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MMOFPS | Setting:Historical | Status:Final  (rel 06/04/01)  | Pub:Matrix Games
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WWII Online: Battleground Europe Videos: Battleground Europe - Damage Model Video (2:08)

This video is a graphic representation of what happens when damage is applied to a vehicle. It isn't simply a matter of a hit causing 25% damage. Physics play a huge role in determining which parts of the vehicle suffer damage, whether those parts are rendered inoperable, is there damage being caused to other parts of the vehicle by ammunition cooking off, and much more!

This video is a graphic representation of what happens when damage is applied to a vehicle. It isn't simply a matter of a hit causing 25% damage. Physics play a huge role in determining which parts of the vehicle suffer damage, whether those parts are rendered inoperable, is there damage being caused to other parts of the vehicle by ammunition cooking off, and much more!
Duration: 2:08
Views: 16,566  21 comments
Game: WWII Online: Battleground Europe
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Kazzer writes: nice Wed Jun 04 2008 7:54AM Report
KnightHawk63 writes: Would be nice for a graphics update. Wed Jun 04 2008 9:26AM Report
dogbertx writes: Graphios are getting better and better. Reportedly, the next patch will see another boost in graphics and performance. Dogbertx Wed Jun 04 2008 10:10AM Report
Jupsto writes: pretty cool. I think a graphics update is in need. Wed Jun 04 2008 10:30AM Report
Sp00sh writes: Pretty sick way of handling damage. But yes, a graphics update would be nice! Wed Jun 04 2008 11:46AM Report
ddevil writes: The graphics in this video are not representative of the current in-game graphics. Wed Jun 04 2008 12:06PM Report
cbas writes: Ballistic models and physics models for individual ammo types blah blah blah. End result is a sub par, I'll go as far as to say crappy looking, resource pig of a game that lags like hell. I have tried the game, liked the concept but horrible game play. Wed Jun 04 2008 1:13PM Report
ToTXfire writes: I used to play this game with an intensity that rivalled drug addiction. I quit when gameplay took a back seat to better graphics etc. This game used to be absolutely awesome. Now they are providing a superior damage model to a bunch of shoebox box shooter goons with little concept of the games depth. When they had to herd the cats via a BS (brigade spawning) system I got fed up. If they make this game less moron friendly like it used to be, I'll come back and get my PWN on. Wed Jun 04 2008 1:27PM Report
JonathJCen writes: I played WWII Online for several months. With the right squad mates this game can become very adictive. The sense of victory you have over defeating an enemy is far greater than in another game, because it takes a lot of skill and thought in many cases. It has a steap learning curve but if you are up for the challange, it's an amazing game. Graphics are actualy better than in this video. It's no super modern looking game, but it plays beyond anything else I've ever gotten into. I intend to return to the game sometime down the road when I have more time on my hands. Wed Jun 04 2008 5:32PM Report
Teran1987 writes: Because the game is so huge, the graphics can't be that spiffy, but the gameplay is AWESOME. Thu Jun 05 2008 1:27AM Report
redcap036 writes: One of the largest online real time worlds I've ever had the pleasure of playing in, they also celebrating there 7th year online,(2001 to 2008), the graphic's are good and clean, this game don't need bump mapping and blur etc... this is a real game not one of those show off games or toy games like WOW, AoC, just to name a few, if you want a game that makes the hairs on the back of your neck to rise as you move over a new hill, because you think you know where the enemy is at, this the game for you, if on the other hand, you want an uber-toon to pwn, gank and show off how tuff you are, then this is not the game for you. Damage models, very nice, reminds me of the Battlefront games damage system. I also will re-sub when I have more time to play. ToTXfire, did you ever consider that they changed the game to get rid of players like you. Thu Jun 05 2008 9:39PM Report
Corto writes: Absolutely great game. Will go back once I get bored with EVE :-) Fri Jun 06 2008 12:04PM Report
mrthemike writes: I played this game from the day it came out until a year or two after. It was basic when it was first released to say the least, but the upgrades they have made to it are amazing. I don't play it anymore right now as without a squad and coordinated attacks it can become very time consuming and boring. Very high learning curve for anyone that wants to get into it. Tue Jun 10 2008 8:47AM Report
