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Earthrise: First Impact Videos: In-Game Tour: Combat and Zones (3:14)

In part two of our tour of post-apocalyptic MMORPG Earthrise, Atanas Atanasov gives us a taste of the game's combat system while taking us through several different zones.

In part two of our tour of post-apocalyptic MMORPG Earthrise, Atanas Atanasov gives us a taste of the game's combat system while taking us through several different zones.
Duration: 3:14
Views: 21,343  66 comments
Game: Earthrise: First Impact
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zecramoth writes: yea i have no clue wat he is saying Thu Apr 09 2009 8:24AM Report
Shastra writes: Not everyone speaks English. Stop being an idiot, i understand everything. Thu Apr 09 2009 9:37AM Report
Thatim writes: Shastra, don't feed the trolls, but enjoy this shiney stuff! I like it alot! Thu Apr 09 2009 10:12AM Report
PapaB34R writes: isnt the makers of Earthrise an american company? Thu Apr 09 2009 12:43PM Report
PapaB34R writes: as a fan I must say.. the combat looks really dull and the aiming theyve been talking about seems a bit over rated Thu Apr 09 2009 12:48PM Report
Khalathwyr writes: No, Masthead is not an American Company. It's Bulgarian I believe. Thu Apr 09 2009 1:19PM Report
CHAKALA writes: They are, but I think codemasters hired them (when they send you the activation e-mail it forwards you to codemasters) Thu Apr 09 2009 2:24PM Report
MoonRaider81 writes: Well that just killed EarthRise for me. As soon as he said combat system was NOT Shooter Style and is RPG style. I'm assuming that this means its point/click/and watch like all the fantasy crap out there. I am soooooo done with that style of boring as !@#$%^ combat. The nicest feature in Tabula Rasa was the blending of typical MMO with First person shooter combat system. If this is click and watch combat, that definitely means I will not be interested in this. Thu Apr 09 2009 2:31PM Report
vktra79 writes: @MoonRaider: "One more clarification - there is no auto attack in the game, you need to click and aim in order to shoot and hit." This was just posted by devs on the Earthrise official forums Thu Apr 09 2009 2:41PM Report
WaveZtream writes: lol how can you judge a close beta Thu Apr 09 2009 2:57PM Report
Apeg writes: It looks like a blend between RPG and FPS, just like it was stated long before. At 1:05 AA says that guns will have "Longer cooldown period" and also "Movement and camera controls are like third person shooter" Thu Apr 09 2009 3:14PM Report
Shorun writes: "Action will be not that intense" Yeah, that means aiming help. This game is dead for me now. (If I want to play an MMO where I do not have to aim - there are better out) Thu Apr 09 2009 3:30PM Report
PapaB34R writes: I must say I kinda feel the same as MoonRaider81 and Shorun. I mean the gameplay looks boring with no action whatsoever in it and now its on video... I wanted to play this game so badly.. now I dont really care, Il try it but Im not as hyped as I was Thu Apr 09 2009 3:45PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes: Papa...this isn't really even close to release, this is a FIRST demo, let them develop the damn game before you judge it. Combat won't be "slow" or "fast" determined by a couple of sentences like, "It'll be MORE LIKE a RPG than a FPS (not 100% RPG and no FPS!)". So calm down everyone, lol. Thu Apr 09 2009 3:51PM Report
vktra79 writes: Papa, the only combat that is seen here is 1vs1 in PvE, and the gun has 4 seconds cool down time. The mob dies after 3 shots. What makes you think that all combat in the game will be like that? In some FPS games, which have rocket launchers and other big guns you shoot with pretty much the same speed. Thu Apr 09 2009 4:03PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I don't like to be overly negative. But this game looks terrible. Yet another MMO with god awful animations and an uninteresting world. Just another number-cruncher-stat-fest. Thu Apr 09 2009 5:43PM Report
Shastra writes: point and click combat? seriously? Thu Apr 09 2009 6:22PM Report
zone16 writes: This game looks boring and terrible... I've honestly no idea why it's hyped so highly. Thu Apr 09 2009 6:23PM Report
Getalife writes: What you guys don't understand is that point and click is boring. There are zillions of games out there using same combat system. So game being in closed beta, has nothing to do with it because they are not going to change combat which sucks in my opinion. Thu Apr 09 2009 6:25PM Report
Jackio81 writes: What hype?, come on now, you guys can troll better than this. As for me, I like the style of the game, sure I'm more interested in a good tps mmo but meh...i won't judge it till I've seen more or I've had a chance to play beta. Thu Apr 09 2009 7:02PM Report
