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Paragon Studios
MMORPG | Setting:Super-Hero | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 04/27/04)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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City of Heroes Videos: City of Heroes Interview (4:38)'s Jon Wood spoke with City of Heroes Community Coordinator Jill Henderson about the game, NCsoft's recent decision to bring Heroes and Villains together under one roof and more.'s Jon Wood spoke with City of Heroes Community Coordinator Jill Henderson about the game, NCsoft's recent decision to bring Heroes and Villains together under one roof and more.
Duration: 4:38
Views: 4,969  29 comments
Game: City of Heroes
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afoaa writes: He he yes. But seriously I am impressed with how much better this game is compared to just a few years ago. I recently returned and was pleasantly surprised. Wed Aug 06 2008 9:15AM Report
mrguy123 writes: How dare you insult Ex Libris! She is one of the coolest people ever. Wed Aug 06 2008 9:28AM Report
themilton writes: She IS one of the coolest people ever, but I admit, I was surprised by her appearance irl. Totally not what I was expecting. Wed Aug 06 2008 9:35AM Report
themilton writes: **argh - stupid tab key!** You see someone in game and read their comments in the forums and you form this idea s/he looks and sounds like. Then you see him/her irl and it doesn't match, know what I mean? Wed Aug 06 2008 9:40AM Report
IAmMMO writes: I remember SOE telling us once all the great funding ads will provide for further development of Planetside. Then we heard the same thing again with Matrix online. Yet those games failed to see any huge benefit. If Ubisofts plans to update COX and take it forward aren't something huge it will fall by the way side once CO and DC are released. DC and CO also have one thing Ubisoft don't no matter what they do the game. A fresh new start where everybody is a newbie again in a brand spanking new MMO. Wed Aug 06 2008 10:54AM Report
BlockheadBrn writes: I care (AS SHOULD YOU) about what they're doing with the game. I care about their plans. A person's LOOKS have no value here. Wed Aug 06 2008 11:55AM Report
BlockheadBrn writes: IAmMMO, it's NCSoft, not Ubisoft. Despite hopeful beginnings, if you're following CO, it is a rehash of the early days of CoH. CoH/V players that have been following have been quickly reminded of the shenanigans pulled by Mr Emmert & Cryptic of old. NCSoft NorCal have done much to postively change CoH/V. DCUO is a different animal that may play to a different crowd. I'm highly anticipating it's release, but I may wind up staying in CoH/V. Wed Aug 06 2008 12:04PM Report
Shohadaku writes: Ya know I am friends with the parent of a blind girl who is consistantly ridiculed in her school for problems she faces being blind. People are ruthless. Anyone who feels the need to insult someone for the way they look will have karma catch up with them someday. Wed Aug 06 2008 12:38PM Report
Shohadaku writes: As far as the game. MAKE SOME PVP SERVERS WHERE VILLIANS VS HEROES CAN CARRY INTO ALL THE ZONES. Wed Aug 06 2008 12:42PM Report
nAAtimus writes: This game has come a long way since release, I'm looking forward to see what they have planned for the future to compete with the up and coming hero MMOs. Wed Aug 06 2008 1:03PM Report
Interitus writes: IAmMMO, in game advertising lets these games survive. They don't have the subscription base to survive on their own. In game ads lets them still function. This allows people who do enjoy them to play, it's better then simply shutting down the game. Wed Aug 06 2008 2:00PM Report
Windlion writes: Is it me or is there no sound starting at about 02.57?? Wed Aug 06 2008 2:26PM Report
Zeroxin writes: IRT IamMMO, yes you're right that champions and DCUO will be new but the thing about is that the novelty might wear off after a while and we'll get back to complaining about how much DCUO has crap animations. Wed Aug 06 2008 5:33PM Report
Gajari writes: lmao holy shit, that's a girl!! I was staring at the guy and going, "damn, he's got huge bitch tits" and then it started talking!! Wed Aug 06 2008 8:55PM Report
chaintm writes: Nice to see they are constantly updating. Wed Aug 06 2008 9:21PM Report
