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Earthrise: First Impact Videos: Dynamic Targeting Video (0:44)

To clarify potential confusion surrounding Earthrise's combat system, the folks at Masthead studios have produced a new video which shows characters particpating in a brief PvP combat using ranged and melee weapons.

To clarify potential confusion surrounding Earthrise's combat system, the folks at Masthead studios have produced a new video which shows characters particpating in a brief PvP combat using ranged and melee weapons.
Duration: 0:44
Views: 13,094  39 comments
Game: Earthrise: First Impact
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Smikis writes: that looks just terrible.. Wed Apr 15 2009 1:38PM Report
Black0rch1d writes: I have 1 word to classify the action in this short video... BORING ! I am still amazed that they were able to pull out such a good scenery and then bluntly failed in the moving scenes. The character seems to be doing the same thing on a timed basis ... there is no dynamic to the fight ... just a repetition of basic movements with no physix involved. No hit reaction from the oponent ... meh ! Wed Apr 15 2009 1:42PM Report
Karahandras writes: looks really awkward:( Wed Apr 15 2009 1:43PM Report
Apeg writes: Looks like the important piece of information is missing. This video shows targeting and the focus is not on combat. Here is the official explanation by Masthead: Today we have a video representing a PvP fight between one close combat character and group of two characters - one with close combat and one with ranged combat weapons. After all, watching someone else's screen isn't quite as exciting as seeing a new video that shows things so much better! Many of you will be reassured to notice how in Earthrise you will need to move around and target an enemy - much like third person shooters. Players will need to aim their attacks manually through the cursor in the middle of the screen. You will probably notice that in the video the ranged combat player misses his target at some point. Although he sees the attacker, he aims in another direction and his shots are wasted. The video also shows how the close combat character targets and locks his opponent and starts attacking by using the left mouse button for default attack. Later on he switches on the ranged combat character and attacks him as well. The white crosshair in the middle of the screen is used for aiming. The red lock around each target makes it easier to hit. You can also hit a target for the first time if the crosshair is over it although it is not locked yet. Please note, the red lock is not some form of selection and targets are de-locked if players don’t aim at them for several seconds. Abilities and attacks which are aimed outside the red lock will have no effect on the target and miss 100% of the time. However, if the crosshair is over another target, then the attack will be effective on that target. Keeping in mind Earthrise is in early closed beta, we are looking forward to major improvements coming in the future with regards to even better graphics and animations, modifications to the interface, upgrades and optimizations of all kinds and of course, more balance to the combat system. We look forward to adding testers in the near future and hope they will feel free to add feedback and suggestions through the process. Wed Apr 15 2009 2:14PM Report
lojik writes: I think Masthead should hold back on the video's till they can produce something they would perceive and getting good reviews. I think its a great video to show how the targeting reticule works but without sound or an explanation it is hard to follow and people here will criticize the whole game because of it. Wed Apr 15 2009 3:01PM Report
Shastra writes: I am sorry but that looks terrible. Wed Apr 15 2009 3:13PM Report
Biships writes: Lojik the thing is even if there was commentary most people would still bitch about how bad it looks because of lack of comprehension. It even says in the video title what the video is about and you still have retards complaining about animations and and general combat, when it clearly states "Dynamic Targeting video". Let them judge the game on alpha footage that way they write the game off and we don't ahve to hear from them anymore. Wed Apr 15 2009 5:03PM Report
Shreddi writes: Tabula Rasa had a very good targeting system for an mmo. Maybe they can learn from that. Wed Apr 15 2009 5:29PM Report
Flummoxed writes: ok here's a comment about the "Dynamic Targeting" system being demonstrated in the video: Awful. In a frenzied 10-v-10 fight, by the time you move your reticle and wonder "gee is that locked red or just blood?" , you'll be dead. Wed Apr 15 2009 6:29PM Report
Jackio81 writes: When MH starts advertising their game, they need to start showing the full potentenial of ER, or they're going to get players stuck with a stale idea of the game. This is a so-so demonstration but it doesn't look like the type of demonstration a game company would put out instead some regular player with fraps, plus no mic. I remember when TR came out, I beta tested it and simply loved the targeting system. But I didn't buy the game for the simple fact that it had little to no PvP. I honestly believe that's what killed TR. And as of what's killing ER for me now is how stale the game looks...these videos are our 1st impressions of the game...what we want is an intense trailer befitting a TPS/RPG mmo, not some game that flows along like an instructional manuel that's written in German...If this is all ER can offer now, probably best not to make any videos til they can do better..=/ Wed Apr 15 2009 6:45PM Report
GIANT_WANG writes: Wow this looks horrible. Thu Apr 16 2009 2:18AM Report
daarco writes: This is work in progress. What is wrong with people today. Thu Apr 16 2009 3:56AM Report
