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Star Trek Online Videos: Starbase 24 Trailer (1:20)

Starbase 24 is under siege in this latest trailer for Star Trek Online.

Starbase 24 is under siege in this latest trailer for Star Trek Online.
Duration: 1:20
Views: 5,728  37 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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murdera2k6 writes: Not bad.. Mon Dec 14 2009 6:28PM Report
kobietruman writes: i do feel sorry for those that purchased CO just for an early crack at this game Mon Dec 14 2009 6:36PM Report
Rakuji writes: Are we able to piolet the ships? If so then how is a big space battle boring? Sounds pretty exciting to me. Mon Dec 14 2009 6:58PM Report
hehe45451 writes: yea ur the pilot Mon Dec 14 2009 7:34PM Report
Freedomo writes: HD gaming...... whit the image it like LD gaming Mon Dec 14 2009 7:35PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Not sure about the one ship firing 9 photon torpedos out that is pretty much against the amount of photon banks of any Fed ship can do. Mon Dec 14 2009 7:39PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I'm sorry, I'm not a Star Trek fan. I did watch the shows on TV when I could stomach them. Generations was the best for that. But this game should be about Space Exploration and Crew Interaction. Not massive battles and pretty laser beams. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but I still think that this game has failed to do what it should've done. It should be about "the final frontier" not... fighting against boring aliens that haave bumpy foreheads. Mon Dec 14 2009 7:46PM Report
Beyorn writes: I agree with Cujo. Star Treks appeal is about a future full of exploration/diplomacy/social themes and the common goal of bettering humanity (things I just don't see being in a MMO). Being a big Generations/Voyager fan I just don't see this as fun or exciting. Star Wars was always much better at space battles. Mon Dec 14 2009 8:03PM Report
Phry writes: whatever happened to, armed confrontation being the option of last resort... is the new federation motto ' we come in peace, shoot to kill?' Mon Dec 14 2009 8:35PM Report
Valentina writes: Is this game all about space combat? Mon Dec 14 2009 8:41PM Report
Aurorus writes: I think all the comments about exploration and diplomacy are funny. This is a game. Games about diplomacy are a niche, and frankly, war is fun (in games). Would you go out and buy Modern Warfare 3 if they decided to make you sit at a card table and talk about your differences? I doubt it. Mon Dec 14 2009 9:05PM Report
elocke writes: They said there will be exploration and diplomacy. But seriously, all the best episodes and movies had massive battles. Even Deep Space Nine had a few seasons where the overarching storyline was the battle with the Dominion. Mon Dec 14 2009 9:30PM Report
happytklz writes: Not sure what they are thinking with this trailer, since it doesn't reflect the focus of the game as described recently by developers: you get missions, there's some brouhaha, you beam down (instance) with a team (npc's) and get/fight/acquire/fix, then back to the ship (all this could be you and your npc team, or a grou with other captains (yeah, I know, don't get me started). Space combat is apparently part of this game (in a way that is still not clear based on interviews and releases, but A: the kind of battle shown is a truly rare event in the ST universe, and B: based on what they are telling us of the combat mechanics, no one could fight such a battle in any coherent way. Mon Dec 14 2009 9:32PM Report
happytklz writes: I have to respectfully disagree with elocke - most ST battles are two to four ships in the fiction and on screen. What the trailer shows is akin to a "last stand" battle at the end of a long buildup - e.g. the Borg in quadrant zero. I am truly a geek lol. But anyway, I still say the trailer hopefully doesn't reflect the majority of game play, because if so it's going to be extremely silly. Mon Dec 14 2009 9:36PM Report
Lasastard writes: Looks pretty mediocre and, well, not at all like what I would expect from a Star Trek MMO. Sure, it's a 'game', but being an MMO, it should be able to go beyond this arcade-shooter-single-player design. Tue Dec 15 2009 12:16AM Report
