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Action MMO | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 10/30/08)  | Pub:Nexon America Inc.
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Atlantica Online Forum » General Discussion » Anyone still play?

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9/10/11 10:51:22 AM#21

I used to play this game heavily back then. When my kid werent born. That must be 2 years ago or so. Ive gotten to lvl 117 then ive made a maniac(chainsaw) and got bored leveling all over again. Maniac is like lvl 100 and merc 70 LOL. This game got me addicted like no other game did. I didnt bought anything,werent top either. I think that nowadays you need to know that its impossible for you to be first. Because people will alwais buy gold with their money. No matter the game. Gold seller site that run farm bot are everywhere,on everygame. So knowing that,you need to find a game that you like to play with. Not to get high end stuff and boost your ego. But a game you enjoy playing. A game with a grind that doesnt feel like a grind at all. Sure you might get excite about reaching some level or getting some merc. But consider those as a goal. Something you'll reach someday. Fuck i miss this game. I think imma check if my character still exist and give this game another fair try.


I was on the Delphi server. If anyone want to friend or something feel free to PM me here and tell me your name or email. A game is alwais better with people around.






On a side note,i dont spend my paycheck on the game but like 15$ a month,for the blessing license. (dunn if those still exist tough). And never had problem at all. Sure other were stronger.Sure other was having an easier time. But ive never liked eays mode so,guess its part of the game.  Left because i got bored lvling another toon + all the cash shop drama made half my guild quit so...thats it. I miss this game badly i guess. The gameplay is amazing.


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10/25/11 1:09:24 AM#22

Way to focused on the cash shop to be the right game for me. It's to bad because I really like the turn base combat. 


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5/30/12 4:22:06 AM#23

well i don't know if anyone still replies on this forum but if you do. I need help really quick so hopefully someone replies sometime soon.

 I've never played AO but I want to, I downloaded the game and made my account but when I press play it gives me a nexon thing and says instillation failed.  I've tried probably over 9000times, and it's starting to really make me mad. 

  So if someone sees this please let me know what's going on.   Thanks :D


  User Deleted
7/03/12 11:10:38 PM#24

My boyfriend and I have played this game since maybe a few months after launch. We've been at it so long we've been in 3 guilds as we both survived longer at daily playing than the guilds themselves we were members of existed.


We're both Staff Mains. He's lvl 130. I'm 129.  Neither one of us are heavy PvPers although we do engage in PvP daily simply because you get extra TBS points for doing so. Neither of us is uber-geared. I'm definitely not as even my BF definitely out-classes me when it comes to gear. I'm in Division 5 (I think that's the lowest Division level someone my level - 129 - is permitted to go ) and my mercs are still wearing things like Divine and Freezing gear. Which compared to the cash shoppers is pretty pathetic. Despite that I actually manage to win about half the PvP battles I enter into.


A few of my miscellaneous observations.


For PvP there are 2 options.

Free League - which is what the game started with. It's still there truckin along same as always. Good gear definitely helps but even so - much to my surprise - I with my sucky equipped mercs have managed to win a fairly decent amount of the time. And I don't even like PvP (only reason I do it daily is to get those extra TBS points you earn by engaging in it - did I mention I LOVE AO's optional TBS boards?  )

Coliseum League - a newer, separate PvP arena where gear and accessories, etc are zero effect on the battles. CL imo seems to rely on building a good merc team and a bit more strategic use of their inate attacks, skills, etc than what gear might be equipped. Imagine everyone set to level 100 with the exact same gear. It's sort of like that.


As far as cash shop yes...the game is completely reliant upon cash shop revenue to survive. There is NO subscription option available. Honestly I wish they'd have both options available as I've seen more and more games move toward. Example: for X amount per month you get X amount of points which can be used on anything in the cash shop.


Or one can just avoid Cash Shop altogether. It IS possible to play the game to a high level without ever using the cash shop.