Lord_Ixigan writes: Ok, this video and the way the dev talked about the combat system just lowered my respect for this game. The reason why early mmo's with guns had a point and click targeting scheme is because it's simpler to do and the interaction between client and server doesn't need to be as fast. These devs don't seem to understand that. 'RPG' doesn't mean a point, click, wait kind of combat. Any game can be an RPG technically. Sorry fanboys, I'm not a troll just a guy that understands what's going on. These devs clearly don't understand the market nearly as well as they think they do. They're already making a very niche game and that niche, by and large, enjoys faster paced, engaging combat. This video might be early, but they have a LOT of work to do if they want to have a combat system that's good enough. In a game like this combat is like 70-80% of the game. Massive PvP focus and PvE content (to what degree I don't know. Just based off of this video and how dead-set that guy sounded about how combat will work I don't see this game being all that fun. TL:DR Point, click and wait combat is WAY too outdated and boring for this kind of game. It's unnecessary, shows a severe lack of understanding and is just generally a bad idea. Thu Apr 09 2009 10:11PM Report
Fadedbomb writes: Let me clear something up for you guys. The simplist way to put this, is that EarthRise is another attempt at Tabula Rasa gameplay. Hobo-FPS style MMORPG (ie: a fake mix between FPS and RPG, in reality Tabula Rasa was full blown RPG trying to "fake" FPS style combat. I should know, I played both alpha and beta all the way through xD!) One would imagine that the Dev world would understand that Tabula Rasa's gameplay was not very favorable among the MMO community on either the PVE or PVP side of the fence for fans. =( I hope they don't die like Hellgate:London and Tabula Rasa, as it's the same genre of gameplay. Thu Apr 09 2009 10:22PM Report
Jinaex writes: Tabula Rasa & Hellgate: London = more aimey type MMO's... look where they are now. That's the view the devs + investors have. Thu Apr 09 2009 11:37PM Report
hail2dathief writes: Well everything was looking good til i heard the word cooldown...then i said shiiiit out loud. You can't say this has anything to do with beta because this is what they're trying to do with their game. Great an apocalyptic classless WoW. I understand their is much more to this game than that but in a game like this i would expect real time combat and not cooldowns... yuk. Still gonna try the game i guess cause everything else sounds really good and might still be worth it with cooldwons. But seriously, cooldowns on guns, wtf? Thu Apr 09 2009 11:38PM Report
GIANT_WANG writes: Lets hope the combat isn't so ridiculously bad when the game ships. Thu Apr 09 2009 11:52PM Report
FearMah writes: Now,I just want to make something clear to you - a lot of people in eastern Europe talk that way. Let me see you learning Bulgarian and then hear the way you speak in that language. The combat isn't bad and I don't think you got the point - he used one of the most damaging weapon types,so it has a 4 second CD. That's why it was so "slow". I think you can't judge how it'll be with a sub-machine gun or assault rife. Also,guns have a "cool down" IRL. What,do you think soldiers just shoot like mad monkeys until they run out of ammo? No,they don't. Because the weapon would become useless very fast if they do. So yeah,guns have CD. Also,the aiming uses a "soft lock",meaning that you have to be aimed at the enemy and when you shoot,a dice roll decides if you're going to hit. So no auto combat either. Fri Apr 10 2009 1:00AM Report
FearMah writes: Now,I just want to make something clear to you - a lot of people in eastern Europe talk that way. Let me see you learning Bulgarian and then hear the way you speak in that language. The combat isn't bad and I don't think you got the point - he used one of the most damaging weapon types,so it has a 4 second CD. That's why it was so "slow". I think you can't judge how it'll be with a sub-machine gun or assault rife. Also,guns have a "cool down" IRL. What,do you think soldiers just shoot like mad monkeys until they run out of ammo? No,they don't. Because the weapon would become useless very fast if they do. So yeah,guns have CD. Also,the aiming uses a "soft lock",meaning that you have to be aimed at the enemy and when you shoot,a dice roll decides if you're going to hit. So no auto combat either. Fri Apr 10 2009 1:00AM Report
Jackio81 writes: fanboi here because I agree with, but anyways I'm still waiting to be give this game a try in beta before I make up my mind whether or not this game will hold my interest....I like a lot of the ideas that have been discussed about this game before, but the fact is they were nothing more than ideas and now it's coming time to see if they can be brought into play or not...if not then I guess I'm going to need to wait a bit longer for a sci-fi MMO I can call home for a while...;P Fri Apr 10 2009 1:14AM Report
