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Hero Online Forum » General Discussion » Hero Online, Xiah, or 9dragons?

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Joined: 7/01/07
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OP  7/01/07 2:50:26 PM#1

All three of them seem the same to me and I have no idea which game to play :S. The 3 big things I'm looking for are: 1) The game with the least grinding     2) Player cooperation (quests, pvp, community)     3) Gameplay (Depth,Originality). Would anyone elaborate on the differences between these games and give their opinion of which game is best? I'll take and greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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7/03/07 6:13:05 PM#2

Well...I've played Hero and 9Dragons, but not Xiah...but Hero and 9Dragons basically have the same amount of least to me they do.A couple quests on 9Dragons require you to be in a party, like one where you get a ring from a quest...I didn't find any party friendly quests on Hero, and I couldn't figure out PVP on's pretty simple on 9Dragons though, just go to Bloody Plains and whale on some Enemy clan member.9Dragons has a nice community, and so does Hero...but I like 9Dragons better than Hero.As for gameplay...hmm...I don't know, I like them both.Try 9Dragons first though.

This is just my opinion, so don't flame me.

9Dragons or Hero Online?

Hero Online
Haven't played either
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9/08/07 5:58:00 PM#3

I would say you might find Rappelz an improvement over those other games

another game you could try is voyage century online  for a free ship based game if you want some thing i little different


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11/17/07 1:36:27 AM#4

Yes i foundvoyage century to be a good game although you dnt have an overall lvl on voyage century your strength isbased on your falch lvl and stuff like that you can definatley tell who has and who hasnt used the item mall to buy things from the site on this game tho..... 


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11/18/07 4:58:40 PM#5

I played 'em all: Hero, 9 Dragons, Xiah, Rappelz, you name it.
IMO Xiah is not a game, but a sad poor joke; the graphics are horrid, the gameplay...what gameplay? Enough said. Rappelz is different from these and to be honest not appealing at all (at least to me). So let's see Hero vs 9 Dragons: it's a difficult choice. Both have a unique feeling, both have their good parts.
9 Dragons has better skill trees; you can obtain a more personal system. The skills are more varied too. The quests are slightly better too and of various type (normal, karma, etc). The clan story is also interesting and helps in creating a bond between your toon and the other members. You really get a feeling of belonging.
In Hero each character has more weapons to choose from per toon (they're character based); the combat skills are weapon based, and you also get job skills. You have more armors to choose from (both normal or rare - this goes for weapons too); you have the same type of super running (at lvl 80 you are allowed to fly) and you also have mounts, which are job based. The Hero's equal to 9 Dragons clans are the factions, which unlike 9 Dragons don't matter a bit, apart from the wars. What can you do besides grinding? be honest nothing much...but you can mine or craft (which go hand in hand).
Regarding the grinding issue, I'd say Hero has slightly less grinding; they're about the same in theory, but in Hero your best friends are the AOE (area of effect) skills, which allow you to fight multiple targets at a time. You can also fight on a mount, but you can't use skills and that equals a painfully slow leveling at high lvl. The status points system in Hero is pretty simple; there are 2 overall good builds and 2 pure pvp builds - you can also go hybrid, but it'll be hell on Earth, because PvP is pretty much a one hit job in Hero: the one having more HP and defence wins, and hybrid basicly means you suck both at being a damage dealer and being a good tanker. Apart from other games, in Hero you don't get free status points / skill points resets, so you must be very careful when adding the points. You can reset them, but only if buying the required items from the item shop with real money, and they're pricy. PVP is allowed only in some special maps and during wars. In those areas mobs give better xp and also drop rare items, so it's worth the risk...if you can handle being constantly ganked. The community is cool though.
I like better Hero for the unique atmosphere, cool armors and weps and for all that never ending drama - when I played 9 Dragons I was quite puzzled the chat was pretty quiet all the time - in Hero you can spend days just watching the chat, there's always something going on.
9 Dragons has the ingredients to easily beat Hero, but it's so poorly managed...shame, really.


