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Earthrise: First Impact Videos: Earthrise: Beta Footage Trailer (0:00)

Masthead Studios has finally revealed that which players have been clamoring for: In-game footage from Earthrise! The video features footage shot during the ongoing beta and presents action PvP and PvE battles and a look at weapons.

Masthead Studios has finally revealed that which players have been clamoring for: In-game footage from Earthrise! The video features footage shot during the ongoing beta and presents action PvP and PvE battles and a look at weapons.
Duration: 0:00
Views: 3,596  34 comments
Game: Earthrise: First Impact
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Seero writes:

I really want Earthrise to be great, but I don't know. This video leaves me a little apprehensive. The terrain is so... flat. No plants or rubble anywhere. The combat seems to be target and wait. I was really hoping aim would play a part in combat. =(

Tue Nov 30 2010 7:48PM Report
Radar11x writes:

One word FireFall

Tue Nov 30 2010 8:14PM Report
scoach writes:

I agree with both of you guys statements.

Tue Nov 30 2010 10:08PM Report
aleos writes:

seriously... who works at these mmo companies and produces something like this and says "Hey, thats a great idea!"

Tue Nov 30 2010 10:32PM Report
urthal22 writes:

Good Concept ... bad developement ?

Wed Dec 01 2010 12:37AM Report
repoman writes:

At first glance i thought Tabula Rasa is back....maybe they recycle some parts. Lots of memorys came back /o:

let them do their job and hopefully we get something

Wed Dec 01 2010 1:12AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Why can't they start with fun and solid combat focused gameplay and then build the rpg workings ontop of that? Instead they did the opposide and its hard to tell when they will get to adding the fun.

Wed Dec 01 2010 1:27AM Report
Joker2240 writes:

There is aiming going on as some of you might have noticed there is no reticle being displayed so we can not see the aiming going on. This is due to the fact that the software used to record the video did not display the reticle. 

This game directly from the CEO of Earthrise:

The TAB key in Earthrise is used by default for switching between free cursor mode and FPS mode. 

Wed Dec 01 2010 3:13AM Report
Joker2240 writes:

Firefall will be a fun shoot em up game but linear it will be and not a sandbox. So there is still much to desire from Firefall. 

Wed Dec 01 2010 3:14AM Report
vvistovv writes:

was interested, not so much now.  just does not look fun.  maybe if your playing it, it's different.  so bland looking tho

Wed Dec 01 2010 3:25AM Report
cylon8 writes:

for all the hype this is incredibly mediocre i wonder how much money they wasted on this. it's a shame thinking how all the devsof the game will be unemployed shortly after release ...this may beat apb in shortest lifetime of a gamw

Wed Dec 01 2010 4:27AM Report
M4ko writes:

animation, fire and explosion effects are pretty lame, hopefully because it's beta. guy with knives looks just horrible, the way he moves with his arms infront of him is just ugly.

Wed Dec 01 2010 5:51AM Report
M4ko writes:

video didnt really change anyone's opinion about the game, lets see what Open Beta will do for it. Also, would love to see less of Joker's posts, just annoys the hell out of me seeing his constant embelishing comments of this game

Wed Dec 01 2010 5:55AM Report
Joker2240 writes:

It annoys the hell at me your constant trolling of this game! lol All fair now! 

M4ko for troll of the year award! 

Wed Dec 01 2010 7:21AM Report
ArzhAngel writes:

If this is the ready game system, the game will die soon after release sorry :/

Wed Dec 01 2010 8:53AM Report
jkfc writes:

not so cool as looked like some years ago. Graphics are not top notch and they way they walk is just not really well done. 


Some shots are nice but it feels like a world without any life to it. it doesn't live even for a world at war.  The sky was really bad its like a static picture. But lets wait for open beta and see what they come up with. 

Wed Dec 01 2010 1:18PM Report
Sirca writes:

Not really impressed by the game engine and visual aspect. Unless gameplay is fun, not particularly looking for it.

