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Rappelz Forum » General Discussion » READ THIS!! if u have ever played rappelz

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OP  10/27/08 1:28:36 PM#1

im collecting data on all the ppl who quit rappelz



if this is u post a reply, pm me or email me and


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11/16/08 12:12:39 PM#2

hmm i didnt play rappelz for long but i got to lvl 30 and was sick of it.

Reasons for quitting:
-Slow, long, and repetitive quests
-armor sets that are 30 levels apart

...and that's pretty much it


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11/16/08 12:20:22 PM#3

Played it for a week.

Reason to quit: Poor graphics, boring quests, hardly any character customization.


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11/16/08 12:25:17 PM#4
Originally posted by CryoDragon

hmm i didnt play rappelz for long but i got to lvl 30 and was sick of it.

Reasons for quitting:
-Slow, long, and repetitive quests
-armor sets that are 30 levels apart

...and that's pretty much it


Pretty much the same for me, but left out all the crap you have to go through just to get the damn game running. The amount of BSODs I got because I refused to run a crappy game without protection to my comp was ridiculous.


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11/25/08 8:28:22 AM#5

Same...I left 2 accounts and after a little over 2 years for all the reasons stated above, even though I left my guild.

I have other reasons as well, but don't wish to waste any more time on this game.  Let's just say I left a little over a year ago and have yet to actually miss it.


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Joined: 11/27/08
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11/28/08 7:11:00 AM#6

 honestly, I left because of the environment. Theres not many people to play with, and when the guild became inactive, it just got worse. On top of that, the pvp is just horrendous. 


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12/05/08 8:41:24 AM#7

Quit for awhile... playing again.


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12/11/08 12:36:00 PM#8

After accomplising R6 first on Tanda server It got boring. I had a goal, reached it, then left. Was actually bored even before R6. But finally left for all the reasons stated above and the following ones:


!. NO DROPS!!!! ( I played from 120 to 128 with no R6 drops)

2. The company (Gala-Net) Lies to thier customer base

3 Dev's could care less what theri players ask for.

4. Kids started taking over server.  And was on the other servers that I tried. I don't want see all the back biting crap or the kissing up to the GM's in game chat. And especially don"t care about Chuck Norris.


BTW When are the devlopers of any online game going to figure out that their basic players who pay for items or a game are usally older and dont' want to have to deal with the unitellegent chatter in game chats?







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2/24/09 5:08:58 PM#9

i dont want this to turn into spam because this is the 5th time i say this, here it goes anyways

The game lacks originailty, its 5months back from the korean version, gpotato is awful magnagment, no quest after lv 65~, cash shop DESTROYS the game, inflacion is wack, chuck norris is an idol, GM events are retarded, if you want a lag & grind fest, Register Here. I have tryed to shove this in their faces and they just ignore the players, all they care about is $$$$$$$$$$$.

 [Mod Edit]

 enjoy your life in a dungeon if you want to level up!

 did i mention the game becomes a grindfest in purpose AT EVERY LEVEL. Mobs give you 1-30(1-300exp) 40-50(1100~) 60-70 (2000~, takes about 3-5m xp to level) now, here is the fun part, 70-80(4000~5000 w/SS) (5-7m exp to lv) 80-100 (6000-7000 w/SS) (7-15m exp to level) 100-120 (10000-15000~ w/SS) (15-40m to lv) 120+ (if you are stil playing this game you need a life)

 as far as i know, rappelz is in the past unless they hire chuck norris or an asian guy with an useful mind cause the people at potato are wack.

and just to make sure this gets out, an epic for these [Mod Edit] players is: 2 pets (You need to be 120+ to get and the drop rate is 0.000000000000000001%) 1 mount (120+, You need to get an HV pass -cash shop-) a island in the middle of nowhere(110+ to fight) [Mod Edit].

 i dont see how it relates to your post but it gives you a preview of why i quit.


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5/02/09 4:29:10 PM#10

one thing for y'all, useds to play rappelz, spent some cash in it, but now im done, started off with sword of the new world

reasons i quit?

all it u can do is kill mobs at dungeons and dungeon sieges, over and over and over and over and over and over again.......................... *yawn*


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I smell bacon

6/06/09 7:40:10 PM#11

I played about a month...was pretty good , I didnt really try to lvl much because 1-15 I didn't know what I was doing... And after 25 it was more work to lvl than fun so I PKed ppl for a few days and quit. But I can't find something else to play, anyone have a suggestion? I'm oddly and seriously considering playing Rappelz again... 

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6/06/09 7:47:45 PM#12

The cooldowns on the abilities were ridiculously long.

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6/22/09 8:18:13 AM#13

Grind, grind, grind, especially if you want to get a cool pet .

Every new epic they completely reset your character that you so carefully constructed. (The real fun part is they usually offer a resurection scroll that resets your skills right before this

Drops for the most part suck raw eggs. 90% of all drops are just coins and Town Portal Scrolls.

The whole Stamina thing is basically a rip-off. For those of you not familiar with Rappelzz every attack uses stamina which recharges painfully slow. However the only things that help speed up stamina regeneration are cash shop items...

Not enough variety to keep anyone interested for a long time.

That's all I can think of right now.....


  User Deleted
6/22/09 8:54:50 AM#14

Better graphics then WoW (however this is discussable, I just like them more then in WoW), but an awful lot less content.

I got 2 characters up to LvL 40/51 and then left bored to death.

Leveling up is a grind-fest beyond believe and the quests do end at LvL 65, which is why I stopped bothering to play any further. Without quests available the grind-fest becomes even more visable and it takes even longer to reach the next level.

Without using the cash-shop you can totally forget about playing the game, as you need all the potions and stuff offered there, or it will take you even longer to level up.

