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Star Trek Online Forum » Perpetual Studios Version Discussion » PE...your golden chance. heres how....

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OP  10/20/07 8:20:49 AM#1

Well well well, all the hoopla about Gods and Heroes, people saying this and saying that. truth is we dont know if you did a good thing or not by canceling Gods and Heroes. Likely we never will to an absolute certain.

Now you say it is all about Star Trek, really? then listen carefully. I beg you.

Please make this game immersive. star trek fans will want immersion, you can bet everything on that. But be advised star Trek fans are not the only ones coming to your game if you make it immersive.

Star Wars fans and Star Gate fans, even Farscape fans will be hoping that at least Star Trek will be a varied and intelligent game and immersive! It is for many our only sci fi or MMo hope.

At one time a few glorious games like Star Wars Galaxies, before it got turned into dog crap, tickled our imaginations as we thought of how soon MMo's would get even better and more non essential things to do and experience would be popping up left and right.

Sure it made our blood flow faster when we bought our houses and searched planet after planet for that perfect spot to put it. When we found just the right spot sure we were sooooo happy. and sure decorating houses and guildhalls becamce a driving force for many. Certainly getting that rare furniture item was a fun distraction.

But that was nothing comapred to the future right? after all in future MMO's we would not just play music together, we would compose it and perform in MMO arenas or bars and such. We would'nt just place houses, we would design them right?

See my point here Perpetual Entertainment? Star Trek Online should not pander to the brain dead, or the people that can do the same things thousands and thousands of times over and never get bored. It should recapture our imaginations. We should have more non essential jobs then we could shake a Klingon at. We should be "living" in the STO universe.

If this game is  a shooter game it will fail. If it is a EQ,WoW game it will fail, people do not need WoW in space, they need a game thats as fine tuned as WoW but with immersion, and the average 4 year old should not be able to master it like WoW.

Star trek should appeal to our imaginations, and we should'nt know how a character will play out until we've played it out. Make characters and the rest of the game, fun,intelligent, and immersive and it will be a hit.


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10/20/07 8:27:40 AM#2

Don't waste time trying to tell PE what to do....they don't care.  They have their own agenda and will not listen to player feedback unless it's something they can easily implement without wasting time taking care of pesky people like the players and community.  PE already has a game plan for STO and that's what they're going to implement.  Their management has the intelligence of radishes and lettuce.....well at least a vegetable knows when to not say anything.

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10/20/07 8:34:16 AM#3

Very well thought out and articulate post. Well done! This is how many of us feel and have been screaming at PE for but sadly it may have fallen on deaf ears. The responses we get from Daron Stinnett are lackluster at best and most of us feel that he's gonna make his game that he wants regardless of what the rest of us tell him we want. Everything we've heard about this game so far points toward generic MMO mechanics with Star Trek skins painted on but who knows they may still surprise us.





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10/21/07 6:26:21 AM#4

I hope they have a Holo Deck and then we can program it for ancient Rome, and get to check out the scraped G&H. Now that could be deep a game within a game and at least a way to let the peeps see some of what G&H would have been like, but from a Klingon's point of view


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OP  10/23/07 5:20:16 AM#5

Originally posted by Tastywheat1

I hope they have a Holo Deck and then we can program it for ancient Rome, and get to check out the scraped G&H. Now that could be deep a game within a game and at least a way to let the peeps see some of what G&H would have been like, but from a Klingon's point of view

brilliant! now I seriously doubt they would do such a thing but this is the type of thinking we need in mmo's.

we would get them to make these things but people do not demand it. which is so phurking typical, especially the USA today. What really makes me nutty is the people that think demanding more of mmo's today is wrong, and that they are sure these companies are doing everything they can!

The truth is the exact opposite, companies are stripping away ideas instead of taking the medium to where it could be for us.

Of all the ideas star trek has the most potential subject-wise  for us, at least right now.cheyenne mountain is making stargate online, but they made it very clear to those who would listen that they are making a warcraft clone. not too mention they made it a shooter game, wtf right? not the first thing I think of when I think stargate. or sci fi for that matter.

Sci Fi should have combat of course, but it is better known for its creativity and immersion in new worlds!