Wed Dec 01 2010 2:02PM Report
Darkholme writes:

It basically looks like Tabula Rasa with better resolution and textures and worse animations and particle effects... The environments in the video look virtually identical to TB except the water effects are more up to date. They need more clutter in the environment to make it feel more "lived-in", and more random critters. The character animations need to be a lot more fluid. The weapon effects need to be "meatier" so they feel satisfying, which goes along with character animations when firing especially. All in all not terrible but if the graphics still need work then IMO it had better stay in the oven long enough... I would love to see some gameplay videos that demonstrate, via verbal and visual explanation, game mechanics more.

Wed Dec 01 2010 3:53PM Report
Chackz writes:

ehhh fail looks like an old shitty xbox game

Wed Dec 01 2010 4:16PM Report
Jupsto writes:

Even though the game design sounded great never had any faith in this one, and still think I'm right looks awful in honesty.

Wed Dec 01 2010 8:39PM Report
Belaz writes:

Holy crap that makes me cry.   Was this made in the 90's?

Wed Dec 01 2010 11:34PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

90s? Do you even know what a 90s game looks like?

oh, thats right keep trolling the comments >

Thu Dec 02 2010 12:21AM Report
Karnage69 writes:

I hope this is Alpha....

Thu Dec 02 2010 3:22AM Report
Herodes writes:

This looks somehow like a mix Anarchy Online + Fallen Earth

Thu Dec 02 2010 3:41AM Report
bumfman writes:

Well I for one appreciate them finaly putting out a video of Beta footage. Beta footage is seldom perfect, I think that should definately be considered as far as how uncluttered the world and unappealing the animation is.

Thu Dec 02 2010 6:30AM Report
thamighty213 writes:

i didnt think it was possible but this actually looks duller than the Earthrise of a couple of year ago

Thu Dec 02 2010 8:27AM Report
elaphros writes:

This looks horrible, even the animations for the melee guy were terrible, why the hell is he running around waving his knives around like a mentally challenged person?

I know betas aren't perfect, but if this is an indication of final state or direction, this is bad.

Thu Dec 02 2010 9:13AM Report
PapaB34R writes:

adding tecno music doesnt make the game auto dynamic fast paced combat, mute the sound and youl see the true pace its dragged down to.. just saying

also whats up with the absent of landscape, wheres the plants, ruins/thingies ala dodads? Or did they simply not care for it

Thu Dec 02 2010 9:40AM Report
Gilwen writes:

Looks nice allthough the terrain could have little bit more in it.

The walking and running on the other hand look a bit retarded and almost fell of my chair while the knife wielding melee fighter was making his way towards the woman who was shooting him. That walking/running looked really hilarious.

Can't wait until they finish this and then mayby I'll try it out. Allthough was serisouly disappointed about the choise to make this target lock game and not a shooter.

Thu Dec 02 2010 10:33AM Report
Hepisodic writes:

Well scratch this off my list now. I wanted to try it but after that beta footage... nope.

Thu Dec 02 2010 11:42AM Report
Ostiak writes:

Thank you all for your feedback on the video! We were excited to finally share it with you. As many of you have pointed out, we are still in beta testing, and therefore the video does include some animations and graphics that need to be polished before the final release, but hopefully it was still a valuable snapshot of Earthrise. With regard to the aiming v. targeting system, players in Earthrise have a choice between free crosshair mode and locked crosshair mode, and there is no autotarget or locked target assistance. Please let us know if you have other questions about what you’ve seen in the video, either here or over at our official forums. Your comments are very valuable to us, as they help our team with the continued development of Earthrise in preparation for release.

Atanas Atanasov Producer of Earthrise
Thu Dec 02 2010 1:29PM Report
Radar11x writes:

Like i said before one word " firefall"

Fri Dec 03 2010 8:29AM Report
Gruug writes:

The animations look stiff and blocky. The terrian shown seems uninspired. From what I had read previously, I would have thought it to look much different. Perhaps by the time of release it will go through some changes but I doubt it at this point.

Sat Dec 04 2010 12:25AM Report
Darkerxx writes:

improve the animations man.

Fri Dec 17 2010 6:40PM Report