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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: Version 2.0 "Assault on Balaurea" Trailer (5:04)

Check out all the exciting new features coming to Aion this Fall as part of the Assault on Balaurea (v 2.0) update in this latest trailer released by NCsoft .

Check out all the exciting new features coming to Aion this Fall as part of the Assault on Balaurea (v 2.0) update in this latest trailer released by NCsoft .
Duration: 5:04
Views: 5,417  29 comments
Game: Aion
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Kordesh writes:

As usual with these kinds of MMOs, the presentation is amazing and it looks really cool, but actually playing it is a completely different matter /=

Mon May 24 2010 8:37PM Report
shadowkaras writes:

How come the elyos are always being shown? Where are the asmodians. The trailer looks interesting though, but NA will not be gettint it for a while :(

Mon May 24 2010 9:28PM Report
depain writes:

I don't understand what Aion V 2.0 is. lol

Mon May 24 2010 9:54PM Report
MisterSr writes:

What exactly are they adding? I gained nothing from that video. All I saw were like a billion short clips put together in a confusing manner and that were totally unrelated to anything. I don't know I was just a little confused, they need to explain exactly what is happening in their trailers. 

Mon May 24 2010 10:34PM Report
johnnyblaz3r writes:

It is a major patch that they are adding .. a new Cryengine will be added , and as you saw manny bosses , servers merges , improvements of the skills , etc . That's all i know so far but i'm pretty sure it will be intereseting , but .. I don't think manny people will urge to play Aion when this patch comes out .

We will have to wait and see what happens :)

Mon May 24 2010 10:52PM Report
nephren25 writes:

it's just to damn grindy got to 40 and said f this and quit game looks amazing but lvl'n isnt even fun the pvp was a blast though 

Mon May 24 2010 11:54PM Report
Recore writes:

If they make an Open World, Open PVP and mainly do something about the horrible character imbalance then I will play it again.

Mon May 24 2010 11:55PM Report
wolffenn writes:

Did you see the pets? CUTE! That the only thing I like in the video. Wish they were in wow

Tue May 25 2010 3:49AM Report
squalleitor writes:

remember that this is one of these games where you need to grind for two years non stop to even get to a scene similar to the one shown in the video, by that time another video with characters that require another five years of grind will appear if not more... thats the idea to never catch up

Tue May 25 2010 6:07AM Report
baddog66 writes:

This game is grind and not worth it. Ganked repeatedly with no chance or choice. I wanted to fight but no way against 10+ players that are freely allowed to grieve you. You are supposed to ask friends to help to deal with this pvp situation but many friends quit due to grind so many like myslef are left alone. Accepting this is not an option I chose, canceling was. I'm sure I am not alone but left no choice in this game. The only ones that like it are the grievers that enjoy ganking lowbies and have full rein.

Tue May 25 2010 7:43AM Report
Nytakito writes:

If you think Aion is a grind, you are completely clueless as to what a grind really is...

Tue May 25 2010 9:20AM Report
noobofmmorpg writes:

Nothing new here... Pirateship O.o -> combat - combat - combat -> Dragon -> Cute pets -> combat - combat - combat.

I've seen dragons and pirateships before, and the cute pets won't make me play it.

Moving along! :)

Tue May 25 2010 10:15AM Report
alpheus writes:

Aion /is/ a grind in today's age of MMOs.


Funny thing is, those ancient grindy games of the past were actually fun to play, thus the grind isn't felt as much.   Which just goes to show you how bad Aion is since you're trying to say we don't know what grind is. 


5mins on a rollercoaster = hella fun

5mins balancing your checkbook = mind numbing grind

Tue May 25 2010 10:49AM Report
Yilelien writes:

looked pretty

Tue May 25 2010 11:59AM Report
KroxMalon writes:

OMG what a bad taste Aion left in your mouths. Kinda glad you guys are not playing it if all you can do is write opinionated comments like that about it. Well at least all the people enjoying Aion like myself know the real facts and are really looking forward to Aions patch. LOL 2 and 5 years to get a good  character, omg that made me laugh so hard ty.

Tue May 25 2010 12:07PM Report
KroxMalon writes:

p.s its a pvp game, there are always going to be people higher and more talented that yourself. And ofc you are always going to get the people that cry about it. So hopefull anyone reading this wont pay attention. Because all you are really trying to do is put people off a game you dont enjoy.

