)

Go boldly where no one has gone before in this latest Star Trek Online trailer featuring the game's exploration elements!

Go boldly where no one has gone before in this latest Star Trek Online trailer featuring the game's exploration elements!
Duration: 1:06
Views: 7,397  40 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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elocke writes: It did? Looked like everything we have already seen so far. Would help if these trailer would have the UI showing is the real gameplay. Tue Jan 05 2010 4:05PM Report
EricDanie writes: Wouldn't call this exactly an exploration element trailer, features no UI nor talks about how it is actually done. Hoped this video could kill some of my doubts on the exploration side of the game (aka what I mostly care about the game as they killed things like an innovative battle system with crews being manned by real peopel to do different roles), but it did nothing... Tue Jan 05 2010 4:12PM Report
ozy1 writes: Looks like WoW in space. Tue Jan 05 2010 4:57PM Report
Zorken writes: WoW in space? man is that the best you come up with. you need to start open your eyes bit more and see that there are more games then WoW out there. Tue Jan 05 2010 5:35PM Report
falc0n writes: Zorken is right, wtf is up with everyone comparing games to wow? wow is one game, STO is a different game get that through your heads peeps. I for one cant wait for this game, I know this didnt show me much but out of all the videos ive seen Im excited Tue Jan 05 2010 5:40PM Report
wgc01 writes: wow in space, nothing could look that bad, LOL this is a Scfi game not another lame sword and board, can't really compare the two, plus wow is old and lame these days... Tue Jan 05 2010 5:53PM Report
Pocahinha writes: If it was wow in space it would be an imba game..but its not even close to wow or any other crappy f2p and p2p games infesting the mmo market calling themselfes mmos...they are nothing but instanced co-op games.. Tue Jan 05 2010 5:55PM Report
Soupgoblin writes: So, "exploration elements" now means space battles and armed people running around? They seem to be giving enough information that I can make a guess at what the game is all about, it is a basic space game with "Star Trek Nexgen looking" costumes and ships. Maybe this game will only suck a little, maybe they screwed up the whole concept of Star Trek, because every fan was completely wrong about what Star Trek is all about. Maybe they should hire someone that actually watched a few episodes of even one of the Star Trek series. Tue Jan 05 2010 6:34PM Report
BoonSmith writes: " crappy f2p and p2p games infesting the mmo market calling themselfes mmos...they are nothing but instanced co-op games.." ~ Pocahinha I have to argree with this user, as the genre that was MMO has been tarnished by what Blizzard and other 'quick' games have done to the genre in hopes of trying to make the quick buck that SoE was able to do with EQ, and even EQII is another instanced game. Think of todays MMO as a single player (solo-able) game with a $14.99 a month (p2p) tech support line (asking noob questions about where is this NPC or that Mob) in chat channels. Tue Jan 05 2010 6:44PM Report
BoonSmith writes: If anything, STO would and could be compared a bit to EvE-Online, not WoW and even then its a bit of a stretch as STO looks to give us more (in areas) than EvE while not including some things that make EvE - well - EvE. Tue Jan 05 2010 6:45PM Report
InvaderGUI writes: Well if Champions is any indication on how Crypyic makes games then STO will be a big fail. Hopefully it will be good enough to crush the worst space game ever EVE. Tue Jan 05 2010 6:59PM Report
Blurr writes: Neat! Tue Jan 05 2010 7:30PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I love how their idea of an Exploration Trailer is a trailer with Combat in it. Tue Jan 05 2010 8:41PM Report
LordAdder writes: Looks more like an invasion than exploration. The graphics still are a HUGE letdown for me. I am really hoping the gameplay outweighs those crappy graphics. Tue Jan 05 2010 9:23PM Report
Tolroc writes: Neat trailer, but I didn't understand how it showed exploration. It looked more like a combat trailer Tue Jan 05 2010 10:02PM Report
gatheris writes: well didn't this bite - - - got somewhat excited that we were finally going to see a bit of the ol' exploration ala star trek - - - turns out to be no different than the previous trailers showing space battles - how many sad pandas can there be in one universe Tue Jan 05 2010 10:07PM Report
kobietruman writes: an infinite number have just appeared in federation space :( Tue Jan 05 2010 10:15PM Report
Maxximus writes: I don't want to give away my real (vs. Virtual) age, but I'm a Treak Dude from a LONG time ago. Heck, I even worked the Smithsonian Natl Air & Space Museum (NASM) Star Trek exhibition in 1991 as a Volunteer. However, I don't hold myself to be one of those weird-ass purists. The latest movie was interesting, enjoyable and worthy of the ST Franchise. Yeah, I know, it wasn't earth-shakingly wonderful. It was -- FUN. So, I do indeed look forward to this game and sincerely hope that Cryptic does the long-honored history right. One Important Note to Cryptic: Please sink every affordable cent that you have to the most up-to-date anti-goldmining technologies. It is extremely rare that I play online games that do NOT take the time to take an extremely agressive stance on Goldmining/Equipmining. Yes, it is manpower intensive, it is a never-ending battle, but it has to be done to be a respectable and playable product. Maxximus Tue Jan 05 2010 10:24PM Report
georgeslater writes: I really want to like this game... but the more stuff like this I see the more afraid I am of buying it. Is this game gonna be just another repeat of the hundreds of MMO's released recently? Is it going to be a big smash/grind fest? This trailer seems to support that idea. Where was the exploration? ugh... If it wasn't so big I would do the face-in-hand ascii picture here. When are people going to realize that Star Trek is not about fighting and war. There are already hundreds of thousands of games out there that do that! This game has so much potential to be more than that. Oh well, I guess ill have to wait until after release to see if this is going to stand the test of time. No way im gonna preorder after that "exploration" crap they just gave us. Tue Jan 05 2010 11:34PM Report
