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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: Classes Video (1:51)

Here's a video featuring some in-game footage of the different classes in the game.

Here's a video featuring some in-game footage of the different classes in the game.
Duration: 1:51
Views: 12,269  37 comments
Game: Aion
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crmznoutlw16 writes: What an incredibly descriptive video...:/ Wed Sep 03 2008 5:15PM Report
ZandalfDJs writes: Not Wed Sep 03 2008 5:18PM Report
GrimHellfire writes: like the music..a nice latin theme Wed Sep 03 2008 5:29PM Report
kutiex815 writes: O.o? too fast? Wed Sep 03 2008 5:40PM Report
Psymyn writes: This game looks beautiful, i prolly wont play it though, just not my style.. Wed Sep 03 2008 6:58PM Report
Terranah writes: Beautiful game. I hope the gameplay is as good as the graphics. Wed Sep 03 2008 7:40PM Report
OrobasDivine writes: Unlike the recent video for Darkfall this trailor made me want to play this game. Wed Sep 03 2008 7:44PM Report
Ephimero writes: HD version which shows the complete video here: *right click->save as* Wed Sep 03 2008 7:50PM Report
Dragance writes: actually grimhellfire it's arabian music Wed Sep 03 2008 9:46PM Report
Spiritof55 writes: Looks like every anime / asian mmorpg I've seen before. I suppose it will be f2p with item malls. Nothing to see here....move along. Wed Sep 03 2008 10:23PM Report
afoaa writes: Its difficult to see anything because of all the bling blong flash lights. Thu Sep 04 2008 12:03AM Report
Amblin writes: Spirit of, this is Nc I doubt it will be FtP in US or Europe, although the is an outside chance of them using hte Token system they have to ExSteel and Dungeon Runners. Personally, this game looks darn cool right now, a far cry from the typical western MMO. Gonna love it when it gets to the UK Shores. Thu Sep 04 2008 1:50AM Report
alien1984 writes: Eh its just lineage 2 with better graphics and wings. I do look forward to it though. I always liked the grind of ncsoft games, always gives you something to do. Thu Sep 04 2008 3:33AM Report
charlizd writes: LoL alien you said the same thing on the other Video. Im glad you are looking forward to it but i disagree that this is just another L2 and i will bet all my hard earned savings ($2.20) that this will be nothing like L2. Trust me Thu Sep 04 2008 5:12AM Report
Fadedbomb writes: @ Amblin: "a far cry from the typical western MMO", so you mean it's not a typical western MMO in the sense that its going to be another Asian grind game with low standard-end game aspects? I completely agree :). The fact you can fly makes this Lineage 3, a vast improvement over L2. However, it's still L2. Thu Sep 04 2008 8:14AM Report
Arawon writes: Why do they seem to think it's better to show high speed killing frenzy in these asian games ? Looks like they didn't want to spring for a new art direction either ? Armor/weapon style looks like 100 other asian grinders. Thu Sep 04 2008 8:40AM Report
Erethor writes: OMG! You're talking crap about this game, but you don't know anything about it. Just a grind and same as Lineage 2? Please do some research on the game before you spit on it. Go to if you want some info. Thu Sep 04 2008 8:52AM Report
Athyr writes: This short snippet of the whole video really doesn't do it justice! Check out the whole thing and see if it might change you mind a little. Thu Sep 04 2008 9:05AM Report
Ephimero writes: The game is fast paced and everybody who has tested it has loved it (Does anyone here check webs like massively, kotaku, mmozine, the escapist or anything like that?) The game has a strong storyline like few games in the west have, this is NCsoft, they had 5M paying subscribers back in the day before wow launched. Thu Sep 04 2008 9:16AM Report
talonkun writes: How come they released so much information and yet this game is still more than half a year away?!! I say release the game now and patch it as they go along, and stop teasing us!! I can't believe I'm counting every single day until it's release! Well hopefully WAR and Red Alert 3 will keep me company until next year. Thu Sep 04 2008 9:23AM Report
Rehmes writes: Its gonna be a blast to play, cant wait for its release Thu Sep 04 2008 9:58AM Report
ZalKin writes: I hate these kind of games, they look totaly awesome but when you play them they are just grinds and slow. I really hope Aion will be different Fri Sep 05 2008 9:06AM Report
Mersanary11 writes: This game is sposed to be the game that will replace WoW. so i asume it will be good Fri Sep 05 2008 3:49PM Report
gaeanprayer writes: All you trolls need to do a little research, you have no idea what kind of fools you're all looking like. The game is a fast-paced leveling system very much akin to City of Heroes, with a level cap of 50 COMPLETELY DRIVEN BY QUESTS (i.e., missions) there is no grinding. Ever. This is NOT a grinder. It is designed to give you a purpose as you play, and the levels just happen. This has been stated numerous times by game staff and by people who have beta-tested the game. In fact, you will run out of levels to gain long before you run out of quests and things to do. GTFO already, jeez. Fri Sep 05 2008 4:31PM Report
