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Zero Online Forum » General Discussion » Zero Walkthrough for Newbie

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OP  2/02/08 1:16:29 AM#1

Zero Walkthrough for Newbie(Base on Official Information)

This guide actually using the zero3000 official information and documents as I try to sort it in order and u can read it at the 'right' moment in ur journey. My aim is just trying to help newbies as soon as they start the game by telling where to look for information when they feel 'lost' in the game's journey.

First things first

Joining Zero Online's forum is highly recommended. To do so, register an account for zero, click here. Then, use ur username and password to login the forum. U can use the same account to play the game as well(any TQ's games).

I strongly recommend everyone to make 2 account for zero as u can log on using 2 client at the same time for zero. It will greatly help u in playing this game. And u should start with Ranged type first until it is level 60 before u start on Melee.

If u see any word with this color, u can click on that and another page will bring u to the official information on zero website. err, donno the exact color code, but it should be any word with link to it..hmm


Now, logon to any server u want to play. Choose to be a Ranged char. If u want to start of on Melee, the go to the second part of this topic. After the character is made, u'll be sent to SteelWarship(SW). As a ranged char, i highly recommend u to do the Newbie Quest. In no time, u are now lvl 20!!..nice. From the quest, u should have learn a few things about the interface, store, warehouse location and monster for lvling. Now, read here for the most important feature in Zero --> Auto-Navigate. I'll put the Interface picture here for reference:



OK. Now, u need to get a mentor. U can read here for more info --> Mentor System. The best place is to go to warehouse area and Talk(type words in the chat box(7)) to everyone asking "Hi, i just started the game and it would be nice to have a mentor", "anyone can be my mentor?". After u got a mentor(notice that u have more POT(9) with a mentor), ur lvling and zero journey start..

Weapon and Skill

Let start with weapon and skill. There are many weapon to choose from. I suggest u to go to Ranged Weapon Store and see what weapon u like. But, i recommend u to keep using the riffle u have.

For skill, open the skill's function menu(13), and u can see alots of skill there. U can buy the skill u want by clicking on the skill. Notice that there are unique skill for each, learn only the skill that was meant for ur weapon only otherwise u can't use it.

To use the skill, it'll be easier if u hotkey the skill first. Click Active Skill panel(11), u can drag the skill u have learn from there and put into the hotkey(12). Then, press the hotkey to get the skill into the Active Skill panel. Simply use ur right-mouse-click to activate the skill. Try every skill and notice the power and ammo consumption and use what is best for u. I recommend the "scatter skill" u got at lvl 25.


There are inner gear, outer gear and weapon. U can see ur equipment by clicking on equip's function menu(13). If u want to un-equip those equipment, simply left-click on it and it'll go into inventory if there is free space.On low lvl, there will be:

Engine = determine/give power for skill use
Cabin = provide space for inner cabin space as well as inventory
Armor and Shield = give defense
Thruster = for jumping
Booster(Boot) = for dodging attack
Core slot = u can put in any core no.1,2,3,4 or 5. doesnt matter the size of that core. U can put core into inner cabin as well if there is enough space.
*as u lvl up, there will be more inner gear serving different purposes.

Equipment is different in level and quality. As u guess it, higher lvl and quality will give u more "powerful" stat on what the equipment do. Quality of equipment are Normal, Refined, Unique, Elite and Ultra. U can improve the lvl and quality of equipment using a meteor. But, as for low lvl equipment, its not worth a meteor for lvl upgrade it. Better to just buy the next lvl one or get it from quest NPC at exp-depot.

Then, there are Gear Bonus, which also adding the stat of the equipment. Here is a few more to look for: +1 Items, Multi Weapons, Gem Socket, and Sales Apply

Training and Quest

Then, training and quest. After lvl 20, now u can use auto-navigate to take u to Blaze Ocean. When u in BO, open the A-Nav and u can see that places is named by level. If u are lvl 20, go(A-Nav) to level 17 or if u are lvl 26+, go to level 27. Once arrived, u can see a big tower-like structure that glow and charging a green bar on ur screen( u seen that before in newbie quest). The tower is called exp depot and u can train here. It'll go like this:

Level 17 is depot for player lvl16 till lvl27 <--Start at Blaze Ocean
Level 27 is depot for player lvl26 till lvl37
Level 37 is depot for player lvl36 till lvl47
Level 47 is depot for player lvl46 till lvl57 <--go to Earth Scar
Level 57 is depot for player lvl56 till lvl67
Level 67 is depot for player lvl66 till lvl77
Level 77 is depot for player lvl76 till lvl87
Level 87 is depot for player lvl86 till lvl97 <--go to Mars Wasteland
Level 97 is depot for player lvl96 till lvl107
Level 107 is depot for player lvl106 till lv117 <--go to Moon Stronghold(MS)
Level 117 is depot for player lvl116 till lv127
Level 127 is depot for player lvl126 till lv137 <--go to Titan Icefield
Level 137 is depot for player lvl136 till lvl147
Level 147 is depot for player lvl146 till lvl157

There should be 3 NPC on any exp-depot, each one offer quest for u for faster lvling and giving u equipment. Click on each NPC and u'll know what to do. Some explanation is here -->Military Meterial, Wanted Order, Punitive Expedition. Some info there might be wrong tho..since the map make over..

Side note: U can get good exp while training if u are in a team. To know more, press the Team's panel in function menu(13) and there u can auto-join a team(nearby), auto-refuse, join remote team, make ur own team etc. I'm sure u have been asked to join a team while at SW. Just want to stress it out, u can get lots of exp if u are in team.

Space Mission

After u are lvl 60, there are 1 space mission available for u. To try that, go to SW, and A-Nav to Space Mission. Click on the NPC, sign up, and join the mission if available. The mission will give u load of exp as reward. As u can see in the mission sign-up, there are lots of mission after lvl train hard to get there. Read about any Space Mission before entering it will prevent u from "loss" inside it.

U are set

Now, that u know the basic, and where to lvl, the rest of the journey is easy as the game will 'explain' it for u. U'll be an expert in no time. If u want to know more about things u come across, go to here and read --> Features


When u come to the Steel Warship on ur melee char, u don't need to do the newbie quest. Just auto-navigate to lvl 3 monster, and start killing.

For skill, i recommend u to use Leap Attack all the way till lvl 100. Everything else is the same as my explanation on
So, why 2 char on the same server?

When both are lvl 60, decide what type u want to work on as main char. if u like ranged, go for ranged and the melee char become ur alternate char..or the other way around. up to u now.

The good thing is, ur alternative char can be a full time seller. Now, u can login both char at the same time, ur main char do the lvling/hunting and the other one selling things in market. The alternative char can store item too.

Why must both be lvl 60? well, if u make up ur mind earlier, no need to get to lvl 60. But, its good to have an alternative char at lvl60 since the inventory space is bigger. Beside, with a good mentor(1000 pot++), u can get to lvl60 in like 3/4 hours..

Still without an account? Register an account/another account for zero if u interested, click here.

Hello everyone..!!


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2/13/08 1:43:07 PM#2

Good stuff Legoz! :P

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3/15/08 4:34:59 PM#3

Very nice guide.

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