Torgin writes: Is it just me, or have all of the STO trailers kinda sucked? AoC was able to make their trailers look awesome, and that game was terrible. Not a good omen for STO... Tue Jan 05 2010 11:34PM Report
Derelor writes: the oppeside, a good high quaility trailor often covers weak game... most new so called mmo have nice trailers but nothing hehind. STO will not be ready at launch... instead we get another beta where users have to pay for.. this can go goor or bad we will see it reminds me at early SWG.. also launched months before ready and under a awesome license.... they had to struggle 3 years to make the game better with limited succeess because of many sins of the start are hard to heal, it was never easy to take something away from players they have before reached in a game , this can happens here very easy to, bad balanced ships bad balanced items and other things you could prevent with more testing ... (well SWG at end made a big move solved all problems but destroyed the game and made a comletly different one)... we will see how STO performs I still can´t wait for the open beta Wed Jan 06 2010 12:35AM Report
Distopia writes: @ those who say it doesn't look like exploration due to combat, would you prefer to dance with the bunnies? I really don't care about the game, but am I the only person who saw what they were trying to show? It looked to me as if they were (quickly)showing the different types of environments you can explore. Didn't realize I had a degree in Astrophysics. Apparently you need one to comprehend them moving pictures now a days. Wed Jan 06 2010 1:03AM Report
Houndeye writes: Gotta love how buying the Retail version lets the play in the OPEN beta "facepalm" well im off to play in the Global Agenda closed beta people. See you there :P Wed Jan 06 2010 1:37AM Report
warbot7777 writes: How was that an exploration trailer? Lots of combat there and not much exploration shown. Wed Jan 06 2010 2:14AM Report
daemon writes: what exploration where? crappy trailer i say with no exploration and ugly graphics. Wed Jan 06 2010 2:38AM Report
buggrit writes: Just the same old - same old. When I first heard about this game I was excited at the prospect of huge deep space exploration, something I could spend hours sinking my teeth into. But the more I see and the more I read it’s just turning into a button mashing space/land combat fest. Unfortunately from experience I know Cryptic do not listen to negative criticism - in fact they take it very badly. I managed to get into CO beta from an early stand point and saw a very promising game get turned into the pile stinking dingo-kidneys it is today. To be honest I can see the same thing happening with STO. With Cryptic I'm afraid it’s all about the quick buck. Wed Jan 06 2010 3:46AM Report
Reizla writes: What I don't get is that there's only Klingons and Federation. What about the treacherous Romulans, Cardasians, and not to mention the Dominion..? STO could be so much more than yet an other RvR MMO. None the less, I'll take a look at it and hope that the other major factions will be implemented later on as well... Wed Jan 06 2010 5:52AM Report
Yamota writes: What was that? Barely showed any useful info. Wed Jan 06 2010 6:18AM Report
divil writes: "ozy1 writes: Looks like WoW in space." WoW looks like Ultima online with modern gfx. So, technically what you are saying is that star trek looks like ultima online in space? Oh wait, Ultima online is just a Mud with GFX stuck to it. It took it's ideas from Muds. So, Star trek online is just a Mud in space then??? Tard, don't try to make WoW look like the first original MMO out there, because it is not. Wed Jan 06 2010 6:41AM Report
shepx22 writes: You guys cant complain to people comparing it to WoW. Before WoW everyone compared things to the Previously most succesful MMO out, Everquest. Give it time and eventually something out there will beat WoW and will be the new reference for 5-10 years. Wed Jan 06 2010 7:04AM Report
Evile writes: ALL PVP WILL BE INSTANCED is what lost me Wed Jan 06 2010 10:02AM Report
Vormir writes: I've played this game and I'm not a ST fan. This game plays well and feels fun. Space combat is also neat. This trailer doesn't make it justice. Wed Jan 06 2010 12:53PM Report
Miklos writes: Hey STO - 2001 called, they want their game engine back. Wed Jan 06 2010 6:15PM Report
CaedesAstrum writes: ok people, open beta does not mean, fully open to the public, open beta simply means there is no nda involved. if they want to make people pay for it, and people are willing too, let them go right ahead and do it. and as far as graphics go this game looks just fine to me, compare the screen shots to ToR and then comment. Wed Jan 06 2010 11:54PM Report
Rabenwolf writes: forgive my choice of words but that was an "exploration in crap" Thu Jan 07 2010 2:32AM Report
Fdzzaigl writes: WoW has no space, therefore it cannot look like WoW in space. Thu Jan 07 2010 12:56PM Report
Shadowlanders writes: If anything it reminds me of Potbs which i cant really see as a bad thing if they put more effort in how they lay it out. Thu Jan 07 2010 1:04PM Report
Arrow-when writes: I wish we could have seen some exploration... Mon Jan 11 2010 7:38PM Report
oddjobs74 writes: explore shoeboxes! lol.. exploration.. lol Thu Feb 11 2010 5:06PM Report
Buckarama writes: Shoeboxes have very little to do with it for me. What kills it for me is all the exploration has is 2 tile sets and the same freakin' mission with different text. Absolutely in excusable! There "content" is the same in every game about 4 missions with different graphics. they should fail they should go bankrupt. This is a terrible idea for a game, and yes, I could have done better. I have a feeling most people on this site could have done better. Thu Mar 11 2010 4:28PM Report