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Wakfu (WF)
Ankama Games | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 02/29/12)  | Pub:Ankama Games
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
System Req: PC Mac Linux | Out of date info? Let us know!

Wakfu: Free2Play OR Free2Pay?

My thoughts of Wakfu after a week of Free2Play.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.
Hello to all of you out in Internet Land.
This is my review on the MMO Wakfu, then again I think you already know that. :P
This is a pretty good looking game with a great concept behind it; there are just some execution problems (at least for free2play people).
After signing up, downloading the client, and updating it; you will get to login and pick your class. Hay! With 12 classes to pick from, and two more on the way, there is something for everyone.
  • Cra, your archer class
  • Eniripsa, the healer (and yes the names get worse)
  • Sadida, doll controller class
  • Xelor, magic user
  • Sram, the assassins of the game
  • Ecaflip, gambler class(they have control over Critical Hit)
  • Pandawa, fist fighter
  • Sacrier, berserker class (another fist fighter)
  • Osamodas, beast master
  • Enutrof, treasure hunter (its your basic blacksmith class but in this game everyone can be a blacksmith, more on this later)
  • Feca, protector class
  • Iop, your melee class
Once you pick your class you can then customize them, to a certain extent: colour of your hair, skin colour, eye colour, clothing colour, hair style, and clothing style. Finally name your character/toon/self and off into the world of Wakfu.
Ch1. Character Mechanics
Each class gets 3 spell trees with 5 spells in each and 10 support skills. Each spell tree is based off one of 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth), so yes you may encounter monsters that you will not have a spell strong against. The nice thing here is that your spell tree has its own exp counter, the more you use the more exp they earn and the more powerful they become. You can learn every spell available to your class then mix and match which ones work good for you and/or work good together.
Support skills work a little differently... Once you gain a level you will get 5 support points to spend. Some of these support skills can help you out, your allies (if you team), or are passive (which are great, in my opinion).
Your abilities and characteristics (your character states) are also customizable, but you can do this in other RPGs too. You will get 5 points for every level you gain and then put them where ever you like; these two categories share the same point pool, so spend wisely. The catch here is that not all abilities and characteristics are created equally. To improve your HP all you have to do is spend 1 point where as your dodge cost 2 points. You can also increase the range of all your attacks for 80 points.
The one problem with point allocation is that once you pick and accept you can NOT reallocate at a future point. There are no NPC's, there are no item (in-game or online store), nothing.
Ch2. Professions
In many MMO's certain classes provide the role of crafting equipment, in Wakfu any class can provide those roles. These roles called professions here are:
  • Farmer
  • Fishermen
  • Herbalist
  • Lumberjack
  • Miner
  • Trapper
  • Weapons Crafter
  • Armor
  • Baker
  • Chef
  • Handyman
  • Jeweler
  • Minter (you can make the in-game currently)
  • Leather Dealer
  • Tailor
This makes for, or at least tries to, a very vibrant economy. Now, many of you may have notices the space within the list; that’s because the top group is the gathering professions and the bottom group is the crafting professions. Gathering professions get materials from the world and crafting professions craft from those materials. A great concept to get players, all players, involved in the economy of the game and to interact with each other.
As a Free2Play character you will only have access to the gathering professions and they will all be useless to you.
Ch3. Citizenship & National Pride
Another great concept; once you get passed the tutorial you, no matter if you are free2play or not, will get the chance to pick one of four nations to be a part of. In each nation you will have greater opportunities in some profession over other nations but you can still do well in these professions if you are a member of other nations.
Being a citizen of a nation allows you run for national government, affect the national environment, and participate in wars with other nations. You could if you pay; if you are a free2play all you get is a little note in your name saying you are a national of X nation.
Once you pick a nation to be a part of you can’t change, you are stuck with the first one you go with and you can’t travel to the others (at least not in my experience).
Nations also have unique dungeons that appear in all nations but again if you are free2play you don’t get to go in.
Ch4. Ecosystem
Over hunting a monster means that that monster can go extinct forever! O.o Amazing.