Never seen a game, that is more grind then Rappelz.


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6/25/09 1:32:05 PM#15

Been a long while since i've quit but basivally what the people on this forum said:

- Lag

- Grind your brain out

- immature community


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Huh? I know this don't make any sense to you but....

6/29/09 2:06:54 AM#16

found it hard to get dungeon parties at lvl 50's

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6/29/09 4:56:39 PM#17

Well I sent you a PM about this. If you're looking for something else we can talk. I run a gaming community across multiple games and make my own. So if you need help I could probably point you in the right direction. I've played a lot of MMO's.


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7/02/09 12:26:23 AM#18
Originally posted by skuly

found it hard to get dungeon parties at lvl 50's


Try getting a party at lvl 70+ as an archer. Found that people just wouldn't party with you.

Someone added me to a party in one dungeon one day...then when I was truthful about my level they kicked me out of the party. What is up with that crap? All they had to do was ASK before adding me to the party. Geez!

I used to play Rappelz BEFORE they screwed up all the skills and tweaked it into an unplayable game. Some of my best skills were turned into Player versus Player Skills ONLY... Too bad that they couldn't leave well enough alone.

Too many HIGH level Player Killing Grievers in the game. Have seen way too many level 100+ characters player RAPE newbies (level 15 to 20 characters) just because the freaking  jerks could do it.

What the game needed was Player Killing IN ONLY arenas OR within say 10 levels higher or lower than your level and ONLY after say level 50. Instead of dealing properly with the PK jerks, they decided to add a damn death penalty timer. Oh they didn't call it that but that is what it became. The developers posted a message asking the people if the logout timer was what they wanted... over 75% of the people that posted in the thread said it was a bad idea and were very nice about it... Instead of listening to the gamers... the developers copped a screw the community attitude. Very very sad indeed.

I don't understand why they had to punish the players that play for fun by allowing the jerks that unmercifully PK for NO damnable reason with NO penalties of any kind.

GalaNet instead of FIXING bugs that they caused started selling Cash item crap... That ISN'T fixing the issue... it became a cash cow to the Game Developers instead. As a long time software developer, I know first hand that it isn't hard to undo code that you just put in a game IF you have a decent system of saving previous versions of your code. But that would have been too easy to do.

If your game crashed or the server logs you out in an unsafe area, your character most likely would be dead when entering the game the next time. The problem was that they didn't spawn your character AFTER the level loaded like MOST real MMORPG's do and they didn't allow your character a small window of invulnerabiltiy upon spawning.

The damn card mix system is totally screwed up. If you want to mix 2 cards at +1 to get to a +2 card most times it would work. Then if you wanted to go to +3 on a card you had to have 2 +2 cards. Then 2 +3 cards to get to +4 and finally 2 +4 cards to get to +5. The card failure rate is way too high to even risk going to +3 in most cases.

The card drop rate is Horribly low.

If you get a rare pet card, the chances of taming it are too damn hard.

Before the updates in the last year and a half you could ALWAYS tame low level pets... after the updates even those fail about every other time. 50% success rate sucks on that... not to mention that the rare pets are extremely hard to tame.

After level 50 the level grind is absolutely horrible unless you are willing to have someone that plays your character when you have to sleep or work and you play it when they do the same.

So I finally had more than enough with silly developer crap by GalaNet  in the game and gave ALL my items and money away then deleted the frustrating game.



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Huh? I know this don't make any sense to you but....

7/04/09 10:43:56 AM#19

I 100% agree with everything you said after the stuff about Player Killing.

Processor: Intel Core I5-2320
Memory: 8GB DDR3 RAM
HDD: Samsung 830 256gb SSD-SATA3
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7950 3gb


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7/08/09 3:03:51 AM#20

i registered on the site after reading what you guys said and i totally hate the company gala-net. i had major issues with players on a server who were given items from a gm and items stolen from gm off guildies account. GM's name was Itoki and also Tehlaw. One of which supposively doesn't work at Gala-Net anymore. I had been talking with a mdoerator and Itoki about what happened and i actually logged msn conversation with a mdoerator and then logged emails from Itoki and realized they both were talking to eachother but one of them was lyiing and their stories didn't add up. I reported the company to the Better Business Bureau and know the user who had items stolen from a gm was even threatening to take legal action against the company. My BBB report was ignored by Gala-Net and now Itoki is ignoring all my requests on customer service ticket #'s in relation to anything in general. I recently quit and started playing warhammer online instead. Gala-net is a CORRUPT company and very shady with how they do business. THey lie to their playerbase and almost never change the game with how everyone wants it to be changed and only cares about cash shop users or ones who spent alot on the game. Yes it's F2P but i was a paying customer for cs items not alot like some but a bit and had a customer service rep name Julie in billing tell me i hadn't cash shopped recently whats the problem" basically saying that cause i didnt spend money recently they didn't care to help me. I was also banned falsely from false information given on a report from a player that didn't like me. The list goes on forever i had played the game almost 3 years and each new release of epic gets worse and worse. I also have speculation about how gold seller sites get rupees to players in game? unless there is bugs they use or they are hackers the only other way for rupees to be so easy to aquire and for sale in such amounts is if the company gala-net is working with gold sites for money.

in general i have played alot of mmo's. i have noticed theres alot of crap mmos this decade coming out of asia. i think most mmos out of asia are garbage and the way the companies are run for the most part is shady. Not ALL asian mmos are like rappelz but Gala-net is a prime example of a BAD BUSINESS. Their rating also on the better business bureau was an F. They are under investigation for fraud when i called to find out pending complaints against the company.

my only suggestion is if you play rappelz dont pay for cs dont waste ur money cause you never know when they will fuck you over.

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