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9/27/07 8:27:04 PM#21

Originally posted by AeriannaKzin

Planeshift is an awsome MMORPG! Unlike many, others I have tired when Planeshift says role play it means it, its really great to be able to emburse your self into a compelte fanastay world and create your own charachter history and personality. The amount of actual roleplay in this game is just great! As far as the GM's go, I have not seen any corruption, in fact I know a few of the GM's player chars. and they are not superstrong or rich with tria (curency) I think the GM's in Planeshift do a really good job for what they have to work with and if you think about it GM's are like Cops, no one really likes them becaues they tell you what you can and can not do, and when they tell you you can't do something you get upset about it and go on a rant. I think if you just walked a few feet even in thier shoes you would learn to apprecate authourty a bit more. I personally have run into several instances in game where I needed a GM and they were very helpful to me, and I have even run into a few where I got told I was in the wrong, and the GM talked to me for quite a while taking time to help me better understand excatly why I was wrong, and not just saying "your wrong cause I said so,get over it" And sure there are bugs and server crashes, but that kinda livens the mood at times gives us things to laugh at and I know the Devs are very busy and they work very hard considering they volenteer all their time and resourses and art work and stuff. I think in the short time I have played the game I have seen it come a long way. And the community is just wonderful! I have met many players that I consider to be great friends! In Planeshfit you can join or even create your own guild and make a website and expand in all sorts of ways. In any game you buy/download or wha. tever you will find people that say bad things and people that say good things as well, I say try it for you self and you will be pleasently suprized.

Advertise post? This must be a GM, 1 post aswell!.

Gm are eviul, seems like you are trying to convince us that playing Planeshift is better than having sex 


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9/27/07 8:52:04 PM#22

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9/27/07 9:55:58 PM#23
Originally posted by Tuxide



 It is fun to pray to Laanx to have them struck down.

Hmm. I'm going to assume that it's consentual and good humored.

  User Deleted
9/27/07 11:03:57 PM#24

Originally posted by Tuxide


Originally posted by Skjald
With no doubt Twinchaos will come here right away and tell us why he cut up the sentence, or why he didn't look up thread about actual ingame maps.


Don't even bother, Twinchaos and his "libre game" cabal buddies don't even read the other posts on this board. He has made this obvious in another thread; when they come here, all they are here to do is post whatever they made up in school one day with no regard for defending their comments.


Originally posted by Zorvan
I simply pointed out that...the complaint you latched onto was an invalid one.


Well, least some people here claim to still have this quality.

What you will find is that I have the advantage of looking at these various threads as an outsider and a regular of as a whole. I don't play Planeshift, so I have no unreasonable desire to defend it. However, this also precludes me from having an unreasonable desire to bash it. I am about as neutral as one can get in this case.

In fact, if you look at the limited posts I have made in the PL threads, I do not attack OR praise the game . What I have done is basically said two things:

1.) There has been enough negative points posted to warrant caution for newcomers in regards to this game. This does not mean that the negativity was all true, partly true, or completely false. It simply warrants caution.

2.) Talad simply should not be the one to argue his games case in any forum. This does not mean to imply that he is an unfit or unsrupulous dev, it simply means that he lacks public relations skills. In some cases, he does more harm for his games image simply by his actions in posting ( such as, quite frankly, the childish re-writing of his previous replies ) than he would have simply not responding at all.

Just as with my replies to Skjald's posts, I merely commented from my point of being a reader and observing the posts that were made, not from my agreement or disagreement with the topic at hand.

Hope that clears up my standing in this, at least.



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People take mmo''s way to seriously

9/27/07 11:07:52 PM#25

LOL, ok, maybe you didnt get the help needed is because you were asking npc's? Sorry, i know thats probably a typo but picturing someone trying to have a conversation with an npc is kinda funny, may i ask, did the npc's talk back?

playing eq2 and two worlds


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9/28/07 12:21:38 AM#26

Originally posted by Zorvan
Give me a break. I was not being "protective" of anything or anyone. I simply pointed out that you were obviously looking for any reason you could find to argue with Twinchaos' post, and the complaint you latched onto was an invalid one. Some people consider that sort of behaviour "trolling".

Oh, trolling can be fun, yeah. The problem with doing it around here is that being a troll usually requires responding to reasonable posts. Not much of that from people I responded to.

I mean, seriously, look at this one:

And anyone can plainly see that the answer to the question would have been the same whether the question was "I really need a planeshift map........", or if it was extended to "I really need a planeshift map, does someone know a god webbpage with a map?". The response was that the only maps, not "the only maps on a webpage", were in a stickied thread (which apparently no longer exists), and that a map is a spoiler and you have to make your own. Which has everything to do with what the posters argument was about, and I quote:

"No, anyone who suggested a detailed regular map, a mini-map, a compass or anything that shows some kind of coordinates was/is frowned upon because the "devs" consider it to be a "spoiler" and that it "prevents exploration". ".

