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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: Trailer (2:24)

NCsoft has released this video trailer for Aion.

NCsoft has released this video trailer for Aion.
Duration: 2:24
Views: 18,639  66 comments
Game: Aion
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Gralj writes: Damn this game seems truly awesome, and this trailer is so well made! Two thumbs up :D Mon Nov 12 2007 2:38PM Report
Shijuki writes: If only we could play like that.. Mon Nov 12 2007 2:40PM Report
Valentina writes: We can! Apparently in the beta they sped up the pace of combat to be this way. Mon Nov 12 2007 3:04PM Report
Boneflower writes: O.O Mon Nov 12 2007 3:05PM Report
BadSpock writes: that was really sweet... hopefully gameplay doesnt' suck Mon Nov 12 2007 3:05PM Report
Devildog1 writes: All I can say is damn!!! Mon Nov 12 2007 3:17PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Ncsoft is just taking to long to bring out this game.. I been waiting for over a year for this game.. and longer i wait the less i care.. Mon Nov 12 2007 3:17PM Report
Torn07 writes: Totally Agree with Jago, I've been waiting way to long for this game and really don't care too much for it any more. Mon Nov 12 2007 3:41PM Report
Tridian writes: i hate waiting but i hope its for the best. this game better rock Mon Nov 12 2007 3:51PM Report
Trand writes: I agree with Torn and Jago, they should release the game now, I mean releasing a game before it was ready worked great for Vanguard! Mon Nov 12 2007 3:53PM Report
WarpHunter writes: Mmm cant wait for Aion.. I hope they start beta soon. Mon Nov 12 2007 3:55PM Report
joestummx writes: i can understand that you arent as hyped about it as you would have been a year agaon torn and jago, but you say it hear almost as a threat or something for them taking long lol Mon Nov 12 2007 3:56PM Report
newborn writes: why don't you try make a mmorpg with equal amount content and let's see how long it takes you to do it.. geez people are so whiny these days... Mon Nov 12 2007 4:00PM Report
joestummx writes: a year ago** wow big typo lol either way the game still looks insane i can't wait. Mon Nov 12 2007 4:00PM Report
Pandrax writes: Very well made video. good cinematics and overall show of some gameplay. Looking forward to this game as many others are! As for the little kids who cry and moan about release dates and push backs, well maybe you shouldn't be playing mmo's if you hate to wait.. Mon Nov 12 2007 4:36PM Report
snapp69 writes: Looks like poop on a stick and they are all out of sticks. Mon Nov 12 2007 4:47PM Report
RaZKaLz writes: Nice Nice Nice, very nice i can't wait for the release :) Mon Nov 12 2007 4:53PM Report
andrija11 writes: OMFG! 0.o I must try this game asap Mon Nov 12 2007 5:21PM Report
AngelicDust writes: damn that looks great. hope it doesn´t take so long for the release. Mon Nov 12 2007 5:23PM Report
hetyu writes: Very weird video :/ But this game is still ownage^^; Mon Nov 12 2007 5:50PM Report
paradyme writes: I can't wait to get my hands on an HD version of this trailer, it looks fantastic! Mon Nov 12 2007 6:19PM Report
Mischiff writes: not impressed, it looks like lineage II characters, character creation at its simplest, face A,B,or C .. and even they just brought in a race with wings .. hmmmmm nothing new here. Mon Nov 12 2007 6:56PM Report
Ozmodan writes: Another rigid class structure, another thumbs down in my opinion, just more of the same ole, same ole and looks like very little character customization. Another small niche MMO in my book. Mon Nov 12 2007 7:44PM Report
Vodun writes: A game with flight powers; I am in! Mon Nov 12 2007 8:49PM Report
xAlrythx writes: Those of you who are saying the game has little character customisation should do a little more research, you can customise everything from tattoos to your players voice. Also we have no idea just how 'rigid' the class structure is. Mon Nov 12 2007 11:58PM Report
xAlrythx writes: Those of you who are saying the game has little character customisation should do a little more research, you can customise everything from tattoos to your players voice. Also we have no idea just how 'rigid' the class structure is. Mon Nov 12 2007 11:58PM Report
Lobotomist writes: AWSUUUUM !!!! Tue Nov 13 2007 2:01AM Report
expertphp writes: Looks like WOW TBC in Outlands :) but the face of characters are inexpressive like stones :P, the spells are great but take too much time to cast ! .. thats all .. i hate time casting :) Tue Nov 13 2007 2:19AM Report
LordDevil writes: Looks like my biggest hope for 2008 MMORPG releases. I love the fast paced combat, the no grinding gameplay, as well as the absolute amazing character quality and animations. Can't wait for this game!!! Tue Nov 13 2007 2:48AM Report
xeroclass writes: Oh yay another ncsoft pos Tue Nov 13 2007 6:45AM Report
arielstarfir writes: Character creation and endless pointless combat? Is this what people think games should be? Holy Moley! What happened to games that have some intelligence behind them? This trailer is also poor; a big fight scene, ooo aaahhh boooring. And Angelic looking toons fighting evil lizard people. WoW, how imaginative. Deep six this NCSoft, it's sure to be a snoozer and a money looser. Tue Nov 13 2007 8:20AM Report