Serazahr writes: Wow this guy has a high pitched voice! (No insult intended) Thu Aug 07 2008 2:11AM Report
AngelBurst writes: Gajarl, I thought you were of average intelligence till you started typing, so I guess you were not the only one surprised here today. The animation are not final in DCUO, I talked to Jim Lee about it recently, and they are aware that people are concerned about it, and he assures me that it will be better by release. It was still in alpha at comicon so there is plenty of work to be done. Ubisoft, when did they come in to this convo hehe? You have to keep in mind that both DCUO, and Champions online are action based MMOs, and will be a completely different experience then CoX. CoX will be more appealing to the casual gamer. Not everyone likes the twitch action games. The real competition is between DCUO and Champions Online. Thu Aug 07 2008 2:29AM Report
ipod80gb writes: CoX all the way! Thu Aug 07 2008 3:11AM Report
Hypergolic writes: Why does NCsoft hire these inarticulate and unattractive people to speak in public ? Thu Aug 07 2008 4:40AM Report
ArcAngel3 writes: I like the variety that's been added into the game over the last couple of years. I also like that the two games are now one. It was a bit complex trying to tell city of heroes only players how to get access to supergroup bases before the merge for example. Now it's much more staightforward. Issue 12 was probably one of my favourites for content. I was concerned about the sync bug though that affected a lot of players. I was happy that NCsoft acknowlegded the bug, was responsive to players, fixed it and offered free time to those affected. I still hope though that bugs like that don't get through QA for the next issue. Thu Aug 07 2008 9:24AM Report
the68th writes: QUOTE - ANGELBURST - You have to keep in mind that both DCUO, and Champions online are action based MMOs, and will be a completely different experience then CoX. CoX will be more appealing to the casual gamer - END QUOTE The 'casual gamer' is more comfortable with 'twitch' based gameplay because you can literally login and play because pretty much every gamer from any genre knows how to move a character, aim and shoot. Typical MMORPG based combat is for the more dedicated gamer since the system takes a lot of time to figure out and understand how to use. I've always found it funny that a lot of mmos out there say they use the turn based system or something similar to it because its more accessible to casual gamers...which is completely rediculous. But the game developers are finally learning...bring on DCOnline! Thu Aug 07 2008 2:59PM Report
Manchine writes: Of course its a better game. Champions of course will be better then it but hey its just like Everquest and Everquest II. Thu Aug 07 2008 4:17PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Pretty nice that old versions of either game allow you to play both. Thu Aug 07 2008 10:04PM Report
TatsuOyama writes: 1) I LOVE this game so much. It really lets me hop on alone or with others and JUST GAME. I love that. It is really one of the best games I have ever played. Solid and always getting better. Fantastic job to all the developers and backers of this product. 2) The audio went odd for me part way through. Did the volume on the right speaker die for anyone else? Anyhow, if any of you Cryptic/NCSoft folks read this you have my bucks for the foreseeable future! Fri Aug 08 2008 3:39AM Report
noxdraconis writes: I am sorry, but I thought the questions were pretty obvious. I mean, its like NCSoft fed the interviewer a set of talking points to ask Jill. He could of at least asked about upcoming features, or something like that. Fri Aug 08 2008 6:44AM Report
scooby32 writes: one thing that scares me on this game is the rikti. one moment im levelling peacefully then the next ive got a rikti ship firing at me. i swear theyve gotta work on their timing. anyway this is an awesome game. i would buy a time card if i could Sat Aug 09 2008 4:20AM Report
kesleri writes: This interview was terrible... i didn't see anything that would make me be interested in this game. Mon Aug 11 2008 5:26AM Report
DrowNoble writes: Game is quite good and still doing well. As for the Rikti invasions, you have ample warning to hide if you don't want to get zapped by the dropships. :) Mon Aug 11 2008 9:48PM Report
Reborn17 writes: UNNERF ENERGY TRANSFER!!!! Thu Aug 14 2008 5:22AM Report