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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/02/10)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
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Star Trek Online Videos: Star Trek Online Gameplay Trailer (1:46)

See Star Trek Online! The debut trailer shows some of the environments, ships and combat you will experience as you discover the future of the Trek universe. Explore the final frontier as the captain of your own starship and adventure on planets, in space and inside ships!

See Star Trek Online! The debut trailer shows some of the environments, ships and combat you will experience as you discover the future of the Trek universe. Explore the final frontier as the captain of your own starship and adventure on planets, in space and inside ships!
Duration: 1:46
Views: 20,960  64 comments
Game: Star Trek Online
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IAmMMO writes: It doesn't reveal much, but I like what I saw, can't wait. It Should be good if Cryptic have realized as they develop the game that the average age of a trekkie is mid 20's to early 30's and not 12 to 16 years old and have kept that in mind as they develop the game. The Blizzard stripped down and streamlined approach to MMO design really wouldn't yield a deep and fun Star Trek MMO a mature Trekkie would want to play long term. Mon Aug 11 2008 1:40AM Report
Romse writes: Looks great! The graphics are great... I wish they'd reconsider their "comic shading" for Champions and go with something like this. Mon Aug 11 2008 2:10AM Report
ZoNEE writes: Looking good, looking REAL good. The screen shots looked good, but to see the game in action. wow... i cant wait! Mon Aug 11 2008 2:41AM Report
dethgar writes: Anyone notice that the starbase in this movie has what appears to be Atlantis(Stargate) docked on top of it? lol Mon Aug 11 2008 2:48AM Report
piquet writes: light grey borg cubes?! Everything else looks ok, but the cubes need some loving. Another thing I don't like is how they use nebulas all the time to spice up space. It may look pretty, but it's certainly not very realistic. Mon Aug 11 2008 2:51AM Report
daarco writes: Even thou i hate Star Trek, this looks really good! Mon Aug 11 2008 2:55AM Report
abanathie writes: Looks good. I can't wait Mon Aug 11 2008 3:14AM Report
Dameonk writes: Another boring level based game... I'll pass. Poor Star Trek. Mon Aug 11 2008 3:21AM Report
Briarwood writes: Looks great,i really hope it rox for you trekkies, you guys deserve the love. Mon Aug 11 2008 3:28AM Report
kesleri writes: Looks very poor Mon Aug 11 2008 4:48AM Report
Coman writes: Space part looks nice, but the avantar part seems like just every mmo out there. However it is still in development stage so can not really judge about it. Mon Aug 11 2008 5:25AM Report
Vladalf writes: Seems nice altough the narrator's voice isn't so powerful. I think Star Trek fans will play this game a long time if it's good considering the fact that they can expand the game with new galaxies, planets, etc. Mon Aug 11 2008 5:56AM Report
ianD writes: also what you dont see here is the Webcast along with it. including questions regarding the level vs skill question and the answer was.... it isnt level based!!! :D also they are not light-grey Cubes at all, that is because of the dynamic lighting that has been included (notice the spheres shadow on the cube and the Sovie class's shadow being cast on another fed ship) looks awesome. Mon Aug 11 2008 6:17AM Report
kryton1 writes: Dameonk you need to do more research this isnt a LEVEL based game lol. Looks good for 6 months of work. Dont like the fact that your crew will consist of NPC's :( Mon Aug 11 2008 6:18AM Report
kryton1 writes: oh forgot to add this is all INGAME footage of actual people PLAYING the game Mon Aug 11 2008 6:21AM Report
jahar writes: I can't seem to wrap my head around how they wil manage the immersion. How will the exploration work, without seeming like you are just doing something someone else did 100 times? And is there just a bunch of running around in a starfleet uniform? the show isn't something I've ever thought of as combat-centric.. if anyone has a link that will help clear this up for me, I'd appreciate it. Mon Aug 11 2008 7:32AM Report
Fightz writes: This might be the game i have waited for :) how ever i would have loved the ship mode to be dependent on a group of people.. like a guild or something. Mon Aug 11 2008 7:53AM Report
JeroKane writes: Limiting the game to NPC based crew only on ships nailed to coffin for me. I now finally have given up on a great Star Trek MMO. And also what they have told more during the webcast, is that STO starts to become like CoX in space. Except that it will be mostly solo driven due to the NPC only crew. Real shame! Mon Aug 11 2008 8:08AM Report
Deathstrike2 writes: Looks cool. I'll be watching this one for sure. Mon Aug 11 2008 8:19AM Report
Forgeknight writes: Everyone gripes about an npc crew, but do you really want to have to wait around in hopes of getting a group on just to operate your ship?I think this has great potential. Mon Aug 11 2008 8:32AM Report