I honestly can't believe that you actually made a complaint about the snipping of the title, when it didn't change the meaning or point of the post. Did you just need to find something to argue with there?

It's clearly obvious that the author of this post has no idea what he's talking about. First, the mentioned maps were concept art and by refering to it, the folks meant that there will be no "real" maps to be provide outside of game.

Regular map was never frowned upon and I knew it to be in plans for as long as I've been playing (playing on and off since May 2003). Minimaps, however, were always frowned upon, yes. Not because devs are some sick bastards who want all new players to find themselves lost, but because they want to give opportunity to people wishing to roleplay cartographers. How evil of them, isn't it? This thread has been dwelling the land of flawed logic and incorrect statements from its very beginning. You can't possibly troll in it.

I dare you to look up threads which frown upon ingame maps (not minimaps). If you know what you're talking about, you'll have no problems with that. But if you don't, well, let's just say in that case you're really in no position to call anyone a "troll". Sounds fair?


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I know what I like, just sometimes I burn out.

9/28/07 1:30:17 AM#27

I might/can overlook  the lack of ingame maps (etc.)  BUT, what fun is being stuck in the deadzone for almost a week?  Yes I try to follow others then plummet to my death over a unseen clift.   Wheee fun 

If you woke up breathing,
congratulations! You have another


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9/29/07 4:02:22 PM#28

I would simply like to point out. that I am in no way  a GM, nor a Dev, I am simply a player of the game. and I happen to enjoy it. Its a free one is forcing you to play...I have never been much of a complainer myself and I tend to look for the good things in everything..I donno it just seems to make my life a little bit better ;) you all should try it sometime.


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9/20/09 8:02:27 AM#29

This is not Korean style MMO kill reappearing mob 1000 times get exp and gold.

This is RPG. And this means you have to comunicate with others. And simply ask way out play your role.

If you do not like RPG part of game go kill 10000 mobs and get your next lever in silkroad etc.


This thead is stupid flaming on game just is is maybe only real mmoRPG. Not just MMO level/item gaining action game/Diablo clone.


Bitter Vet™

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Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions. Pvbs 18:2, NIV

9/20/09 8:10:29 AM#30

This thread hasn't had a post in it for over two years until you came along, and is dead as the game appears to be.


In my day MMORPG's were sooooo hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow....uphill both ways.
Still currently "subscribed" to EVE, and only EVE!!!
"This is the most intelligent, well qualified and articulate response to a post I have ever seen on these forums. It's a shame most people here won't have the attention span to read past the second line." - Anon


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9/20/09 8:39:46 AM#31

No wonder why thread dead when its name is like this and even in Caps lock.

Some kind of stupid failed in tutorial posted this FUD and someone believed.

Thread dead.



Game itself is very active new version is in development, there is sound contest and ppl play game itself in 2 very active servers. I play it now on other PC for my first day and I like it...wonder why so much crap posted here.


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10/27/09 4:29:52 PM#32

It's an extremely ambitious project, undertaken by a non-profit group.


They barely have a third of the features down!

darkb456 Xfire Miniprofile

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10/31/09 5:21:08 PM#33

I don't think the lack of a mini map is game breaking. It contributes to the community and experience and feel of the game. if you can't deal without one... well...  kinda lame.  What breaks this game is the utter lack of game play.


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Joined: 9/05/08
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10/31/09 6:22:45 PM#34
Originally posted by Boaal

I don't think the lack of a mini map is game breaking. It contributes to the community and experience and feel of the game. if you can't deal without one... well...  kinda lame.  What breaks this game is the utter lack of game play.


I repeat, they haven't even got a third of the features in.

darkb456 Xfire Miniprofile

PlaneShift Developer

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Every book is the bible, and every written word is blasphemy against the human spirit.

11/03/09 10:05:09 AM#35

I might/can overlook the lack of ingame maps (etc.) BUT, what fun is being stuck in the deadzone for almost a week? Yes I try to follow others then plummet to my death over a unseen clift. Wheee fun  <-- ever consider looking before you leap?


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11/06/09 1:17:19 PM#36

Blame only your communication and exploration skills I managed to get outside in less than 30 minutes first time.


Maybe you want to make map and share with others? Or make map and use for your own advantage? That is fun and idea of this game and if you want to kill mobs gain gold and xp this game not for you, but this does not mean that game is bad.