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Joined: 9/18/06
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The wind blows against my face,whilst whispering to me,what will you do now?,no place to go.

11/27/07 5:04:53 PM#6

hey ive tryed so many gams im confusd wether to go back to one f them or jst give up so i need some advie on what i should do thanks


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11/29/07 4:57:53 PM#7

I know the feeling :) I decided to wait for some new games (Aion, Zu Online and Perfect World); I'm also playing a game which is currently in CB and although it features cartoonish kiddy graphics it turned out to be surprisingly well thought and designed and I found myself liking it a lot more than expected ;) I am the kind of player that likes to stay in a game for months and years to come...if the game is that interesting. Sadly, not many games succed in kipping me interested these days...


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12/24/08 5:30:36 AM#8

I haven't played both 9dragons and Xiah, but  I hate Hero with a burning passion. I primarily don't like the PvP system on Hero, along with all the aggro monsters chasing you after level 4+. The PvP system is annoying because at least every 10 seconds some noob is challenging you while you're just grinding and wasting healing tea, and don't want to be bothered. Also, there aren't much choices on character custoimization (Changing hair, body, etc) The community isn't that great, even outside PvP. PvE is absolute crap, both the enemies being all agros after level 4, and trying to obtain quest items (In most MMOs I've played you get the QIs after every monster you're supposed to kill) which for me took more than 9 minutes just to obtain 20 objects from the same aggros. It's easy to level until level 2dan 0kyu. I used to have a level 5dan 7kyu warrior and it took at least a week to level because it was so tiresome. I can usually stick to grinding in games like Flyff. The only thing I actually liked about this game was that even the least valuable item in the game could be sold quickly. I got my christmas junk and 1kyu-1dan 4kyu crap sold in less than 2 minutes. 



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12/30/08 2:12:49 PM#9

Mobs aggro because you're supposed to use your AOE skills to kill and level up. It's IMPOSSIBLE to lvl up to cap lvl without using AOEs. Without aggro mobs you wouldn't be able to gather a  group to kill.

Second: if you can't lvl up as a warrior then something is seriously wrong with your char :) Warriors have such powerful and impressive skills and bonuses that are actually the only class that can outlast and outgun everybody - regardless of character choice.

Third: quests are just a secondary activity besides grinding. There are just a few of them that give really good rewards & a big chunk of xp.

4th: what you're saying about PVP is very strange to say the least since you can pvp only in certain designated maps and those maps are not not for beginners. But you should understand you can't get all the goodies without any risk - in pvp areas mobs drop rare items and they also give more xp when they're killed than the ones in the normal grinding areas. Last, but not least: if you're going in a pvp map you are accepting the consequences. The game doesn't force you into it and it's your fault if you can't hold your ground there.

5th: it takes 2 weeks at most to level up to lvl 50 (which is half the game). What would you expect, to reach the level cap in just 1 month? You have to work your way through. The first part of the game prepares you for what's coming. It's up to you to win or fail trying.

You may get a glimpse of the end game when you can safely train in Silent Valley (lvl 60 - 70 - depending on your char, stats, gear and job). Before that, you can't understand nor see what the game has to offer. Rest assured, there's a lot to fight for and that's the reason the competition at high lvls is so fierce.

Hero might seem a simple game (and to some extent actually it is) but it takes time to learns everything there is to know about it and to build a good char. Judging by your post, I'd say it's about time to reroll your toon since obsviously you screwed something up :)))

Have fun!


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12/31/08 12:22:14 PM#10

I played Hero Online on and off for about 2 years. I reached a max lvl of 76 (But changed char alot).

If you are planning on playing hero I strongly recommend putting only 100 to str and the rest to Int, and go Warrior, then at lvl 60 choose Musa for your second job.

You can rock @ PvP (Need a good Vio blade or Toxic) and do great in PvE (But you do need good def gear)

There are 10 servers to play on, they are usually half full all the time, so great chatting and always something going on.

They recently raised the lvl cap to 120+ I think. Hope this helps!


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8/16/09 7:03:27 AM#11

here is more details and hint hack.

good look