JAG-Warrior writes: This game will not be F2P, and is not a grind game, and that comes directly from the NC soft crew at the PAX convention. So please quit dogging stuff that is not true. Sun Sep 07 2008 9:26AM Report
JAG-Warrior writes: This game will not be F2P, and is not a grind game, and that comes directly from the NC soft crew at the PAX convention. So please quit dogging stuff that is not true. Sun Sep 07 2008 9:26AM Report
jawapet writes: I've been trying to find story to Aion. Does anyone know where I can find what the story is or is there even a story? Personally the wings and flying are a little "ehhh" in my opinion, and I would have preferred NCSoft to be spending there time on GW2. But I can't honestly judge this game till I play. Still knowing the storyline would be nice, especially if its quest driven. Sun Sep 07 2008 2:16PM Report
Wizardry writes: Nothing new here,typical 100 mph animations[cheap],low quality back drops.really nothing but the usual asian glowing weapons fighting mobs.Only one asian developer that knows how to make animations properly>>>Square Enix.we are not advancing gaming here ,but merely NCSOFT going stagnant with another L2 clone. Sun Sep 07 2008 3:24PM Report
Vexe writes: Do some researched before you post biased comments, dude. This game keeps grinding on the down-low while adding in good quests and story-lines. I have NO idea what you're talking about when you say "low quality back drops". From the video I'm seeing, everything is beautiful and stunning. And I'm sorry, but have you looked at WoW recently? Plenty of glowing weapons there. Not only that, but I see no glowing weapons in this video except for when they're doing special moves. Every game has mobs. And Sqaure-Enix isn't the only good company cause they make the final fantasy series. I mean seriously. Bring serious comments to the table, not fanboy/biased material that has no base. Watch, read, listen before you hate, man. Not an L2 clone at all. Mon Sep 08 2008 9:35PM Report
bygeorge writes: Try going here for story info for aion Tue Sep 09 2008 2:09PM Report
speculationi writes: cant they do anything but copy L2...again Wed Sep 10 2008 8:18AM Report
ichez writes: Oh wow... an assassin, archer, and a sorcerer class. Hmm.. Where have we seen this stuff before... Oh Yeah! Every other MMORPG out there! Get real NCSOFT! Your not bringing us anything new. Wed Sep 10 2008 7:08PM Report
BlackWatch writes: This game looks great, imho. I can't wait to check this game out. Absolutely looks stunning. Fri Sep 12 2008 10:25AM Report
gorvin writes: Well Ichez and Wizardry why not state more of the obvious im sorry the game isnt new and cutting edge. If your gonna criticize spread the blame(this lacks originality) to whatever mmo your currently playing. Blame Meridian 59, Blame Everquest, Blame Game Workshop, and Blame Blizzard from stealing from all of the above. Thu Sep 18 2008 9:27PM Report
ichez writes: gorvin - those games came out years ago and I never praised them. Aion is still in the making and we already know that it is just going to be the same old thing. I'm currently not playing an MMO btw because I'm tired of every game reproducing the same old thing. I'm waiting for D3 to come out. Regardless, the fact is clear, NC just wants to shove another generic fantasy MMO into the market to make some money. Sat Sep 20 2008 1:04PM Report
Dahoma writes: Don't get me wrong, I love the look, the graphics are pretty outstanding, and the idea is nice as well. But it's just so... predictable. I hardly see any originality, they just kind of moved things around and decided that that made it unique. But it still looks like it might be kind of fun. Fri Oct 03 2008 2:30AM Report
Geobardi writes: What a bunch of stupid comments... I am playing Aion on Korean Closed Beta, controls and interface are like WoW-GW, flying is well implemented, all the classes are well-balanced (but not originals), not like WoW "Sorcerers rules over all...", the only thing that is similar lo L2 in this game is the character design, there is no grinding in this game, there are 2 types of quests, normal quests (go item-monster hunting all the time) and story missions, with animations and voices with Final Fantasy XI-Guild Wars style. The best: Balanced Classes, Great Control, Great Graphics, It don't requires a high-end computer (works better in mine than Requiem Online...) The worst: The PVP requires some adjusting, specially with the rifts, but in the Abyss pvp is great, The world is not as big as i would like, but it can be solved, the game is yet in beta phase, The game is still in korean, there will be not Beta on Europe or USA, so we must wait to play the finished version. I played a lot in WoW, and i can say that Aion can be better than WoW if those little problems are solved. Sat Oct 18 2008 5:41AM Report