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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/02/10)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
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Star Trek Online Videos: Ship Battles 101 Trailer (4:23)

This latest trailer entitled "Starship Tactics - Part One" goes into great detail on ship-to-ship combat in Star Trek Online.

This latest trailer entitled "Starship Tactics - Part One" goes into great detail on ship-to-ship combat in Star Trek Online.
Duration: 4:23
Views: 7,495  38 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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Jeowan writes: OMG LAZER GUNZ pew pew pew Tue Nov 17 2009 7:08PM Report
Silverwatch writes: they have literally ruined the star trek idea of a MMO Tue Nov 17 2009 7:28PM Report
cypheruk writes: silverwatch are u serious? Looks pretty good to me, or would you rather go round as capt kirk killing thousands of cardassian voals to lvl up? lol too many grinders these days and this looks like a welcome change Tue Nov 17 2009 7:46PM Report
nratnam writes: Looks a lot like SFC combat wise. Tue Nov 17 2009 9:01PM Report
xenorace writes: Looks confusing but I bet it's easy to learn once you spend some time with it. Interested to see how this game pans out. Hope it's a hit, although I probably wont play it. Tue Nov 17 2009 10:14PM Report
Lostar writes: I can go into a huge rant into how everything explained here can be redefined into World of Warcraft or any other cookie cutter MMO as far as terms, roles, and mechanics..but this video made it rather obvious. I hope to get into beta and find I'm wrong and there ARE some revolutionary features not discussed in this clip. Tue Nov 17 2009 10:33PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: looking forward to deep ship customization Tue Nov 17 2009 11:06PM Report
JacenYoung writes: luckily I found an HD version of this. This version here is really horrible :/ Tue Nov 17 2009 11:18PM Report
M1sf1t writes: While they put the roles of ship in a simplistic manner it sounds to me that there are also many ways to customize your ship to fit your needs. Hopefully this pans out as being true. It would be a lot better if ship models would not dependent on the roles they are designed to play but rather the components and crew which they have that define their roles. Does that make sense?? Tue Nov 17 2009 11:21PM Report
M1sf1t writes: Oh and this reminded me of an old Star Trek game called Star Fleet command which was pretty neat for its day in that you could target a ship's shield and components to knock it out and board it or blow it up. Tue Nov 17 2009 11:23PM Report
Lord_Ixigan writes: Before anyone says anything - In real life...right the navy....there are different classifications of ships. Not anywhere close to this simple mind you, but the ST universe has a completely whacky fleet design (by modern standards) anyway. The real question about STO is how good and encompassing all of the features will be. Wed Nov 18 2009 2:11AM Report
nubadak writes: Umm..when are we going to see the Klingons blew somthing up?!!!!!!!!? Been in development for a looong time and the videos are all federation. Gime Klingon videos were they blow stuff to kingdomcome...only 3 months left after 3 years development. Wed Nov 18 2009 2:17AM Report
Toland writes: We are the BORG... Resistance is Fu.......... Wed Nov 18 2009 2:23AM Report
mmcguire2 writes: The Space is looking good...enough. I can't stand seeing the ground stuff tho, it still looks poorly done to me. I'm not sure what I think of this game yet. Wed Nov 18 2009 7:56AM Report
Rhoklaw writes: It's WoW in space and your gonna like it, whether you want to or not. I'll probably be playing this when it comes out just to see if its any good. Looks good enough from an MMO standpoint, but we'll see when we get closer to release. Wed Nov 18 2009 8:32AM Report
GrumpyMel2 writes: Well, it looks pretty, but can't say I'm seeing much in the way of actual TACTICS. Pretty much looks like the ships are sitting there and firing all thier forward weapons until one of em blows up. Not much tactical depth there.....and the use of standard MMO terms (Tank, DPS, etc) is pretty frightening. Wed Nov 18 2009 9:20AM Report
XsinisterX writes: I want a cloaking device... Wed Nov 18 2009 1:15PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Decent looking space combat - kind of like Star Fleet Battles which was a pretty good ST game. Wed Nov 18 2009 1:27PM Report
Thalarius writes: Looks like Earth and Beyond in a sort of updated form. Am looking foward to this MMO. This would be prefect replacement for Earth and Beyond. Wed Nov 18 2009 1:57PM Report
Titten writes: Great trailer, lacking video quality though Wed Nov 18 2009 3:35PM Report
brezel writes: ship classes = standard tactics = boring gameplay = fail. Wed Nov 18 2009 3:40PM Report
