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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: Class Combat Movie (4:51)

This movie features footage of the class combat in Aion.

This movie features footage of the class combat in Aion.
Duration: 4:51
Views: 23,694  84 comments
Game: Aion
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Gotrede writes: Looks like a lot of fun. Wed Jul 11 2007 7:23PM Report
asd_1 writes: i like the visual effects! reminds me of rappelz, but alot better and no lag Wed Jul 11 2007 8:23PM Report
Rehmes writes: OMg that spell at the end looks like a warp portal, game looks great! Wed Jul 11 2007 10:24PM Report
AnJian writes: This looks interesting, can't wait for the release. Wed Jul 11 2007 11:06PM Report
gatheris writes: this game is so up and down with me dance video completely sad environments video an A+ this combat video sucks - come on, floaty numbers to show combat damage (like AOC which kills that game completely) how about some actual visual representation of damage - ya know, like blood, fatigue, lost limbs/appendiges............. Wed Jul 11 2007 11:08PM Report
jahar writes: i think it looks alright.. im sure you can turn off the damage numbers, but any kind of visuals get repetetive and boring after a while Wed Jul 11 2007 11:22PM Report
Illion writes: I canbarely tell the difference between this and guild wars.... Thu Jul 12 2007 6:00AM Report
akuaryo writes: omg... y want to be a wizard!!! The spells look really nice, and the "warp gate"... omg... Thu Jul 12 2007 7:47AM Report
Sp00sh writes: Looks sweet! Thu Jul 12 2007 12:43PM Report
Xincyrveni writes: Not bad. Thu Jul 12 2007 3:55PM Report
xOxydox writes: Looool I love monks and mages ^^ Thu Jul 12 2007 4:03PM Report
FiresealMMO writes: I'll forgive the developpers just this once because they battle system looks like WoW... WHY WOW??? Not like it's the BEST combat system for MMORPG's! Anyhow, I agree with gatheris, damage numbers are irrelevant, if this game can produce quality environments, they should just as well make improvements on the SFX! LISTEN TO THIS POSSIBLE FUTURE FAN OF YOURS! If you do, you'll end up having a very CORRECT MMORPG. =) Thu Jul 12 2007 4:55PM Report
frant1c writes: I am a big fan of this game but i have to say most of the skill-graphics look dissapointing to me :( with such advanced model graphics and beautiful environments the graphics seem a bit underdone... Thu Jul 12 2007 5:02PM Report
Liddokun writes: The graphics looks beautiful and magnificent. However, is this just another grind type game ? Is there anything else to do besides combat ? Thu Jul 12 2007 5:18PM Report
SwanSong writes: This video alone doesn't summarise the entire gameplay. NCSoft will provide plentiful of opportunities so that there will be no grind - that's what they have been keeping to from the very beginning. Thu Jul 12 2007 5:51PM Report
bezado writes: Boring!! Another hack and slash game but the graphics and whatnot look amazing, however that doesn't make a game. I hate all these EQ2 type clones, click and attack mash buttons lalalala man this is the most cookie cutter game ever made, I see not only EQ2 in it but WOW and some DAOC. Couldn't the devs give us a unique combat system? Would that be to hard to ask for, like Asherons Call maybe? Thu Jul 12 2007 6:06PM Report
Solanar writes: looks like an awesome game, don't mind the floating dmg/heal numbers either. although it looks a lot like guild wars... Thu Jul 12 2007 6:22PM Report
kshowers1 writes: for one dont rate a game by graphics when watching on a small video anyway's....two wait for beta before ya go knockin a game before actually trying it!!! Thu Jul 12 2007 6:32PM Report
kazewingchan writes: actually i think this game is better than i thought it would be...cuz it uses wasd and space bar to jump =D im happy with that since most asian games that i played is using left click to walk -.- no fun at all =D so im happy...well for me the hack and slash is ok...since there MUST b SOMEEE hack and slash for warriors or w.e ..i mean come on...which game does...or at least not that i no of...personally i play world of warcraft...and some stuff reminds me of wow...i mean in the other video there's "sky ships" and "elevator" and "mage portals" =\ lil bit copied...but im cool with it =)..looking forward to the found the healer or w.e class that a bit hax lol i mean group resurrection o.o..woww a bit cheap isnt it lol Thu Jul 12 2007 7:01PM Report