Malacor writes: the typical discussions of hard core trekkies and gamers that simply saw the tv series... for all the hardcore Star Trek RPG fans .. best stay outside ... a 100 % story true star trek game would be boring like hell or impossible to program I´m not sure I will like this game (the game studio makes me sceptical) and at end the game may be complete grap for 12 year old bum bum kids ... but to desite this you have to play it and not see trailor.. honesty a exploration trailer where a spaceship flys for 5 minutes through the black space seeing a few planets perheps is not what ppl want to see Tue Dec 15 2009 12:42AM Report
JYCowboy writes: At a guess, this looks to be one of the zones that is in constent battle. This maybe a PVP zone at that. Thats all good and everything but we need to see a trailer for other aspects of the game such as exploration and planet side activity. Tue Dec 15 2009 3:08AM Report
labg11 writes: Well like every other mmo out there it will improve with time. They just need subs to get "funding" for further development. It's the same with every mmo. Trailer is ok i guess. Tue Dec 15 2009 4:11AM Report
blondeh writes: That Voices sounded nothing like the new spock to me. I do wanna try STO when it launches but man that trailer was boring! IT had no emotion or atmosphere. Hope this games is decent tho. Tue Dec 15 2009 4:21AM Report
Bob_Blawblaw writes: With every new 'space battle' trailer Cryptic releases, this game becomes a 'try before buy' for me. There has been umpteen trailers for this game and they all look flipping identical. Pew pew! Hey Cryptic, if you're gonna release a million trailers, hopw about show how diverse your game is... unless of course, your game might be lacking in that department... Tue Dec 15 2009 5:30AM Report
huntard writes: "We have lost much... and ????? " What does he say there at the end? Tue Dec 15 2009 7:22AM Report
apocalance writes: This trailer was horrible. The Admiral sounded defeated and tired. The combat looked like laser spaghetti. The foreboding in the trailer was so dark that it seems dull. I don't know, this does nothing to sell me on STO, nor did I feel it was Star Trek-ish. Tue Dec 15 2009 7:38AM Report
Amblin writes: welcome to CO is red yellow and blue. STO lite, Thers is no sandbox only linear rails that is also known as a theme park. PvP only KDF faction and to top it all no full 3D space combat. They've neutered Spock I tells Ya! As for the federation they only have one mission. To boldly go where everyone else has been before, kill everything that moves and leave behind their ashes on the dead and non-interactive worlds they called home. Basically, as I have said before. Champions Online in space!!! Tue Dec 15 2009 7:59AM Report
Devros writes: exploration/diplomacy/social themes are niche yes, and imo this should have been aimed at that niche as it would have grown that area, bringing new players into the game. Have to wait and see. Tue Dec 15 2009 8:58AM Report
zaylin writes: But AmazingAvery you got to remember it is a G A M E and there is only so much they can do when it comes to combat mechnics and such and to make it meaningful, and exciting at the same time...honestly people need to quit being Tue Dec 15 2009 10:39AM Report
Hathi writes: Is this a public quest or Open Mission area? Tue Dec 15 2009 1:04PM Report
Eveeldour writes: looks pretty bad... Tue Dec 15 2009 1:42PM Report
rerednaw writes: I played this during PAX and found it interesting. A combination semi-FPS with an away team that you command and also a tactical space simulator. Now it is all the elements of star trek? Hard to say they only had the one space/ground mission at the expo. The character interaction well I think that will have to be left up to the MULTIPLAYER in MMO. As far as the politics, mysteries, exploration...some lends itself to an MMO..some don't without as other pointed out, massive programming for little return. I agree that emphasis in combat is just because the games with the most numbers have some form of combat. Admittedly, Star Wars is more about blowing things up than Star Trek (well Gene's Star Trek anyway) we'll just have to see how it all gets put together. Otherwise I can always play SFC for my space combat and Elite Force for the FPS. Tue Dec 15 2009 3:50PM Report
