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Aion (Aion)
NCSoft | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/22/09)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Aion Videos: Clothing Video (2:50)

NCsoft has given us exclusive access to this new video from Aion. It features character clothing in different scenarios of the game.

NCsoft has given us exclusive access to this new video from Aion. It features character clothing in different scenarios of the game.
Duration: 2:50
Views: 33,375  88 comments
Game: Aion
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spookytooth writes: Looks good but I'd have to say L2 armor still looks better. And please devs, no more dancing, at this point its just retarted. (And whats withdancing cows with pom-poms at the end??) Sun Jul 08 2007 3:58PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: I've Been Waiting for THIS GAME to be released for About a year now. I'm starting to think it's never going to come out.. C'mon Ncsoft You have kept teasing me about this game. Give me a release date already!! Sun Jul 08 2007 4:34PM Report
Lukane77 writes: Well that does it. Thanks for showing me just enough to NEVER try this game. Looks retarded and gai music. Sun Jul 08 2007 6:42PM Report
Archin writes: Do all eastern men dance like dogs on 2 legs when a woman with green hair touches them? Sun Jul 08 2007 7:30PM Report
Devony writes: LOl @ pompom cows, wth is that about Sun Jul 08 2007 9:18PM Report
Mysk writes: I've seen this before... That aside, it's a fun video. I like the sense of humor and the animation is good. Perhaps the dancing cows with "pompoms" are supposed to be a play on talchum, a traditional masked dance in Korea. Sun Jul 08 2007 11:49PM Report
alin1209 writes: I have seen a lots of movies from this game on youtube and i can say that this game will be one of the best.Ther will be always someone to make a negative coment but wth...u dont like it u can skip it! I like L2 that Ncsoft,i have played for 3 years and... this game will be close to that but much more bether than L2. Mon Jul 09 2007 2:28AM Report
Saurus930 writes: Not possible to tell much about the game yet, graphics and animation looks sweet, that's about it. Although I'm not into the Cuteness of the Asian style. Mon Jul 09 2007 3:38AM Report
kakarotrage writes: a simple pve example would have been fine :/ Mon Jul 09 2007 5:47AM Report
altairzq writes: I just started to hate this game because of the dancing. Mon Jul 09 2007 6:30AM Report
Paks writes: Love the armor and clothes, emotes are pretty good, but the dances are horrid. Mon Jul 09 2007 7:06AM Report
Micro_angel writes: the cape movement is awesome Mon Jul 09 2007 7:18AM Report
XTinTioN writes: This game will rock..... Its like Lineage 2...but this game you will be able to fly (ye l2 too but u had to be leader of a clan that owns a castle and a wyvern).. Mon Jul 09 2007 7:45AM Report
Hawkbit writes: It's the FFX-2 of MORGs. The first major video they release and it's showing off clothing? Huh? And dancing? Give me a break. Well, I suppose they gotta give people something to do while sitting around in 'Ascalon City', headbanging and such. I just don't understand. Show. Us. Gameplay. Mon Jul 09 2007 8:10AM Report
FiresealMMO writes: I'm wondering if those emotes will actually be available to use in the actual gameplay or if this is just for show. These are the graphics that SHOULD'VE been on Final Fantasy 11 Online. I'm impressed with the graphics, I just hope the gameplay won't be like lolWoW. Mon Jul 09 2007 8:36AM Report
Digna writes: It's got the L2 beauty factor for sure. I'm looking forward to it. Some of the shots reminded me a bit of the Elf Village. Give me flight and a bit less grind and I'll be as addicted as I was to L2. *Side Note* I too was wondering about the cows. (lol) Mon Jul 09 2007 9:05AM Report
maledicta777 writes: Stupid asian games... Your character walks around with the same face as everyone around you, only you get the choice of black, green, purple, or blonde hair. Ever heard the racist remark, "They all look the same to me"? I think the Asians have taken it to heart. Boggles the mind... and yet this is the same company with immense customization in COH/COV. Whatever. Conan and Warhammer... I need nothing else. Mon Jul 09 2007 9:37AM Report