Sovren1 writes: Angels vs Demons vs Dragons...awesome. Character customization? Yeah...those who don't know should actually read about the game and find out that when it comes to character models alot can be done. As far as having a race with wings,, everyone will be getting them and actually be able to use them for travel and fight. Tue Nov 13 2007 9:01AM Report
twayne writes: The video was done nicely as a trailer. It showed its graphic potential nicely, and the atmoshpere of the game. Kind of a Angel vs Demon feel as Sovren said. I think people are so naive to talk crap about a game that they themselves could not put an ounce of effort in to make something better. douchebags. Tue Nov 13 2007 3:39PM Report
Vesavius writes: Looking really nice, and yeah what a great video. Forget the over hyped crapola of AoC and WAR... For me personally the real match is between Aion and Chronicles of Spellborn. Good stuff. Tue Nov 13 2007 5:20PM Report
Heretique writes: wicked Tue Nov 13 2007 6:06PM Report
Shangon writes: Hmm... seems like a good game, something to check out. Tue Nov 13 2007 7:49PM Report
pinklove writes: How Fantastic~!! Tue Nov 13 2007 8:46PM Report
seraphol writes: Well, they've made an exciting trailer, now let's hope they can make the gameplay even a fraction as fun as that. Wed Nov 14 2007 3:47AM Report
murphys123 writes: Aion is the real deal Wed Nov 14 2007 1:53PM Report
Guexx writes: the gameplay is not so different from this trailer....the only thing different is the camera Wed Nov 14 2007 8:55PM Report
rawrxbrad writes: looks promising Wed Nov 14 2007 9:15PM Report
jonaylward writes: I didn't actually see anything in that trailer that looked remotely interesting from a gameplay standpoint. It looked a bit like "Fury with Wings". No hints of any lore or storyline deeper than "We're devils, they're angels, and therefore, we must FIGHT!" *yawn* Wed Nov 14 2007 9:49PM Report
landfall writes: Angels fighting demons ... who have spaceships? Yea, I'll pass. Thu Nov 15 2007 12:06AM Report
Surtur writes: Graphics are great, i hope some day european and NA MMORPGs have Korean graphics. Except that, this game looks like Lineage 2, lets do quest to kill 100000000 superwolfs and return to city. Thu Nov 15 2007 5:45AM Report
ddsz writes: that game gonna be a classic .. if your a fan of ncsoft like im .. ( so far so good l1 l2 tabula rasa and aion ) they arent doing scrap game and im sure that one ( if u like hardcore rpg game ) its gonna be a really good one Sat Nov 17 2007 1:19AM Report
eric_w66 writes: I think I saw some adena bot farmers in that movie... they don't waste any time! Sat Nov 17 2007 11:48PM Report
Caladon writes: Innovative title with promising features, for sure. Guh, I'm sick of everyone slandering this game simply for being developed in South Korea. Mon Nov 19 2007 3:06PM Report
Ugottawantit writes: I'm glad more people are starting to see the potential of this game. I can't wait for this one! Mon Nov 19 2007 4:13PM Report
The.Dreamer writes: Epic battles, amazing emotes, cut scenes, deep customization, and flying. How can anyone truly say that they don't want to try it? Tue Nov 20 2007 12:11AM Report
skuxx writes: ... ok... looks good... but... no, TCoS is my favorite! Tue Nov 20 2007 9:21AM Report
Snapcase writes: looks great...nothing to diss apart from the wait.... :-) Tue Nov 20 2007 1:41PM Report
eycel writes: This video reminds me of another game, o ya L2? nothing special that i see, looks fun none the less, was this in-game footage? Thu Nov 22 2007 9:56AM Report
solbreaker writes: "fighting on wings" part of the trailer was an amazing scene. =D ! Thu Nov 22 2007 12:23PM Report
visgrail writes: Actually, the graphix might have been awesome but the trailer quality's too poor to really tell. :P Sun Nov 25 2007 1:12AM Report
visgrail writes: I retract the last comment, the graphix are fine ... as long I stay out of full mode. Sun Nov 25 2007 1:14AM Report
Gbakos writes: I want to play.. oh wait! its only for mac Sun Nov 25 2007 11:44AM Report
Caladon writes: mac? :P Mon Nov 26 2007 2:58AM Report
VidEoGAM3R writes: This trailer didn't do as much for me as the others. Still can't wait for this game. Tue Nov 27 2007 1:18AM Report
bigminu writes: looooooooooooooool looks like WOW but with better graphics and it can fly looool Sat Dec 08 2007 6:59PM Report
bigminu writes: look at a gameplay movie... Sat Dec 08 2007 7:03PM Report
El_Lion writes: I rate this trailer a 9, just because I never give a 10. I'm looking forward to this game. I hope the realease won't be in October/November 2008 but sooner, because I can't wait! Sun Feb 17 2008 12:32PM Report
shakaama writes: nice ... video Wed Mar 19 2008 3:43AM Report
Corrupted writes: seriously, the next person that compares anything to WoW needs to get shot and ran over Mon Jul 14 2008 12:58PM Report
cooms writes: i just wet my pants. it gave me the old legends of dragoons feeling. zomg..... Thu Aug 28 2008 2:15PM Report
Silvershot61 writes: I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks good reminds me of legends of Dragoon. right now im playing wow and getting real tired of it all the little brats that play it and the crap blizzards doing to it i cant wait for this game to come out this is "My" WoW killer right here Mon Sep 22 2008 3:31PM Report
yanbro94 writes: umm... Great Game!!! nice trailer! hope that the world is gonna be big! and I hope but i dont think that it's gonna happen, that the world is bigger than WoW! ^^' I've got one question... Is it gonna be a free mmorpg? Wed Apr 15 2009 12:52PM Report