themilton writes: Okay, so there are going to be ship battles. Looks pretty, but didn't reveal much. Away team action would have been been more revealing. Vladalf - are complaining about Leonard Frickin' Nimoy?!?!?! I'm guessing you're not that big of a Star Trek fan. ^_^ Mon Aug 11 2008 8:42AM Report
ianD writes: that isnt Nimoy doing the voice over. people should reserve judgment untill they can actually play the game then decide wheither it is good or not. Mon Aug 11 2008 9:02AM Report
ianicus writes: If you had to wait around for a ful crew of player characters everytime you wanted to leave spacedock....youd quit this game within 15 days of launch. Although a PC crew sounds REALLY cool, it is not at all realistic in the least...get with it people. Mon Aug 11 2008 9:20AM Report
Lasastard writes: Easiest solution for the PC-vs-NPC crew problem would be to have a default NPC crew that makes place whenever a player wants to join ship... His abilities to operate certain mechanies and such could be skill based an increase with practice. Anyhow, trailer looks ok, considering this game is still lightyears away from release Mon Aug 11 2008 10:19AM Report
Karahandras writes: i agree with lasastard and the ability to replace npc's with players when wanted and available would be good, the game just wouldn't work if it was only player based crews just imagine having to beg for help at every starbase for 3hrs whenever u wanted to do anything lol Mon Aug 11 2008 10:54AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: So its... Star Trek Combat, online. You know, in the history of Star Trek video games, there's... never... NEVER been a good one? This looked pretty cartoony, and pretty cheesy. Mon Aug 11 2008 11:18AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: You know, thats the thing. Star Trek is about Exploring the Stars. EXPLORING. Its not about LEVELING UP A COMBAT CLASS ^.^ If you're just going to go around, killing crap and taking their Stuff to Level Up, then this game is going to be absolutely awful. Mon Aug 11 2008 11:22AM Report
cylon8 writes: its amazing how u only see whats 6 months work has done and immediately there are detractors. they want a game thats accesible to everyone, and not everyone is skilled at gathering guilds to do group quests etc. and as for the visuals, dynmaic shading isn't enough for you people. not everyone with a family can afford high end pcs so this needs to run on mid range systems. personally i am more thna satisfied with what this offers, and if you listened, the game is set at least 50 years after star trek nemesis, so do your research before you cry foul Mon Aug 11 2008 2:51PM Report
Ruwin writes: I like what I see so far. You really need to watch the whole video from the convention to hear what Jack has to say about the game play to get it. I like hte direction they are going. Would be to hard/boring to have full player bridge crew. Mon Aug 11 2008 4:43PM Report
balle68 writes: Fuck! The Borg are comming, charge all phasers or photon torpedoes or whatever... just shoot those bastards! Mon Aug 11 2008 7:39PM Report
Flummoxed writes: get it right it's To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before. damn politically correct hippies. KHAAAAAN! Mon Aug 11 2008 7:56PM Report
Vexe writes: I just hope the combat isn't like galaxies... Tue Aug 12 2008 2:17AM Report
alien1984 writes: I am truly sorry to all the star trek fans out there, but the game looks terrible. First time i ever laughed while watching a game trailer. There is a fine line between playing a game just because of the name and actually playing a good game. Tue Aug 12 2008 6:30AM Report
Kvaser writes: OMG are ppl f*cking stupid it's pre-alpha and you ppl are talking about how bad it looks. Have ppl stopped thinking. Of course the game looked a bit poor now, it's in the beginning of it's development. Just stop being retards! Tue Aug 12 2008 7:08AM Report
kosmicfoo writes: what he said Tue Aug 12 2008 7:20AM Report
daeandor writes: lol, i like the guy that thinks the average trekkie is mid 20's to early 30's. As to the game trailer, I am not sure. It *is* pre-Alpha, just like the SGW ones we saw recently, so I will give only reserved judgement. I'm thinking it looked "okay", but wish we had seen a little more of what happens in game. A Borg fleet attacking seems far fetched for an everyday occurance. Tue Aug 12 2008 7:22AM Report
scooby32 writes: When this comes out i'm just gonna fly up to a borg ship and get assimilated :D Tue Aug 12 2008 1:13PM Report
Hokie writes: 1st question is how much of that was cut scenes? The player combat was ingame. Ship combat looked like cut scenes... 2nd question since Cryptic has such a hard on for consoles, are we going to have to play ship combat like it was an arcade game with a game pad? Tue Aug 12 2008 2:21PM Report
PunisherX writes: I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I'M SO READY FOR THIS GAME! GO STAR TREK ONLINE! Tue Aug 12 2008 7:34PM Report
rexkramer writes: Can't wait to see how this pans out. So far, I like what I see. Tue Aug 12 2008 8:07PM Report
thanoskkk writes: i love it already :) Thu Aug 14 2008 8:51AM Report