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11/06/09 5:08:11 PM#37

Evidently, they don't have a good map because they think it's a "spoiler", which has nothing to do with this game's stage of development, manpower or funding resources.

A foolish thinking on their part and an elitist attitude from their inadequate supporters. This lack of feature doesn't promote any communication, only causes wasted time and makes more people leave this game. Not having a map in an MMORPG is nothing but a lazy excuse.

No player is required to be a game developer to determine whether a game they're playing is enjoyable or not. Considering that it's this game's developers (specifically its project leader) and occasional fanboys, not the players, who are advertising it as being designed to "commercial quality standards" in their Crystal Space 2006 Conference. Not to mention, it's been advertised as a BETA, not a "tech demo" in the same presentation, which is a final testing stage just before a full release.

If this game's developers and supporters can't handle valid criticism, then perhaps they shouldn't be making a game in the first place and reading these discussions at all.


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Joined: 9/05/08
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11/06/09 9:05:59 PM#38

You know what, I give up. I'm gonna stop watching this abomination unto everything that separates humans from dirt.

darkb456 Xfire Miniprofile

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11/06/09 11:00:40 PM#39

only uncool people bad at communication debate skill dont like planeshift


thats how we know planeshift is a better game


theres no reason anyone would ever dislike planeshift unless he was just a bad person


also btw i heard the emperor got some new clothes today


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Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. Douglas Adams

11/24/09 11:13:13 AM#40

First off, you're making a generalization that disregards exceptions by arguing from a special case—cookie cutter MMORPGs. I'm not going to say that PlaneShift should never have a map, but I've played some excellent MMORPGs that did not have one. One cannot have played all MMORPGs and know what would work in others and what doesn't.


Cookie cutter MMORPGs.   Hmmm.   Just out of curiosity... can you tell me one game that does NOT have a map?  That like saying boardgames (monopoly, etc) don't need a board : No playing field.    How will I know where something is that is not immediately visible on the screen?    Where are the NPCs?  Let's just run around and maybe I'll find it?  Or do you give it way?  Just follow the yellow brick road...

Originally posted by Kemistri
No player is required to be a game developer to determine whether a game they're playing is enjoyable or not. Considering that it's this game's developers (specifically its project leader) and occasional fanboys, not the players, who are advertising it as being designed to "commercial quality standards" in their Crystal Space 2006 Conference. Not to mention, it's been advertised as a BETA, not a "tech demo" in the same presentation, which is a final testing stage just before a full release.

Another generalization here, but also an ad hominem: What role someone takes up has nothing to do with the logical merits of his or her argument. Also, there is a straw man argument here because you are misrepresenting the sense of BETA that is being used. This is an MMORPG forum, and here beta means early access, bugs, and wipes. I'm not going to argue what sense is being used, but in this sense calling PlaneShift a beta neither breaks nor defines the general rule. I do agree that open alpha would be more technically correct, but there is no such thing as an open alpha in the MMORPG world. does not even categorize games as such.

Ad hominem (for the uneducated) means an arguement meant to discredit a testimony of someone because they have a undesireable/bias trait.  ie: The man in the bleachers calls the umpire blind because he called his kid "out" at first base.  

 Kemistri does list the undesireable / bias trait.  Everyone knows that if you create something, you're going to speak well of it.  This isn't an undesireable trait.  We all do it!  What he was saying, the players who have an objective opinion are not allowed to rate the game.  Their negative reviews are squelched.  This poses a unequal evaluation of what could be an average MMORPG.

Let me say this...  I've played a wide variety of fantasy MMORPGs over the years.  I started when it was just text.  We (my friends and I) would play anything we got our hands on... we enjoyed some.. others we banished to the "OMG, do not play this thing."  I even created an AD&D character generator.  I made the mistake of asking people for advise.  I got a LOT of questioning, argumentative email.  I finally created a forum for people to hear my general response to duplicate questions.  MOST, and I mean more then 90%, we're negative.  My response was simple.  Hey, you didn't have anything before.  At least this is a start... Wanna improve it?  Here's the source code.  And I dropped it in the message.  750,000 lines of code.  The mainframe at the college I was in wasn't happy about that.   But when some of the "naysayers" started to read the code and realized that I typed it all by hand.  I didn't hear as much negativity.  NO ONE tried to improve the program...

If you give people the best of what you have and they don't like it?  you have two responses... build 'em a better one... or ask them to help fix it!  If you don't have a map... Ask someone to create one for you.  There are people out here in the cyber world who do nothing else but stuff like that... they enjoy it!   Don't believe me?  Google the phrase "walkthrough" and see what I mean.

Always a pleasure... If you know me you know what this means.

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