So many MMOs build you up saying that your decisions and actions affect the world around you but few (very few.., almost none... OK none) actually deliver on this idea. You can introduce new plants and monsters to your nation or kill off the ones you don’t like at all.
But if you are free2play don’t worry, nothing you do will affect anything, other than your time.
Ch5. The World
The over world is big, nothing ginormagantuan but big enough, then you add your nations map it gets the job done for an over world. There is also a smaller under world and some really small island worlds and even return to the tutorial world. All have their own set of monsters and resources that can be collected and fought, respectively.
As a free2play player you get the major over world, the smaller under world, and the tutorial world. Period*.
*You do get access to the nation you become a citizen of but walking around looking at how nice everything looks gets old.
Ch6. Equipment
Pretty run of the mill here. Armor, weapons, boots, capes, helms, shoulder pads, etc.
They come in sets and they give extra bonuses if equip as such, pretty cool. They also appear on your character/toon/self once equip too.  I like and hate this all at the same time; if the equipment looks cool I’m all for it, if the equipment has great states but looks horrible I’m against it. I know it’s all in the eyes of the beholder but still I’m sure we have all had this thought at least once. Ha-ha.
The only restriction to equipment is level, not even weapons are class restricted. You could be a Magic user and carry a dirty big axe with you or a huge sword and look bad @$$ as you enter battle.
Ch7. Grinding
The most dreaded word in MMOs and Wakfu is no different. The only way to get some equipment is to grind, or craft them; this is a pain as Wakfu has a rather low drop rate. I spent 2-3 hours grinding monsters looking for a piece of equipment gained 7 levels and nothing else. Another one was some dungeon key a fair few people were running around looking for them and complaining how many monsters they had killed and got nothing. I myself had to grind a few hours for them.
I personally have never ground that long to just get into a dungeon.
Ch8. Quests
In Wakfu there are 2 types of quests: The first is what I like to call the general quest list, these you get the moment you start the game, this rather large list of quest with their own list of requirements to complete. The other are grind quests, that you get from monster drops; they have you killing X number of a type of monster and win a exp boost.
I do like that Wakfu gives you a list of quests seeing as many sandbox MMOs, especially this one, give no direction one what to do next. You can do a few quests till you have an idea of what you want to do next.
As a Free2Play player you have access to the entire quest list but good luck finishing them; as many, you need to be a paying player to finish and collect the reward. You may not ever know you need to be till you get to that last objective and find you can go no farther in the quest.
Ch9. Other Players
As with other MMOs you can team up with other players and challenge them to battles. You can join and make guilds too; well you can make them if you are a paying player, not that big of a deal.
Now I have heard that paying player cant team with none paying. Trading in locked out unless you are paying as well; vending is also locked out.
I have been snubbed by a few mainly nationed players, but I have meet a fair few good and nice people, mainly none nationed players, that seem more than happy to help others in need.
Graphics: 9 out of 10. Looks amazing but only one camera angle
Music: 7 out of 10. Nothing horrible but nothing special
Game Play: 8 out of 10. Starts great but trails off rather quickly.
Concept: 10 out of 10. My action has an effect come on the world around me, that’s cool.
Bottom Line
This is NOT a Free2Play game; it’s more of an extended but limited trail version. I see this as a miss direction to get more people playing and hopefully paying. I have no problem with an extended/limited trail version but tell people don’t call it Free2Play because it’s not. And don’t say anything about it (or even give a hint of displeasure) on the forum or you will get enough trolls to tell you how wrong your opinions are and how horrible of a person you are for even thinking that. I also strongly discourage giving any thought on what might make the game better; you will get the same responses.
Wakfu has some great ideas, great game mechanics and while not perfect (and what is these days) is a great way to lose a few hours doing something fun. As long as you are willing to pay for it.
I say give her a try see how it all works but look for another game if you are looking for a free2play MMO and there are many that are really Free2Play. 
Final Score


 Sandbox Environment
 Amazing Combat Mechanics
 Low Learning Curve
 Large Quest Pool
 Great Concept For Game Environment
 Misleading Free2Play
 Horrible Drop Rate
 Grind Quests
 Poor Forum Community

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