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Aion (Aion)
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Aion Forum » General Discussion » Dear NCSoft, My Aion account was hacked and I lost everything. Please refund my time.

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OP  1/29/10 1:56:28 AM#1


 I know that it is not possible to travel backwards or even forwards in time. We are not going to have a metaphysical conversation here. What I feel would be good customer service and would heal relationships between NCSoft and its customers is by taking care of the victims of the latest hacking spree going on.


In recent posts I gave a good friends story of how her account was hacked and how badly she was treated by customer service. The first thing I asked her was, “Did you get your gear back?” and the second after she told me no I asked, “How long will it take you to earn it back?” Her answer was “Weeks.”

As an MMORPG gamer and veteran I know how long it takes to get endgame gear in the first place. Now to have to regrind all that back is annoying to say the least and time consuming. She told me that a few of the dungeons are at least 3, 6 to 9 hours to complete! There are no insurance policies for virtual goods.

My proposal.

I’m willing to fight for you. My dedication has always been to the honest paying game player like myself, this is why I write mMO MONEY.

In my opinion I feel NCSoft should give at least 2-3 free months of gametime subscription to anyone who had their account compromised. As well as Aion customers they can also be held accountable for customers of Lineage and Lineage II,City of Heroes/Villians and Guild Wars as well. If their security is bad for Aion, it has to be for their other games too.

I think it’s also very important to improve their security too. They removed their gameguard before going live and maybe it wasn’t a good idea to do so. I also know that it created many technical issues, but I would rather have that than lose weeks or months worth of my efforts because of faulty security.

Here’s my strategy.

There is a website that offers a free online petition service: if you, the MMO community would be kind to collaborate with me for this cause, or are a victim of NCSofts’ faulty security and would like some retribution. Then give me some feedback and your support, please. In the meantime I am going to write a thesis on WHY they should be giving their customers the time to replace some of the equipment they were robbed of from these terrible hackers. I think they least they could do are to give 2-3 free months of subscriptions to their customers. Don’t you agree?

I’ll post it and I will start a largescale petition to rally the community to stand up for themselves against NCSofts weak response to this problem. What do you think? Any and all feedback is welcome. This is not the first time an online game account was hacked so this is  going to send a message to NCSoft but hopefully change the way that all MMO distributors will approach their games security and most important how they treat you, loyal customer.

It’s you loyal customer, who pays his $14.99 a month not matter what, and who is the most important person at the end of the day. Don’t you think it’s time these game companies started treating you like one?

I am starting a forum post here for your feedback. Thanks in advance =)

Play safe,

Frank Inktomi


 You can read the origianl post here.


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1/29/10 2:07:42 AM#2

Hey it's not NCsofts fault they were hacked, have a maximum length password with small and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. Also don't use your main email address as your account's address (many peoples mistake) - use a different address ONLY for the game.

Don't fall for scams, don't buy gold, don't use the accounts email ANYWHERE on the internet except for logging in (gmail, hotmail)

Honestly i've played MMO's for 10 years, Always using a different email addresses for every game, unique account names, Maximum length passwords, and PROPER Computer Security.


Never ever been hacked ever.


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1/29/10 2:08:18 AM#3

Ive had my account hacked...


Ncsoft gave me all my items back exactly the way it was and a month free. They do handle the situation rather profesionally.

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1/29/10 2:09:22 AM#4

Not trying to troll you, but if you read the EULA/ToS of any game, you are not entitled to any kind of refund to to any error from your side or theirs.  

They may do something, but they don't have to, and probably won't. 


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OP  1/29/10 2:16:19 AM#5
Originally posted by DeserttFoxx

Ive had my account hacked...


Ncsoft gave me all my items back exactly the way it was and a month free. They do handle the situation rather profesionally.

I've spoken a few people that said the opposite. But you might be a lucky case. This shows they have the power to do so.


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1/29/10 8:39:23 AM#6
Originally posted by Inktomi
Originally posted by Naneninonu3
Originally posted by Plutonicwoes

Not trying to troll you, but if you read the EULA/ToS of any game, you are not entitled to any kind of refund to to any error from your side or theirs.  

