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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/02/10)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
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Star Trek Online Videos: Character Trailer (1:37)

Get a sneak peek at some of the possibilities in Star Trek Online's alien creator! Play as one of the races you know and love from the Star Trek Universe, or create an alien that no one has seen before! There are literally thousands of combinations available in the alien creator, which will offer an unprecedented level of customization options.

Get a sneak peek at some of the possibilities in Star Trek Online's alien creator! Play as one of the races you know and love from the Star Trek Universe, or create an alien that no one has seen before! There are literally thousands of combinations available in the alien creator, which will offer an unprecedented level of customization options.
Duration: 1:37
Views: 7,542  41 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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neorandom writes: holy crap is that awesome, cant wait for this game to be ready, Fri May 01 2009 4:47PM Report
Zerocyde writes: Hahaha, I love the "skullet" half way though! Devin Townsend 4tw!!! Fri May 01 2009 5:14PM Report
Elethon writes: Cool concept Fri May 01 2009 7:23PM Report
alkennjoi writes: WTF show some originality with the music! it sounds as if soemone took the star wars score and modified it a bit. if the entire theme of the game's music is all going to sound liek a rip off of Star wars tracks then sory i cant be a part of this nonsense. cut and paste is not goign to get you customers. whatever, i am stunned and im not even gonna bother with this game at all. i mean we're not supposed to recognize the most popular movie music of sci fi ever? frikin tards Fri May 01 2009 9:02PM Report
rmk70 writes: Wow I think Star Trek is lame as hell but that character customization is wicked. Fri May 01 2009 10:00PM Report
Saerain writes: Strange that this is only now showing up. Quite an old video. Sat May 02 2009 7:44AM Report
Saerain writes: Alkennjoi, I don't know what you're talking about. What exactly about the theme is so Star Wars? It's all Trek to me, although it's much faster and heavier on the percussion than usual. Sat May 02 2009 7:47AM Report
Kram59 writes: wow, so uncalled for. alkennjoi sounds like he has some major life issues. Hate to meet him in a dark alley.... Sat May 02 2009 11:03AM Report
Zerocyde writes: Star Wars people usually aren't that big on thinking. All they really have the capacity to care about is laser guns and explosions. Sat May 02 2009 12:27PM Report
Dr_Isotope writes: I always wonder what people like Alkennjoi are like in real life. If you can get this upset by a 1:37 clip, I can only imagine what happens when something serious occurs in your life. Wow. Sat May 02 2009 5:02PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: Zerocyde, lol... laaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzer beeeeams. Sat May 02 2009 5:46PM Report
Deewe writes: Sadly not impressed, even does not seems to have many sliders for customization. Sat May 02 2009 7:15PM Report
Vonevil writes: DAMNIT... now I'm interested. Sat May 02 2009 8:10PM Report
Balkin31 writes: That was a load of options .... Good Job! Sat May 02 2009 9:13PM Report
Terranah writes: That's not Star Wars music, that's Star Trek music. I think this is an old video. I saw it awhile back I think. Looks good. Sat May 02 2009 11:32PM Report
mackdawg19 writes: Deewe, they didn't show any sliders. So what are you talking about? The character customization was pretty limitless when PE had it, so I can only imagine how huge it is now that Cryptic has taken over it. Sun May 03 2009 12:38AM Report
aleos writes: DUUU DU, DU DU DU DUUU DU THIS IS STAR STREK NOT STAR WARS DU DU DU DU Sun May 03 2009 11:01AM Report
Trueth writes: Meh. WTF is the 'create a race thing' - How will hundreds of wack-job new races fit in to the Star Trek lore? Or is this a lore free/we just raped the Star Trek IP for a selling point...kind of game? Sun May 03 2009 4:03PM Report
wyrde writes: Yet another game that gives oodles of character customization options that allow you to fine tune your character's appearance so your character will look EXACTLY how you want it! Only it WON'T because the bloody avatar is moving around all the place while in lighting that will never actually be seen in-game! Let's add a mini-game to character creation: "Punch the Alien" to knock it out so it freaking stands still! At least then there would be a reason for the rampant use of amnesia. Sun May 03 2009 6:12PM Report
Mysk writes: Endless options, eh? That looked pretty basic to me. Cycle through foreheads 1 - 10, nose 1 - 8, and add some tattoos. Meh. Sun May 03 2009 6:42PM Report
