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Hanbit Soft
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 06/12/09)  | Pub:Atlus Online
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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NeoSteam Forum » General Discussion » Neosteam Players?

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Joined: 8/05/08
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OP  8/05/08 9:48:35 PM#1

Hi to all players of Neosteam Online here at MMORPG.

Please Introduce your self and I will do the first:

Hi, I'm khels Im currently playing Neosteam Now and My in game name is RenZie` - Summoner from Elerd country im now level 57 ^_^

Please inform me and add me as your friend.. thank you


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8/05/08 9:56:24 PM#2

Somewhat unanimously it was agreed that neosteam sucked.

Sorry, but it's true.


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OP  8/05/08 10:02:06 PM#3

How Come you can say that? Doe's everybody hate Neosteam?

I can say NO..

because I love neosteam

How did you say so? didn't you enjoyed paying it? and why?


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8/06/08 2:41:44 PM#4

Hmm why do people not like neosteam?

Well im actually playing it now to burn time before atlantica comes online, but heres what you can expect.

RvR, which has the potential to be really fun, as you grind for xp bonuses on mobs in the pvp area, theres several maps split up by levels ranges.  these maps are small to encourage conflict between the sides and ofers a rang of mobs in the specified level range, all have expra exp added to encourage both sides to fight for spots to grind.....but the problem is that 70% of the game is Rogwell and 30% are Eledar(however you spell it)  This means that when the other side actually shows up you got a LOT of players waiting to jump on them, if your the other side, you have to grind near the gate out so you can flee when you get zerged.  SO what ends up happening is you get one RvR side grinding the best spot with several hard core pvpers camping the other sides entrance, if your this side you will usualy give up trying to grind here after a bit.  this leaves packs of hungly pvpers waiting for the other side to show up.   If the sides were even and there was more conflict it would actually be fun. That being said, it has the potential for good RvR but it doesnt  come through.

Quests:  look for lots of multiple part quests that have you running all over the place, you get the reward after completing all parts.  Usualy they arent even worth doing, the less you do the more the npc's spam you in town.  The travel syswtem between towns and RvR map is great, but traveling from town to the farming zones is confusing and doesnt work very well.  You will find yourself doing a lot of slow running, several times, before you get a meager amount of xp and gold.  You dont get weapons or armor, you get that though this seemingly never ending trial box, that is level locked and contains your armor and weapons for that level range, and another box for the next level range.

Origionality:  very little here, theres steam, which is like another stat (like SP or MP) thats used for various attacks and traveling.  Other than that this games like all other asian grinders (except if offers RvR)

Grind:  Very grindy game, most of the quests are tedious an boring, which will leave you party grinding on the RvR maps for hours and hours to get a level or two.  Other than a few low level events and some RvR events your grinding in the same spot (usualy fighting with yor own side for possesion of the best spot) if your the under populated side you really cant take advantage of grinding on the RvR map for extra xp since you will get punded by team after team from the other side untill yo give up.  Theres just too many on one side.

So there you have it, everything you expect from an asian grinder with a cash shop. Nothing new, has a tiny bit of potential if the sides even out, but they wont.  So this is why people dont like Neosteam, same game diffrent skin.  I would compare it to Flyff only with RvR.


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8/09/08 3:19:13 AM#5

wait for roope isle update for the true RvR


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12/13/08 3:18:02 AM#6

if only the game didnt tend to slow down background internet activity...

oh yeah, im dated. in game is Dated, Assasin from Rogwel, lv 17

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1/02/09 2:57:41 AM#7

I played this game for 3 months and i only quit because I was playing to try another game and broke all my weapons. (+8/s7 kether)  and 4 (+7/s5 kethers) if u wanted to know.  Out of the billions of MMORPG i played, this one is the most enjoyable.  This is the only game that i know of with a Atk & Def game play.  For those of you who don't know what that means:

In NeoSteam, there is an area in the game call RearLand.  This map is share by the 2 enemy countries.  When you train in this map, it is usually 2x the exp from normal maps.  Currently RearLand only have 3 parts (under lv 31, lv31-45, lv45-60)  So you can never be too out leveled when you are fighting.  At the center of each part, there's an area with monster that gives the best exp.  So 1 country will always try to have a party there and hog the area.  And the other country will always try to get a party to steal the area. 

Usually when u start off an mmorpg, it's really hard to make friends to party or just being too lazy to look.  But in this game, everyone in the same country are like friends and you can always find a party easily.

Like that guy above said, right now Neosteam have a country population of 70/%30%  But if u didn't realize, most people like to play games with a challenge (i always love to 1 vs 3 and kill them all) and join the 30% side.


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1/11/09 12:24:22 PM#8

It sounds good to me.  I think I'll give it a try!

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4/01/09 10:23:38 AM#9



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5/29/09 6:26:03 AM#10

WHY oh WHY do I like this game!!!!  hahaha game is pretty kool, I guess I don't really try anime style games (I fail as an asian) but so far i'm liking it.  It has plenty O bugs, and no aliasing :( but hey it's not bad at all.  I really hate the glow effect but I turned it on for this.  I'm kinda mad I can't strafe or remap keys so I'm just clicking for now.  No reason anyone even remotely interested should try it.  As the game get's more refined I could see myself enjoying it more. 


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5/29/09 7:43:11 AM#11

I'm downloading the client now.  :)  I'll give it a shot.


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5/31/09 7:47:40 PM#12

 Very grindy, seems more fantasy than Steampunk, and kiddos everywhere as expected. Among the standard cash shop crap there is one interesting feature and that's the ability to build and trick out steam based siege engines and vehicles later on. It would be nice to see that kind of thing in a mainstream MMO, but then again, it would be nice just to see a good mainstream steampunk MMO done proper as well.

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6/24/09 10:17:51 PM#13
Originally posted by gath

Somewhat unanimously it was agreed that neosteam sucked.

Sorry, but it's true.


As true as the fact that you fail at life? This post ist not for saying how much games suck.


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6/30/09 6:57:53 AM#14
Originally posted by zippy258
Originally posted by gath

Somewhat unanimously it was agreed that neosteam sucked.

Sorry, but it's true.


As true as the fact that you fail at life? This post ist not for saying how much games suck.


Zippy2582, currently lvl 2x.


Dont be sorry, but yes.. its true..  yet another insertnamehere clone - at least its free, so your only wasting your time playing it, not your money...


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8/23/09 9:00:21 PM#15

I rather like the game because it is a slow play clone of lots of other games.

I am funny that way. If a game looks good then I am going to try it.

I guess that makes me boring, but I enjoy almost anything.

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