kazewingchan writes: i wish there's some stun or stealth spells in this game thou ...=D makes it more fun..(lol im thinking a bit too much of wow) Thu Jul 12 2007 7:02PM Report
Cramen writes: wow it sort of gives me a ragnarok online feeling only way better graphics. Thu Jul 12 2007 8:01PM Report
Focus*Bankai writes: it is not a grind based game read up on it before u bash it guys. Fri Jul 13 2007 1:51AM Report
Saurus930 writes: Looks like they are fighting eachother with fireworks, guess that's popular in asain games? About the damage numbers, My guess is that you'll be able switch them off, I mean, this is 2007 some UI selections would be nice Fri Jul 13 2007 3:42AM Report
Porg writes: Lol, the stuff some people say... *sigh*. I have played a good few 30 or so mmorpg's now and they all have elements of other games in them, i would like to remind you WoW was not the first mmorpg, and it copied many other games and used many oter ideas... You cannot comment on such stupid thing's, all mmorpg have to posses simalarity's or there not mmorpg's.... In my opinion this is a massive improvement on there previous lineage 2. The flight looks inventive and orginal, and the dmg number's are essential... lol. If your testing out your character's you need to see the damage they do. The graphic's, look nice from what i've seen, and the games looks to run smooth. I think all in all it will be a sweet game, you silly lil WoW lover's, just go back to WoW and stay there. :) Fri Jul 13 2007 11:12AM Report
VeeZarD writes: same old, same old. Still, I'm gonna give it a try. Fri Jul 13 2007 11:43AM Report
VeeZarD writes: same old, same old. Still, I'm gonna give it a try. Fri Jul 13 2007 11:44AM Report
VeeZarD writes: sry for double post... Fri Jul 13 2007 11:45AM Report
Rockybouba writes: Very nice! Fri Jul 13 2007 11:53AM Report
Amatal writes: This movie just put me off trying out this game when it releases. Why? Well two basic things; first off, the sound effects are absolutely horrible- the combat sounds like space invaders arcade from the 1988. You dont belive me, restart the movie and scroll down so you dont see the screen- I swear i never heard worse sound effects in a modern game. Second, the particle effects are so overused any chance of imersivnes in the truely beautifull world thay have created will be instantly destroyed once you enter the fireworks that is suppose to be combat. Blah... It just looks and sounds like a cheap arcade from years ago :( Fri Jul 13 2007 6:20PM Report
Abyssinian writes: This game looks pretty awesome, can't wait till it's on the market. Fri Jul 13 2007 10:10PM Report
HowlingFish writes: amatal im pretty sure the sound is pretty good in the game.. its just that the quality the game footage was taken in.. the sound is very diluted it would sound more crisp in the actual gameplay me thinks Sat Jul 14 2007 12:29AM Report
Ooze writes: Haha damn ugly spell casting. Sat Jul 14 2007 3:49AM Report
kswizzy writes: WoW.... no, seriously WoW. This thing looks like the biggest world of warcraft rip off I have ever seen. The rogue (with the all to similar bloodfang hood) doing stealth, even the thing the "warlock" summoned looked identical to Wow. The graphics looks worse though. I dont know how fun it is but I highly doubt its any where near as good as wow. Just kind of ridiculous, imho. Sat Jul 14 2007 4:06AM Report
kswizzy writes: Also to point out, I dont really like Wow and stopped playing it when I hit lvl 50, but you cant honestly say these guys didnt take a glance at WoW and copied its formula. Its one thing to look at another game and see what they did wrong to make yours better, but its another to say "Hey these guys are very successful, why dont I just do something similar." Sure wow might have taken some elements from old mmo's, but they took mmo's to a whole new level, these guys are just tryin to get on WoW's level. Sat Jul 14 2007 4:14AM Report