kahulbane writes: another 'normal' mmmo, lame, wow and eq click target, attack target next target... oh well it was there choice to make, but that means i can stop watching this one, looks like Fallen earth and Mortal online again... and for fun Global A. Fri Apr 10 2009 6:48AM Report
guy232 writes: "the action will not be that intense" wow...gonna not even waste the disk space to sear anything about this game anymoe. LEast he spaired me a wild goose chase. Fri Apr 10 2009 7:05AM Report
naihasu writes: i'm still going to follow this game, but the combat just saddened me. when i heard you had to aim i thought YAY some mouse skill comes into play! I might be able to snipe off an enemy with a headshot and play that type of character! but it looked to me like aiming is relative (just gotta be near it) and its still just a typical rpg style game where even the sewer rats take you 3 hits to kill with a sword. Not going to totally pass judgment until i see more footage and features though, i really hope it can bring some nice things to the table. Fri Apr 10 2009 7:24AM Report
Joker2240 writes: Ostiak posted this today on the forums, "Looks like there has been some misunderstanding of the targeting mechanic and combat in Earthrise. It is very similar to TR in pace and mechanic. We will prepare a high res combat video and post it so that everyone can see how the actual targeting and combat work in Earthrise. The GDC video is too low res to see clear how it all works." So we should be expecting a better version of combat that we can actually see how the targeting mechanics work. Fri Apr 10 2009 8:08AM Report
Cane writes: Sorry but this video killed the game for me. It was my most anticipated MMO till today but now when they admited their real intentions of making a crappy shitty slow paced MMO which just fakes a class less system Im out of here. Fri Apr 10 2009 10:40AM Report
kingtommyboy writes: well I understand everything and this game looks nice ^^ Fri Apr 10 2009 11:10AM Report
purko81 writes: There is no indication in this video that the game is slow paced. RPG feeling does not mean slow pace. Masthead posted an example video of targeting today. Go and check here From what I see here, this game has nothing to do with the classical MMORPG titles. Fri Apr 10 2009 11:23AM Report
Raffe writes: Aaaaw.... I was so looking forward to this game. Not anymore tho. Combat system looks like a pile of dog poo. Fri Apr 10 2009 11:24AM Report
Apeg writes: For an early beta game it looks great. Can't wait to play it. Fri Apr 10 2009 11:34AM Report
Rhoklaw writes: As I stated in the previous video, this game is more like Anarchy Online than anything else. Anarchy Online isn't a bad game either as its skill based system was widely appreciated. The only bad part about Anarchy Online has been the lack of graphic upgrades since launch. So now that this game looks pretty decent, I have deemed it Anarchy Online's sequel. Fri Apr 10 2009 12:42PM Report
fiontar writes: I could understand what he said just fine, but I have to say that was one of the most boring videos of the kind I have ever seen. They really need to put together much better sneak peak videos if they don't want to ruin word of mouth for the game. Fri Apr 10 2009 1:54PM Report
Repulsion writes: Earthrise is gonna bomb. Nothing strikes me as remarkable or unique. Fri Apr 10 2009 2:28PM Report
Black0rch1d writes: HMm I had some expectations regarding this game...have been following it s development for a while. Thing is what seemed to look good on screenshots is starting to look not so good on film, I mean the graphics still look great ... but the world seems like it is frozen ... the mobs don t move they just wait frozen in space and time to be atacked. The skills although they seem to be very intereting in the way they were devolped kinda die thought the combat system. So what is really the objective of this game ? The world is just a nice staticv landscape ... the PVE is as boring as it can get .... really don t get it. :( Fri Apr 10 2009 7:50PM Report
aionix writes: Yikes....well i was excited but guys, closed beta means that the fundamentals of combat and mechanics ARE worked out. That means this game will be more RPG than FPS, and the speed will not change much from what they have showed us. Now if they are going for the Anarchy Online niche, they may be generally successful, but they're going to need some incredible questing and character development. If not, and they are trying to rely on combat because they use guns instead of swords, you can put this right next to Tabula Rasa in the failed MMO-box Fri Apr 10 2009 7:57PM Report
nathanebht writes: Uh, I just viewed that earthrise_dynamic_targeting.avi movie. It was just confirmed the disappointment. I was thinking this was going to be a fast paced, FPS type game. Now, I'm totally not interested. Typical MMO combat does nothing for me anymore. Oh well, there is Huxley and Fallen Earth. Fri Apr 10 2009 8:25PM Report
bishbashbosh writes: arnold schwarzenegger Sat Apr 11 2009 8:20AM Report
tleytek writes: that combat looks SOOO boring, but i like the environment Sun Apr 12 2009 11:51AM Report