Weareweare writes: This reminds me of Monster Hunter Mon Jul 09 2007 11:15AM Report
Ugottawantit writes: It's nice to see the detail on the wings. Earlier shots, they were just white. They look awesome now. Did that girl touch what I thought she touched on that boy? He seemed to like it. Mon Jul 09 2007 12:22PM Report
zindan writes: Looks good to me. An up-to-date L2, beautiful graphics, smooth character animations...jumping, sheathed weapons, and no Click-to-Move. The dancing is fine..not sure what some people expect, more WoW Night Elf poledancers? ;p Mon Jul 09 2007 12:24PM Report
dancord26 writes: Nice, another game where everyone is gonna be in town dancing, taking off clothing, blah blah blah Mon Jul 09 2007 1:06PM Report
soulmonarch writes: Yeah, uh... there is really nothing exclusive about this video. Any huge Aion fan should have seen it by now, it's been on all the major sites. XD But it is still a damn good video. Far better animation work than any game with such incredible textures usually has. Mon Jul 09 2007 1:08PM Report
razerblade29 writes: The dancing cows at the end were freaking great. didnt like the music but i can turn it off and listen to my own soundtrack, and why isnt that every one who said something negative it was about the dancing, if u dont like to dance then dont its simple Mon Jul 09 2007 1:35PM Report
reanor writes: every asian created MMORPG ends up to be a grind-fest. You dance or you flirt, you dance with your cows or your fellow guild-mate chick who is just another teenager boy, you end up grinding asian mobs for levels. There is not a single asian MMORPG that has no brain grind. Mon Jul 09 2007 3:47PM Report
saint4God writes: Seems superficial for an ad. Buy and play our game...we've got great clothes! I know, I know, it's also a graphics demo, but what's new being brought to the table here? What makes it different from WoW other than requiring players to go buy a new computer to handle more pixel movement? Mon Jul 09 2007 4:57PM Report
Amarao writes: This video is balls to the wall old. Why the hell did they say exclusive? Mon Jul 09 2007 5:01PM Report
Soviel writes: WTF kind of dancing was that? Was the chick pelvic thrusting? Good God.... and the music was annoying as feck. Oh goodie, nice clothes. Now I know Vanguard couldn't pull off realistic clothing effects, but most Asian mmos have or will have that already, make the GAME GOOD now please, we do not need a new Guild wars. I would try the game if you could be one of those white furry critters. Mon Jul 09 2007 5:43PM Report
Komfort writes: haha i saw the girl doing the lean wit it rock wit it then i saw the guy break dancing... b boy asains lol!!! hilarious Mon Jul 09 2007 7:29PM Report
spankybus writes: I saw a lot of different clothes...and a lot of avatars that looked alike.... Mon Jul 09 2007 8:21PM Report
natuxatu writes: Well I have to say I've been waiting for an MMO that *looked* like this.. obviously I don't know how the gameplay is yet but based on looks I'm very happy. Love the clothing choices and the way the fabrics move. Like the asian/fantasy feel although it's from NCSoft so it (hopefully) wont have the crazy grind and such. Mon Jul 09 2007 8:53PM Report
Eolynn writes: I like all those different clothes; just hope there also will be a lot of customization with dyes, separate armor parts, etc. And most of all: face/body customization. Right now, nothing beats CoH/CoV. Mon Jul 09 2007 10:25PM Report
HowlingFish writes: please please dont tell me that... the characters will all look the same except for different hair and armor Mon Jul 09 2007 11:54PM Report
