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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 10/15/09)  | Pub:gPotato
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Dragonica Forum » General Discussion » Dragonica: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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8/21/09 3:32:43 PM#21

The OP pretty much nail most of the major points of the game. But I would like to add some more.


1. The crafting system is pretty simplified you find recipe which drops randomly from mobs + ingredients (also drop from mobs) hit combine and you get the item which is a consumable (food). You make 1 item from each components. Don't worry all the stuff are pretty much common drop. Food can be very useful as they heal you + give stat.

2. There are several types of missions: Hero quest, Normal Tasks and Daily quests. Hero quest are the main story of the game and you need to complete them to further the storyline. They also give very nice unique rewards and tons of XP/Gold. Tasks are your normal grind quest which involves the usual fedex and kill quest. They give OK money and XP you don't really have to do them if you don't want to but if you want achievement titles then do them. Daily quests are quests that changes daily and gives good money/XP/item.  Last are repeatable quest (they have a blue !) quest marker and they usually award some potions and little XP/Gold. 

3. There's a unique feature in the game called Soulcrafting (or spiritcrafting). You can harvest things called souls or spirits from unwanted equipment by using that little hammer on the lower left side of the inventory screen. You can go to the soulcrafting npc which offers her services to convert souls to "unsealing scrolls" and to soulcraft. Soulcraft uses souls to add stats to a piece of equipment by infusing souls into it, if you are successful you can add up to 4 different additional stat to your equipment.

4. Enchanting increases the base stats of the equipment they use enchanting dust and I believe +3 is the safe point, going higher risk failure which can destroy the equipment (and consume the dust used). You can buy protection scrolls from the cash shop to protect your item from being destroyed.

5. Sometimes you may acquire an item that has the word "SEALED" on it. You need to use a unsealing scroll to break the seal (unsealing scrolls cost 3 souls). Once the item is unsealed you will see the item's real stat. Mission maps tends to drop more sealed equipment. You can also encounter items with the word "CURSED" on it, you will need to uncurse the equipment before using. It cost quite a bit of soul to UNCURSE an item so make sure it is something that you want. Uncursing services is also offered by the NPC.

6. I believe there are 4 tiers of item rarity. There are set items that gives a big bonus to stat when wearing all the pieces. It is a challenge to collect the whole set. Very rare items tends to be bind on use.

7. To get a good rank in your mission is to learn how to combo with your team mates. When I first started playing I would just randomly go beat up enemies, fight wildly and always get a bad score. When you learn how to combine combos with your party members you can get a consistent A or S rank score. The key is based on the build of your character, some builds are designed to make it easy to pull out combos easily. Attaining consisten S rank means you get more XP at the end of missions and also more loot. S rank = 4 random loot, A rank = 3 loot, B = 2 loot, C and below = 1 loot.

8. The forumla for mission map score is as follows:  combo score + time left - getting hit -deaths. So the higher combo you pull off, the faster your team kills and not getting hit (or getting hit less) or not dying will give you a great score!  Getting hit too many times or dying will really drag down your score. Each player is rated individually.

9. There's pvp in the game altho I personally haven't tried it yet. Apparently you can gain special coins in PvP matches which allows you to buy special armor sets and potions using the coin.

  User Deleted
11/08/09 5:20:13 AM#22


The game as a whole is really good all around. It has entertaining arcade combat that feels like your skill and actions matter, with moves flowing naturally into comboes (without artificial combo measures like in EQ2). It is jam packed with lot of short CC skills. It is quite different from your average MMO combat on surface and in depth, but very easy to get into.

For other good stuff, well, look at pictures and vides and imagine it just works well, because it does. This paragraph may be short but that does not mean there is little good in game, it would be just listing features and nodding "yes, thats well done too".



The game does not lag much, but when it does,  it really shows, due to the arcade nature. It is not failure as such just a bit optimistic expectation from devs. They rather risked it then water down the great combat they had.

Cash shop sells gear. It may not be obvious at first glance (to hide it from casuals as well as professional writers who cannot spend days reviweving one game, when they write for living). It sells gems to purchase set parts from in-game NPC. The costumes it sells are worn in addition to normal gear as usual - but they can be crafted to have stats. The crafting mats to improve said costumes as well as your standard gear are as well sold in cash shop (some drops in game in abundance too, some rarely, some crucial never). Plus it sells gamebreaking "convenice" items like pots healing you to full with short CD. Also, I was told, by very endgame, you need cash shopped gear to even be able to hit a boss.