Tue May 25 2010 12:11PM Report
joeri123 writes:

More eyecandy crap

Tue May 25 2010 12:22PM Report
reef22 writes:

If you've never played Aion then you wouldn't know what this trailer is about. 

It's not just combat, combat, combat and pets....

They are showing that there are more differet type of mobs and npc.  And (I'm not sure what the map in the trailer is) but feels like they are showing that the world is not as safe as before(again, you have to play to notice the difference).

Also they did show Asmodian in it just not as much as the Elyos.

I'm not going to comment much on grind...because every MMO has more or less of grind so if you don't like grind then maybe MMO is not for you.  Aion is not as bad as Requiem.  In Requiem, a lot of times you only get one quest so you have to grind your way through the entire level. 

PVP...well...there's always higher level players that would gank lower level players in any kind of pvp so it's the nature of the beast. 

It's a very nice looking game but there are still a lot of things that needs to be fixed and I'm sure they will since it's a new game. 

I'm waiting for Guild wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14. 

Tue May 25 2010 2:06PM Report
alpheus writes:



What will skill do for you when your opponent is in +10 top rank abyss armor and jewelry filled with maxed manastones and has all the expensive stigmas?  (or an extendable weapon  where necessary)


Don't keep fooling yourself.  Just because you like a game and have fun playing it doesn't mean you have to lie to yourself about it.  There's nothing wrong with loving something as long as you can be honest about its faults.  This game is nothing about skill and everything about grinding to make your character's base stronger than those who don't have the time to do it.


(I hope I dropped enough specific info to show you I played the game for real or do I need to talk about trainfests in dregion?)


This video is run of the mill Aion.  Looks really nice and has so much promise and potential in one's mind but ultimately it will fall short and fail miserably for almost every non-niche player.


Sorry if people see this comment as 'angry nerd rage' because it's not.  It's flat out honest truth.  Aion is the epiphany of squandered potential.  Unfortnately it's a huge hit in Korea where grindfest games thrive so the devs are likely to never change it to survive in the western markets.

Tue May 25 2010 2:39PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

I agree with Alpheus that   Aion is the epiphany of squandered potential.  The grind wouldn't be bad exept for the constant ganking. If the 'open' PVP were balanced it would be alot more fun. Getting 1 or 2 shotted by a player 10 + levels above just isn't  fun!

I play and love alot about Aion but I'm starting to look for something new...sigh.  If the PVP imbalance were fixed I would definetly play til the game dropped. As it is there is no real option that allows for those times when I just want to play,collect,level without having to keep looking at radar and hoping I'll see the gank team before they see me.

Tue May 25 2010 4:26PM Report
warblade2002 writes:

Makes me want to play Aion again. NOT

Tue May 25 2010 9:02PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

Version 2.0 introduces a new combat gameplay, pets, 'epic' summons, and some new dungeons. I don't think they did the trailer well enough, it was waaay to long and didn't explain what it was showing.

Wed May 26 2010 7:21AM Report
aithieel writes:


Wed May 26 2010 8:49AM Report
Leviathonlx writes:

Too bad all the pretty graphics probably won't change it from being a terrible Korean grindfest.

Thu May 27 2010 2:39AM Report
TechnoMonkey writes:

Aion is like that hot chick you used to date, she looks great... but then you remember how much she SUCKED.

Sun Jul 11 2010 8:30PM Report
soponyai writes:

The video does look fantastic.

Fri Aug 06 2010 6:09AM Report
Daitengu writes:

hmm... The video shows fighting, fighting, fighting, scenery,  fighting, fighting, pets, flying, fighting, fighting...


Aion: The game where fighting is the means to the end, which is more fighting.   It's why I left, just nothing to do but fight or afk grind crafting which is only good for fighting... sometimes.

Fri Aug 06 2010 6:34PM Report
avalon1000 writes:

Could have been a good game.  NCSoft dropped the ball.  But with GW2 coming this game does not stand a chance in the western world. 

Sat Aug 14 2010 9:46PM Report
Albafica writes:

this game is a grindfest not friendly to new palyers AT ALL..this game will be dead when TERA out

Mon Aug 16 2010 11:56AM Report