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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: 1.9 Video Podcast (3:37)

NCsoft has put out a new Aion video podcast discussing the features of the upcoming 1.9 update.

NCsoft has put out a new Aion video podcast discussing the features of the upcoming 1.9 update.
Duration: 3:37
Views: 3,233  21 comments
Game: Aion
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Fraxture writes:


Wed May 26 2010 11:25AM Report
aranha writes:

Too bad they had to go F'up the PVP in this so hard its not even fun. "Hey guys lets make all damage in PVP be lowered by 30% so clerics can bleed people to death as they are invincible! =D

Bad move...

Wed May 26 2010 11:34AM Report
Clocksimus writes:

Taking the WoW path already making content (that is already easy) more easy.  Completing something that is actually difficult is so much better than flying through the game  without breaking a sweat.  Solo in an MMO is fine but being being to solo the entire MMO is not.

Wed May 26 2010 11:45AM Report
biplex writes:

I was considering giving aion second look after that update. Now, after that movie i'm not going to for sure.

Wed May 26 2010 11:55AM Report
Dreathor writes:

I can't see anything negative about the patch myself, care to elaborate?

Wed May 26 2010 12:16PM Report
KyroDK writes:

I will resub for a YEAR, when they remove rifting. If I wanted to PvP I go to the Abyss.

Wed May 26 2010 12:52PM Report
Besttheiswow writes:

Wow..the girl is amazingly cute

Wed May 26 2010 1:09PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

If you don't want to PvP you shouldn't play Aion it is that simple.  Aion has decent PvE but if you have issues with a player being able to jump out of a bush and ganking you then Aion is not for you.  I've played aion for a few months back in October and rifting is hardly a major issue it's normally the same 3-5 characters you see running around trying to gank people.

The game isn't grindy  because I leveled multiple 40+ characters in the few months I spent there.

The games PvP isn't broken. Maybe forts could use an upgrade in size so everyone isn't so packed together and you can actually see what you are hitting.

For a fantasy theme PvP game, Aion is the best thing out there right now imo.

Wed May 26 2010 1:50PM Report
Speedhaak writes:

As far as I can tell NC West have absolutely nothing to do with the development process of Aion, so I don't know what they're all blowing on about "We''re making changes for our players" - Ultimately its the grind fiends in NC Korea that make the big decisions and lets face it, Koreans love a good old fashioned grind. That's never going to change. And I'm including Tera in the above statement.

Wed May 26 2010 6:41PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I never understood people complaining about grind, including myself. What is grind? I played EQ when it first launched and that was a grind. Anyone remember the hell levels? Anyways, grind actually serves a purpose. It gives players something to do while waiting for additional content. When people reach MAX level, what is the first thing they complain about? Content. Maybe if people, myself included, would stop living a life of contradiction, we'd all have a much easier time enjoying our MMO's.

Wed May 26 2010 7:04PM Report
Hakoten writes:

This video made me lol.

Wed May 26 2010 7:37PM Report
nefermor writes:

It seems like sound improvements to me.   Still its a game that funnels you into PVP and that kind of game gets tired after a while.  If they managed to give you enough options to not PVP on days when your just not in the mood I might go back and resub.   When I left there just wasnt enough choices once you got into the 30s and too much of what was going on required help.   Maybe the LFG tool will help with that if they give it enough options.

Wed May 26 2010 9:13PM Report
dreamscaper writes:

It should be a fun patch. I'm looking forward to the changes. Also, to the people saying that NCSoft can't make any changes...wrong. Though they can't really introduce brand new content such as zones or combat modifications, they CAN tweak the game to fit the western audience better. The soul binding/healing/travel cost decreases, increased quest xp, and other stuffs are unique to the western version of Aion.

Thu May 27 2010 1:46AM Report
SweetZoid writes:

Clocksimus,why are you trolling so much. Please get off this video and stop comment on Aion. Aion is a great game,both in pvp and pve and with these next patches it will be even better.

Thu May 27 2010 8:16AM Report
Zapha writes:

Aion is a great game.  Im excited about the changes comin. May not be for everyone, so be it.

btw it me or is that web producer kinda cute?

Thu May 27 2010 10:24AM Report
alpheus writes:

Me too, Hakoten, me too.


...and I don't mean that in the over used internet way, I actually did laugh irl a few times at some of the things they said. 


It's funny to anyone who knows the truth behind it all.

Thu May 27 2010 12:30PM Report
mmoguy43 writes: Why do ALL classes at 40 get to remove stuns? That is good for some classes but others makes the much to hard to kill. Made by players for players? I wish I could know if that was true. Thu May 27 2010 1:53PM Report
Wizardry writes:

When you here the pr say something like "we are giving the players what they want"you might as well stop listening to there bull.

If there is 5 million players,are they trying to tell us that all 5 million wanted the same thing and they listened to all 5 million players?

I have NEVER on forums heard anyone claim the lower end content was too hard,so again lies and in reality,they are just tying to baby players or give them a free pass to encourage more subs. If NCSOFT is going to follow that cheap marketing ploy,they might as well make up some lie/excuse to give players 20 free levels just for logging in,or how about 200% xp for those that buy 6 month subs.

I would give a lot more respect to a developer that is trying to create challenging content,not weaker content.

Fri May 28 2010 5:08PM Report
cyphalon writes:

To bad my account got hacked  D=

Fri May 28 2010 6:50PM Report
TechnoMonkey writes:

Lis = the only good thing about Aion

Fri Jul 09 2010 7:46PM Report
kayoobi writes:

aion always will be perfect! no matter what the nerds players say.

Sat Aug 07 2010 8:48AM Report