They may do something, but they don't have to, and probably won't. 



Account Security shouldn't be a problem, for responsible gamers.

I'm sorry your friend is not responsible.


So, stop QQing in these threads, give her a shoulder to cry on, and help her grind her stuffs again.



Just handle it like everyone else whos been hacked, email or call Ncsoft Customer Support and get it sorted out. I know it sucks and it's like talking to retards but you have to if you even wanna get close to recovery. All the best. :D


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1/29/10 8:48:39 AM#7

Sucks your friend got hacked and awfully nice that Ncsoft even do make some exceptions and help people out. (even though they aren't obligated to)

I'd offer some security tips but then previous posters have listed what I do usually (different address's, maximum key passwords with upper/lower case letters etc etc) All the best to getting some sort of help.


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1/29/10 8:59:03 AM#8

Most (not all) account hack situations are self-inflicted wounds and you can only hope the game company decides to be generous and help you out.  But they don't have to.


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1/29/10 2:13:10 PM#9

Instead of always blaming these game companies when you screw up (or when others screw up) and get hacked, apeal the government to set standards for internet security.  Push our lawmakers to put something in place to go after these people who use phishing scams and key logger programs.  Demand that they find a way to trace, track, arrest, extrodite and put these offenders on trial.

That should put a stop to a lot of phishing/hacking careers.

BUT this is all dependent on the online gaming community asking for more to be done.  Finding ways to have laws put in place to protect us.

Yes, I know... this is all wishful thinking.  But, one can dream.


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1/29/10 10:53:31 PM#10

my friend's account were hacked two months after the game was launched, ncsoft gave back his account after he contact them and tell about his credit card registered in ncsoft account.


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1/30/10 1:01:10 AM#11

Sorry if my post is harsh, and may have invited inappropriate reply.

The thing is, account security is not the responsibility of NCSoft.

Their job is to keep all the records regarding a player's account in their server.

If a person, in this case the hacker, gives them the correct username and password to use that account, they will treat that person as the rightful owner of that account, and let him do whatever he wanted to it.

NCSoft doesn't actually have a power to stop hackers from doing their thing, without affecting the real players.

That's why NCSoft keep telling us in-game to protect our username and passwords.

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1/30/10 2:42:43 AM#12

Actually,  Guild Wars was recently hacked as well. They claimed it was off site, but apparently they are the ones fumbling up the accounts. I just recently had my World of Warcraft account hacked, one of which has been down for the past YEAR. I use Firefox, AVG, and Spybot Search and Destroy, and yet it was still compromised. I only logged into it ONCE, and that was a month ago.

Supposedly, it's attached to a account, and I never made one until recently, and only found out when I tried linking it to my new account. No e-mails telling me it was linked, no nothing. What do I blame? I blame that bullcrap, which caused a lot of people to lose their accounts. Everything was PERFECT until they changed to IDIOTS!

But I digress, I'm getting off topic. You can blame the user all you want, but many of us go to the greatest lengths to protect our accounts. The company can screw up too, it's a given, but this time I was the one who lost. I've taken the easiest way to combat this ever growing problem, however: I've stopped buying any and all NCSoft games, and I will likely be passing on Guild Wars 2.

I'm tired of these companies shoveling blame with THEIR database gets compromised. It drives me nuts to think I once tooted NCsoft as being a pretty great company. Then they killed Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa, Dungeon Runners, and now they've got hacked TWICE in a few monthes and tried to blame it on everyone else. They can kiss me where it smells unny.


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1/30/10 10:51:35 PM#13

If you guys are blaming them, then do you know how easy it is for customer support to steal your account? :D But seriously, what kind of company would like to lose customers?

i'm just saying that i think everyone is doing their part. but if your account gets stolen, there should be a better protocol to it. giving free items and money to hacked accounts is not a bad idea. just limit it to like 3 times only. thats a lot better than after a tiring process to get back your account, you will find out that it's banned.