It gets grindy relatively soon. I do not mind F2P games to take forever to get to level cap, it is valid school of MMO design. But Dragonica starts to get grindy shortly after you decide on your class (4 archetypes with 2 classes each, chosen at level 20) and gets only worse and worse. First the contents thins and you find yourself re-running the same place over and over and then levelling gets unbelivably slow, holding you back way before such slow down would be reasonable.


Edit: The correction to the above poster for mission map score: You score increses slowly if you keep hitting mobs, increses more rapidly if you interrupt mob casting or hit them from back (this is big as you can ramp up score back on boss; you need party though) and decreases a lot if you get damaged (this is my pet peeve as a healer as I would not mind taking controlled damage othervise and have less CC moves); combo counter does not matter at all. Seriously, why have tank and healer class in game when your party gets severely punished if your tank takes hit and when healer is obsoleted by consumables. In the end, tank is PvP class and healer is boss DPS.


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11/29/09 7:10:05 AM#23

Just another chinese free2play crap game not even worth watching at. Besides it co-operate with a goldersller/powerlvling site out there. But i guess all those dumbasses falling for the free2play lie dont care. Free2play have only one purpose and that is to milk out as much cash from this industry as possible. And actually it isnt free2pay, to get somewhere in the game you need xp and weapons = micropayments.

Don play it and dont waste any money on it, you'll be feeding goldsellers and powerlvlers that will ruin serious games.


  User Deleted
12/17/09 7:55:20 PM#24

Ah why so much hate? Cannot take MMO that requires even bare minimum of RL skill?

Sure, cash shop is evil. Not because it robs you of money, that is your personal problem. But because it does bad things to good games, like making grind tedious and cheapening your achievements. I am not sure is Dragonica is the same everywhere but gPotato seems to have bad press they seem to deserve.

Still, this game is much improved Maple Story in 3D. It did what Age of Conan promised but was scared to do - action packed combat without targetting. It does what so many MMOs lack - you see and hear what is happening without reading combat log, you learn not to stand in fire in your first day instead of in some raid and won't even notice. There is just enough skill required to make you feel like it actually matters yet not rule the less gifted out. The crating (cooking and gear improvements) is light and easy to understand. The grouping is ecouraged and happens spontaneously.

Sure, it is sidescrolling combat game and it is F2P so nothing worth playing hardcore. What is really persistent today? EvE?


  User Deleted
12/21/09 6:29:30 PM#25

This game is very prone to leechers. Another irritating thing about it is that only certain classes are good - most aren't. And many players will actually go that far into excluding you from groups if you don't play that 2-3 good classes.


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12/27/09 4:17:47 AM#26

I've played this game in a serious sense and managed to 54.

At this point in level, it becomes just like every other cash shop game, where only the ones who spend the money to super power their equips are any good.


Even worse is when I made a 3xish archer. I inadvertently grouped together with a person that literally bought their level. At best a normal person can upgrade their equipment to get one stat boost. This person wasted their money getting their low 3x equipment to godly upgrade levels. All of their items had at least 2 stat boosts, with 4 of them having 3 stat boosts.

This might sound confusing, but then when we started using our attacks it became embarrassing/ They had essentially tripled my attack. Normally I would be ecstatic for something like this, and even moreso when a second had come to "help". The biggest problem was that with these two cutting corners and buying their way into godly equipment, I could not keep up or even attempt to compete with them. They had the ignorant and bratty idea to berate me for "not helping", and held a piece of equipment that they neither needed or could use over my head, saying that I didn't deserve it.


long story short is that this game has a cash shop that ruins this game if you're not careful with who you play with. I have not and now will never spend money in this game. It just ruins the worth of it in my eyes.


experienced rating:

The Good

  • Simple control scheme
    • Uses ↑/↓/←/→, X for attack, C for jump, and 16 buttons you can use however you choose be it skills or healing items
  • To some the cutesy anime style is a plus
  • Finding people to play and grind with you has never been a problem
  • The player community is usually good, but there are dramatic exceptions, guilds are plenty and filled with them