If you do not use the cash shop for any help then I'd say do your best to PvE in a party in the later stages of the game. The enemy mobs are very powerful  (imo) vis-a-vis even me and my BF.  Be sure you become a member of an active guild. One that gives guild feasts regularly. Guild feasts are HUGE help in buffing up yourself and your mercs vis-a-vis the mobs. My BF and I have NEVER bought nor used the blessing licenses that are so popular with cash shoppers. Guild Feasts go a long way to negating the need for any kind of blessing license. Also...playing the game with at least one other person goes a long way to negating the need for a blessing license.


Also...once you finally get to it's level you can run Momotaro and reset it as needed. One of the quest rewards is a set of blessing potions which basically are blessing licenses in potion form. Combined with guild feasts and title buffs even a solo player has a shot at even the highest level mobs. Albeit what we do is find one mob (if they are our level or higher) who seems to be kind of far off from the rest of the group and fight that ONE rank. That also is a good strategy for a solo player.


One nice thing is that from what I can tell just about everything that's in the cash shop can be bought from other players in game as well. Albeit you'll have to put in grind time to get the in-game money to do so but it IS possible. Every mount my BF and I have (he has a Huge book full of 'em), every costume we own (ditto), even cash shop mercs  - we got in-game with in-game money from other players. Unlike some other MMOs I've played costumes, accessories don't bind upon equipping so they can be freely auctioned off, set up your own sales stall or just set up for sale in the games general market. So that's three ways to sell your old stuff and make money.


The only thing I regularly buy from the cash shop is the 90 day auto-battle license. But even that has been lowered as a necessity as a patch (last year?) let you put all your mercs on auto-batle (or just some of them - you can pick and choose which ones you want to automate and which you still want manual control over). Or with the click of a button you can tell the game to automate all your mercs. So the auto-battle license now is mainly just to put yourself on auto-battle too. Sometimes it's a nice convenience I like but it's not necessary.


The health check license is useful for people who don't hire the canoneer merc. If you have a canoneer merc in your party (which I do) he has a skill which duplicates the health check license plus debuffs the mob you're facing to boot (something the health check license doesn't do). But even if you don't have either the mobs themselves visually show when they're close to death. They start to 'wilt' and droop right in front of you.


I know a lot of people hate cash shop games and sometimes I do understand where they're coming from. But on the other hand I remember these games are not charities. They must find some way to survive. No one likes to give their daily labor for free. We have a word for that - slavery. 


In the end I do not really consider Atlantica Online a *bad* cash shop game. That is - the kind of MMO that gives advantages solely to the cash shop gamers and Never ever ever lets non-cash shoppers have the chance to aquire game advantage items as well. AO is mostly a proposition. If you don't want or simply can't spend money in the cash shop for things like the auto-battle license then you can grind for the in-game money to get them from other players instead (or learn to craft some of them). But to my knowledge I haven't found anything in the cash shop that's not also available at some point to non-cash shoppers.


The one thing I do not know is about the cash shop mercs. I think you can also get those in-game but at a very high price. Not sure about that though as I don't do cash shop mercs.


I do wish they would come out with new monsters. And the North American continent is ridiculously un-inhabited compared to most other places.


To the guy who was having problems installing the game I am sorry to hear that. Hope you found a solution.




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INTJ, fun is fun except when it's not

7/03/12 11:12:20 PM#25

Not been on in ages and ages, I think my main was around Level 90-95 or so, had a lot of fun on this one though and would recommend it to anyone looking for a different style game.


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7/09/12 8:25:03 PM#26

Nice post i play now 5 months. and sofar i like it. Also play other online games like eve-online which i pay a yearley fee for.

But also 150 other games. Did play Legends of Mir II, but that game stopped.

I just became lvl 100 with one character and i must admit the prices for equipment are high. So lots of training centers now and lots of pve and I am not a pvp'er.

I was in a good guild till a character know as "Luna06" threw me out of the nation. Some people are just not King worthy material.

I am a new guild now and a like there too.

I play every day now.




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Joined: 7/14/05
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INTJ, fun is fun except when it's not

7/10/12 1:37:41 AM#27

I started up again, doh!  Can't stop playing now, lol.

This game really is just so much fun and such a nice change of pace from the normal.  Has it's bad points, but every game does if you want to find them.  Overall loving it again, jsut sad I had to start over from L1.

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