AndrasKrigar writes: I'm also with Lasastard, if they limit ship crews to ONLY npcs, I'm definitely out. That was the main draw for me, not being a trek fan. They should make the combat similar to Eve's, where a graphing calculator is required for maximum dps or whatever. I wanted to be the navigator!! Thu Aug 14 2008 1:46PM Report
Mitara writes: This one looks very nice, but... the movement of the characters seemed a little jerky, why? The ships though and the startrek universe of course, awsome stuff! Thu Aug 14 2008 1:46PM Report
eric_w66 writes: What would a navigator do 99.9% of the time? Sit around and do nothing... "Plot course to Alpha Centauri..." "...(god I'm bored)..." Thu Aug 14 2008 8:12PM Report
Sp00sh writes: Something to play for a few months until something a little better comes out... Fri Aug 15 2008 1:56PM Report
purewitz writes: Not a big Star Trek fan, so I'm not super-hyped. Not too bad though I must day. I have agree with CujoSWAoA, it does look kinda cartoony. Which if it was based on a cartoon, I wouldn't mind. Say if George Lucas came out with a Star Wars: The Clone Wars MMO, now that would be ok being cartoony. Alas who know this game may rock, just like the movie that is coming in 2009 may rock. Fri Aug 15 2008 3:17PM Report
Finbar writes: This game (like many MMORPG's) will be a good game about a year after it's initial release. Sat Aug 16 2008 12:52AM Report
ssjdagas writes: I'm a huge Star Trek fan, but seeing this doesn't fill me with hope. Star Trek is more about exploring than combat. Seems that more ships are going to be lost every day in this game than in the entire Dominion War, not very realistic. The Perpetual game seemed better... Sat Aug 16 2008 2:53AM Report
Kilrain writes: Not a Start Trek fan but I have to say this game kicks ass. People complain that there is combat, but I swear out of the 15 or so episodes I've watched not one didn't have some kind of encounter with clingons or borgs. From the looks of it the exploring will still be there, but you'll have to deal with enemies. Totally awesome. As far as graphics go, I would rather have a cartoony simplilstic look with HUGE content and many planets to explore. Age of conan is fun as hell but if they had spent less time on graphics and more on gameplay/content it would be that much better. Sat Aug 16 2008 1:31PM Report
Rulah writes: Where's the gameplay trailer? I see only promotional trailer here. Sun Aug 17 2008 1:25PM Report
ArcAngel3 writes: The trailer looks very cool, and I've had only good experiences with Cryptic thus far. I'll definitely check this out. Sun Aug 17 2008 4:35PM Report
Daedrick writes: How can you guys like this serie?! Its so cheesy... I mean they dont even have pockets! Sun Aug 17 2008 5:35PM Report
godpuppet writes: I am shocked! The graphics look shit! And to be quite honest the gameplay looks quite simple. Dont think I'll be looking forward to this one. Mon Aug 18 2008 2:42PM Report
Sturmka writes: uhh lots of work to do Cryptic. Hope you guys will sent some extra work in the grafics! Mon Aug 18 2008 3:59PM Report
Kingfinger writes: Looks as lame as the actual show/films. IMO... Always like cryptic's work though hope the trekkids like it Mon Aug 18 2008 7:18PM Report
Drazkathan writes: It's obviously a work in progress still. Great hope for this game. I noticed the graphics were a little off only during combat showings, the first ship looked great. Content>Graphics. Here's hoping. Mon Aug 18 2008 11:28PM Report
Sketch writes: Wasnt impressed with what I saw, but it does look like it has potential. Wed Aug 20 2008 11:37PM Report
Finnyin writes: i know they're not even close to a beta or anything yet but perpetual seemed to have a much better idea for this game in my opinion. i absolutely hate the idea of everyone having a ship instead of perpetual's plan of having your friends take up different crew positions. makes no sense to assume that everyone would want to be the captain of their own ship instead of being the chief engineer or medical officer. Just boo. Fri Sep 12 2008 8:44PM Report
PsyBeats writes: Right! I'm very annoyed. Perpetual had the right idea. Cryptic is just making yet another rubbish star trek game. I was looking forward to playing as an officer on a star ship and work my way to captain. This is going to be a wholly unrealistic approach. Utopia Planitia would not be able to pump out the amount of ships that this MMO is going to deploy. Can Cryptic and return the game license to Perpetual! Wed Oct 01 2008 11:53AM Report
sancher36 writes: I'm a startrek fan but even I won't bother wasting money on this game Tue Oct 07 2008 1:04AM Report
Heretic451 writes: Perpetual might've had a better idea, but they din't execute very much of it, did they? I blame them for their failure. Sun Oct 12 2008 8:48PM Report
unipsycho writes: why does it feels like the last 3 posters are working for Perpetual?:P Tue Oct 21 2008 12:30AM Report
Skeldar writes: Can't say i enjoyed that trailer, doesn't reveal much at all. Hoping for some more videos detailing combat/economic mechanics, like most space mmo's hope this doesnt turn into a trading/mining game and they use the lisence to its fullest making sure that the exploration of planets is a key feature. Thu Jan 01 2009 7:19AM Report
Ugottawantit writes: After seeing the new movie this weekend. I'm ready :) Besides, I'm sick of Eve. Mon May 18 2009 12:58PM Report