Lord_Ixigan writes: For those nerding out about how un-Star Trek-y this is you really need to calm down. I like Star Trek and know enough about the storyline to know what kinds of things have been done to change the idea of the Federation. Some series, like DS9, have shown just how warlike humanity can become when the cards are down. The series showed that humanity isn't all sunshine and lollipops even with Earth being this utopia. There were some episodes during the Dominion War that really showed this aspect.'s a video game. Barely anybody wants to play a pacifistic game where all you do is explore, craft (while getting your resources through honorable means) and talk with new species. Eve, as an example, is the type of game where you can play the game however you want. If you want to kill pirates or get into wars so be it. If you want to be the pure merchant then you can do that too. Games that don't aim for the sandbox (which THAT is the definition of sandbox - you choose what you want to do and how you want to play) usually focus around combat because focusing around anything else is a bad idea. Tue Dec 15 2009 5:58PM Report
cwRiis writes: I haven't followed a lot of the STO lore. But I get the impression that some random instances will be based upon a general distress signal that all ships on the server can respond if they wish to participate in the effort to "save the base". Think of the famous Borg invasion and Star Fleets attempt to stop them at Wolf 359. That massive battle was the subject in many of the movie and telivised episodes. This trailer looks like it may be their attempt at offering that kind of content to those captains who choose to respond (for either side). Tue Dec 15 2009 7:14PM Report
brenth writes: shallow hack and slash best described STO its yet another fan fleecing game. its all action and special effects no content all of the trailers have all been combat montoges most of them .5-1.5 sec flashes Wed Dec 16 2009 8:19AM Report
DagerNexus writes: OMG, a captain's log DURING a space battle? yawn. Looks like Eve Online, but without the depth. Sure you'll be able to do an away team, but on how many planets? I'm looking to DUST 514 for the new dynamic. Wed Dec 16 2009 9:32AM Report
drago_pl writes: Ok. I'm star trek fan (hate Starwars with passion) but it just looked pathetic :/ Compare it to any EVE online fan made trailer. Not only graphic is far superior but atmosphere in EVE is also deeper. If FPS mode will be also choosing from 3 types of lasers then I'm not touching it, sadly. Thu Dec 17 2009 3:58PM Report
solpariah writes: I find it slightly humorous that majority of the people that have viewed this specific video fail to see that this video in particular is about an attack, not diplomacy or exploration. Whoever can find the, figuratively speaking, Waldo that's exploring/negotiating, i'd be happy to shake your hand. And if you haven't viewed all the other video's, then you're just ignorant to even comment this video. Having said that, this video is quite amazing to me, I'm looking very much forward to the release of this game. Thu Dec 17 2009 6:25PM Report
mikenet707 writes: I want everyone who is complaining about this game to send a million dollars to the dev team so they can implement your suggestions and pamper your complaints...Oh no one wants to step up? I rest my case. Stop whining already and just wait until the game comes out. I use to hate Blizzard for making us wait to see their games but I wish every dev would wait to release material until near launch. I like tha fact that someone is still trying to do a Star Trek themed game..I hope it never stops. Nothing will ever be perfect. Peace. Sat Dec 19 2009 7:49PM Report
maxnrosy writes: not much of a trek fan but i did enjoy ds9 voyager n generations from time to time. Now i am aware that the lore in sto is 30 so years after the movie nemesis. The federation is at WAR with the Klingons. WAR. theres no time for diplomacy or explorations when you have a war going on. I do not see how diplomatic affairs will work when your enemy is at war with you. Also i just dont see a game with diplomacy and exploration being all that great. so what you fly in space a few hours, meet some npcs and chat. its good how it turns out in the shows due to the actors and all , but comeon you cannot make a game like that in a grand scale. Can this game grow to adapt new ideas that trek fans want, maybe. but for now its concept and where its aiming is fine and has me interested to play it Wed Jan 06 2010 2:07PM Report
carbine34 writes: Looks dumb ....Does all those lasers all over the screen remind any one of the 1980's game missle command???? but ya looks like a damn laser security device.. Mon Mar 08 2010 7:20AM Report