alin1209 writes: Lol soo many negative opinions about this game,soo many critics dont aderstand why.If u guys can critic,in a bad direction,this game...than whot doo u expect from a game?NcSoft may be implemented some stufs from uther games but that dose not means that the game will suck.In my opinion after i have played Lineage2 i see it like an improved verion. And besides that how many realy nice game r on the market at this point?very few i may say.A game like this will be very good in my opionion...and i will git it a trie when will come out. Sat Jul 14 2007 7:29AM Report
that1guyjoSh writes: this game is pretty much retarded bad graphics its got the works, i disagree with gotrede Sat Jul 14 2007 9:14AM Report
that1guyjoSh writes: we wanna game that has good graphics damnet Sat Jul 14 2007 9:15AM Report
melvis1500 writes: Yeah and I suppose you think WoW created anything that is in that game? WoW is a poor ripoff of every craptastic fantasy story ever written. Nightelves and Bloodelves are just Darkelves and Elves with an allegiance switch. The difference between this game and WoW is that this is going to be a good game while WoW is a piece of shit game with piece of shit graphics and a piece of shit community, set in a piece of shit universe with a piece of shit storyline. You'd think blizzard would be able to make a good game, but instead they pull a grindfest with Final Fantasy 7 graphics out of their magic tophat. Sat Jul 14 2007 10:33AM Report
Vanillatea writes: The graphics are pretty, sure, but the combat ? Bleh. It's just like every other MMO (WOW, LOTRO, etc.) You hit the skill, you wait for the timer... you hit the skill, you wait for the timer. Where's twitch-based MMOs? Sat Jul 14 2007 1:06PM Report
Pyro240 writes: OMG? I've been waiting for this game soooooo long, and what do i get ? A WoW rip off.. Combat is the same as the combat of WoW.. BORING.. Want to see some real combat ? Cabal online!! I allmost fell asleep. Sat Jul 14 2007 6:07PM Report
Digna writes: As Porg pointed out this reminds me more of L2 (I am pretty sure one bow WAS in fact a Dark Elven Longbow) than WoW but ALL games stem from the same root. It's the unique ones that set the pace. Unfortunately, when folks have only played a few (or very few) games they have no basis for comparison. No reason to go hard on them for that. They didn't show much 'wing' in this clip just the tidbit at the end where everyone got a 'stiff feather' for beating the fat guy with the hat (I want that hat!). Understand that early videos are just to give the barest taste of the process and mostly so folks can see that 'something' is happening. I'm looking forward to Aion and hope that some of the bitter lessons from L2 have been corrected in this one specifically endless grind and the long fruitless hunts for materials to craft. (Not that I minded hunting around but to go spoiling for days to get 10 XYZ blades to make a C grade weapon...sheesh!) *wink* Sun Jul 15 2007 6:12AM Report
axis93 writes: I am tiered of reading these childrens post about comparing WoW to any MMORPG. Guys play some games do some research before saying something is a clone. WoW combat system mimics Diable I & II combat system which most Korean and Western MMORPGs have adapted because that system works and it is comfortable. As far as I am conserned WoW is a melting pot of things that worked and Blizzard simply delivers for what people ask, just not at the rate that people ask. Anyway this does very much look like Lineage2 but why complain Lin2 was a beautiful game, which was done in the Korean style of MMORPG, NCsoft tried to market it to NA but we are lazy compared to their devoted gamers back at home and we are the minority of the market. So think about it who are they going to make a game for the 40-60k people in NA or the millions of people in Asia who prefer that kind of gameplay. If you are not happy with the grind go play a different game. Sun Jul 15 2007 12:59PM Report
axis93 writes: pardon my mispelling of Diablo Sun Jul 15 2007 12:59PM Report
