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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: The More You MMO PSA (4:09)

NCsoft has kicked off an Aion PSA (public service announcement) video series called "The More You MMO." The debut video is an amusing take on the seriousness of RMT (Real Money Trading) in Aion and outlines NCsoft's tough stance on the issue.

NCsoft has kicked off an Aion PSA (public service announcement) video series called "The More You MMO." The debut video is an amusing take on the seriousness of RMT (Real Money Trading) in Aion and outlines NCsoft's tough stance on the issue.
Duration: 4:09
Views: 3,601  40 comments
Game: Aion
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fyerwall writes:

Hrm... sound seems a bit wonky to me.

Also felt a little too drawn out which made it less amusing and kinda killed the point.

Wed Mar 24 2010 2:15PM Report
xaldraxius writes:

Long, stupid and not funny. Apparently NCSoft can't make PSAs any better than they make games.

Wed Mar 24 2010 2:25PM Report
unknown writes:


Wed Mar 24 2010 2:44PM Report
Ravanos writes:

how about you make your game less of a grind and less Kinah intensive and maybe just maybe people wont buy kinah. maybe you should spend more time fixing your FKING game and less time on stupid PSAs

Wed Mar 24 2010 2:49PM Report
Uhwop writes:

Just a little campy.

Wed Mar 24 2010 3:03PM Report
Tzetoth writes:

Perhaps they should look at what encourages people to purchase power leveling services and kinah. Let me start.

Your game is a chore to play. Rather than getting lost within it into the wee hours of the night, you punch in and out hoping it gets better. Maybe instead of squeezing customers for every minute of their monthly subscription with asinine time sinks, you should have a plethora of interesting things to do to keep customers coming back.

Wed Mar 24 2010 3:21PM Report
Shijuki writes: I agree with Ravanos. Despite making this video, in reality, they encourage RMT. Crafting requiring tens of millions kinah to reach the cap, wings boasting a price tag of close to 100 million. This proves that the folks over at Ncsoft West are either clueless or have absolutely no control over the game. Wed Mar 24 2010 3:23PM Report
KroxMalon writes:

I'm just glad they are still addressing the fact they have exploiters.

And looks like they will continue to shove them out of the game.

Wed Mar 24 2010 3:29PM Report
EvilGeek writes:

I'm agreeing with others, Aion is too kinah reliant, do away with the need for that gold and people don't have the need to buy it, it's quite simple, the game is VERY RMT friendly.


As Tzetoth also comments - asinine time sinks do not make for fun game play, couple that with effective punishment for grouping and you can see why it was last years most disappointing MMO

Wed Mar 24 2010 3:51PM Report
storm-dragon writes:

Hey I have an Idea we wil post our really lame video on, they are all swell guys...they won't make fun of us!

What do you mean we should just improve our own weak ass login code? Or maybe not require six bazillion Kinah to make a lion cloth. You know very well we can't do anything because NCsoft Kr is calling the shots.

So release the lame will be fine!

/sarcasim off

Honestly, my eight year old daughter could run this company better.

Wed Mar 24 2010 3:54PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

What? because there are kinah expensive things to do in the game RMT is encouraged? lol thats terrible logic.

The kind of "bad players" that do buy kinah don't care and this video won't make any difference to change that. Its as if the video is aimed at "silly kids that don't know what they are doing".

Wed Mar 24 2010 5:11PM Report
discipline writes:

awful , just awful. who wrote that script? and you tell me when a ncsoft rep actually comes online to nail these guys, ive reported bots ginding in the same spots for weeks with nothing done about it. buying kinah doesnt ruin the game, ncsoft not fixing the major problems in the games economy/crafting/loot system ruins the game.

ncsoft = fail (at least till 1.9, then maybe they can salvage the remaining few)

Wed Mar 24 2010 5:39PM Report
Leethe writes:

So the guy that buys kinah is a bass playing brit? What are they trying to say, huh?

Wed Mar 24 2010 6:06PM Report
Vanazzul writes:

Awful video... Liv is hot so it makes up for it

Wed Mar 24 2010 6:12PM Report
Ravanos writes:

no its actually not bad logic, EVERYTHING in aion is a money sink and a big one at that.

Wed Mar 24 2010 6:14PM Report
Gkarr writes:

I've been playing AION for around two weeks now and so far haven't had a big problem with kinah. I'm only lvl 20 so thats probably why. I have bought in game currency before in other games, but it has to be for a damn good reason. If it comes down to making a huge difference, I mean HUGE, I would probably end up buying kinah though I would prefer not to.

Wed Mar 24 2010 6:31PM Report
spinesplit writes:

NCsoft makes more money banning bots in lineage 2 and getting resubs then they do from live players. The game is so hard that youre almost forced to bot just to survive. oh and bad acting...worse than an infomercial.

unfortunately lineage 2 if my favorite game :/ every other mmo ive tried just doesnt work for me so i look past how pathetic Ncsoft west is.They killed Aion by simply not caring about bots and only tried to fix it once they lost a ton of subs.

Wed Mar 24 2010 6:42PM Report
BluePhantom writes:

thows few times i post anything on here, i must say stupid vid, NCsoft should have done this at the start of the game, but no gm around for month, each day i reported over 20 goldseller, no reply done with Arion, looking forward to ToR.

Wed Mar 24 2010 7:05PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I hope this was a homemade project, cause if NCSoft actually funds this kind of crap... wow, just wow. Telling people to not buy kinah is like telling a 3 year old not to eat cookies out of the cookie jar. We all know what 3 year olds do... riiight?

