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Earthrise: First Impact Videos: First In-Game Footage (5:22)

Masthead Studios CEO Atanas Atanasov guides us through some of the first in-game footage for Earthrise, showing us how equipment and abilities work in their classless RPG system.

Masthead Studios CEO Atanas Atanasov guides us through some of the first in-game footage for Earthrise, showing us how equipment and abilities work in their classless RPG system.
Duration: 5:22
Views: 19,910  46 comments
Game: Earthrise: First Impact
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findarato writes: I am really digging the whole skill system and having to swap gear around. Really fixes the over poweredness of some skill point games, but this also kinda brings the game back to classes which is kinda sad. I still look forward to it. The graphics look good. Thu Apr 09 2009 8:19AM Report
OJmayo writes: what is the game's type fanstasy or sci fi? Thu Apr 09 2009 9:19AM Report
Shastra writes: sci fi. Thu Apr 09 2009 9:36AM Report
rmk70 writes: I donno. The system seems really simplistic. I don't think we need to make MMO's easier. Thu Apr 09 2009 10:24AM Report
Harabeck writes: Simplistic? 270 abilities that can be combined with 50 tactics (with some restrictions), is pretty complex. Also, look at the other features, this will be a very pvp-centric game. Thu Apr 09 2009 11:45AM Report
Black0rch1d writes: Meh complex skill system. But i Didn t quite like the mobs being imobilized in background. But maybe they will fix it ... Thu Apr 09 2009 11:49AM Report
PapaB34R writes: hopefully this game will offer better features then this Thu Apr 09 2009 12:06PM Report
Harabeck writes: The game just now started beta, and the mobs were probably turned off so he could show the areas without getting attacked. This is the very first gameplay look, of course it's not completely polished. Thu Apr 09 2009 12:12PM Report
Spiritof55 writes: Meh, I'll pass. The skills are a nice idea but I'm tired of pvp centered games where pvp is either the focus or consumes all the end game content. Thu Apr 09 2009 12:45PM Report
warchid writes: go play wow spiri Thu Apr 09 2009 1:48PM Report
Warlord711 writes: lol look at those running animations - i saw better on games 10 years old Thu Apr 09 2009 3:11PM Report
AmbushMartyr writes: No offense but I couldnt understand a word that guy was saying. Maybe get someone whose fluent in the language of a country their trying to present to? Hate to be a ass but I just couldnt understand him at all. Thu Apr 09 2009 3:31PM Report
Draccan writes: I swear if he says TAC-TICS one more time, ... Thu Apr 09 2009 3:44PM Report
Ravik writes: Looking good so far. I have a feeling this game will remind of hellgate in a couple ways. Thu Apr 09 2009 4:06PM Report
Possum writes: "everything is based on what gear you wear" = wow in space ...baaaaad Thu Apr 09 2009 4:24PM Report
vktra79 writes: Possum, read more about the game before making such assumptions. Gear lets you use abilities and skills, that's what is meant in the video. Thu Apr 09 2009 4:30PM Report
Rhoklaw writes: If you have played Anarchy Online, than this game is probably the closest sequel to it. Except more complex and better graphics. Anarchy Online is a superb Sci Fi game but because it's now dated without the so called upgraded graphics, Earthrise will probably snuff it out of existance. Thu Apr 09 2009 4:44PM Report
Jackio81 writes: Yeah I will admit running animations do need to be improved a bit, video quality isn't good so it's not doing the actual graphics any justice. As for gameplay, I need to see more in depth combat to make a decision. Gear won't be such a hard commodity to come by in this game so it's no WoW especially since anyone can kill you and take it Thu Apr 09 2009 6:50PM Report
Nithir writes: What the hell... that's it? wow, i expected way more.. this game seems so simple. =( what a shame. Not that i actually had plans to try the game, but now i know i don't have to worry about it. Thu Apr 09 2009 7:45PM Report
Gylfi writes: Ok he said there's quests, that's enuff information to know that it's THE SECOND WOW WITH LAS0RS Thu Apr 09 2009 9:51PM Report
Joker2240 writes: For the two posters above me... Nothir, it's a demo. Did you really expect a full blown trial of the game shot on video. When the game has not even hit closed beta? Gylfi, You do not have to participate on the quests what so ever. You can totally skip the story line quests and everything else. My own opinions now... I thought the UI seemed simple also and a bit bulky, I hope they slim that down and make it a little bit sexier (I hope). Animations does seem off but gotta remember the game is only in pre closed beta stages (well about to start closed beta) so there is still plenty of time to fix all of that stuff before release. I am just going to wait it out like I have been for a year or so and see what happens. Thu Apr 09 2009 11:14PM Report