axis93 writes: Also as I continued reading peoples posts, I find it interesting that people are asking for modded UI, and how the combat system is unoriginal. You guys are the "hard" core gamers, except for the people claim everything is a clone of WoW, that's like saying evolution does not exists. You do not need the game sold to you, its the people who do not currently play MMOs that need the game sold to them so it has to be simple yet complex enough to create a good learning curve. If you guys complain about the combat system then i think you should complain about how this game is unoriginal about its controls, that you have to use wasd space bar AND THE MOUSE to control your character. That is quiet unoriginal if you ask me, but that is what works and comfortable. So before you jump on the developers actually make an educated guess of why they are doing the things they are. Sun Jul 15 2007 1:14PM Report
BiZzX writes: Stop saying its a WoW ripoff. WoW sucks terrible. No-one here has played it yet, so you can't say ANYTHING about it. This game has Amazing Graphics, its really smooth. Everyone just has to wait untill the BETA comes out, to say stuff about this game. Sun Jul 15 2007 2:10PM Report
Reaper_Ember writes: Its so pretty... So so pretty... The environments somewhat remind me of Lineage 2. But they seem a bit more fluid and better designed than anything in L2. The battle system seems very promising and I cant wait until this goes into beta. Sun Jul 15 2007 5:20PM Report
needalife214 writes: to me the fighter or warrior or w/e at the start of the movie and pretty much all of the combat reminds me of silk road but with much much better graphics and more fluid game play but i have to say the spells look nice oh and when you say anything is a copy of WoW everyone looks at your post and goes ohh well there is another stupid little WoW fanboy Mon Jul 16 2007 3:15AM Report
needalife214 writes: ohh and another thing that i have to say is i guess NcSoft is doing really well for them selfs with this and tabula rasa comming out looks to be a nice few years for them good job guys Mon Jul 16 2007 3:18AM Report
Volkare writes: I wont this game.wot realise data? Mon Jul 16 2007 4:33AM Report
Micro_angel writes: a wow ripoff??? ROFL!!! now you lil kids and wowfans go to bed before your father rapes you... Mon Jul 16 2007 7:28AM Report
daeandor writes: Yay, something for L2 fans to go play. I'm sure it will be "okay" for those that like that, just won't keep my entertained I am sure. Mon Jul 16 2007 12:03PM Report
Starpath writes: MY GOD, where are the games for the 25+ people? WOW, LOTR, COH, And now AION, all games for CHILDREN. Anyone 25+ playing any of those games has a serious problem LOL...My 9 year old says he will give this a shot.... Mon Jul 16 2007 6:09PM Report
ImKewls writes: I think its funny how people are so quick to say... its a wow ripoff or something of that sort. Wow wasnt the first MMO or RPG... WOW is Ripping off plenty of other games, if thats how you want to look at it... It looks nothing like wow other than they are both mmorpg's Tue Jul 17 2007 1:42PM Report
Shoko_Lied writes: i half to say, since when is the "child age" anyhwere under 25?? last time I checked it was 18. not to mention that almost ALL MMO's are 13+ anyway.. Tue Jul 17 2007 4:36PM Report
nefermor writes: People need to find something real to coment on (as in really look at the game your talking about) rather than throw out the common nay say that you can find anyhwere. This game has a lot of potential and unless they make some realy foolish choices regarding game play like the ones some of the current top games have made, I predict it may well take a lot of customers from them. I'm keeping my eye on this one. I see a bit of animation jerking as it the animations look like they need a little tweaking but aside from that looks nice. Tue Jul 17 2007 5:58PM Report
Starpath writes: Denshing, please STFU... You know nothing. In this world kids age 5+ play i know a kid who is 6 and plays eq2 better then most. This AION is another GW, WOW type kid game, with kids giggling and LOL LOL LOL , and yelling i want Cyber I want Cyber in chat. The 25+ crowd of real gamers will be playing AOC. Tue Jul 17 2007 7:27PM Report
gu4rdi4n writes: ok dude... starpath ur an idiot.. a kids game... WTF?? dude.. im 16 and im going to play AOC rofl get your story striaght.. i mean Aion does look like GW but gameplay and etc looks nice and ill be playing AOC and Aion.. i played GW and WOW and i hate them... ok? soo dont think every kid is like an imature retard... (LOL LOL LOL) ur an idiot... Tue Jul 17 2007 7:44PM Report