Raven99 writes: Great looking so far... Did any of you that said a lot look alike even bother to consider that perhaps they were just showing off the clothes and didn't bother changing the faces and such? After all it WAS a CLOTHING video. not a character face video. Tue Jul 10 2007 12:08AM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Hey NCSoft you going to make the community wait ANOTHEr six months before releasing another video? Thanks for making us grovel for any tiny bit of information about this game. If this is the way you treat your community my interest in the game is fading. Start TELLING US ABOUT THIS GAME if you want there to be any interest in it at all. Tue Jul 10 2007 12:42AM Report
Lobotomist writes: Yay! Now Lineage 2 gets updated graphic! How exciting! Tue Jul 10 2007 2:16AM Report
JADEDRAG0N writes: Woopie!!! Another Lineage 2 Tue Jul 10 2007 5:25AM Report
karantanija writes: maybe its couse i played L2 alot...but this looks like another grind mmo. ow and zindan, you got something against the wow nightelf poledancers? Tue Jul 10 2007 7:28AM Report
Caladon writes: Why is everyone constantly assuming this is another L2? It's not. Just drop it. It seems to be developing just fine, with occasional updates (although more would never hurt). Tue Jul 10 2007 9:02AM Report
Rehmes writes: People who keep saying its another L2 need to do some reading. Otherwise shut it. Video was funny though looks good. Tue Jul 10 2007 10:18AM Report
alGarroth writes: I love to see how many people who comment on these games do little to no research. And why are people complaining about the dancing and clothes? Am I the only one who noticed how nice and fluid everything moved? Tue Jul 10 2007 11:50AM Report
revolvermd writes: the game looks fluid and the dances are funny. I never played L2 that much, so I can't make a comparison. Btw people, what game have you played that's not a grindfest in some way or another? There is something you'll have to camp, there is something you'll have to kill over and over to get what you want. It's in every game whether little or a lot. howlingfish, use common sense, of course the characters are not going to all look the same, what company would be that stupid to do that. CoH/CoV had great customization for their characters but the game content blew for CoH so bad I didn't bother playing CoV. Yes it does look like a L2 type game, so did Guild Wars, but people still played them. Why? Cause I'm sure at the time it appealed to people looking for something different from what they were playing at the time. As for people going, OMFG I'm losing interest because of a dancing and clothing's understandable but if you really didn't care would you be here trying to see what it's about? Anyway, I think the game has some interesting ideas...they could be good or bad...I'm just waiting to see where they go. As for my next choice of MMO, I'm looking at Warhammer Online, because they have a lot of interesting ideas to their game. AoC is my second choice as for the same reasons. This game looks nice but we'll have to wait and see what this game offers. If you've waited this long already, you can't wait longer. You boneheads want everything rushed, and when it gets rushed and comes out crappy you bitch even more. Why don't you go find something to do outside of your computer life. Like go to the movies, hang out with friends, go to a party or a bar if you are of age. Go play a sport if you are capable. I bet...when you go do those makes waiting go by a little faster. Tue Jul 10 2007 12:21PM Report
vknid writes: The armor layering looks pretty good. most games, the armor is flat and very 2d. the armor in this game looks like it actually has weight =) Tue Jul 10 2007 12:25PM Report
BiZzX writes: Graphics a re amazing, but i Lineage 2 graphics seem...more...realistic, if you know what i mean. But i gotta hand it to ncsoft, more making another ownage game (well, hopefully.) Lukane77, if this game looks retarted, then im sorry, but you must be stupid, what you into neopets and runescape? Tue Jul 10 2007 12:29PM Report
BiZzX writes: Graphics a re amazing, but i Lineage 2 graphics seem...more...realistic, if you know what i mean. But i gotta hand it to ncsoft, more making another ownage game (well, hopefully.)and alGarroth is right, it is amazingly smooth. Most games frame rates arnt like that. Lukane77, if this game looks retarted, then im sorry, but you must be stupid, what you into neopets and runescape? Tue Jul 10 2007 12:32PM Report