alkennjoi writes: to even consider using the common terminology like tank and dps space ships in the star trek setting is just the tip of the iceberg of cryptic's gross distorion of what this IP is about. I mean really - what's next? Set your phasers to CC? (crowd control) Cryptic is a one trick pony - They could have cornered the superhero market and build on COX but they wasted efforts on a lame game (champions) and have the balls to think they can do the star trek francise and justice what so ever. Sorry for the wall of text, but I just cant get over their stupidity for havign sold out to the all mighty buck. But hey, i guess COX was just a fluke and they would have shortened its lifespan if they didnt sell it. /endrant Wed Nov 18 2009 5:46PM Report
Yamota writes: Looks and sounds really fun! However since it is the same company behind the Champions Online debacle, I am sceptical... Thu Nov 19 2009 3:01AM Report
Label_This writes: Haha. at 3:25 in the video, look how the massive Galaxy class cruiser moves like a shuttle or something with no weight at all. This is why STO already fails Thu Nov 19 2009 7:24AM Report
Ettirxa writes: the combat looks horrible, look at the cartoony font on the damage text and the whole ui just doesnt look Star Trek to me. The way the ships move just looks wrong as well. A shame to see another IP ruined by lazy developers opting for generic MMO design ideas. Thu Nov 19 2009 12:14PM Report
Zeroxin writes: @ Label_this I think you have to play the game to actually feel that or see it move compared to a smaller ship but in that clip you don't actually see that. On a different note, that font needs to go. Thu Nov 19 2009 1:22PM Report
Drakrtar writes: Font looks very familiar... COX anyone? Not to mention when I heard of STO back when it first was starting up in PE I thought the idea was to have several PLAYERS on the bridge working each component just like in the shows. Not some 3rd person ship perspective that screams earth and beyond/eve online. They get powerups for the ship and can adjust them to get different special abilities? Way to think out of the box Cryptic cause I don't ever recall getting similar powerups for new abilities on any super hero game. Sadly this is going to flop from being a potentially great ground breaking MMO into yet another cookie cutter. I mean it looks fun but it doesn't feel star trek.. nor does it look anything like I'd hoped it would :( Thu Nov 19 2009 9:50PM Report
Aurorus writes: I love how you all criticize the font considering this is pre-beta. I'm assuming for ease of use, considering that some of this is porbably running from the same base engine as Champions, the font may be a possible placeholder. In any case, I wouldn't rag on the combat until you play it. As previously stated it does look like Starfleet command meets Bridge Commander, which to me works very well. I can't wait to try it, and if it doesn't play well at that time, then I will make up my mind. Thu Nov 19 2009 10:54PM Report
Kniknax writes: The fonts unlikely to be a placeholder. Most people here have played Betas for years, and we know from experience that things like Fonts are not a top priority with 3 months to go. I still remember the Vanguard "omg look at that god awful font, still they have 3 months till live, Im sure it will change" comments... Still, the ship to ship combat in this vid looks okish. And even if they didnt call some ships "tanks" etc, they still would be at their base. Even EvE does that (scout class ships, tank ships, dps ships etc). Fri Nov 20 2009 8:48AM Report
jaxsundane writes: Looks alot like what I invisioned but looks good none the less. Fri Nov 20 2009 10:10AM Report
superhearts2 writes: space battles....I like star trek so i hope they make a good hype and live up to it Fri Nov 20 2009 9:41PM Report
Sturmrabe writes: CoX in space... what a letdown Sun Nov 22 2009 6:15AM Report
Scalebane writes: Looks good to me, hope they sell a lifetime sub. Mon Nov 23 2009 2:28AM Report
ReRoller writes: The federation is about to get a whole lot meaner. Set phasers to farm klingon warbirds. Fri Nov 27 2009 12:06AM Report
sgreco1970 writes: this bears no resemblance to Star Trek. I wish we could've gotten this property into Bioware's hands. ...did that dev just say "this is really good for tasnking?" or "dps"?? Seriously? lol Treklawls Wowzors phazers to roxxor! ...zomg Sun Dec 13 2009 12:14AM Report
Respit writes: Decent video, with some interesting information thrown in. For all those that seem to be stuck on the "tank, dps, support" comment made with regards to ship "classes", I believe Cryptic was only putting things in a perspective that most MMO'ers would be familiar with. Simply put, the sheer amount of customizations would render these "class" terms as very loose descriptors at best. Far from what I think some want to call "cookie-cutter". Let's hope this is the case. ;-) Tue Jan 05 2010 3:55AM Report
JoyBoy80 writes: This looks/sounds just like what you wannt frome a Star Trek mmo. Only thing i have to say is, Good job! Wed Jan 06 2010 6:26AM Report
Game-Wolf writes: it's a good game Thu Feb 11 2010 8:28PM Report