darkisamux writes: well, the graphics do look kinda nice, but to me, the style looks too much like every other ncsoft fantasy game. i too am disappointed to see from the videos, that the gameplay is just another typical mmo. nothing new. first thing i thought after watching the video was ' oh boy, guild wars plus wow = aion'. mage- ice bolt, ice bolt, ice bolt, blink, ice bolt, ice bolt.. sigh oh but wait.. you can bunny hop while you play, even in pvp? /joy. /em rollseyes Tue Jul 17 2007 11:36PM Report
jc234 writes: First thing off, why do you all (well almost all) compare everything to WoW? WoW isn't the first MMORPG ever created, it isn't a GODLIKE thing that you compare everything with. Fact is, WoW has so much flaws, i can't even count them with my fingers/toes. You cannot possibly compare the graphics of Aion to WoW, take a moment and look at the sky or the ocean, you'll see what i mean. Also, comparing the combat system with WoW (yet again) is so stupid i must say, most of the games is based around that system, it's just a question of realism. Although DarkFall's FPS combat system looks promising. Hack'n'Slash is the cornerstone of online gaming, look back to the older games, it's all hack'n'slash, nothing new and flashy. But the addition of quests and such just brings that element of suprise into the game. So don't complain so much about it. Fact is, if you don't like hack'n'slash, you don't like mmorpg. Oh yea, just to bring in something you WoW addicts didn't know, a lot of the WoW designs is from many other games. Hell, NCsoft's Lineage2 had flight system as well. Not to mention when Lineage 2 first came out, the graphics on that game was just...perfect. Not trying to flame anyone, but i'm so sick of you people comparing every single thing to WoW. For christ's sake, why don't you just pray to WoW like you would to your religion. Wed Jul 18 2007 9:17AM Report
Gokki writes: LoL. there are more WoW geeks out there. WoW rippoff? lol. First of all, WoW aint the first game with stealthy rogues, and warlock like classes, try AO, there u have 2 different warlock like classes. Second of all: If some of u guys cannot stop complaining and comparing all games to wow then just dont bother comment a game. Third and last: Try out like 8 or 9 different games like i have, then u can comment and compare the games. WoW = LOL Wed Jul 18 2007 4:11PM Report
Smackr writes: looks good. I'm gonna try it, but I stil have my finger on AoC ^^ Wed Jul 18 2007 6:12PM Report
ZephreX writes: I cant believe some of you guys just say, boring, etc etc, if you dont like this game.. dont even bother commenting.. i mean, why do you even bother, do you actually feel better bringing down games cause you just LOVE wow? and if u cant even see the difference between this game and other games.. try reading up on it.. you'll see its not the same as other games.. (no i dont say this game is good or rules) Thu Jul 19 2007 4:11PM Report
demonspawnbk writes: Id like to just say that this game looks awesome, and in no way is it a wow rip off it looks nothing like wow. I love the idea and gameplay behind it. And people why do u feel the need to justify your self against immature people? Just ignore them. Fri Jul 20 2007 4:22AM Report
Gadorian writes: OMG! this game is amazing! it's like lineage2+Wow (my 2 favorite games) i'll try this game 100% Fri Jul 20 2007 4:56AM Report
slapstik89 writes: heh reminds me of Guild Wars, surprise surprise. though that is only the graphics i guess. A few of the combat visual looked a bit tacky, but i'm sure they'll be polished. Fri Jul 20 2007 11:13AM Report
abster7 writes: Uh, the title does say, Class Combat Movie. I'm sure they're going to put out other videos with other aspects of the game. I can't wait to see them! Fri Jul 20 2007 1:22PM Report
moogtropolis writes: looks fun but boring at the same time by not showing alot of variation from what is out right now. Tue Jul 24 2007 3:17AM Report
belgariade writes: I look forward to this game !!! Look good !! Fri Aug 10 2007 9:46AM Report