prow writes: why is the resolution soooo bad? Fri Apr 10 2009 12:28AM Report
Gylfi writes: Joker2240: yeah even in WoW you can skip quests and just farm mob for months. Doesn't mean it's the way the game is meant to be played. Fri Apr 10 2009 7:25AM Report
Gylfi writes: I really thought after warhammer the community had learnt a lesson: NOMORE CLONES. Can't we get rid of the same old structure? it feels like playing the same game over and over, the character starts out in a map, does all the collect bits quests, gets all the equipment, passes on to the next map. Rinse and repeat. EN-UFF! Fri Apr 10 2009 7:27AM Report
Bobzer77 writes: Anyone else see some similarities to Tabula Rasa ? <- Sarcasm Fri Apr 10 2009 7:30AM Report
Gylfi writes: lol the engine is warhammer's! Can you guys see the number 1 between up and down arrow in the (typical, same old and boring) quickbar with (typical, same old and boring) skills? It comes from warhammer. See, they keep making the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over ever since GODDAMN World of warcraft became a success. Fri Apr 10 2009 8:01AM Report
Gylfi writes: And ppl don't mind that at all, they think it's inevitable, it's the whole genre being like that. I hope darkfall is waking people up. Fri Apr 10 2009 8:02AM Report
Mysk writes: AARRGH... that's all I can take. Gameplay video does NOT equal standing still doing nothing while some guy rambles on about basic MMO concepts. I'mma fall asleep. Fri Apr 10 2009 8:32AM Report
Cane writes: Wow this game sure doesn't seem to be even remotely close to what they said it would be a year ago when they announced it. Sorry to say it but this looks like another Tabula rasa just even worse. I mean just look at how slow the gameplay is Fri Apr 10 2009 10:36AM Report
Apeg writes: Cane, what gameplay do you see here? It is just some explanation of features, the guy is standing and opening interface windows. Fri Apr 10 2009 11:37AM Report
AlexRacer writes: i'm sorry i cant take his voice serious. Fri Apr 10 2009 1:48PM Report
Tans writes: I like how he seems to struggle pronouncing some basic English words, but then comes out and says "psyonic" and "cyber-mentalist" without flaw. Fri Apr 10 2009 3:28PM Report
pr0xy writes: People that doesn't understand this guy needs to work on their English :) Fri Apr 10 2009 10:27PM Report
Iosht writes: hmm Sat Apr 11 2009 9:12AM Report
Gajari writes: After the initial screenshots of the game, I'm very disappointed, and the game looks very boring and generic. Sat Apr 11 2009 10:53AM Report
Terminatr writes: Seriously, did any of the haters on this video read the description? "showing us how equipment and abilities work in their classless RPG system". There was no mention of showing off graphics or animations or combat or doing your freakin laundry. This is footage of exactly what the description says and nothing more so nobody cares about your negative comments. Sat Apr 11 2009 1:31PM Report
vipjerry writes: For game based on gear, items and icons in inventory looks like joke and complete mess. Character animations are horrible also. This game is should stay in development for at least 2 years. Sun Apr 12 2009 12:30PM Report
Vexe writes: ...really? The mobs aren't moving because the game is just out of alpha and they haven't implemented the animations yet. ...geez. Mon Apr 13 2009 6:54AM Report
saker writes: If it is a kind of sequel to Anarchy Online then it maybe alot of fun. I'm all for getting as away from "class based" games as possible. Mon Apr 13 2009 7:51AM Report
Hamu-Sumo writes: Can't help. English isn't my first language but I understand him better than some native-speaker. Mon Apr 13 2009 11:01AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes: This video shows NOTHING. It's bla, bla, bla. And this look a lot like Tabula Rasa and not AO. Mon Apr 13 2009 1:13PM Report
tjhusker writes: Not to bad. Hopefully this will turn out good. Mon Apr 13 2009 10:25PM Report
Ghostin4 writes: ok, first up gylfi, gtfo troll tty, secondly anyone wishing to seek more information should be hitting up the forums they have alot of info in the "question of the week" section explaining alot more than in this video (ps. graphics and animation aint all that good yet its in prebeta you expect someone to have a finished product by then?) and finally anyone saying its bad go make your own game see how you fair Wed Apr 15 2009 11:36AM Report
MMO_Doubter writes: Not very interested in this one. I don`t like combining magic with technology. Fri Aug 14 2009 4:52PM Report
sv3tl1o writes: Its look Great ! Fri Oct 02 2009 8:50AM Report
IAmMMO writes: Fail! Fallen Earth wins! Mon Oct 05 2009 12:50PM Report