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Fiesta Online Forum » General Discussion » WARNING: Don't play Fiesta

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7/03/10 7:07:45 AM#21
Originally posted by legionof1

After several months of play, several hundred dollars down the drain, I'm getting out of this game.  Yes it was fun, but I've watched Outspark become more and more greedy, and the staff (GMs & CSRs) continually abuse their powers. 

First off, the support system is based in HTML from their site.  I didn't realize this until my sister called CSR Circe (the CSR manager) on a contradiction of her earleir words.  Circe denied ever having said such a thing, and when we looked for the e-mails to prove it we found them mysteriously blank.  After some investigation we found that the replies in e-mail were only imbedded HTML images.  This led us to believe that the CSRs are able to change their replies on their own website....and that they do this deliberatly to cover their own rears.  After that we began screen-shotting EVERY reply we got from CSR. 

What is eve worse is that when my sister reported another player for extremely vulgar comments directed towards her, comments that contained sexual harasment, incest, rape and pedophelia, that player was only banned for 30 days...a slap on the wrist for telling a 13 year old to "go let your daddy F**** you in the A**, you B****, maybe that will shut you up!"  He followed that with "Outspark will never get rid of me!  I spend way too much money on this game, over $1000 a month!"  That person should certainly have been perma-banned.  The fact that he was not leads me to believe that he was right, OS will never rid itself of players who feed theri wallets.  A game that allows 13+ year old children to play should have much stricter punishments for people like that.  I can only say that this is an extremely unsafe environment for little kids to play in, so parents beware.

Further...the source company for Fiesta's code is rumored to be shutting down due to bankruptcy.  The Korean and Chinese servers have already "been suspended until further notice."  The Euro server is contemplating it.  A CSR stated in the forums that Outspark won't shut Fiesta down for as long as the source company continues to provide them with new material...but if the source company is goind belly-up...well I'll let you do the math.  Check out this post on the forums...or a screenie of it I should say, since the CSR's keep deleting the post in a desperate attempt to do damage control.

All in all I do not recomend Fiesta to anyone...

I am sorry you had a bad experience with this game. I am finding it fun and enjoying. The 30 day ban it pretty good for bad language.  In the gaming world that is a long time. I do not believe it was a banning offense. Now if he followed her around and continually harassed her then that would be different. You only mentioned one incident.

It is not completely up to the game to protect underage children. It is up to the parents to monitor a game and decide if it is acceptable for their 13 year old to play. I believe 13 is to young to let kids get into online games. We let our son play at that age and now that I am in the gaming world I wish we had waited longer. You will always encounter jerks with bad language. It can not be helped and comes with gaming.  It takes the proper maturity to deal with it and move on to enjoy the game or just find another one. There are hundreds of fun games available. Keep looking for one that matches you.


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7/04/10 4:13:17 AM#22

I'm sorry for your experience, however, you don't need to pay that much money to have fun.

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7/04/10 4:47:02 AM#23


Welcome to the f2p world. The only thing in a f2p game company head is earning cash by ANY MEANS.

F2p games r a total fraud and they more than often abuse their power, for example banning all form of criticism, outright lies that the games will improve and get new content(wich almost always is buggy and full of glitches and most of the time only includes expanding their cash shop).

F2p developers dont have any ambition to make a good game or to create a great gaming community, they only want to milk out as much cash as possible from the industry as they can.


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It''s one thing to have a opinion, but enforcing one is unconstitutional.

7/04/10 5:05:06 AM#24

i feel i didnt need the OP to tell me not to play fiesta as what is Fiesta? i didnt even know that this game exsisted until i saw this post, now u make me want to play cuz i didnt know that this game was even created


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8/17/10 2:02:48 AM#25

ive created a character but just read this,,,yes the loser/ creep/ wierdo that told your sister all those hanious things probly learned his lesson after getting banned 1 month..that can feel like eternity to a no lifer such as him..anyhow he should of recieved more then that...he should of gotten arrested by local athorities cant speak that way to children over the internet in the united states or you wil get 3-4 years in prison..any hoot i actually like the game an its what ive been looking for since getting banned from runescape...i got perm ban for suspicion of using a bot...(jagex would of perm muted if he was on runescape) ive just gotten lvl 15 in 2 days playing but i keep dying an stuff by the dumb pinoflies while trying to do the noob quest, i really enjoy the jrpg style an this game overall is pretty decent i dont know much about it yet but i think i will give it a shot...ill be sure to keep an eye out for wierdos an report any for the described sort of behavior ..dont plan on spending any money on my acc untill i get all the f2p gear an weapons..well ill find out hout it goes...1k a month?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? are there people really that addicted????????


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no qoute :D

8/31/10 12:40:02 PM#26

I can't even get to the website all it shows is a white screen with the link in the tab thing for my browser and it has the site logo on it i was only able to get to the site once but then my browser showed an error message and closed on me. i dont know why but i want to play this game so bad TT the only sites i can access are and Arieagames ppl :( can somebody help me TT its driving me nuts!!

maria Xfire Miniprofile

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12/26/10 6:33:43 PM#27

It looks like one of those... what's-it-called? That tentacle stuff, U mean you could actually see one of the female fighter's........ "exposures" in one ad.

read it. love it.


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5/12/11 2:27:10 AM#28

doom groom bloom

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