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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/02/10)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
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Star Trek Online Videos: Jack Emmert on STO (7:03)'s Keith Cross had the opportunity recently to speak with Cryptic CCO jack Emmert about their recently announced upcoming MMORPG, Star Trek Online.'s Keith Cross had the opportunity recently to speak with Cryptic CCO jack Emmert about their recently announced upcoming MMORPG, Star Trek Online.
Duration: 7:03
Views: 15,469  41 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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daarco writes: This sucks...for me! Everything sounds perfect. Why cant a Star Wars MMO have these developers in charge?? Fri Aug 22 2008 7:54AM Report
zeedaam writes: So it seems that they will have 3d space? Maybe? Perpetual was going to have 2d space. Fri Aug 22 2008 11:42AM Report
jiveturkey12 writes: Jack Emmert's hair is sage! Fri Aug 22 2008 12:17PM Report
Isane writes: Who is the Jock in the background Fri Aug 22 2008 3:19PM Report
BoudahXL writes: Nice interview, good dumb down version of the first presentation Emmert gave days ago! Fri Aug 22 2008 4:10PM Report
Sentra7 writes: LOL! This was the best comment I've ever read about that topic, daarco! You made my day. Yea, I'm really really looking forward to playing STO. Can't wait. Fri Aug 22 2008 4:10PM Report
loftly writes: im going to make an alien who looks like a human... but with some kind of WACKY thing on his nose between the eyes! AWESOME! Fri Aug 22 2008 4:21PM Report
Lateris writes: I think they will make a game that is fun. But stop flipping your hair hippy! Jkn! Fri Aug 22 2008 6:48PM Report
Thor79 writes: Isane: the one checking his fly to make sure it's up? LOL Zeedaam: Seems like the first trailer answered your question. There is 3D movement in the game. I believe all space games, it will be limited on the vertical dimension. Making a true 3D galaxy would simply require too much time I believe. I think it will be most like EVE online...where you warp between systems. The systems themselves are limited in dimensions. That just seems like the most likely way to do it for a game like this. Daarco: Maybe Bioware will be the developer to fill that role for a Star Wars MMO...after all they are developing KOTOR Online. We all know SOE can't do what they need to do with SWG. They tried to do it once but failed miserably. Fri Aug 22 2008 11:01PM Report
Sovrath writes: He seems nice enough and he certainly is answering the questions but it also seems like he would rather be doing anything else than answering these questions. Fri Aug 22 2008 11:46PM Report
xaldraxius writes: Sovrath: I think the reason for that is two fold. #1: He was at Gen-Con to promote Champions, not STO. #2: All the questions that he was asked he's answered at least ten times already for different gaming sites. I'm really excited about this game, and Champions. Cryptic is a great studio, and has some of the most creative artists in the business. Also, with all of the lore that Star Trek has, the possibilities are nearly endless for what they can add in post release. Two big thumbs up for Jack and the whole crew at Cryptic... Do you think he smokes as much pot as he looks like he does? Sat Aug 23 2008 12:39AM Report
daryosh writes: Yea, i like the guy in the back too. Nice how he is that innocent playing with his trousers zip. :D Emmert doesnt really tell us something new here - worst thing he wasnt asked: no motion capture for STO. :/ Sat Aug 23 2008 1:41AM Report
pyriel32 writes: swg was awsome till the day of mourning my wife calls it Sat Aug 23 2008 2:34AM Report
pyriel32 writes: any of you join the forums on sto? Sat Aug 23 2008 2:35AM Report
Mitara writes: Cryptic is actually one of the only studios out there that might have a chance of doing something fairly good. Last game (CoH) was qutie limited however, so dont expect all that much new from eithr Champions or Startrek. To me, right now, it sounds like a failure just like Stargate. Sat Aug 23 2008 8:50AM Report
TheKraken writes: The guy in the background was putting his comb back into a pouch hanging over his groin, between wiping sweat onto his kilt and chewing gum with his mouth open like a cow chews cud. You see too much when you watch the videos full-screen. Sat Aug 23 2008 9:25AM Report
cyberjag writes: As long as SOE doesn't get hold of it then it stands half a chance. I'm hoping that Cryptic don't dumb it down either....such as putting Trading Cards in the game because they aren't innovative enough to think of anything else! Sat Aug 23 2008 11:23AM Report
Mysk writes: His comment that he does not want to make just a MMO with a Star Trek skin is the most important comment in the video. We'll see if they live up to that, but that's exactly what they need to focus on. Sat Aug 23 2008 11:55AM Report
eric_w66 writes: Some people were not meant to wear kilts... that guy in the background is one of them. I'm no lightweight, but a guy perspiring like he was at his size couldn't have been the most wonderful thing to be around...seemed like he wanted to stay in the camera's eye to show off his "sexy" kilt...ugh... As far as STO though, I *hope* its a fun game, but it seems like it will be fairly shallow at this point, like CoH/CoV, you're in this big city that you can't interact with... I hope I'm wrong. Sat Aug 23 2008 1:45PM Report