Yukari_Momma writes: The dancing did a nice job of showing off the physics of the clothing, which were over all better than most games I've seen. The long coats on the males especially caught my attention. As usual, Asians do a good job with graphics. I've yet to see an Asian made game that keeps me interested with gameplay as well, though. The white things are adorable, but it would have been neater if the box one picked up weren't pulled through the ground. Also, for those talking about inappropriate grabbing, I believe it was a taunt. Thumb down and a camera angle that can add suggestiveness...hehe. Tue Jul 10 2007 12:50PM Report
nebulez writes: Nice video it made me smile Like the pom pom cows too hehe Tue Jul 10 2007 3:06PM Report
Ultimate87 writes: This game looks freekin awsome... the dancing and social skills made me laugh like crazy. I cant wait till it comes out!!! I just heard of it and I want to play it!!! Tue Jul 10 2007 4:17PM Report
Ultimate87 writes: This game looks freekin awsome... the dancing and social skills made me laugh like crazy. I cant wait till it comes out!!! I just heard of it and I want to play it!!! Tue Jul 10 2007 4:17PM Report
Ultimate87 writes: When does this game come out?? Tue Jul 10 2007 4:18PM Report
Deivos writes: Not to say they didn't do a good job but none of that actually looked to take place using physics. You can see on the dances when they switched robes that the movements were still the exact same and the skirts were attached to the hip, didn't say or move independently. It's pretty good design, great graphics, but same style and programming as always. Tue Jul 10 2007 5:57PM Report
rexkramer writes: It's beautiful, but how does it play? Anything new to offer to the genre? I eagerly await Gods & Heroes and GW2 in that respect. Had too many technical issues with L2 to enjoy it beyond the lagfest beta. This could be fun, but only some time inside will tell. Tue Jul 10 2007 7:01PM Report
thranmorrow writes: the cloths look great, the animation is just amazing, especially the way they kick the robes, but the emotes are crazy over acted... Tue Jul 10 2007 8:34PM Report
honeybunny writes: ^_^ looks pretty nice ;D Wed Jul 11 2007 1:59AM Report
sambeeesh writes: nice clothing, but not as good as city of heroes/villains. also the movement and the dance as almost like city of heroes/villains with better detailed graphics. Hopefully the combat system will be good as good as the graphics,dancing,clothing...etc Wed Jul 11 2007 2:43AM Report
Haruko writes: Nice, the game looks kinda cool. Wed Jul 11 2007 6:19AM Report
alin1209 writes: The game is realy things.If u whant to see how is the game play or more detailes about the game goo to search for Aion online. Wed Jul 11 2007 6:37AM Report
WaveZtream writes: Tell me what so special about this it ain't like it's something new. Wed Jul 11 2007 9:37AM Report
Aserhe writes: I like the clothes but please... NO... MORE... ANIME... MMOS! Wed Jul 11 2007 1:04PM Report
ChrowX writes: I think everyone here is asking the right questions about this... Except Aserhe, who's obviously not too bright. Yes, it looks pretty, and the emotes are pretty funny and all that, but game play it what's important. The game is still in development, and the art and design of the game is a big factor in playability, so it's good to see something like this where you get a peek at all the artwork that gets implemented in a giant thing like an MMO. Hopefully all the work they've done here is just a taste of how good they did in the rest of the game. Thu Jul 12 2007 10:37AM Report
Skullmuffin writes: Is there only 1 pieve or armor or are there slot where you can mix and match? Thu Jul 12 2007 10:19PM Report
RoyalDragoon writes: Lol, the guy toprocks like a bboy :D I love the clothing and the way it moves along with the character, beautiful. (for those who don't know what toprocking is, it's the standing dance in breakdance. And no, not all bboys dance like that.) Sat Jul 14 2007 5:20AM Report
