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Hi-Rez Studios | Official Site
MMOFPS | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 02/01/10)  | Pub:Hi-Rez Studios
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

Global Agenda Videos: E3 Interview (5:46)

Executive Producer Todd Harris tells us about Hi-Rez Studios' sci-fi MMOFPS.

Executive Producer Todd Harris tells us about Hi-Rez Studios' sci-fi MMOFPS.
Duration: 5:46
Views: 6,363  26 comments
Game: Global Agenda
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Darkbleach writes: This seems more like a xbox game. Tue Jun 16 2009 2:52PM Report
wese writes: This looks like fun, we will see if its worth it. Tue Jun 16 2009 4:13PM Report
Talon27 writes: Holy crap that looks GOOD! Can't wait. Tue Jun 16 2009 4:30PM Report
lightjak13 writes: I like any FPS so I don't care what others say it looks like a great game hands down Tue Jun 16 2009 5:00PM Report
KoDoMoAsobi writes: Dark: It is PC Platform only, however you can hook your XBox controller up to your computer and play with that as well. Game is looking great! I can't wait! Tue Jun 16 2009 9:12PM Report
rmk70 writes: best looking game coming out. definitely lookng forward to it. Tue Jun 16 2009 11:20PM Report
De_Devil writes: This game seriously looks promising and is one game I look forward to play this year-2009 Wed Jun 17 2009 1:14AM Report
IVlonarch writes: looks so good Wed Jun 17 2009 6:17AM Report
GENoverkill writes: its going to suxxx..... seriously Wed Jun 17 2009 8:20AM Report
StrikeFear writes: I hate it when shooters make your avatar too tough and make players survive longer than a few hits. It makes positioning, cover, flanking - all of those cool tactics - useless. You end up playing a game like UT or Q3A where you just run around dodging in the open, and gaining ground is as easy as bunny-hopping to your objective. There's no way to prevent players form getting to an area. Wed Jun 17 2009 9:53AM Report
BlackWatch writes: Looks console. Wed Jun 17 2009 10:29AM Report
Aiiane writes: What exactly is "looks console" supposed to mean? Wed Jun 17 2009 9:45PM Report
haibane writes: well Console gameplay is actually a good thing to me (say, prototype ? vs PC version ??). A strategic shooter, little like Guild Wars but in a FPS setup ? Seems good to me. Complementary to The company ! Thu Jun 18 2009 1:41AM Report
Anciegher writes: How is this an MMO? Thu Jun 18 2009 5:07AM Report
cdnJynx writes: this is an mmo cause of the massively multiplayer online game, and rpg aspects is that its a persistant world where u keep the same character and work on them to be better, Game is looking great guys keep up the good work GAMC Thu Jun 18 2009 5:42AM Report
gambankim writes: its not fps lightjak Thu Jun 18 2009 1:14PM Report
Nikademous writes: i fail to see the longevity of this game... Fri Jun 19 2009 1:19AM Report
Rakuji writes: Looks pretty neat. Fri Jun 19 2009 8:43AM Report
AllNewMMOSuk writes: I agree with one of the other posters, I hate shooters that are completly unrealistic, and it does always result in people just running around in the open while non stop firing = shooter for unskilled players. Doubt I'll be trying this one. Fri Jun 19 2009 10:28AM Report
Sgt.Savage writes: First off I respect the fact of any game developer actually attpemting to break the mold and do something a little different. Having siad that.... Hardcore MMO players will most likely not like the shooter aspectsand hardcore shooter lovers will RUN from the MMO RPG most of the time. Mass Effect, although it sold well due to poor title availibilty on the Xbox 360, it was a horrible game, mostly because it tried to meld RPG with shooter, and it was a pretty boring gameplay combo. Other games in the past have tried to merge these two genres with little to no success. They might have had a better game had they stuck to RPG or FPS. As a BIG fan of RPG's through the years and a huge FPS afficiando, I sincerely hope this game is a good one. Pay 2 play is a NO GO on this one. You must make it free for any chance of success. With 2 Halo games on the Horizon and 2 Final Fantasy Games also on the horizon including an new MMO Final Fantasy (14). Competition is going to be stiff, and it's gonna be hard to get noticed, let alone get gamers to put down their prooven title to try this one out. The game looks like a shooter, like Unreal or Tribes or Halo sorta. Does'nt stike a very RPG chord over here. Seems intresting as a shooter and kinda weak as an RPG. Mon Jun 22 2009 2:13PM Report
KingCoopah writes: a few of my guildmates alpha tested this game. co-guildmaster got banned, i couldn't run the game, so i let him use mine. they played for about a week then got bored and left. because it plays like an fps, you get burned out in the same way you would when playing one, even with the extras. give it a shot, its supposed to be pretty damn fun, but take it with a grain of salt. Tue Jun 30 2009 3:31AM Report
VowOfSilence writes: looks nice, but players got too many HP for my taste. I prefer FPS that play more like Counterstrike... Tue Jun 30 2009 5:59AM Report
Reager writes: this looks very promising, definetely trying it out Tue Jun 30 2009 2:19PM Report
FalconEye79 writes: Amazing that some people think they can talk for an entire group of players. I'm an oldschool MMORPG player - all the way back from the Beta of EQ (not counting UO)... I've EG raided in almost every MMO outthere. So Sgt.Savage i would be what you consider to be hardcore, nomatter what your scale is! I for one LOVE the whole idea of merging two gametypes into one. I'm a pretty desent FPS/shooter player as well, so im sure this game is gonna be up my alley (and most other of my "hardcore mmoplaying friends"'s - and there is alot of em :-P ). The fact that some people believe that an MMO should be in a certain way pisses me off. CHANGE IS GOOD... and this looks to be a VERY much needed breath of fresh air, to a genre that's beginning to get a little monotome in it's execution. Oh yeah almost forgot... for you guys who complain about realism... All games are unrealistic. Have u ever been shot in the leg? I'm pretty sure that it would be enough to take u out of a fight. I know the movies tells u otherwise... but... How fun would any game be if u where take out by a legshot, or if someone cast a fireball on you, you just laid down and died ... i'm pretty sure IRL it would matter what level the fireball was... it would still muff u up pretty badly. Not to mention the whole ..... casting a fireball thing... hehe. In short: stop making dumb remarks about how much it's gonna suck before u've tried it. I for one am looking forward to it ... ALOT. Not because i'm sure it's gonna be great no... but simply because they are trying to give us a new gaming experience, and this should be apreciated by ALL gamers - nomatter what your preference of gametype is! Sun Sep 27 2009 10:36AM Report
FalconEye79 writes: Correction ..... lol ... it WOULDN'T matter what level the fireball was! Sun Sep 27 2009 10:40AM Report
tddavis writes: IF your are going to make an MMO FPS at least show off world pvp. No one cares about instanced arena maps. If i want that I will just go play any other FPS that will have better gameplay than this. the only reason to do this kind of game is for world pvp. Wed Dec 16 2009 1:02AM Report