Stargate for me had a ton of potential because going through the stargate and instancing out the other side gave rise to great possibilities adventure wise. I just hope that they assume trekkies will want to be able to simulate actually being on the show and then some. Not play a typical modern brain dead MMo blizz style~




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OP  10/23/07 5:26:07 AM#6

Seriously, maybe we should organize a type of protest, starting with perpetual entertainment.

Would be great to organize and bombard them with snail mail, because snail mail gets attention not e mails. Anyone out there a leader in the mmo sfi  fi world and know other so we could organize?

I do think it is the only way to get what we want.


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OP  10/23/07 5:41:12 AM#7

another thought about making STO great.

I think focusing on space travel tooo much would be a bad thing, mainly because if you focus on space treks you would have to make it hard core for it to be good, and too hard core will shrink thier account numbers, like it or not.

I want hardcore, but it would be easier, and make way more sense to make it hard core with space elements rather then focusing on space travel.

If I could create a klingon and live on my homeworld in a typcal mmo style, and then have space options later and have space traveling players come to me , I think this makes more sense.

What do you all think? you think they should focus heavily and mainly on space? if so how would that work for mass appeal?

I feel right now anyway that having space travel be a means to get to the focus of the game would be better  overrall. Then flush out space travel via expansions.


If I am spending all my time on a ship, I live on the ship? then how do the same players stay on the same ships etc? I think having people switch ships would be dorky as hell. logging in to random ships would be dorky. I just dont see how you do that without being severly harcore. Which would work for me by the way, just not to the mass audience.

Also I think having worlds being the main focus game makes alot of sense... people not being able to traverse space right off to visit other worlds but having to explore and become bonded with thier homeworlds seems to make more sense. this way space travel is somthing to work towards.

I would even go as far as saying that once you create a character on a homeworld, that you cannot then create other characters from other homeworlds on that server with that account. this way other worlds become a bit of a mystery and somthing fun to explore.

If we agree that spending all our time in space aboard a ship isnt the way to go, then that makes planets a must do, for the devs to focus on. having huge worlds that are not well created would be aweful.-also if we focus too much on space then even when we do get to worlds to explore they wont be any good  anyway.


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10/31/07 2:59:19 PM#8

To OP: I agree with your post. You pretty much hit it on the nail with the future of MMO gaming.

          Being in one immersive universe and having a good time like SWG and at the same time thinking about what the next gen after that would be. But instead we seem to be taking a step backward.

         It may be a long time before anything truely innovative comes along I fear. I'm sure alot of people will just disagree and say stop whining you don't need to be able to have a player house just go gank someone.

        I understand that these games are a bussiness. Maybe that's the problem in the sence that when SWG first came out the idea was you needed to do something different and imaginative in the hopes your game will pull people in. Now it's all about just trying to emulate something already out.

       It always amazes me when I have 4 people on my Nova in SWG right now on the Ahzi server. Im flying the ship two people are in the turrents and one is running around fixing the ship. The combat happening in real time in space even being able to watch out the window you if you like. In either PVE or PVP. My ship takes damage there is flashing lights and fire in that compartment and someone has to actually go and use a repair kit on it.

       The way they haved described the mounts in space idea this same scenario might not happen in STO.

    Which is more "Star Trek"?  I guess it's deffinatly a matter of oppinion. 

Fun,Community,Graphics,immersion. Is that so hard?


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11/02/07 8:41:11 PM#9

I suggest you forget about STO as its going to be nothing more than mindless grinding through levels with no immersivness whatsoever.

They are going to continuue on with what they are doing, because its what the other MMORPGs do, they wont want to try somthing new, they only want to do what works, and if you know otherwise, please, by all means, shut me up and correct me.

There is a game in existance that although it is still under heavy development, it is up and running and has things you almost never see in a MMORPG

Its called Star Quest Online, maybe you have heard of it. Maybe you haven't

The developers are not focusing on graphics like these guys are, they're more focused on gameplay, and adding new functions, adding stuff you wouldnt find on other games.

From what I know, this game will always be expanding and adding new stuff, and i dont mean adding a new epic looking weapon, i mean creative stuff, somthing new and exiting.


If the graphics of STO and the gameplay of SQO where combined... perfect game.