Tabby_Cat writes: not bad looking. Sun Jul 15 2007 6:20PM Report
Starpath writes: This has got the be one of the Gayest TITLES fourth comming. A great game for all the 7-13 year olds.... sad... Mon Jul 16 2007 6:06PM Report
Shoko_Lied writes: lol im 26 and ive got no problems with it. It kinda reminds me more of FFXI than L2 though, the combat style is more turn open though. Tue Jul 17 2007 4:38PM Report
Shoko_Lied writes: that and also "personally" I think the dancing and emotes are awsome. They went pretty far in them. alot of people think its pointless but I think the more that you can explress yourself ingame the more you actually feel immersed. Tue Jul 17 2007 4:42PM Report
nefermor writes: I really like this and I'm way over teen age (not telling). What I like is the clothing is stylish or even sexy with out being over exposed, like something the normal person might really choose if they had that choice. I like the dancing and though the combat speed is faster than what I'm used to I could get used to it for the opportunity to have an avatar that does not make me feel like the game devs are laughing at me. I found more movies on this game out there you just have to look. Tue Jul 17 2007 5:43PM Report
Gam3d4rK writes: It looks pretty nice ^_^. I cant wait to play it :) Wed Jul 18 2007 8:58AM Report
Sketch writes: lol.. the males dance like rythemless white guys... Wed Jul 18 2007 5:00PM Report
Gokki writes: Nice.. Amine MMO's FTW.. Looks like the armor/clothing details in L2. Have to say that it takes an Asian like Japanese company to make detailed MMO's.. I've played alot of MMO's, and no European/American MMO's have the details that the Japanese games have. Good Work :) Thu Jul 19 2007 2:12PM Report
Regen writes: This vid made me not wanna play the game. If i wanna se dancing ppl changing clothing and dooing wierd gestures ill download some magican stuff.. Gameplay and features please Thu Jul 19 2007 3:28PM Report
malen99 writes: I think the vedio is good, but the color of the clothes doesn't look beautiful. Thu Jul 19 2007 9:57PM Report
Nidskuuga writes: I tend to enjoy watching Anime from time to time, but with all these anime MMO's, I feel kinda... sickened I dare say. Still, theres clothes in the vid, rather weird clothes though and they are the typical over stylished anime crap I have seen so many times recently. I do hope that anime goes back to where it belong. In television and comic books. Mon Jul 23 2007 7:26AM Report
NoahEX writes: Anime games are the greatest for me.... because they do not set any limits how different the clothings and weapons can be and thats what a FANTASY game should be like, shouldn't it. Wed Jul 25 2007 5:23AM Report
Smackr writes: this game looks good^^ btw. its realy nice to see MMOs without orcs and gnomes... Thu Jul 26 2007 11:37AM Report
Deadsyzz0mg writes: cmon people, maybe you children didnt learn in 1st grade if you dont got something nice to say dont say it at all....this is just a graphics / gear demo has nothign to show about gameplay so drop it, now yea, its gonna be a grind fest like most games have something to do with grinding mobs, and so what if it takes longer to get to max level like L2 where it takes a LOOONGGG time, well if every game was easy to get to max level like WoW it will get boring fast, i just hope this game doesnt have to do with alot about group play, for most casual gamers like to kill on their own and not have to look forever for a group...nuf said Mon Jul 30 2007 8:36AM Report
bayfia writes: Wow I have to say, the emotes are better than in EQ2! The dancing is FAR superior to that dorky crap we're forced to do in EQ2 also! The dude is downright sexy! I've seen two in-game combat flics so far on this, and it's awesome stuff. Can't wait to play this game! Tue Jul 31 2007 9:41AM Report
Tubbi writes: Have to say the graphics in this game is really outstanding, great design as well. As I expected from NCSoft, most likely a grindfest but there's alot of people that tend to enjoy that so! Sun Aug 26 2007 11:02AM Report
