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Paragon Studios
MMORPG | Setting:Super-Hero | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 04/27/04)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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City of Heroes Videos: Midnight Squad Video (1:59)

The folks at NCsoft have provided us with this new video featuring the Midnight Squad, a group that will make their appearance in Issue 12.

The folks at NCsoft have provided us with this new video featuring the Midnight Squad, a group that will make their appearance in Issue 12.
Duration: 1:59
Views: 30,126  21 comments
Game: City of Heroes
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FomarThain writes: While the graphics engine is definitely long in the tooth I think this will be one of the best issues yet. My SG mates who have been playing on test have had nothing but good things to say about it. Sounds like it also adds a great TF. Can't wait. Thu May 15 2008 1:30PM Report
Ascension08 writes: I'm always attracted to anything that even resembles ancient Rome, so this looks cool :) Thu May 15 2008 2:02PM Report
YagyuJubei writes: Yeh, Cimerora is indeed a beautiful zone.. And a great change of pace from the usual look of CoH. The TF indeed feels epic and missions actually feel catered to the TF and storyline unlike some of the other Tf's. And from the look of the Midhnight club the devs will add more new zones accessible through the club. Thu May 15 2008 4:21PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Al thought nobody will prob read this or care what i have to say... i must still get this off my chest. Love the game, been playing off and on since CoH beta.. im a paid customer of 36 months vet rewards. But i think they need to do more with High End lvling.. Kinda like WoW has done with Expanding Lvl... Yes from the long timed lvl 50 max lvl... to a lvl 60 or even 70.. I say this cuzz i have many man high lvl toons.. and 9 lvl 50's seeems like once i get a 50 i start to play them less and less.. Some of my frist 50's i may long on only once a month just for a few secs just to reset the amount of days on the sg lists, i really dont have anything left to play in the game. BUT!!! something that would make me want to get back into the game is something i can achieve with my current lvl 50 toons and i dont mean yet another tf.. i mean lvl's Why they keep adding content to the game witch is great.. Most is content u do with toons from lvl 20 to 50... nothing really for the 50 toons them selfs unless they get Exp to a lower lvl to play a TF or something Expand the content With Expanding what we can do with our current lvl 50's... Thanks! Thu May 15 2008 7:55PM Report
Trigger2009 writes: I've been playing COH for almost 3 years and I'm strongly opposed to raising the level cap. They keep introducing new features and powersets into the game, 9x LVL 50's is hardly the end. Who knows, they might even add new archtypes into the game. Also there are lots of things you can do after you've reached level 50, such as making a new toon, PvP, TF's, etc. Fri May 16 2008 1:47AM Report
Jundas writes: What would we get 10 levels of enhancement slots and a second EPP choice? Fri May 16 2008 2:17AM Report
Raekon writes: I'm a 48 months veteran and been playing even longer (beta). I must say that I never left the game at all cause there is always something to do no matter in the hero or the villain side. :) The addition of more and more updates are great and I can wait for the additional slots of issue 2, the villain epics and all the other things to come! :D As about your comment Jagox: You have a ouroboros portal? You can take your level 50s there and do all the past missions you might have lost due to fast leveling, gain more badges and a lot of other stuff! :) Of course it would be cool if our 50s can level more but not totally nessesary in my opinion. Take care everybody and maybe see you on the pinnacle server sometime! :) Main Hero is Thundercloud, Main Villain is Thornstalker Fri May 16 2008 3:28AM Report
damian7 writes: honestly, how many people still actively play a lvl 50 (other than to farm prestige)? once you hit 50, you've already seen/done everything on one of your other toons, many times over. if the devs took a few years to figure out how to make new lvl 50 content (per dev comments), why do you think they could come up with content for lvl 50-60? or 60-70? Fri May 16 2008 7:06AM Report