Zace writes: He mentioned champions a lot, as if it is finished - if so where can we see that?! :p Sat Aug 23 2008 2:03PM Report
amerus writes: he gives good answers, but i speicaly like the one about how they got it from peptulian, you really see that he has to thing long and hard on that one, poor guy. Sat Aug 23 2008 3:10PM Report
Thradar writes: Nice interview. Keith doesn't come across (to me) as a tool or bullshitter. Sat Aug 23 2008 6:41PM Report
Thradar writes: Oops, I mean Jack. Sat Aug 23 2008 6:41PM Report
Qmire writes: i like the star trek universe, this might be the right hing, he does seem to answer the questions knowing what people *don't want*, that's a very very good thing to hear, hopefully they will keep it that way as well. Sun Aug 24 2008 6:50AM Report
scooby32 writes: within faction pvp would probably be holodeck :D Sun Aug 24 2008 9:01AM Report
legendlee writes: Whats with the dude in the skirt in the background? lol, he even started combing his hair half way through!! Sun Aug 24 2008 11:27AM Report
Vexe writes: I love how honest Jack Emmert is. He doesn't sound like he's trying to sell the game. He's actually answering the questions. I'd like to see that more often in interviews in general. Sun Aug 24 2008 2:00PM Report
Rumple writes: I think his last point will be his biggest challenge. Sure they have an engine, but it was probably geared for another purpose. Making this seem much more than a ST skinned MMO will be tough. Sun Aug 24 2008 9:58PM Report
BlackWatch writes: If STO is as epic as the dude's gut in the background, the game will do well for itself. That guys gut probably has it's own weather system and gravitational pull. Sun Aug 24 2008 11:38PM Report
Gishgeron writes: I've always loved this studio. I found CoX to be probably the ONLY MMO I can ever consistently return to, and think that they did a great job going against the mold with it (considering how green they were as a team when it was made) Cryptic is probably the only team I know of that actually sounds like they both listen to the voice of the player, and give two shits. I found his answers in this presentation to be honest to the point of fault, really. I like how well he tackled it. Mon Aug 25 2008 11:53AM Report
Vesavius writes: The simple truth is need BIG IPs need BIG revenues, so they are all gonna be bland beiged out gameplay to appeal to the widest demographic, which means solo quest grind casual lite gameplay to all these guys. Sounds like EVE starship gameplay (yawn) and TR ground fight gameplay (yawn)... which actually sounds horrible... why would anyone, especially cryptic, copy nay part of the failed game that is TR? Mon Aug 25 2008 1:01PM Report
thac writes: daarco there are rumors of a new star wars MMO coming Mon Aug 25 2008 6:47PM Report
lokiboard writes: whats wrong with bio ware doing kotor online? Mon Aug 25 2008 9:17PM Report
Finbar writes: I agree Vexe, he does seem honest. Note how he checks out that girls a55 after she walks by at around 3:00 mins in... I know...I know... Im a jerk:) Tue Aug 26 2008 10:51PM Report
Crzyeyes writes: I have to agree with Sovrath; he does seem like he would rather be somewhere else instead of answering these questions. To be honest, I didn't get a great vide from this interview. A few things such as the talk about PvP, for example, it seems like he was making up possible features up as he went along and not something that had been discussed. Also, the fact that Cryptic didn't at all talk to the Perputual guys and that a good amount of talk in the interview was about Champions made it seem like they weren't trying to make STO stand out in any paticular manner: just another MMO. I'm not sure if it was his poor presentation skills or (heaven forbid) a sincere lack of enthusiasm on Cryptic's part in developing this game, but I'm not as set on STO as I had been. Let's hope that it's not a "...we have it with Champions, alright Star Trek, woom!....done!" Tue Aug 26 2008 11:46PM Report
grndzro writes: Star Trek has set races and set ship designs.....changing this is a no no in my book. I predict failure. Wed Aug 27 2008 1:00AM Report
ssjdagas writes: Too bad Perpetual can't make the game. These guys don't seem to care about Star Trek. Pretty much all my hopes were crushed when STO changed developers. Now it's not going to be very Star Trekkie at all it seems. Thu Aug 28 2008 7:05PM Report
Eichenkatze writes: STO was pretty much doomed even with Perpetual. Perpetual had this "I'm going to do what I want and I don't give a flying crap what you think." attitude to it, which wasn't good. Cryptic seems to be "Screw the Star Trek background, let's make it sandbox! Make it our own Star Trek!" I still have some hopes they do a good job, and i'll certainly sign for beta and go from there. Sat Aug 30 2008 8:42PM Report
Soara writes: Certaintly answers some of my questions! Mon Oct 20 2008 2:37AM Report
vala2008 writes: Here is a question..." can you tell us why your looking away from the camera and more interested in what is going on around you than talk to the playerbase?" *cough* asshole *cough* Tue Aug 18 2009 5:13AM Report
Yellowbeardd writes: maby cause hes thinking about what to say to the questions since he has no notes to really go off of and he can't tell to much or he will be in trouble most likely which if you were ever asked questions about something the person asking the questions usally tries to do to get something off of him ect ect.... Thu Oct 08 2009 2:21AM Report