BigstAIONfan writes: Tubbi, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!? err... i mean; this game has 5-10% grind of all leveling or questing in this game and yes, this game HAS got good graphix =P Fri Sep 07 2007 8:41AM Report
BigstAIONfan writes: I JUST READ MOST OF THE COMMENTS AND I SEE THAT YOU ARE RACISTS (of MMOs) SIMPLE RACISTS!!! GO KILL YOURSELF!!!YOU UNDERSTAND THINGS JUST AS GOOD AS A MOUSE!! Read the info and dont say that other mmos suck if you haven't read AT LEAST ONE article about it, FU if you say this is "JUST ANOTHER ANIME INSPIRED GRINDER" BECAUSE IT Is NOT Aion is a PvPvE with 3 factions: the angel-like Elyos, The Dragon-like Balaur and the Demonic Asmodians (only the Elyos and the asmodians are playable)The Balaur are Server-controlled NPCs, but that doesn't make them stupid, they can make their own decisions and choose which ones they ally with so that gives a more dynamic World. Speaking of Dynamic; the world can also change after players actions, for example: the Asmodians are more active in mining than the Elyos and they find a new mineral which provides Much stronger Armor than the armor the Elyos have, or the Elyos Finds a place with Baby Dragons and they kill some for Scales, but then there are no more Baby-Dragons, But instead The Mother-Dragons come out, and better monsters mean Better drop for the Elyos. This makes the world more Dynamic and in this way: no server is the same. The World of Aetria (which it is called) is split into two halves seperated by the violent Abyss which Accesses the main PVP area, The abyss is also the home for the Balaur. The world of Aion resembles a globe, divided horizontally into two halves. The lower half is the world of elyos the upper half is the world of the Asmodians. The Balaur is a Server-controlled NPC faction that means they are not playable, Anyway; Because they are server-controlled doesn't mean they are stupid, for example: let's say that the Asmodians are Trying to siege a castle from the Elyos And suddenly: the Balaur appear and nobody knows what they will do, so the Balaur might was previously allys with the asmodians so help the asmodians to take over Castle, Or They might Betray the asmodians and Help the Elyos to drive them back, Or they might fight both sides and take the caste for themselves, Depending on Who has the advantage. Free Flight is not only a cool Feature, But you can also fight whilst flying, this can be a great advantage. Aion is the game that is going to Delete all grinding which is so pevelent to the most MMOs today. No longer you have to kill 1,000 of these guys to get that many items, SPecifics Haven't been given out, Exactly, they will pull this off, more detaild on that later. Check for the rest! Fri Sep 07 2007 9:27AM Report
xAlrythx writes: Well apart from the people who either have no brain, life or research tendancies, I agree that the animations are some of the most fluid I have ever seen and the emotes look wonderful! Wed Sep 19 2007 11:47PM Report
TheKingMunro writes: Great video, clothing looks detailed and emotes show great promise. NCSoft is definatley on the right path with Aion! Thu Sep 20 2007 5:34PM Report
funkula writes: The animations look good, but the dances....Are they trying to do the Elaine dance or something? Thats the worst dancing Ive ever seen in a game. Wed Oct 03 2007 5:48PM Report
HikaruShidou writes: This Game looks simply Amazing! I can't wait to see it release. Thu Oct 04 2007 12:51AM Report
gibby660 writes: Is there any other race besides human, humans are boring. And what about factions? And what is the pvp setup like? It will take a lot more than cool graphics to get me to leave wow. Sun Oct 07 2007 1:53PM Report
JaxWolfenden writes: Great graphics, cool emotes, and decent dancing... kudos n the design work. Will be interested in the future vids. Tue Nov 13 2007 12:43AM Report
Narthold writes: Looks interesting, I just hope it is not like Guild Wars..... Tue Jan 08 2008 11:26AM Report
Bronxvirus writes: Darn... I Hope My Computer Can run this game...Ill upgrade my ram before it comes out. Sun Jul 13 2008 7:16PM Report
Miruru writes: when the guy was dancing i couldnt help but laugh Tue Jan 27 2009 9:49PM Report