Wed Mar 24 2010 7:25PM Report
d0n0 writes:

lame video for a grinder.

Wed Mar 24 2010 7:34PM Report
Wraithone writes:

Cute... Corny, but cute... Now if they would just use some of that imagination and resources to keep bots and sellers out of the their games... ^^

Wed Mar 24 2010 7:53PM Report
IceAge writes:

As mmoguy43 says, is not that there are items in-game which are kinda expensive. The point is that the kinah-buyers will always buy kinah, no matter what.

Don't trust me? Look at WoW. EASY-MODE game, and is still nr 1 game in terms of gold selling! So stop complaining and play the game if you like it. If not, /quit and move on! I wont miss you ;)

Wed Mar 24 2010 9:17PM Report
pittel writes:

so that is how NCSoft punishes interns, making a lame video.

Wed Mar 24 2010 10:00PM Report
Ichmen writes:

WELL that was totally a waste of time.... can i sue mmosite and NCsoft for wasting my time with this video???

cause.... this is stupid... "humour"?? its not funny its like a child thought this crap up

Wed Mar 24 2010 11:51PM Report
AI724 writes:

@PSA video  LMAO!!! 

/lame disabled

Thu Mar 25 2010 12:04AM Report
birdycephon writes:

The sound made me cringe, but the vid was kinda funny.

Thu Mar 25 2010 12:22AM Report
huntard writes:

If you make a Grind Fest Game They Will Come!

Thu Mar 25 2010 6:28AM Report
boinged writes:

LOL. That is funny for all the wrong reasons.

Thu Mar 25 2010 8:36AM Report
nefermor writes:

Actually when I used to play Aion I have seen them do this.  They actually have GM players who log in and kill kinah spamers that have been heavily reported right in front of everyone .   It is kind of cool. 


Unfortunately the way Aion is designed is a gold farmer/sellers dream.   The game currency requirements as you get higher are huge by any game standards.   Its all about the kinah so yes of  course the parasites of mmo gaming love it.

Fri Mar 26 2010 5:04AM Report
avalon1000 writes:

And that is why I quit AION.  The basic game mechanics are poor.  If they were designed more in line with a good game like LOTRO I would still be playing AION. 

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:09PM Report
versulas writes:



Sat Mar 27 2010 12:10AM Report
drox24x7 writes:

Good message, sounds a bit desperate obviously made to give the player base the impression that they are doing something about the bots and RMT
Funny thing is the game is so bad and boring and full of kill ten rat quests there are more players botting them gold farmers….LOL

Sat Mar 27 2010 7:47AM Report
Grafbenda writes:

I actually thought it was amusing.  I do not play Aion anymore but I have to recognize the fact that NCsoft is at least aware of kinah buying and this is one way of attempting to lessen it and in a light hearted manner.

I know some people commented it was lame, I don't think it was meant to be side-splitting funny, just campy and fun and they achieved that.

Sat Mar 27 2010 9:36AM Report
Inktomi writes:


Sat Mar 27 2010 11:32PM Report
DillingerEP writes:

/facepalm @ NcSoft 

NcSoft is a *$%#ing joke.

Sun Mar 28 2010 6:08AM Report
Deviane writes:

ncsoft have the fault to make Aion veryu equipment based...and well have all those bots increasing the auction house prices dont help a endless vicious circle...when i stoped playing aion was very  hard to  get good  stuff whitout drinding or buying kinah

Tue Mar 30 2010 11:54AM Report
Curtisnolan writes:

Do you really think it is amusing? hmm not me.

Wed Mar 31 2010 9:46PM Report
hazy writes:

For those that don't know it was hinted at in a preview for the upcoming NCsoft title Blade and Soul that Aion was literally made to fund Blade and Soul's development. And judging by the fact that Aion sux and B&S looks awesome as f**'s probably true.

With that being said plz keep playing Aion, I'm really looking forward to Blade and Soul :P

Tue Apr 13 2010 7:39PM Report
lilwins writes:

The funny thing about AION proving funds for B&S is that no one will buy another NcSoft game if they made GAION a massive failure just so that they can fund another game. No one will buy B&S because it is developed by NcSoft and not one of the Western developers they publish games for. Only games I will ever buy that has an NcSoft logo in it are from Paragon Studios/Arena Net and that's because they are actual Western developers. Guild Wars 2 is the game for us, not GAION, GAION was to hold their asian market until B&S comes out.

Mon May 17 2010 1:57PM Report
Doomedfox writes:

Ok so the Video wasn't the best still there is no arguing about the fact that buying gold from rmt is wrong! A bunch of my preposterous kept blaming the game for it i cant understand that at all ok sure u do need a lot of Kinah for certain things but that is nothing u couldn't get on your own if u would spend the time  it might be boring to do so granted but that still is not a reason to support any RMT services at all...

All u peeps who blamed the game for it actually didn't do anything else than whining about the game not handing everything to u right away... there was a time when gamers appreciated the fact that they had to work for something that they actually had to earn it but seems like this times is over since the WOW moron community infested the whole market....

I for once still appreciate it when a game challenges me and makes me work hard to get my stuff sure would be nice if that could happen in a fun way but if that inst the case well u know peeps u always can just quit and try another game and NOT SUPPORT RMT

Guess all i said can be put in a single sentence

If its to tough for u go cry but don't support illegal activities


Thu May 20 2010 10:11AM Report