handshakes writes: Wow, way to phone in the combat on this game. Dullsville daddyo. Sun Apr 12 2009 8:07PM Report
Eryxx writes: For any of you pinning your hopes on Fallen Earth for a more "action-oriented" combat system, forget it! If you've ever played (i.e. slept-through) Vanguard:SoH, then you've already played FE, sorry. FE is 100% RPG combat, through-and-through. 1.) Click on target. 2.) Hit an attack button. 3.) Attack target. 4.) Wait for damage results. 5.) Wait patiently while target attacks you back. 6.) Wait for damage results. 7.) See step 1. Mon Apr 13 2009 12:03AM Report
vlad1500 writes: its skill based hence how fast you fire a gun depends on how good you are with them. If you like games that let you use your "mouse skill" just go play an FPS game like COD4. This game is like Fallout, and i like Fallout. ^_^ Mon Apr 13 2009 2:05AM Report
LoboMau writes: Tabula Rasa all over again? Mon Apr 13 2009 12:01PM Report
Bennyblyfot writes: At least TR tried something good i liked it thou it was to shallow in skill and crafting aspects along with lame (same) monster types all of the time. This how ever sem to have a better skill and crafting system thou if the combat system isn´t like TR it will suck imho. Ohh and btw there is mmos out there with autoattack that uses dice to determind the outcome of yer attck just so u know. Mon Apr 13 2009 5:19PM Report
tsukts writes: looks like SWG before it got fucked in combat style... Tue Apr 14 2009 5:28AM Report
daarco writes: It seems interesting. And remember its a first demo video. They should have put a warning in the beginning. To many think this demo represents the final product...wich it dont. Tue Apr 14 2009 12:53PM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Ok, well... That looked a bit awkward. Tue Apr 14 2009 1:58PM Report
loonbg writes: awsome game :) Tue Apr 14 2009 5:30PM Report
lookoutpi writes: I think we need another game like TR (Man, I miss that game)....the action was the best. The closer Earthrise gets to TR the better it will be. Tue Apr 14 2009 10:21PM Report
loonbg writes: Hey man this game is closed beta .. its have alot of worck befor masthead release the game .. i thing this game will be beast for this year (for me) Sat Apr 18 2009 8:43PM Report
MoothBG writes: Lol, Masthead is a Bulgarian Company, no one bought them, they are independent. It's a video from the closed beta, so this is not the finished product. Not everyone speaks English perfect, even a per cent of the Americans. You can find more about Masthead studio on their website, or read some interviews with the studio. Mon Apr 20 2009 5:27AM Report
robotronic writes: oh my god did i just see a "static" mob, just sitting there waiting for atanas to shoot it? *cries* Mon Apr 20 2009 8:10AM Report
robotronic writes: ok, it's almost the #1 thing i find sad about mmos still. the monsters just sit around doing NOTHING! not even the slightest hint of AI in them. ffs in lotro theres like little bunny rabbits and deers running walking around a little bit inside a wolf pack. thats ridiculous. you can't even make it a little bit dynamic like, say having wolves eat deers???? Mon Apr 20 2009 8:17AM Report
DeadeX writes: Amazing how miserable some poeple are. Bashing this guy just because he doesn't speak perfect english. My native tounge is not english, yet i understand exactly everything he says. I guess that makes you people retarded. Tue Apr 28 2009 5:45AM Report
july19 writes: Phew, what a shame. An I hoped for a nice immense-action sci-fi MMO, seems like we will get an other asia-farmin game. :( Mon Jul 13 2009 6:48AM Report
xevanon writes: Another asian game.... what else can you expected? Innovation? Nah.. Sat Aug 15 2009 8:29PM Report
TimM92 writes: haha apocalypse game again? Fallen Earth... Earthrise. nooo thanks Sun Sep 20 2009 4:29PM Report
pcolapat writes: not a chance, not even if it were free to play Fri Nov 13 2009 12:36AM Report
Joker2240 writes: THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER VALID WHEN IT COMES TO AIMING AND COMBAT! THE COMBAT MECHANICS HAVE BEEN REVAMPED! PLEASE WHEN LOOKING AT THIS VIDEO KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS NO LONGER HOW IT IS! Also remember that all the monsters are just standing around because they are placeholders. When game goes live AI will be in place and they will be moving around and attacking you. This is a alpha/beta video and should not be taken as if this is the actual gameplay. Sun Feb 14 2010 4:35PM Report
Phasma writes: Wow, can't wait for Earthrise. Although, is it just me that's just a LITTLE disappointed in the combat system? I've always wondered how Sci-Fi MMORPGS with guns, lazers, etc would pull off the combat. A 3rd person shooter with a gun cooldown is =/= to FPS style combat, although having headshots in an MMO would also be gay. I love the combat system as it is, but for some reason I'm slightly disappointed. Great game though. Wed Feb 17 2010 3:01PM Report