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Guild Wars Nightfall Forum » General Discussion » I like everything about guild wars except its not group friendly.

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OP  1/01/08 5:15:46 PM#1

The reason I keep quitting this game is because I cant ever get into groups now you can say im somewhat spolied on cox because it is very team friendly but from my understanding the point of having these games online is to play with or against others pvp and pve.

I mean hek you might as well just play single player games if grouping is non existent. I understand why henchman and heroes exist and I guess it was needed for this game but this is exactly why I cannot enjoy this game.

I really want to and I am tired of cox so I wont go back to that mostly because of the grinding feeling and repetitive environment. Anyways this is just my take on it, and im not bashing it so please dont say I am I think its innovative but it just lacks that one thing that helps make mmorpgs.


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1/03/08 12:44:33 AM#2

I remember when before factions and nightfall it was actually easy to get a group together to do a mission or quest. Now though it is nearly impossible when everyone is taking hench and/or heros now. I do the same but only when it is pointless to try to form a group in a nearly empty area. Though not being able to get a group is a small reason compared to the numerous negatives that were either:

1. created by the creators

2. Caused by the community.


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1/03/08 1:18:44 AM#3

I agree.

And to be honest, I think ANet (the developers for those that don't know) agrees as well.

GW2 is planned to have persistent worlds, and supposedly large pvp battles (along with smaller ones as well). They've stated that people will be able to randomly join others in battle just like in traditional MMOs, so some people fear this will make it more like WoW, while others like me are in hopes that this will kill most of the current "solo" game style GW has right now, as the OP has mentioned.

So ANet is trying to fix the solo problem they have right now (and other limitations) with a brand new game


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1/14/08 6:46:19 AM#4

Originally posted by Aetarya
They've stated that people will be able to randomly join others in battle just like in traditional MMOs, so some people fear this will make it more like WoW, while others like me are in hopes that this will kill most of the current "solo" game style GW has right now, as the OP has mentioned.

Add to that the possibility that (and I'm only basing this on currently available information) companions will replace heroes/henchmen, thus limiting the non-human party members to a maximum of half the party size. That should significantly increase the demand for PUGs, while keeping the heroes feature intact.


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1/14/08 10:09:02 PM#5

Ah, well. There is greater numbers of Soloers these days. I find it ironic that the battlecry of the Sunspears is "You never fight alone," and yet players try to avoid parties to actually do the missions.

At least guilds are friendly. :D


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1/26/08 4:03:49 PM#6

Yea, I started out at lvl 1, and in 3 or 4 days got to lvl 17.  I never once grouped with other people.  I just used the NPC followers they give you.


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2/26/08 9:26:36 AM#7

TBH the game is called GUILD WARS and if you want a group get a guild!

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3/25/08 11:13:45 AM#8

[quote]but from my understanding the point of having these games online is to play with or against others pvp and pve.[/quote]


Not entirely. A lot of us prefer to solo in an environment where interaction with other players is a norm. The idea is not to impose gameplay styles upon the environment, but having an environment that i tolerant of all types of preferred gameplay styles.

I sympathise, however with the plight of difficult group  formation, but this is more a trend rather than an imposition. Trends will form wherever there are significant population numbers.

Personally, I would never survive in an MMORPG that requires me to go spam "LFG!" for everything I want to do. But i would not want to do away with the option of inviting someone along, or joining a group when I feel like it.

I am glad that the MMOs that I play at least facilitate my gameplay style.




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3/25/08 6:08:57 PM#9

I think I've posted a while back, but mm. It all depending on mode of play, I suppose.



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4/15/08 1:10:35 AM#10

You're absolutely right about the game not being very group friendly.  Before it was not group friendly though, it was difficult for certain classes to get groups.  So it's a bit of a trade off.  Is it the best solution?  I don't know.  I never had much trouble getting groups to begin with.


Also, as someone else mentioned, joining a guild that suits your needs is a good idea.  If you want to get into groups, join a large guild.


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10/19/08 11:58:11 AM#11

who would EVER want to join a pug in this game. Guild grouping is one thing, but pugs are horrible. I go h/h with almost anything because i know that the chars i bring won't map out in the middle of a mission, not do they're job, rush into a huge group of mobs because they don't know how to play, etc. The mechanics of the game do not support pug gameplay. That is exactly the reason i enjoy the game. You don't have to coordinate schedules with other people to enjoy the high end content and complete campaigns. Elite missions still require a group of at least two people, but grouping for those is going to be people you know, anyone who tries to pug an elite is setting themselves up for failure. Bottom line: GW is a game i can play where i don't have to worry about other people. It's fun the way it is. A-Net/NCSoft, I implore you, don't try to make GW2 into another failed WoW clone!


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1/17/09 12:12:22 PM#12

To be honest the main reason i get bored of this game is because i rank partying/grouping very highly.  I never felt as though this was something you could easily do and more often than not u find yourself playing on your own.

  User Deleted
2/18/09 1:13:52 AM#13

I recently bought GW Nightfall because I was searching for a "soloable" MMO. People said if I want to solo, I will like this game. Well, I do like it (: Heroes and henchmen are fun, they don't go offline, they are not annoying and they don't steal my stuff, lol. No PK, no KS... Yeah, I have very bad party experiences from other games, this is why I prefer solo, but there aren't many solo-friendly MMOs... :c I hope GW2 will be soloable, too.


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9/03/09 9:18:48 PM#14

Who groups when you have heros? They are better than most players anyways if you have skills.


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9/03/09 9:20:09 PM#15

Heroes hurt Guild Wars for me. I was rather dissapointed when they became the normal. Still before that it was great and really did promote group play


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11/11/09 10:02:05 AM#16

 OK guys im not triying to be mean or something but if you think mmo is to always play with other human beigns in a far far far away place youre wrong for that go into a messenger chat you come to mmo to play first of all and i now maybe you like to play with others but tell me you hate soccer if no ones there to play with ya? you dotn like tv cause nobody sits with ya to se the show? you stop listening to youre music cause nobody else listen to it with you? i assume and hope youre answer is no im 23 and i can say i played many many games on consoles and pc alone and many others with someone and believe me the real point was playing the magic of GUILD WARS is that you can get into a really treath area and you will find guys to get with ya and if you dont want to get with others you can do with heroes and henchies.

Besides if you do zaishen missions and bounties you will get many guys to join in party and pvp is full so dotn worry play GW believe me is free so cant hurt you to come by some times :)