Dalziel writes: they are working on a graphic update and engine update. Its a small staff, but are very vocal and active with info on the game forums. Wed Jun 11 2008 2:01AM Report
Dalziel writes: most games render 300m of terrain- ww2ol can render 2-3km of terrain. No way can current games render that much terrain with their current graphics. Wed Jun 11 2008 2:03AM Report
ShadowWolf81 writes: There's only one thing i did not like about WW2OL... and its this. Yes its a larg 'seamless' world.. (you can literaly drive across the map, though it take a few hours) But what i didnt like is that in a fight.. the game handles 'lag' (or use to that is.. its been almost a year since i played) By limiting the 'players' drawn on the screen. So basicaly, say your fightign at a town.. Sure you can see the turrain for 3-4km away from you... but there is a 'bubble' that moves with your avatar... any players outside that 'bubble' you cannot see.. AND.. there is a limit to how many players you can see withen your bubble if their in range. Which led to alot of 'i just got shot in a empty room' comments made over the radio when there was a 'larg scale' fight going on for a town. Which basicaly meant there were the 'max' # of people already displayed withen someones 'bubble'.. and another persone came into range.. but since the game was already displaying the max.. it didnt 'draw' that persone for the other player.. meaning he basicaly got killed by a ghost. I stoped playing when i started seeing this happen more and more often.. so i dunno if its still the way its programed or not. Wed Jun 11 2008 10:10PM Report
Altug writes: I played the game for 2 years after its start day. The devs were talking about a graphics update for so many years. It seems its a lie to keep the people playing it. It was a great game. But now... Well there is no other game with that concept. Fri Jun 20 2008 2:45PM Report
redriver writes: the graphics engien was upgraded mutliple times since the release.. go pay the game again :) me too played ww2on since day one for a few years pretty much... I liked the earlier game more despite the "crappy" graphics. what was more important to me at the time had nothin' to do with graphics(which weren't bad as far as models go). ww2on was the only ww2 sim that would let ya play against thousands in persistent virtual online world(that's back in 2002!) I loved the realistic damage and how accurately they modeled everythin' from interior to exterior and the sound/physics. I'm sad to admit that I no longer play this game... I found it too time consumin' and just way too immersive for my old bum to be part of. the experience was very mixed. it ranged from great fun to atterly frustratin' lol Thu Jun 26 2008 2:09PM Report
bigtime102 writes: All this behind the scene physics and ballistics just eats away all the performance in this game and youre left with nothing but a damage model that looks no differnt than any other game. The only difference is you have to hit a certain spot to kill a tank, big deal did they really need write thousands of code and eat up dozens of FPS for something you dont even see the results of which look no different if they werent even there?! This video says it all, this isnt a game its a demo made by wwii technology geeks that have no clue what PVP games are about. Mon Jun 30 2008 12:52AM Report
Kagutsuchi47 writes: I liked playing that weekend free it was fun Coordinated HUGE airborne assaults is mostly what I did.......It was awesome taking two Sticks of Airborne units and dropping them over a town filled with Axis and when drop time came and the Jump Master said GO some of us hit the ground alive others were shot in mid air by rogue AA shots.It was fun graphics weren't amazing and I understand that the size of the world prevented this but the gameplay was all that mattered.....It was fun and thats all I gotta say Wed Jul 02 2008 8:55PM Report
Sparre writes: Bigtime102, I can garantee you that you sure use the damage model. In other game can you kill a big tank like the Tiger by shoting it with an LMG. In WWIIOnline can you do that too, but only if you walk up to it and shot through an open viewslit and are able to either hit the crew (you kill them) or the ammo storage that will blow up the tank (and you too :D). If you don't know where to hit a tank will you waste all your ammo on it with the only result to scratch the paint, and enoy the crew. Sun Jul 06 2008 2:16PM Report
User Rating: 7.6
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