Wolfenbane writes: I can see what theyre aiming for here - excuse the pun and I think its a great idea. It will of course take some getting used and again relies more on the skill of the player rather than click hit button 1 hit button 2 three times and collect loot, ie it wont suit everyone. Its early works and of course we can assume that the end product will not look as "clunky" as this does, this is more to show the way it works rather than a "look at our shiny game". Thu Apr 16 2009 4:43AM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Well, to put it this way: This video really isn't giving any positive hype for the game itself. Thu Apr 16 2009 5:24AM Report
BlackWatch writes: Is there a 'good' FPS-MMORPG hybrid out there? If so, I haven't seen one yet. Perhaps this game can be molded or augmented into finally becoming a contender, as opposed to yet another pretender on the market. Thu Apr 16 2009 6:21AM Report
guy232 writes: that looks awful...likt they actualy set a goal for how bad they wanted it to look.. Thu Apr 16 2009 12:38PM Report
magess writes: Are the playing badly on purpose? This just looks so...awkward. Not intense or driven at all. Thu Apr 16 2009 11:32PM Report
heimer1973 writes: Yes I agree ... that was not good :-( Sat Apr 18 2009 4:06AM Report
Sed8ed writes: Looks fine to me. It'll be nice to have a game that takes more skill then button mashing. This was a demonstration of the targeting system, not a trailer or PvP demo. Tue Apr 21 2009 5:24AM Report
mmoguy43 writes: If there really is going to be friendly fire, with this kind of targeting pvp is going to be a messy fight. Still have hopes for this game,though. Wed Apr 22 2009 11:31PM Report
lookoutpi writes: This look just awful to me.....TR I miss your face. Fri Apr 24 2009 7:40PM Report
0xid writes: EHehhe Nas?l Birsy Bu Ya :D Fri Apr 24 2009 10:07PM Report
wesleathy writes: This is work in progress and imo most of you miss the idea of the video - to show how targeting will work. Ofc it lacks dynimac the game has a long way till it's ready. Mon Apr 27 2009 5:53PM Report
Deewe writes: Think we all hope combat won't be stand => combat animation => stand Sat May 02 2009 7:20PM Report
logangregor writes: I dont buy into this "work in progress BS." I saw flaws with Warhammer when it was in development and tried to tell myself, "its in beta"...and yeah guess what, it still has the problems I saw in beta. Sun May 10 2009 8:19PM Report
IVlonarch writes: ah ill pass on this one : ( Sat May 23 2009 11:26PM Report
Jorias writes: I'm a sucker for sci-fi, the targetting system looks rather odd. Even with that long winded explaination the user "Apeg", i still see somone standing still and upright to have to target someone for even more than 1 second. PvP in my expierance has always been about movement, i could go way off subject but bottom line remains that although this targetting system is dynamic in a sense, in my opinion (as is this whole statement really) this would be a little complicated for pvpers its a game afterall right? not rocket science. Sun May 31 2009 11:53AM Report
lindhsky writes: Looks quite boring to be honest, but mostly because they leave combat after each hit and just stand straight up, then they attack, leave combat and stand like nothing is happening. I remember Warhammer had a few movies like this early on when it looked like they left combat after each hit. I hope this will be changed, because on paper, this game has potential. Sun Jun 21 2009 12:22AM Report
july19 writes: OMG, this really HURTS, how can combat look so boring in a sci-fi MMO?? Not to mention the graphics... :// Mon Jul 13 2009 6:41AM Report
Ghostworks writes: that looks like shit. All the screenshots look pretty damn nice so far, but if the gameplay does not match, fugeddaboutit. Also, the GUI looks like every other mmo in existence Sun Jul 26 2009 12:50PM Report
SysOpPsyche writes: Looks like a pre-Alpha/early Alpha version. Graphics, Pace and play look weak but thats typical. I do agree that it doesn't look press worthy without at least declaring what stage of development but if it is an pre-Alpha version that looks pretty good as most can't even do that much that well. Looks like arcadish FPS combat, the 'target lock' looks like an Aim stability meter in more realistic FPS's except over-simplified (on or off instead of gradient). The GUI looks like traditional RPG bland garbage though. I see that slowing down the action and pace of combat and ruining any FPS quality to the game. Maybe they'll replace the RPG ability bar with fighting style interface (4-8 basic abilities that are upgradeable via ability improvement and/or single-use combo variants and/or combo-chains --like ninja gaiden, mortal combat, etc.). Be an improvement over FPS button-mashing and RPG hotbar 3-3-3-5-1-loot IMO and would actually mesh with an RPG system. Too early to judge Earthrise by this, don't see it being releaseable this year without them skimping on polishing and tweaking the game which it obviously needs. Otherwise it looks Strong for an early stage and something to keep an eye on. Sun Jul 26 2009 10:41PM Report
ellobo29 writes: and you guys complained about darkfalls combat?!AHAHAHAHAHAH! Sat Aug 15 2009 6:26AM Report
xevanon writes: Is this a nes game? The hype-level is 8.23????? This game look so awful and i am nice... Sat Aug 15 2009 8:20PM Report
TimM92 writes: oh my god.. this should be rated like 3.2 or something. The movement and fighting is so stale. Seriously, HOW is this 'thing' on the top rated games? Sun Sep 20 2009 4:26PM Report
MoonRaider81 writes: I liked how Tabula Rasa played like a FPS. I had high hopes for earthRise, but if it's combat system like all the fantasy crap out there, I'm not going to play it. DUST 154 looks promising as a MMOFPS, but who know when it will be released. Thu Oct 15 2009 8:39AM Report
MoonRaider81 writes: oops that's DUST 514. Still awaiting Global Agenda and Stargate Worlds also to see what they are like. Thu Oct 15 2009 8:39AM Report
Joker2240 writes: aiming mechanics HAVE BEEN CHANGED! This video is no longer valid and should not be looked at if you are interested in the aiming system. As this is no longer valid video. Some of it might still be true but for the most part it has changed. Tue Nov 10 2009 2:01PM Report
TonySabre writes: Looks pathetic. Too much down time between attacks, with characters just standing and starting at each other. Fri Jan 29 2010 1:57AM Report
TonySabre writes: staring rather Fri Jan 29 2010 1:58AM Report