mportela writes: I'm a long time vet on the game and allow me to tell you I'm all against lvl cap raising and am all for the many changes and adds we have been seeing in this game... THIS IS the way mmo's should evolve and not the WoW gold-sucking expansions or anyother extras that ruin game balance and suck users money! Way to go CoX! Fri May 16 2008 8:25AM Report
murphys123 writes: This game is great. I wish I could stick with it for more than a couple months at a time. Fri May 16 2008 10:57AM Report
SantoMalo writes: I been playing COH since issue 1. All I have is one lvl 50 - Blaster - Ar/Em - I don't alt. This game has alot of content for ppl to play @ lvl 50. But most players burn themselves out on farms. Every expansion makes the game great. Though, I am still waiting for them to fix the IOP system my sg runs base raids every Friday. That's where the game really excels. Fri May 16 2008 3:31PM Report
NeoDodge writes: You know what I find annoying with all these updates ? No matter what they're called, villains, along with heroes, keep saving the world again and again. Where's out villain pride ? Why aren't we out there slaying the innocent ? Robbing banks ? Come on, it's starting to get old... Since when haven't the villains done something for themselves instead of crushing yet another threat for the world ? Sat May 17 2008 5:03AM Report
gnomexxx writes: Better watch out or I'll stand face to face with you and we'll cast spells back and forth. :P Imagine a movie like that. Spiderman comes down and lands 3 feet in front of villian. Then, the begin exchanging spider webs and death rays until one of them is incapacitated or dead. lol. Sat May 17 2008 10:17AM Report
emochild45 writes: i think raising the leveling cap would be cool because you could get more powers, badges, missions, and all that stuff. Also i think they should make new archetypes and enhancements and stuff Sat May 17 2008 5:04PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Bottom Line is... Every game looks like another.. Warhammer-WoW... Guild Wars- Aion.... City of heros/villains-Chapions online... Do i really need to go on.. And Btw Everyone steals ideas from games thats been great... why? you ask? Because they worked great in other games!! Listen theres nothing out there nor has been thats really standing out and taking control of the PC MMO market that makes anyone say " Damm i cant wait to play this!" yea we have all the clones and look alikes.. But c'mon people WoW is Old. GW's is Old. Everquest is old. CoH Is Old... Hell pretty much all the Good MMO's are OLD!!! Theres nothing in the market that stands out and is truly something new, grabs me by the neck and screams Pay a monthly fee and play me!!! it's all re-hashed ideas with a new name.. Sit down and think... Name somthing thats not like anything else that turned out great and has or had a chance to dethrone WoW and the few other top MMO"s... My last hopes was talbua rasa and perhaps Pirates of the burning sea... Both Failed me as being somthing Kinda new to do...and has no chance @ dethroning anyone. Sun May 18 2008 8:59AM Report
cyberbard writes: It is cool and now it hit Live. Tue May 20 2008 11:22PM Report
holy11 writes: gameplay is sick great charector custamization,but my free trial expired so i gotta make a new acc and idk if i could make it lvl 10 Fri May 23 2008 12:30PM Report
holy11 writes: gameplay is sick great charector custamization,but my free trial expired so i gotta make a new acc and idk if i could make it lvl 10 Fri May 23 2008 12:30PM Report
terrel619 writes: COOL Mon May 26 2008 9:00PM Report
JRock7485 writes: try Anarchy Online. It never made it big, but its one of the most different mmo's Ive played. It was around before WoW, or CoH. It has the most in-depth character developement that I have seen in a game. Its endgame gear isnt as flashy as WoW, but the game is a solid play and gives a refreshing feeling when you play it compared to a WoW, CoH, GW, or any of the others. Fri May 30 2008 11:56AM Report
sadeyx writes: I wouldnt say that CoH was "like every other mmo" its style is completly different and is one of the few 'non-fantasy' type MMO's out there. I keep coming back to CoH, making new characters is very addictive. Its a damn shame there is no European free trial. I would happily get all my to try this game and I know they would like it now that its had so many expansions. Thu Jun 12 2008 9:10AM Report