The Bad

  • This is a grinding game. Sure there's quests, but they offer no worthwhile reward besides exp that is outdone by grinding
  • Game breaking/easily abused  cash shop
    • all clothing can be upgraded to offer more defense and give stats, and same with the weapon option for offense.
    • After a certain level, you will be strongly urged to get one of the two ultimate weapons and upgrade it. Making these weapons require a cash shop item, and a hefty investment to safely upgrade your weapon (people tend to stop at +12, as going further is even more expensive)
  • Unstable economy (prices skyrocket and plummet every other week)
  • Bad programming (the game has constant crashes and memory leaks, making this game use way more RAM than it needs to)
  • End game almost requires you spend money, as it's the only way to keep any sort of pace (this is expected, it's a cash shop F2P after all)
  • They (Barunson/THQ*ICE) get their money by disabling the ability to trade bought items in game, and the only way to get them is a risky maneuver
    • it takes two separate transactions, the cash (known to the game as ice) buyer usually sends his in game money to the ice seller first. Then the seller is obligated to "gift" (cash items are not tradeable in game, you can however buy something directly to someone else's account) the item to them. Any scamming gets both players banned as it is against the rules to transact real money for in game money, which means if the seller scams, the buyer usually will not report, as his account is more important than the in game money lost.

The Ugly

  • Not rare to find immature brats that have their parents drop money on this game for them.
  • Barunson (the developer) and THQ*ICE do not communicate well, if at all.
  • The last few patches have nerfed a few classes
  • Recently they have also nerfed experience, making the grind even more steep. They refuse to admit this by saying they have "found it to be normal"
  • There is NO communication between the user base (forums) and the moderating team. The forums are spammed with complaints over the recent changes and there hasn't been ONE response.
    • Example 1 An item was removed that furthers the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Older players had the chance to max out their skill tree with inexpensive and obtainable "Skill Forges", which gave you 1 skill point
    • Example 2 Scapes, who is the only person for the user base to talk to, is just one person. The biggest problem is he does not even respond to the threads with the big questions, but instead focuses on advertising the new cash shop clothes for sale. It's not his fault though, it's his job to inform us of the new things to buy.


I hope this helps people with their decision on whether or not they want to play this. It's a fun game with nice players when you're at the right place at the right time, but with so many problems there's a lot of sacrifices to the player's standards being made.



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7/04/10 2:23:36 AM#27


Rich text editor, message, press ALT 0 for help.

well every 1 who still plays this game i beg u play on iah dont even bother with thq i mean come on the level cap on thq is still 65 thats just bad and the grind is terrible im playing on iah im lvl 60 could be lvl 75 in no time if i wanted in iah they give out evp event like its christmas no lie i mean with the new f6 game mode + a exp event at lvl 60 i got 30% exp in less than a hour now thanks to the new patch u actauly benefit alot from doing the yellow quest just read the patch note at iah trust me unlike thq version this game is not dead and actualy has a increase in player which is causeing packed servers 24/7 now that the servers r level based 1-30 has 2 server 1 40-like 55 idk them really then like 1 50-65 then theres like 1 65-75 any ways u pick the right server for your lvl u get 5% exp buff ^^ but because of the rise of new player and now that player of lvl 50-75 r playing much packed server thats the 1 bad thing bout the patch but seriusly return 2 dragonica on iah unles u know koreans or phillipine then u really lucky -_- but any ways new exp rate new game mode for mm and pvp paris dugeaon new job class for lvl 60 warrior r now alot stronger alot of class balanceing took place like my attack is 2000 points stronger with my new weapon 0_0

biginjury Xfire Miniprofile

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8/06/10 12:26:18 AM#28

Think it's worth noting that you can get rid of at least half of the bad/ugly if you play on the IAH server (SEA) instead of the THQ.


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8/30/10 7:45:01 AM#29

Totaly right

I am from Europe and when i start play Dragonica, i tryed on G potato servers. Was terrible. When moved on IAh server much easier to play and no bugs, or bots. Community is great and alive. Lots of people who played on THq comes on IAH because of new patch-s and fun. If you want to play this fine game go on Iah .

And all about cash shop is on its place but someone need to support this game with and he deserve to be little bit over powered. LOL . but i will never buy cash


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"For I am a Blood Angel , yet I suffer from the Red Derp."

3/27/11 12:02:21 PM#30

This game is so far from a Maplestory Clone. It's amazing. Im alos at level cap just did my 3rd job change and not once have i needed the Cash shop. (:  SOOOOOOO FUN THOUGH. Really has an arcade sytle to it.

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