clone10th writes: Not really that impressed by what I'm seeing here, I want to see more of the ingame content not just the character customization. BTW I think alkennjoi is somewhat right; between 00:18 and 00:27, it does sound a bit like the Star Wars theme... on second thought I think they really screwed up the theme song. You can tell IT IS the original theme but they screwed up the melody. Sun May 03 2009 11:55PM Report
ianicus writes: To be honest some of you people expect ALOT from a video game, from what I can tell this game has as much if not MORE character customization options than the best MMO's on the market in that respect. Some people just love to bash and nay say, to you I say, glad you wont be in the game! :) Mon May 04 2009 12:13AM Report
vvistovv writes: WidlyWidlyWidlyWidlyWAAAAaaaa, yeah i wrote that, its called 'i wanna rock your body' and then in parentheses it says 'to the break of dawn' .. lol, i hope my point gets across to the theme song arguments Mon May 04 2009 3:25AM Report
neo4xxx writes: as long as it is start trek i like it Mon May 04 2009 6:51AM Report
nuififun writes: alkennjoi writes: WTF show some originality with the music! it sounds as if soemone took the star wars score and modified it a bit My thoughts exactly - sounds like phantom menace Mon May 04 2009 12:02PM Report
ArmySurplus writes: I really hope they don't half ass it, them showing their character creator isn't all that great. They have/had that with COX and now CO. Game play and immersion is where they need to shine. Something like ("Head to Vega VI and collect 10 samples of Vegosian Targ blood and return in to Dr. Keller at Starbase 16.")as a majority of the missions will make this Trekkie cry. Mon May 04 2009 12:27PM Report
DthRevan writes: Geez big deal? This is going to suck as much as the new Star Trek movie does. Mon May 04 2009 2:41PM Report
Kaez writes: All I can muster at the moment is... WOW.. seriously... wow. Mon May 04 2009 9:16PM Report
themilton writes: Is that a Vorta at :43? In the gray-on-gray Starfleet uniform. Mon May 04 2009 10:14PM Report
SoSilencer writes: Dibs on bizarro coneheads! Tue May 05 2009 1:51AM Report
Shogoo writes: Rishathra anyone? Tue May 05 2009 8:08AM Report
esarphie writes: Apparently alkennjoi missed the whole 70s, 80s and 90s with the Star Trek franchise moving onto the big screen, then back into Next Generation and getting an orchestral theme that sounded very much like Star Wars, if by Star Wars you mean any music that doesn't primarily come out of an electric guitar. Seriously, though, 1976 or so saw Star Trek the Motion Picture, a horridly stupid movie with the TV cast reuniting in mental institution bathwear to foil the evil plans of an old messed up satellite. However, the sound track by Jerry Goldsmith got a ton of awards, and featured the army of french horns theme music that has been the norm for the series ever since. Tue May 05 2009 9:46AM Report
Sileleni writes: To us who were amazed by the original star trek (now looks cheezy but still awesome), the music predates star wars and it hasn't changed that much. Its part of the genre. I'm looking forward to the game. Tue May 05 2009 11:22PM Report
AkumaDaimyo writes: Not impressed with the create your own race. Lame ear and forehead syndrome typical of Star Trek. I think ToR will own this game. Wed May 06 2009 1:46PM Report
AkumaDaimyo writes: Oh and zerocyde, wrong about Star Wars and only caring about lazers and explosions. Funny too cause the new Star Trek movie seems to have a lot of both. Pot, kettle is calling for you and says your black. Wed May 06 2009 1:48PM Report
Eden2008 writes: Hi all, i have to agree thats a cool video :). Wed May 06 2009 2:56PM Report
Herithius writes: How anyone can call that customization anything short of flawless is beyond me. That is SWG/Oblivion impressive and there is no higher praise than that. Wed May 06 2009 9:30PM Report
wardog250 writes: This is why all MMORPGs fail one after another; because, people have such HIGH expectations. When the games actually are released early due to massive hype, they fall on their face because it wasn't ready for launch and then everyone runs away crying to momma. Lets try playing a game you know nothing about for once and see how it compares to one you think you know everything about before hand. I bet you will see a huge difference. Tue May 12 2009 9:06PM Report
wardog250 writes: All this nit picking at details is ridiculous. You are looking to invest $50 - $60 on a video game, not a $300,000 house. Tue May 12 2009 9:11PM Report
dwarflordking writes: lol sounds like starwars Tue May 19 2009 10:37PM Report
Tonev writes: That's a weak cop with the options. All those races we seen through out various Star Trek series and they take the lazy devs way out? I'm starting to hate that this company got its hands on this license. No Ferengi, no Tellars, bah! Sat May 30 2009 9:34PM Report