RouK3 writes: UI look neat... but need quite a number of improvement... but pvp is abit gimp tho... take a look at Fury.. Thu Aug 16 2007 4:03AM Report
Phainein writes: Heavily Lineage 2 ripoff. The flight thing sounds cool but I haven't seen good implimentation. I haven't seen any evidence the A.I. is better than L2 either. Basically I will buy this game for the massive fap value. Fri Aug 17 2007 9:25PM Report
A55A5IN writes: SOmeone said this game has pvp. Most of the video was just killing bugs. I can't say the PVP bit looked exciting. Good luck and all but I'll stick with Fury. Sat Aug 18 2007 11:15PM Report
Neurolapze writes: WoW is a well rounded game though you have to admit. (Prays to WoW alter). But this one looks good. Itz just the fact that this douche is running around killing small critters. Kind of a bore. Tue Aug 21 2007 9:18PM Report
andreibaru writes: AHHH its fucking RFo..... NC SOFT is FAMOUS for releasing incomplete games.. hyping them up, and having contacts with in game gold farmers. Anyone who continues to play anything NC Soft touches is an idiot. Mon Aug 27 2007 11:54AM Report
sonicwhip writes: i heard from some uncomfirmed rumor that aion will be the game that will beat wow,it has everything WOW has but its been revamped to make it better,and way more extra features than WOW,also their is flying freely in the sky so your talking to some idiot you dont like when your in town or something then you can fly away and say screw you! also i love the mid-flight pvpve combat i saw from some other vids. the mounts are also cool i saw some guy riding a horse i think. Sat Sep 15 2007 1:57PM Report
TheKingMunro writes: The combat looks absolutely delicouse! I love the fluent motion and seemless transitions. Casters no longer appear to be such wimps as they tend to do in other similar MMORPGs. And for me the "Gateway" at the end of the video almost made me you know what in my pantalones.. ohh hold up.. it did! Thu Sep 20 2007 5:27PM Report
Airan writes: AWESOME!! i can't w8 until the day of realese!! is it for free or it has fees? does any1 know? Wed Sep 26 2007 10:53AM Report
Seanw725 writes: it looks fun...but it reminds me of a GW and Final Fantasy combo if u ask gonna give it shot..will see Thu Oct 04 2007 10:59AM Report
bailey33 writes: it looks so kl but is there naything to do besides fight and i hope the lvlin isnt ridiculos like 2moons Thu Oct 04 2007 2:19PM Report
Teh_Gargoyle writes: gona be so freaking AWESOME!!! the grfx are incredible, the flight is ingenius (CoX had it but that was kinda dull... vmmmmmm yawn), the combat is advanced and the game in total is gona be T3H PWN4G3!!! so sayeth teh gargoyle. CL0S3D B3T4 ST4RTS 2D4Y!!! Wed Oct 31 2007 7:43PM Report
JaxWolfenden writes: The beauty is we can say what we feel here. God bless freedom of speach. That being said I Love the graphic and the game play seems smoth like others mentioned. But I gotta say it.. the group fight was looked like elves (better geared) rushing Orgrimar made me shudder. Ill keep an eye on it for the wings feature alone... plus the fact I did not see any dwarfs with axes always a plus. Tue Nov 13 2007 12:27AM Report
Murdus writes: Looks like WoW on Korean Steroids Mon Feb 04 2008 11:07PM Report
djariel1 writes: this is not wow on korean steroids......its better than wow :p and if ur talkign about faction thing....alot fo games has it....exp. gw with kurzicks vs. luxons Thu Jun 19 2008 7:39PM Report
leumasx7 writes: usually i dont leave comments, but you people are pretty dumb minded some times. sure it looks like it has competition with wow, and im looking for somthing better then wow. don't say it looks like wow or another game, thats just a comparison, wow the only mmo you kno? well not everybody steels idea's but i think all idea's have been taking so of course theres going to be some familiar seens, all common in all mmo's Mon Nov 03 2008 8:45AM Report
Roelith writes: Ah! Will you people please shut up about WoW!? If you don't want to play this game then don't. It's that easy. There are going to be people out there that really enjoy this game, and it will be something new for them. It looks flashy and fun. So.. give it a rest. Let them enjoy it please. There's no use bashing. It's a waste of your time. Thu Sep 17 2009 9:06PM Report